An Unethical Proposal Ch. 02

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Authors note: This is a four chapter story about incest between a brother and sister. It’s a story within a story. This chapter would be hard read on its own. You’ll have a much better understanding of the story and characters if you first read chapter 1.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. Please stick with it until the end. Comments are appreciated. Thanks!


Jan’s face was blushed the color of a pink rose, her nipples were erect, and she was out of breath when she came to the waiting room of her office to retrieve me. She held the door open and let me pass her, as she did with all her patients. As I walked past Jan, and towards her office, I saw my story clutched in her hand. I recognized the title page I set in large font: My Sister’s Hands. She had printed it out. I wondered why. Perhaps to add it to the file she kept on me; evidence of the depth of my perverseness. Perhaps her flushed state indicated she enjoyed my story, I thought, and then a smile crossed my lips as I took up residence on the couch.

“I read your story. Didn’t you tell me you were concerned that you couldn’t write?” Jan inquired.

“Did you like it?” I asked, looking for her editorial approval.

“So that was the first time you and Clair did anything sexual?” Jan asked, not answering my query.


“And the story is truthful? You didn’t embellish it, or leave anything out?”

“It’s as it happened. Of course, that was ten years ago, but I remember everything as if it was yesterday.”

“So, William, tell me, did you and Clair ever consider yourselves in an incestuous relationship? Did you ever mentioned the word incest to one another?”

“No, not back then, and not even now. To this date we’ve never used that word between us to describe what we have…our relationship with one another.”

“For ten years you and Clair have been having this relationship and you’ve never talked about what you were doing? It never came up? Did you have another word for it? A euphemism perhaps?”

“Sure, we knew it was incest, we just never uttered that word to one another. We both thought it was innocent brother and sister exploring. She wanted to learn more about boys and their penises, and I, with both of my hands locked in casts, needed help masturbating. So, it just happened.”

“You let it happen, William.”

“Yes. I suppose I didn’t stop it, so in that sense, I let it happen.”

“And, you had no reservations in the least about what you were doing?”

“Well, I had some reservations after that first hand-job, but, I guess, not enough. I do remember…I did think of the term incest after that first hand-job. I remember laying there, wondering…did we just commit incest? Should we go any further? But, after we did go further, it felt so right, so natural, I never dwelled on the term incest again, or at least until recently.”

“You were both older than typical children who play doctor. You were both somewhat sexually experienced, neither of you were virgins. There must have been some underlying attraction between you two. In your story, you portray that you were not close with your sister before this happened. Why do you suppose you weren’t close to Clair before this? Do you think a part of what was going on here was a longing to connect, at a deeper level, with your twin sister?”

“Maybe, I don’t know? Maybe I was just horny and my arms were stuck in plaster of paris casts, and I needed help masturbating.”

“Why do you suppose you weren’t close to Clair while you two were growing up?” She repeated.

“I had thought we were fine as brother and sister goes. Clair was the one who thought we should have been closer.”

Jan repeatedly hammered me about my relationship with Clair as children. She wanted me to go there, back to our early childhood, maybe all the way to the womb. Why do these damn shrinks think everything, every affliction, starts in early childhood? Maybe people just fuck up along the way. If that’s what this was? A fuck up. Was it a fuck up? Sure, society frowns on it, and for good reason if you’re having babies. But there was no pregnancy, we were just having sex.

“Can you tell me about your relationship with Clair as children, William? From your earliest memories. Can you paint a picture for me how you interacted with her? What was your relationship like before this first incest incident?”

For the next forty five minutes I blathered on about my childhood, and in particular how Clair fit or didn’t fit in.

“I’m sorry, that’s all the time we have for today,” Jan interrupted me in mid-sentence. “I’d like you to continue writing your story. Do you think you can write some more? Another chapter perhaps, and get it to me before we meet next week?”

“I’ll do my best,” is all I could manage. I was emotionally shot. There was some undercurrent of emotion swirling around the childhood I shared with Clair. I couldn’t quite get my mind around it, but it made me uneasy.

As soon as I left Jan’s office I felt the urge to text Clair. I needed to see her. It had been xhamster porno five weeks since Clair and I had been together sexually. I was feeling particularity down after that session and I needed her hands on my cock. It was 6:00PM and I knew she’d be just getting home from work.

I picked up my phone and punched out a text to Clair. “I need you. Call me.”

As I drove out of Jan’s parking lot my phone vibrated. I looked at the screen and saw it was Clair. I pulled over and answered.

“Hi. I’m glad you called.”

“How have you been, Billy?”

“Terrible. I need to see you.”

“We shouldn’t. But, I want to too,” Clair said softly. “I miss you, Billy,”

“Is John home?”

“No. He called and said he’s working late. I don’t expect him home for another two hours.”

“I’m coming over.” I said, and then hung up the phone before she had a chance to say no.

Clair met me at her door of her town house and she welcomed me in. We embraced in a long, strong embrace and kissed for a good five minutes.

“I need your hands, Clair,” I said in the most ‘I really need you now’ tone I could muster.

“We can’t Billy. I miss you too, you know? I want your tongue on my clit. I want it badly. But, we need to do this Billy. We need to separate. It should have been done years ago.”

“Why Clair? Are we hurting anyone if we just enjoy each other occasionally on the side?”

“It’s coming between John and me, Billy. I think of you when I make love to him. I compare him to you. And you do the same with your girlfriends too, Billy; don’t deny it. And, why haven’t you stayed in a relationship for more than a few months? Could I have anything to do with that? Does us, what we have, our enjoying one another on the side, have anything to do with that?”

“Maybe I just haven’t found the right one.”

“You haven’t found a non-sisterly form of me you mean to say.”

Clair was right of course. She was always right. I could play the field, and take long breaks between girlfriends because I always had Clair in my back pocket. Clair provided me with the sex I needed, the most intense sex I’ve ever known. She also provided an emotional connection that one looks for in a relationship. And, the sex and emotions we shared were all on the good side of what normally passes for a relationship between couples. We didn’t need to deal with the not so good side of a relationship with one another; no quarrels, no petty jealousies, no bad moods, no insecurities, or anything else that bogs down a normal love relationship between two people. Our relationship started out in support of one another, and we kept it that way.

“Go, Billy, Go,” she said forcefully while pushing me toward her front door. “Go find a girlfriend you can stay with. And don’t compare her to me. Don’t look for me out there.”

I left. I felt rejected. So, this was the bad side of Clair’s and my relationship rearing it’s ugly head finally, I thought as I drove home. No! No, I wasn’t going to let that happen, I told myself. Even if Clair and I couldn’t have sex anymore, and I was doubtful we could quit completely, I wasn’t going to let any negativity creep in between us. We would remain emotionally attached regardless.

My house felt empty when I arrived home. I was between girlfriends. I hadn’t bothered to attempt to date anyone for the past three months. I had grown weary of the chase, the catch, and the release, the inevitable breakup. Without Clair to fill my void I felt forlorn. I knew I’d soon have to start thinking of filling that void, but that would not happen overnight, there was no quick fix.

Although I felt empty and sad, I was nevertheless horny. I thought about throwing some porn into the DVD player and having my way with myself, but even that felt empty at that moment. It was Clair’s hands that I needed. Her magical hands knew how to reach the inner most me, they knew how to really turn me on.

As I thought of her hands, I thought of my unfinished story; perhaps continuing to write my story would boast my mood. Besides, Jan wanted another chapter written by next week, and at my speed, I’d better get started.

I sat at my laptop and re-read chapter one to get a feel for where I’d left off. Clair had just given me our first hand-job. I had just cum, and it was the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life, to that point. Clair was playing with my sperm on my belly…

…and then I started hacking away on chapter two.

My Sister’s Hands. Chapter Two –

Clair blushed at my revelation that she had just given me the single most intense orgasm I had ever had. She knelt on the bed next to me and continued to play with my sperm on my belly and chest.

“So, I did okay then?” she asked, looking for validation of her hand-job skills.

“Clair, I swear…it was so insane…so intense…you’re a natural, Sis.”

“I’m glad…,” she smiled modestly.

“You can taste it,” I said.

She didn’t speak, but her facial expression said, ‘no thanks’.

I yaşlı porno contemplated encouraging her to take a taste if she really was serious about learning about sex from me, but then I thought I’d hold off for another time. I immediately got the sense that there would be another time. I didn’t want to push her too much, it might spook her. I didn’t want what we had just done to be a one time thing.

Clair’s confession that she was a virgin until her last boyfriend, Mark, was news to me. We just never shared at that level of intimacy before. After her confession that she had never sucked his cock, and that he broke up with her shortly after he took her virginity, I started to understand why Clair had been so easy going about handling my cock while helping me pee over those past few days, when before my accident, and her assignment by Dad as my nurse, she never took any interest in my body what so ever. She was insecure about her lack of experience and knowledge of sexual matters, and she blamed that inexperience for the reason Mark dumped her. She had no male friends, no one whom she could ask questions, or just experiment with in a non-consequential, non-relationship way. She saw my accident, and my physical vulnerability, as a way to gain safe access to a penis, and the knowledge she desired. I could become that friend-with-benefits she needed.

“I’ll get a warm washcloth and clean you up,” Clair said, as she headed for the bathroom.

I lay there relishing this new role as teacher. Not that I was a fountain of knowledge myself on sexual matters; but, I had a few more experiences than Clair; and as a guy, I had made the study of sex my life’s work – or at least since puberty.

But, I also felt uneasy about what had just happened, and the course we were about to take. Was full blown incest where we were heading? If we had stopped right there, I’m sure a hand-job could have been chalked up as simply brother and sister curiosity. In fact, playing doctor would be fitting under the circumstances. No one could really call a hand-job between sister and brother incest, could they?

Clair came back to my bed with a warm wet washcloth and started cleaning my cock. She cleaned the sperm off my belly and neck. Again, I got a birds eye view down the open front of her nightgown. Her breasts swayed and jiggled as she washed me with the warm wet cloth. My cock stirred again as she rinsed it and my balls, and my lust started to build anew.

They say a man does all his thinking with his little head. Yes, at certain times, that must be true of all men. Why else would you hear of the high and mighty fallen by sexual waywardness? Certainly for me, at that moment, I couldn’t tell right from wrong.

“Now it’s your turn.” I said to Clair.

“My turn?”

“Yes. Your turn to masturbate. I want to see how my sister masturbates.”

“Oh, I don’t know if I’m ready for that, Billy.”

“Why not? You just masturbated me, and you weren’t shy about it in the least.”

“That’s different. I was already taking care of your penis. You know, helping you pee and all. I was just trying to make you feel better. Isn’t that what a nurse is supposed to do?”

“Oh. I thought you wanted to learn about men and particularly about sexual matters.”

“Well, I do…I just…I didn’t…,” she stammered, not knowing what to say.

“It’s only fair. If I teach you and show you things, you need to open up and share with me,” I explained the rational of my request.

I could tell Clair’s wheels were spinning as she dried my cock with the towel. She had that look of deep thought on her face. Between the boldness of my request and her rubbing my cock with the towel, I soon had a full blown erection again.

“Look at this thing,” she marveled at my hard cock. She started stroking it again with her bare hands as she continued to think about my request of her to masturbate in front of me.

“I’d like to, but I feel uneasy about exposing my privates to you.”

“You’ve done more than just see mine, and you’re stroking it again,” I said, questioning her logic.

“Yours is just a hunk of meat, with some balls attached. We females have a more complicated matter going on.”

Again, her logic failed to convince me.

“Like what?” I asked, in a superior questioning tone that said, ‘prove it.’

“Well, ours is inward, not outward. There’s complicated folds and… and there’s smells… and certain times of the month things are a bloody, smelly mess,” she tried to explain in a sheepish voice. “And it’s ugly,” she added.

“Clair, first of all, a woman’s pussy is not at all ugly; it’s a beautiful thing. Secondly, you do realize that men pay money to see, smell, and taste pussy, don’t you? I mean, aside from that time of the month, most men love a woman’s cunt. We spend all of our energy trying to get some. And some guys even like it when a girl is on the rag. It’s called pulling the rip cord.”

Clair continued to slowly massage my hard cock as she stared off into space aldatma porno with a pensive look.

“OK, I’ll do it. But, don’t make fun of me.”

“That would be the furthest thing from my mind.”

Clair got up from the bed. She reached up under her night gown and removed her panties. She went around to the other side of the bed and climbed in next to me and leaned up against the headboard. She held the hem of her nightgown tightly to conceal her pussy. She took a deep breath and sighed a big sigh as if to steel herself. Then, in one quick move, as not to lose her courage, she lifted her night gown over her hip bones and exposed her crotch. Her legs were still clamped shut, so all I could see was the top of her pubic hair, but it was a start.

She lay there for a few moments doing nothing. I looked at her and she at me. She had a worried expression on her face.

“It’s OK Clair. It’s just you and me here now. I’m not going to tell anyone,” I said in a gentle voice.

Clair slowly moved her hand to her pussy. It was quite hairy from what I could see. She stuck a finger into her pubic hair near the top of her mound and started making slow circles. From the angle I was stuck at, and the fact that her legs were still clamped tight, I could only imagine she was working her clit. I really wanted her to open her legs, but I decided not to push her too much, so I just said a few encouraging words.

“That’s nice Clair. Just keep fingering your clit like that. You look so beautiful lying there playing with yourself.”

As Clair’s lust built, she opened her legs a little more. Soon she reached her other hand down to her twat and pushed a finger into her vagina. Unfortunately, from the angle I was at, I couldn’t see too much. I was practically immobile, stuck in my position on the bed with my leg and arms in those clunky casts. In order for me to have gotten a better view of her pussy while she played with herself, I would have had to have gotten up with my crutches and limped around to the foot of the bed. I was worried that was too disruptive a move, and it might have spooked Clair. I thought for her first time masturbating in front of me I shouldn’t push my luck. I’d let her do her thing as she saw fit, even if it didn’t afford me the best view. I’d bide my time and work on her to become more sexually open.

After about five minutes, Clair worked herself into an orgasm. She shuttered and squeaked as she came. She looked at me like the cat that just caught a bird. She turned slightly red as she bit her lower lip and giggled.

“I’ve never done that in front of anyone before,” she said shyly.

“That was beautiful Clair.”

“Really? You’re not just saying that?”

“I loved watching you finger yourself, and from what I could see from this angle, you have a beautiful pussy. I’d like to see more of it.”

“It’s hairy down there right now. I haven’t bothered shaving since I don’t have a boyfriend currently.”

“You shaved for Mark?”

“Not at first, but he made a comment about my ‘big bush’, as he called it, so I did shaved a for him after the second time he fucked me. Then he broke up with me soon after that, so I let it grow again.”

“I don’t mind your hair, Clair. In fact I’d like to get a better view of your pussy, if you don’t mind. I’m a little stuck like this. Could you change positions so your legs are facing me?”

My cock was once again straining against the air. The head of my cock was purple, pulsing and straining for relief. Clair moved so her head was near the foot of the bed. She supported her upper body with her elbows so she was half sitting up and looking at me. She held her legs together, not as tightly as before, but not splayed open either.

“Open your legs a little more.”

Clair looked at me, eye to eye. She was still quite shy and she was reading my face for any signs of disgust, or laughter. She was about to open up her most private parts to me, and she was protecting herself emotionally. Any sign from me that I wasn’t the utmost appreciative, she would’ve pulled back and retreated.

“You look so beautiful lying there, Sis. Look at my cock. See how hard you’ve gotten me? I need to see that gorgeous pussy of yours. Open up Sis.”

Clair slowly moved her legs apart and as she did the inner lips of her pussy began to peek out from her pubic hair.

“Oh, that’s nice,” I cooed. “Now bend your left leg. That’s it. Now move your knee to the left,” I instructed as I waved my right arm, locked in it’s cast, in the air to motion the direction I wanted her to move her knee.

Clair did as I asked and her pussy opened up for my viewing pleasure. All the while she kept her eyes on my face for signs of encouragement.

“Now your right leg,” I motioned.

Clair bent her right leg and then opened it up wide to her right. Her knee rested on my leg cast. Her pussy was now wide open in front to me.

“I had no idea you had such a beautiful pussy Clair. Can you play with it again?”

The look in Clair’s eyes had shifted from apprehension to lust. She shifted to her right side, and moved all her upper body weight to her right elbow so she could free up her left hand. She moved left her hand to her pussy and started running her fingers up and down her open slit. She found her clit and started circling it with her middle finger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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