Amy’s Birthday Present

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Mike had a 18 year old daughter and he had been lusting after her for a while now. Her name is Amy and she had long naturally wavy blonde hair that reached to her beautifully round ass and deep blue eyes. Her waist was naturally narrow but her tits were 34D. She took after her mother in the boob department. She had long supple legs and an ass that just begged to be spanked. Her ass was round and bouncy yet still firm as only a young woman’s ass can be.

Her nineteenth birthday was fast approaching and Mike had a special gift for her. Her birthday dawned bright and clear and she bounced downstairs for breakfast in nothing but a worn tee-shirt that was practically see through and a pair of white panties and slippers. Damn, she was so sexy! Mike wished he could bend her over the kitchen table and fuck her little pink pussy right there. He had no idea if her pussy was pink but he assumed it was because her skin was such a white porcelain that it looked as if it would break if it was rubbed too hard. The way she bounced through the kitchen with no bra on made Mike’s dick as hard as a rock and he had to adjust his jeans to find a more comfortable position.

He had a present for her and when she came to the table he handed it to her and said, “Happy Birthday Sweetheart.”

She ripped off the paper and opened the box to reveal a school girl outfit and a note lying on top that read, “Please wear this for me today sweetie and put your hair in pigtails. Daddy has a very special surprise for you later if you will wear this outfit.”

She looked at daddy questionably and then shrugged and said, “Ok.” Then with the box in hand she bounced back up the stairs to shower and put on the outfit. Mike was so turned on by his daughter’s bouncing tits and luscious ass that his cock was rock hard and aching but he refused to masturbate while she is upstairs because he wanted to save it all for her gorgeous body.

About an hour later she shyly walked down the stairs in the outfit her daddy bought her. Mike started at her feet and slowly moved his eyes upward as he admired the beautiful creature that was his 19 year old daughter. Her feet were encased in black five inch high heels and she was wearing black hose on her legs that only reach to mid-thigh. She had a garter belt on and he can see the clips that clip the garter belt to the hose. Her skirt was a tiny red and black striped school girl skirt that had a white pin stripe running through it. The skirt was so short that it did nothing to cover her smooth pussy and lusciously round ass. Then a sheer white blouse covered her torso but Mike purposely bought it a size too small so she could not close the blouse over her ample bosom. It is buttoned to just below her big firm tits and then the rest of the buttons were left undone. She wore a sheer white bra that did nothing to distract from her beautiful tits. Her hair hung in two pigtails on either side of her blushing face just as Mike asked of her.

She seemed to be very shy in this outfit but Mike thought she never looked sexier. He asked her to turn around and she did. Seeing her tight round ass outlined by the garter belt and that tiny skirt almost made Mike blow his load right there. He walked up to her and took her in his arms and whispered, “You are the sexiest woman alive! I have been dreaming of this for years. I want you so bad.” As he spoke he thrust his hips against hers so that she could feel his engorged cock.

She tried to pull away, “Daddy, I am a virgin and you are my daddy this isn’t right!”

He held her tighter and kissed her lips, thrusting his tongue into her hot mouth. She struggled for a bit longer and then surrendered. Mike’s hands roamed her entire body and then settled on her delicious ass. He squeezed and kneaded those tight globes as he plundered her mouth. He started kissing down her neck and she leaned her head back to allow him better access. He slid down her neck and started to nibble on her nipples through the sheer cloth of her bra. The cloth soon became wet with his saliva as her nipples became as hard as rocks. She buried her fingers in daddy’s hair as he worshiped her tits. Mike had always loved big-titted women and his daughter had the most gorgeous pair he had ever seen.

His mouth moved down her torso and he undid the buttons of her blouse with his teeth and then his hands slid up her back and he slowly pulled the blouse off her body and tossed it aside. Then his hands moved back up her back and unclasped her bra and slowly slid it down her arms till her big bouncy tits were revealed in all their glory. His hands came around to her front and he started kneading those gorgeous tits as his mouth moved lower down her tummy.

He pushed her down on the sofa and pushed the tiny skirt up around her waist and pushed apart her legs. Her pussy was perfectly shaven and it was pink and sopping wet. He plunged his face between her legs and started lapping up her sweet juices. His tongue plunged into her seeping love hole as he slid a finger bursa otele gelen eskort around her tiny asshole. He felt the sphincter muscles contract as he rimmed her tiny star. His tongue left her hole and he started flicking her tiny nub. As he did that she groaned and pushed her hips further into his face. He was so thirsty for her nectar that he couldn’t get enough. He continued to lap her up till she screamed and her juices gushed all over his face.

After her orgasm passed, Mike rose up and placed his big cock at the entrance of her tiny hole and slowly pushed into her tight passage. He groaned as her muscles tightened around his cock and pushed even deeper. Soon he felt her hymen and stopped. He looked into her eyes and whispered, “Are you ready sweetheart?”

She nodded and her daddy pushed hard into her. She stiffened and groaned in pain and Mike stayed very still until she relaxed and the pain went away. Then Mike pulled out and pushed into her deeply again. Soon he started a rhythm and with each thrust of his hard cock he groaned as her silken shaft squeezed him tightly. Amy moaned as his big cock stretched her and filled her up. She moaned, “Fuck me harder, daddy!”

Mike increased his pace and soon felt his balls start to contract. He knew he was close but he held off until his sexy daughter started to convulse in his arms. He felt he juices gush out around his big cock and then exploded, flooding her womb with his hot cream. He groaned as rope after rope of hot spunk flooded her pussy. She screamed as her orgasm overtook her and soon the both of them collapsed in a sweat soaked heap.

He pulled her close and inhaled the wonderful scent of sex and kissed her hair. She cuddled up to him and whispered, “Thank you daddy. That was the best birthday gift I have ever had!”

Part 2

Mike pushed away from his daughter and told her, “Daddy will be back with another surprise for his sexy daughter in a minute, so you just relax and rest while I go get it.”

Amy rolled onto her stomach and rested her head on her folded arms and closed her eyes as she thought about what had just happened and how good daddy’s cock felt in her tiny wet pink pussy. Shivers ran through her body as she thought about daddy’s big cock sawing in and out of her tiny pussy. She could feel his cream dripping out of her and she pressed her legs together to keep it from dripping on the sofa. She reached her hand behind her and ran a finger through her drenched slit, scooping up some of daddy’s cream and her own juices and brought the finger to her lips. Mmm, they tasted so good together.

While she was waiting for Mike to come back, she dosed off. She didn’t mean to but she felt so relaxed after the hot orgasms daddy had given her. She was abruptly awakened by a hard smack on her round bare ass. She shrieked and jumped. Then she looked behind her to see who had hit her. What she saw sent a quiver through her stomach and straight to her pretty pink pussy.

Her brother, Mike Jr., was straddling her legs and he was completely naked and stroking his huge nine inch cock. He was a year older than her and everyone called him Mikey to distinguish him from daddy. Mikey gave her an evil grin and smacked her tight round ass again. She groaned as he said, “Dad told me how he fucked you for the first time today and then asked me if I wanted a piece of you gorgeous body. There was no way I was going to pass this up. So little sis, you are going to get fucked in the ass by you big brother’s hard cock and you are going to love it!”

He then grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them far apart and started to lick his little sister’s tight little backdoor. Amy groaned as he pushed his tongue into her tight anal cavity and arched her back trying to get his tongue even deeper.

All of a sudden she felt her pigtails being pulled and she looked up. Daddy was in front of her and eight inch rigid cock was hitting her in the face. Daddy growled, “Suck my cock baby girl and daddy will give you a creamy milkshake. You are going to swallow every drop.” Amy opened her mouth and her daddy rammed his hard length down her throat. She gagged and he pulled out to let her take a breath then plunged it back into her hot mouth. “Relax your throat, sweetheart, and it will be easier to take.” Amy relaxed her throat and after only a few more tries she was able to take all eight inches of her daddy’s stiff pole down her throat.

Meanwhile Mikey was till licking her asshole and he stuck two fingers in her squishy pink cunt and some of daddy’s spunk dripped out over his fingers. He started to finger fuck his little sister while he continued to tongue fuck her ass. Mikey was lost in a sexual haze as he pulled his sloppy fingers out of his sister’s little pussy and licked the goo off his fingers. Damn, that tasted so good. He rearranged himself and pushed his sister’s legs apart so he could have easier access to her pussy. This was not the first time he had bursa eve gelen escort bayan ate out a woman after another man had given her a cream pie and he had quickly become addicted to the taste of pussy juice and man spunk combined. His tongue scooped up the creamy mixture and he dribbled it on her little pink star to use as lubricant. He used a finger to push it into her tight asshole and then repeated the move a few more times until he felt she was lubed up well enough to take his hard cock in her virgin ass.

Then he rose up and placed his nine inch tool against his sister’s sloppy slit. He rubbed his dick up and down her slick slit to lubricate it. Then he positioned it against her tiny pink star and started to push. Her hole was so tiny that it took a lot of effort but soon the head of his cock popped into her rectum.

Amy pulled off of her daddy’s cock as her brother was pushing into her ass and was groaning in pain. When the head of his cock penetrated her sphincter she screamed in pain and tears came to her eyes.

Mikey pulled out a bit and Amy sighed in relief but it was short lived as he rammed into her tight ass even harder. She lunged forward trying to relieve the pressure and stop the intense pain but Mikey grabbed her hips and started to saw in and out of her ass hard and fast. As Mikey continued to abuse his little sister’s tight ass, daddy pushed his hard eight inch dick back into her mouth and soon they started a rhythm that had her bobbing between them.

The longer her brother fucked her ass the better it felt and soon her groans of pain turned to moans of pleasure. His cock was so thick and once her little puckered hole was stretched out enough to accommodate it, it started to feel very good. Once the pain started to diminish she resumed sucking and slurping on daddy’s cock as her brother plummeted the depth of her bowels.

Now that his sister was no longer struggling, Mikey lifted her hips so she was on her knees and shifted his hands to her ass cheeks. He spread them wide so he could watch his huge piece of meat saw in and out of that little hole. Damn, she was so tight! Her ass cheeks were a beautiful porcelain white and they were so round and full that they filled his hands very nicely. Her skin was velvety smooth and he gently kneaded the soft flesh as his tool forced itself even deeper into her rectum.

All of a sudden he smacked her ass hard and she lunged forward and started to gag on daddy’s cock. Mike pulled out of her mouth just as Mikey hit her other cheek hard. She gasped as Mikey started to spank her ass in time to his thrusts. Her tits were swinging beneath her and her daddy snaked a hand under her to grab and squeeze one of those luscious big tits. Damn, she was so fucking sexy!

Mikey continued to saw in and out of his sister’s tight ass and spank her in time to his thrusts. His father grabbed his sister’s pigtails again and forced his bulging rod into her throat one more time. Amy was groaning almost constantly now and the vibrations on her daddy’s cock from those moans were sending electric pulses to his balls. It wasn’t long before Mike felt his balls tighten up and his spunk start to flow down his staff. With a loud groan and a deep thrust down his daughter’s throat, Mike orgasmed and spewed his seed into his sexy daughter’s esophagus.

After he emptied himself, his body went limp with exhaustion and he slumped on the arm of the couch and watched as his son continued to abuse his sister’s ass. Mikey was in a sexual frenzy by now and all he could think about was relieving the pressure in his balls. He grabbed his sister’s pigtails and pulled her head back. This forced her to arch her back and stick her ass out even further. Mikey used the leverage to ram his sister even harder. He was fucking her ass so fast by now that sweat was trickling into his eyes. He ignored it as he plunged in and out of the tightest ass he had ever had.

Amy was also in a sexual frenzy as she met his thrusts with her hips. She pushed back against him, trying to get him even deeper into her ass. She snaked a hand underneath her body and started to masturbate in time to his thrusts. She was plunging her fingers in and out of her gooey pussy as her brother abused her tight ass. Faster and faster her brother fucked her and faster and faster her fingers moved. It wasn’t long before Amy could feel a huge orgasm start to build in her tummy. As the waves started to flow over her, the strength in the arm that was holding her up gave out and her upper body fell to the cushion on the couch. Her brother kept a hold on her ass and continued to rock her body with each thrust.

Amy’s orgasm reached its peak and she screamed in ecstasy as her pussy convulsed around her fingers and she felt hot liquid gush from her pussy and soak her hand and legs and her brother’s legs and the cushions beneath them.

After her orgasm passed Amy collapsed on the sofa but her brother continued to use bayan eskort bursa her stretched asshole. His whole body covered her tiny one as she lay on her stomach and his hips continued to thrust as he rushed toward his own orgasm. Over and over he plunged in and out of his sister’s ass until he felt his balls contract and his dick swell. He screamed as the first jet of sperm rushed up his staff and out the tip to coat his sister’s bowels. His hips kept thrusting as another hot rope of spunk joined the first. His mind went blank after that as the intensity of his orgasm almost rendered him unconscious.

When he became aware of his surroundings again, he realized that he was crushing his small sister and rolled off of her. His deflated cock came out of her ass with an audible pop and he saw his cream start to leak out of her stretched ass. He reached out and gently scooped up his cream and licked it off his fingers.

Amy cuddled up to her brother and kissed his mouth. Then she whispered, “Thank you for the wonderful birthday present, Mikey. I can’t wait to do it again.”

Mikey groaned and grabbed his sister’s hard nipple and twisted it while he plunged his tongue into his mouth. As much as he would like to go again right away, he knew that was not going to happen so he reluctantly pulled away from his gorgeous sister and stood up on shaky legs. “I enjoyed it as much as you did sis.” He winked at her and as he walked away he said, “And I may be able to make your birthday even more special.”

She called after him, “What does that mean?” But she received no answer.

She turned to look at her daddy and he just shrugged and grinned, “I have no idea what he meant either. But let’s not worry about him. Come here and let daddy hold you.”

Mike was sitting in his recliner so Amy got up and slowly walked over to him. He stopped her before she sat down and he took the soaked little skirt off of her and then told her to sit in his lap and cuddle up with him. She did and soon they both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Part 3

Mike woke up to feel his daughter being shaken and Mikey saying, “Wake up, sis. I have two more birthday presents for you.”

Mike looked up and saw two of the biggest black men he had ever seen. They were both about 6’2″ and they were hard muscle all over. He slowly gazed downward and realized they were both completely naked and was slowly stroking their partially erect dicks. When Mike saw the size of their dicks he exclaimed in shock, “Holy fuck! Those are fucking huge!”

Mikey laughed and replied, “Don’t you wish you had one that big, dad?” He introduced his dad to these towering twins. “These are my roommates, Jerome and his twin brother Jamal. They love to double fuck sexy sluts like my sister.”

Amy woke up by this time and heard her brother’s statement and then looked up at the chocolate colored twins. She smiled when she saw the size of their foot long shlongs. “Oh wow, is that all for me?”

She slipped off her daddy’s lap and sank to her knees in front of those huge rods. Then she slowly wrapped a hand around each of them. Even semi hard she could not make her fingers meet around their girths but she only looked up at them and smiled. She lowered her mouth onto one of those huge pieces of chocolate candy and slowly sucked as much of it into her hot mouth as she could.

Jerome groaned as her lips created their suction and her mouth moved down his shaft. She took about six inches of his twelve inch cock down her throat and then turned to his twin brother and did the same. The whole time she was sucking on one her eyes were glued to his and one hand held the base of the cock she was inhaling while her other hand was slowly stroking the other cock. It wasn’t long before both twins were at full mast as were Mike and his son.

Mikey had a small camera and he was filming every nasty move his sister made. She was so fucking sexy as her small white hands wrapped around two very hard chocolate colored dicks. As she was sucking on Jamal his hand came down and he started to fondle her big dangling tit. His dark fingers pinched and tweaked her large pink nipple and she groaned in appreciation around his thick cock.

The Grandfather clock in the corner started to chime and Mike tore his eyes away from the erotic sight of his very hot white daughter kneeling between two very hard black dicks and glanced at the time. It was eight pm. He had been giving Amy her birthday present all day and he knew there was quite a bit of it left to cum.

When he looked back at the action, Amy had switched back to Jerome and was slowly swallowing as much of his huge dick as she could. He watched as she took a deep breath and pushed her mouth as far as she could onto his gigantic prick. He saw first seven inches and then eight inches of his rod disappear into her pink lips. She backed off and took another deep breath and plunged her mouth down again. This time she engulfed nine and then ten inches of his cock. He saw her throat bulge as his pole was forced down her esophagus. Again she came up for air and as she did a string of saliva kept his dick connected with her lips. Again she plunged her mouth down on his pole. Again ten inches disappeared and then eleven inches but she still pushed him deeper into her throat. Every eye in the room was glued on her performance.

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