An Office Affair Ch. 01

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It was a regular Tuesday for Dale Jackson as he sat in his small but private corner office at his job. It was around noon time and most of the other workers and staff members had left to go to lunch at one of the various establishments in and around the building. This meant the floor that his office was on, was pretty much empty.

He wasn’t feeling particularly hungry but he decided to use the time for a break of his own. Pulling out his phone, he began to scroll through personal emails along with reading any notifications that might have popped up from the various apps on his phone when he hadn’t been looking at it. One particular notification popped up from his Tumblr app, saying that one of the blogs he followed had just updated. He smiled and tapped on the notification, which opened the app and loaded up the blog in question.

The blog belonged to a woman who appeared to be in her early-mid twenties, though it was hard to tell since she kept her face hidden. What she didn’t keep hidden was everything else. She was a lady who was in the habit of occasionally posting pictures of her body in various states of undress. She was a very curvy lady, her chest being in the DDD range and her ass also being very round. She also had a set of killer legs that he loved to look at a lot.

He liked her blog a lot, but it was not just because of her nude posts. It was also because she seemed really open and friendly. He had sent her a few questions through the Tumblr Ask feature and she had answered all of them in a very kind manner. It made him happy that she had taken any time at all to answer his questions.

He scrolled down through her blog, seeing all the new posts. Most of them were various things that she had re-blogged from other blogs. After a minute or two of those posts, his eyes widened a little when he hit one of the new posts, which was some new pictures of herself. This time around, the images were showing off her pubic mound and pussy lips. They were now smooth and hairless, compared to her previous photos where she had been unshaven and her pussy had been covered in hair. One of the images was just of her crotch while the second one had her fingers spreading her pussy open, giving a look between them. His lips stayed in a playful smile as he looked at the images. His eyes took in the sight of how smooth her pubic mound was and the slight shimmer of wetness on her pussy lips in the second image. The caption on the picture set made his smile widen a little bit more.

“Due to the fact it’s been asked for… And I wanted a clean slate… Mmmmm… This is kinda embarrassing…”

He chuckled softly in amusement from the cuteness of the caption. He then tapped the heart on the post, putting a Like on the photo set. As he sat there looking at them, his mind began to wander off. He thought about how much fun it would be to run his tongue up and down over her slit, to taste her juices which he imagined were rather sweet and pleasant. He also thought about how good it would feel to have his cock buried inside of her tunnel and to fuck her hard, making her moan and scream in pleasure.

As his mind wandered, his body started to respond as he felt his cock began to stir inside of his semi loose office pants. He looked at the clock Escort Kız on his computer screen, showing he had plenty of time before the start of the flood of lunch eating staff members making their return. His right hand went down to his pants and unzipped them before he reached into them to fish out his member which had begun to harden. His penis was cut and on the average range, being about six or seven inches and was also on the thicker side. He began to slowly stroke himself as he continued to look at the images on his phone in his other hand, his mind still wandering and lost in fantasy.

As Dale remained lost in his little fantasy world and continued to pleasure himself, he didn’t hear the click of the doorknob turning, since he forgot that it wasn’t locked. The door opened and the secretary for the CEO of the company, Lana Clark, walked into the room. She was dressed in her usual attire of her suit jacket, a white button down shirt that was barely able to keep her sizable chest contained and the skirt that stopped around her knees but still gave a good view of her lower legs.

She just stood there for a moment, taking in the scene before her, her eyes widening when she saw him in his chair, staring at his phone while he was openly stroking his erection. A loud gasp left her mouth which had fallen open from shock and surprise. The sound of Lana gasping brought Dale out of his haze and his eyes went wide in surprise.

“M-miss Clark!” he exclaimed as he stood up and then realized his cock was sticking out of the front of his pants.

He rushed to try and fix himself, doing his best to push his dick back into his pants but in its erect state, it was a lot more troublesome. In his hurried frenzy, his phone fell out of his hand. It fell onto the desk before bouncing off of it to land on the floor in front of Lana, the screen facing upwards. Dale let out a small sigh of relief that his phone didn’t break before going back to trying to fix himself, eventually succeeding in getting his cock out of her view.

Lana was trying her best not to look at Dale in current state, her head turned to the side and her hand up by the side of her head. Her face was red and hot in embarrassment and shock from having seen him in such a state. Her gaze turned downwards however when his phone fell in front of her. She bent down and picked it up, looking at what was displayed on the screen. Her eyes went wide when she saw the image on the display, the image being that of a female’s naked crotch. But more specifically, she recognized who the naked crotch in question belonged to. It was hers.

“Miss Clark… I can explain…” Dale started to say but she held her hand up to silence him.

She turned to close the door of the office and also locked it shut, the door sealing with a loud click. She then turned her attention back to the phone in her hand, as she began to scroll through his account. Her eyes widened more when she saw his username, recognizing it as the one who kept leaving her curious questions, lots of compliments, and just overall seemed really nice.

“So, let me get this straight,” she said as she started moving towards Dale. “Not only do I come in here to find you, acting indecently and openly pleasuring yourself, while you’re at work,” she walked up to him, now standing behind his desk. “But you’re doing it while looking at Tumblr and at pornographic images of… me.” She waved his phone in her hand, the displaying showing she was on his profile.

Dale just stood there, his mouth slightly ajar in surprise from her revelation. This whole time he had been flirting with and masturbating over the secretary of the CEO of the company. He gulped a little nervously, realizing that he could be in major trouble right now.

Lana just smiled as she looked at him, seeing him sweat nervously. She still couldn’t believe that of all the coincidences that could have occurred, this was just too crazy. The fact that this person she had been interacting with under the anonymous blanket of the internet, was a fellow employee in the same building she worked in. She giggled before glancing at his crotch, his cock having softened a little bit but still appeared to be semi erect, leaving a still obvious bulge in the crotch of his pants.

“So you’re the one that kept leaving me all the nice messages in my inbox,” she giggled before handing him back his phone. “I never would have thought that we’d be working for the same company, much less in the same building like this.” Her eyes glanced at his crotch again before her hand reached down and grasped it lightly for a few seconds. She quickly opened his pants up once more and she fished out his cock, revealing it to her once more. Her fingers just moved over it lightly, getting a feel for it in her hand. She smiled more as she felt him respond to her touch, his member returning back to its full hardness. “Did I do this?” she asked as she continued to lightly toy with him.

“Uh-huh…” Dale said quietly. He just stood there nervously, unsure of what to do. On the one hand, he was still thinking to himself that he was in a lot of trouble for his inappropriate conduct. On the other hand, here he was with the lady that was often the talk of the office. Many of his co-workers considered her to be the sexiest woman at the company and here she was, standing in front of him, with his dick in her hand.

“Well, as it stands, I have two options right now,” she said as she stroked his erection slowly. “I could tell Human Resources about this and at the worst you’d likely get fired or fined, demoted and you’d have a bad reputation forever.” She then gave him a playful wink “Buuuut, seeing as how you’re such a huge fan of mine and this hard on of yours is because of me, I think I have a better idea.”

Before he could ask what she was going to do, he felt her hands push him backwards, making him fall backwards into his chair. She then wrapped her fingers around his shaft once more. Her fingers began to move slowly up and down over his member, stroking him slowly.

“You should consider yourself lucky,” she said as she worked his shaft with her hand. “I don’t usually just reveal my secret life to just anyone in real life like I did with you. But after seeing the effect I have on you up close and personal, I couldn’t resist. And besides, I could still get you fired if I wanted to.” She giggled before glancing at her watch on her other wrist, the clock face showing that they were running low on time before the break hour was over. “Shit. Looks like I don’t have time to do what I really want to do. So, I’ll make this a quick round and give you a little teaser.” She smirked up at him, remembering he had asked her once for some teasing pictures. She had obliged him and she remembered just how much he told her of his enjoyment of that.

Her head came down close to his tip and he felt her warm breath on the soft sensitive skin. Her lips opened up before closing over it, as she began to suck on the soft head lightly. Her fingers continued to stroke him as well, moving a bit faster now due to their limited time. After a bit of that, her hand slid off his shaft and she began to bob her head up and down over his member, coating it all in her spit. Her tongue dragged up and down along the underside of his shaft, feeling the texture of his skin against her tongue.

Dale moaned out from her oral work as he closed his eyes and grabbed hold of her head. His hips bucked out of instinct against her face, making him thrust into her mouth slightly. Her hands moved up to hold his hips down and keep them in place.

“Oh fuck…” He moaned out softly, his eyes squeezing tightly together for a few seconds.

She giggled and then hummed around his dick before taking him all the way down into her mouth, his cock sliding partway into her throat. She gagged slightly but soon got it under control, as she just sucked tightly on his member, swallowing to squeeze her throat muscles around him.

“Shit… I’m gonna…” Dale said mid moans, her sudden deep throating of his member pushing him right up to the point of no return.

Lana pulled him out of her mouth quickly and then began to stroke him quickly, cupping her hand over his tip. He groaned out as he came, as jet after jet of hot cum shot out of his tip to splatter against her skin. After he had finished, she pulled her hand back and just looked at the mess on her palm, giggling a little as she turned her hand towards him to show him the mess.

“Someone really needed that now didn’t they? You shot out so much on my hand.” She looked around and saw a box of tissues on the desk, as she then reached up and pulled out a few, using them to wipe her hand clean and then also his cock too which had started to soften. She gave the tip one last kiss before tucking it back into his pants and then closed them.

“Y-yeah..” Dale managed to say softly, panting a little.

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed it,” she giggled and then stood up. “You’re on the late night shift tonight right?”

“Yeah, sadly…” he said before sighing a little.

“Good.” Her face turned back into a full professional as she looked at him. “Now, I originally came down for some reports but I can see that they aren’t done yet so I will return later tonight and they better be ready for the boss tomorrow.” She rattled off a couple of report numbers and names which he recognized from his assignment list. She then lowered her mouth to his ear to whisper. “And when I come back for them, I expect you to return the favor I just did for you.”

Lana just giggled as she saw the look on his face before turning to walk towards the office. She glanced back at him before unlocking the door and then gave him a small wink before she walked out, leaving him alone to ponder over what had just happened to him and what this might mean in the long term.

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