Amish No More

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Amish No More
By beagle9690
January 2009

I HAVE BEEN WATCHING SARAH for a year; planning how to abduct her while learning her habits and schedule. Sarah’s younger brother Jacob works at Shultz’s saw mill and wholesale lumber yard. He gets a ride into town with John Dobson a non-Amish neighbor who also works there. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Sarah shared a ride with them.

Sarah’s older brother Saul sublets a tiny store front located in a rundown and mostly empty strip mall. Sarah has taken over and not just helping her mother to sell the families fresh baked goods and everything they sell is incredibly delicious. With her mother’s recent passing and father’s the year before Saul is the Patriarch of the immediate family. Saul is pushing Sarah into an arranged marriage to be able to buy prime farmland from her prospective suitor’s father.

I was a regular customer there. I bought Sarah’s pies and only Sarah’s pies; not the pies her aunts, cousins or sister-in-law baked. I lingered for the pleasure of talking to her…..a few minutes at first; longer over time. I knew she enjoyed talking me. Sarah has a wholesome kindness and goodness I’m inexplicably drawn to.

Sarah flirted with me innocently in her own sweet way, getting slightly more confidant as the months went on. I was polite, respectful and engaging.
I listened to her opinions and feelings and this obviously pleased her.

The anchor business in the strip mall is a Bookshop that sells new and used books. I noticed a large section dedicated to travel. The owner Thomas Banes is an older man in his seventies. Thomas is a man of eclectic interests and I liked him immediately upon shaking his hand. I purchased several first edition archive quality books from him.

Thomas and his deceased wife traveled the world until she became ill. I know he allowed Sarah to borrow and read any of the used books in consideration for keeping the dumpster area neat and tidy and locking them at closing time. There also is a doorway in his bookshop covered with a double red glass bead curtain that leads into a long wide hallway with shelves of erotic literature of all descriptions.

Sarah had plenty of time on her hands until her ride arrived to take her home. While she waited she used some of the time to hand-sew pieces of material together for handmade patch quilts like the others that are on display for sale. She used some of that time read up on things to discuss with me.

I surmised from our talks Sarah wanted more out of life. She is an imaginative and intelligent young woman with interests and dreams that soar far above and beyond the narrow confines of her Amish community. Sarah dreams of going to Hawaii. She wants to swim in the ocean and walk on sun warmed sand beaches; she dreams of seeing the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls with her own eyes and not just from photographs in books.

At one time my ex liked to travel…..until we grew apart. I was married to “the ultimate bitch” as she called herself for the last two years of our ten years together. I tried to make our marriage survive after the sudden tragic accidental death of our son. I took my marriage vows seriously and if it was to be a loveless marriage without sexual intimacy, so be it.

Martha refused professional counseling and turned to her mother and her aunts for support and comfort. I was able to move on while Martha couldn’t because of them. I turned to my work; to my inventions for solace and peace. I learned to ignore her rants and tantrums of breaking and smashing things.

Her angry outbursts were followed by long periods of icy silence as she became bitterer yet. Towards the end Martha threatened to divorce me as I knew she would. In her bitter frustration and unhappiness she filed for divorce. She took much of what we jointly owned; or at least what she and her attorney could find.

Martha received a generous cash settlement and half of our shared investments provided she sign off on the house and my future earnings. My divorce attorney is a pugnacious hard nose prick. Martha’s attorney though very capable had the good sense to agree.

My wife wore her grief on her sleeve and she never forgave me for not doing the same with her. For all that I have said about Martha; I loved her passionately once and she loved me the same. There will always be small glowing spark of tenderness for her locked away in my heart.

After a time I hired architects and specialized carpenters and craftsman to transform the house to my preferences, needs and tastes. It became a sanctuary where I could pursue my work away from my office.

When Sarah’s brother Jacob and his neighbor John get out of work they will find problems although minor to keep it from starting.

The parking lot in the old strip mall is full of potholes and patched or broken asphalt while the lighting by the dumpster is totally inadequate. Most of the lights are missing or burned out. The dumpsters are surrounded by a concrete block enclosure with a wire gate entrance.

I disabled the telephone lines to the strip mall. Sarah was taken after dark when she went to lock the dumpsters. I disabled those few remaining working lights before I parked out of sight.

I waited in a dark corner for her to padlock the dumpsters as she always does at 6:00PM. I chose the month of November when the days are short and it is dark early.

When Sarah stepped inside the enclosure I quietly stepped behind her and placed my gloved hand over her mouth; she struggled briefly until I pressed the trigger on my hand taser sending 750,000 volts of electric pulses directly into her central nervous system.

This disrupted her neurological impulses causing a loss of balance and muscle control. The effect is instantaneous as well as intimidating but causes no permanent damage or discomfort after.

I eased Sarah to the ground and quickly placed a ball gag in her mouth followed by securing her wrists in front with standard issue police handcuffs. I put a blindfold over her eyes and secured her ankles together with the black nylon tactical belt I was wearing; the style of belt with a friction buckles. Sarah can struggle but there is little chance she will get free or hurt herself.

I carried Sarah to the van and put her in the rear bench seat buckling her securely in place with the factory seat belt and the double chest harness I installed just for this occasion.

The curtains were closed on the rear and side windows; the curtains separating the front from the back were drawn so that nobody could see her while we traveled.

“I have a gift for you, Sarah” I offered putting a red leather collar with an attached brass nameplate around her neck. I snapped a short leash to the collar securing it with a small padlock so that she could not remove either.

The nameplate is engraved with her slave name: Princess. The leash and collar is more for effect and drama than anything else. I certainly don’t think of her as an animal. They are symbols to aid in her training and submission.

I’m not interested in an unimaginative mindless drone. I want a companion and lover to share my life. I have plans for Sarah besides the training which I discussed with an expert in such matters. It is a two hour drive from the mall to my home. I took secondary and back roads to avoid traffic. After half an hour on the road Sarah started struggling and trying to scream through her ball gag.

“Behave my pretty girl… be quiet. You can’t get escape and nobody can hear you but me. I realize you’re frightened but you received no real harm from the shock. Don’t make me do it again. We have a long drive to your new home.

Do you like my present Sarah? I had Princess engraved on your new collar. Are you familiar with the origin of your name? It is Hebrew for Lady or for a Princess of royal blood.

Very fitting, don’t you think, Sarah, my little slave Princess. I’m wondering, Sarah do you listen to good music? By good music, I mean Classical, Jazz, bluegrass and Rock & Roll which I have an extensive collection for us to enjoy.

My ex prefers to watch television. Most of what’s offered on television is mindless drivel….you haven’t missed much there. Martha knew I loved to go dancing and showed no interest after………well, it doesn’t matter; she wasn’t much of a dancer but did get by.

My favorite style of dance is ballroom; an art form of dance that is graceful refined and elegant. You will learn to dance and appreciate good music. Good people all over the world dance, my little Princess.

And despite what some think, dancing is not an exclusive ticket to hell. Speaking of hell, after today my best hope in the afterlife is an eternity in Purgatory for it sure as hell beats shaking hands with old scratch.

Do you know what else I think? I think that there are few things a pleasurable as relaxing with a good book in a hot bath in the winter months and preferably during one of our Western New York lake effect snow storms.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy when we read aloud together the plays of Shakespeare or others of your choosing. I have an extensive library to share with you. Together we will explore a wide variety of literature, not just the types you read in secret. We never discussed those and now you shall experience them firsthand.

Are you aware the ancient Greeks and Romans prized and sought after educated slaves? I dislike shallow women; especially when they have potential and particularly if they are intellectually lazy.

You are going to travel to places and see things that before were not possible. You will be my companion and lover. I will allow you to have more freedom and choices than if you were married to the man chosen for you by your older brother Saul…..yes I know all about that.

I will take you to Hawaii. We will swim in the ocean together. We will walk on beaches of white or black sand and fill our pails with the colorful shells you described to me.

I as your Master, lover and companion I shall delight in taking you too other exotic travel destinations, but first my pretty girl I require your complete obedience and submission.”

I selected two CD’s: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and some Bruce Springsteen for us to listen to on the ride home………….

WHEN WE ARRIVED HOME, I parked in the garage closing the automatic door behind us. I removed the belt from Sarah’s ankles and helped her out of van using the leash and collar for control.

I walked Sarah down the cellar stairs to the training room. Never having done this before I had no idea how long it would take to gain her trust and submission. Fortunately I did have an experienced Dominant working directly with me.

I first met Minerva by lucky chance in a bank. She pushed past me to take my appointment with one of the bank officers. She didn’t like me at first, however over time we grew to be close friends. Minerva recognized my dominant personality; my drive to get what I wanted. She encouraged my dominance and to explore it…. Minerva is also my dance partner and mentor.

We have won dance many competitions together. Although we are not steady lovers we dance together and on occasion make love. It was she who introduced me to the Sanctorum. Minerva encouraged me to acquire a woman and mold her to my preferences and desires. Here lies the challenge to make Sarah mine.

Prepared for Sarah’s arrival I installed an immovable polished stainless steel pole to the floor and ceiling adjacent to the floor drain. I made her stand with her back to it while I attached her short leash on one of the sliding rings with a locking carabiner.

There are three movable steel rings that will slide up and down the pole and three fixed ones welded to the top and bottom. Minerva suggested Sarah should be made to stand for the night by attaching her leash to the fixed rings at the top.

I rejected the idea on the trip home. I attached the leash to a sliding ring rather than a stationary one. I provided Sarah with a five gallon pail to relieve herself should the need arise.

I removed the ball gag and took her pretty face firmly in my hands “You can scream all you want Sarah for the basement has been completely sound proofed. There is a plastic pail should you need it. You can manage it with your hands cuffed in front.

I’ll be back in the morning. When I return if you talk without permission you will be punished. I suggest you get some sleep until then.”

I kissed Sarah’s lips and whispered “lips like sweet roses” I removed her bonnet; a souvenir of remembrance and put it in my pocket before leaving her to contemplate her fate in complete darkness.

Sarah was quiet for about an hour. Then the pleading and questions began as she futilely struggled to get free. I telephoned Minerva to bring her up to speed before I went to bed……………….

WHEN I AWOKE AND WENT DOWNSTAIRS Minerva was waiting for me in the kitchen; she has keys to my house and I hers. She was drinking coffee and watching Sarah on the monitor. I poured myself a cup and sat down next to her.

“I brought bagels, pea bacon, brown eggs and fresh cantaloupe. If you’ll cook I’ll do the dishes. I want one of those poles. I’d have never thought of using small padlocks that way.

After we eat breakfast go downstairs as we discussed while I stay here and watch” Minerva instructed, getting up and kissing my cheek before pouring herself another cup of coffee and sitting down to watch the monitor.

During breakfast we discussed Sarah “Your Princess is strikingly beautiful Michael and I would consider her a rival under other circumstances. Should you be admitted to the Sanctorum she is worth millions if you chose to sell her. Stay focused and stick to the plan; you mustn’t be soft on her……………”

I FLIPPED ON THE LIGHT SWITCHES to the basement and punched in the six digit code on the electronic keyboard to unlock the doors at the top and bottom of the stairway. Sarah’s blindfold was off and the pail was knocked over. There was a puddle of urine on the floor. She was sitting on the floor with her back to the pole quietly waiting and watching.

I went to laundry tub turning the water on to get it hot and let it run in the sink. While it was heating up I poured liquid bleach on the floor. I attached the water hose coiled on the floor sprayed the mess down the floor drain followed by more liquid bleach and more hot water before putting the water hose back.

She was dressed as I captured her in a dark grey wool coat. Underneath her coat she was wearing a faded blue knee length cotton dress and I saw simple white cotton stockings on her shapely legs. She was wearing black tie up shoes. Sarah reminded me of a frightened little mouse…. but a precious and cute little mouse. It was time to undress Sarah and examine her in all her naked glory.

I walked up to her and offered her my hand; remembering the taste of her sweet lips from the night before.

Oh God, please help me” she cried, squirming at her bonds no doubt noticing the large scissors in my belt for the first time; I assumed she was wondering if the taser was in my pocket.

“Be silent, Princess and let me help you up. You were warned about talking without permission, were you not?” And she nodded her head for yes.

“Excellent, you’re learning. You may speak and you will cooperate. I may or may not answer your questions until I’m through but you will cooperate. I’ve already explained why you are here.”

“Please…why are you doing this to me? Who are you?” Sarah asked, pleadingly but allowed me to help her stand without struggling. I took off the leash from the sliding ring, doubled it over to shorten it further and attached one of the welded rings at the top forcing Sarah to stand straight on a taut leash.

Ignoring Sarah’s pleas and questions I removed her shoes and stockings. I cut off her winter coat with the heavy-duty scissors, followed by her faded blue cotton dress. Close to her creamy skin, my Sarah was wearing a plain white cotton bra and pink cotton panties… panties….how curious?

When she was completely naked I stroked Sarah’s nipples with my hand and she began squirming. I can only imagine what was going through her mind “Please don’t cut my nipples” she shrieked.

I slid the scissors back in my belt and continued caressing and fondling her beautiful round breasts with my hands getting her nipples hard at my touch.

“You will address me as Master” I corrected her while continuing to play with and stimulating her breasts “I assure you I will never do such a terrible thing like that to you. Be a good girl and calm down; don’t let your imagination get away from you.”

“Please, Master I am begging you, I will be good.”

“You will be a good what?” I asked.

“I will be a good girl, Master.”

“Much better; you’re learning but you still have to be punished for speaking out of turn earlier. Tell me again who I am Princess” I whispered kissing her lips.

“You are my Master and I am your slave” she whispered trembling as I continued caressing her hard nipples.

“I will be lenient with you” and stepping back I reached into my pocket, Sarah twisted away expecting something painful. I took out a key and unlocked the small padlock on her collar letting the leash hang from the pole.

“Please get down on your knees for me Sarah….that’s a good girl. I’m curious to see how long your hair is against your naked body and so far I like what I see.”

I removed the hairpins from her braided bun letting her braid drop down her back. Sarah’s medium brown hair is very thick and soft. Her braid ended at the top of her round buttocks and I was thinking

‘What a shame I have to cut her beautiful hair, although the bottom is thin for lack of regular professional trims, it will take time for my Princess to grow her hair that long again. I will enjoy watching it grow out to butt length, although mid-back or waist is plenty long, we shall see.’

“How shall I punish you, my Princess? You still have permission to speak so what shall your punishment be?”

“Please cut my hair, Master.”

“Do you know why you are being punished, Sarah?”

“Because I spoke without permission after I was warned not to Master.”

“That is correct, what you say is true. You are an intelligent young woman with much potential. What do I require from you?”

“I must please and serve you, Master” Sarah replied looking down “I will be your lover and companion.”

“I’m not a cruel man, Sarah; as a matter of fact I’ve been described as a Romantic. The first time I first gazed into your beautiful brown eyes I thought

‘Oh, brown eyes with long black lashes, young brown eyes, depths of night from which there flashes lightning as of summer skies, beautiful brown eyes!’

There’s more to the poem, although it is not mine. Mathilde Blind was a German poet who wrote it well over 100 years ago. I ask this to be our poem someday. I won’t force it on you for it would sully the spirit of my request.

I’ll know it is ours when you hug me and ask me to hear the rest.”

I removed her handcuffs and said “Listen carefully and do exactly as I say. Please get down on your hands and knees…..very good so far… put your legs close together…..excellent.”

“Please don’t hurt me, Master” Sarah begged as she did as instructed.

“Good girl, now place your hands closer together for me. Wonderful… lean forward until your shapely bottom is higher than your pretty head…. Excellent, put your forehead on your hands.

You are a pretty little thing…say it”

“I’m a pretty little thing” Sarah repeated with her face and neck turning red from embarrassment.

“Tell me again Princess.”

“I’m a pretty little thing.”

“Formal slave etiquette demands that when a Master or Mistress enters a room you will a get into this position. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master, a little.”

“Excellent and a little is all you need to know for now. When I say assume the position, this is what you will do. Commands will be obeyed instantly. Moving on…. when I say heel or kneel what should you do?”

“I’m not sure, Master.”

“I see……what would be an intuitive guess.”

“I will kneel with my back straight?”

“That’s an excellent answer; but how do you suppose an innocent and naive young woman like you is so perceptive about these things?

“I…..she started to say and I interrupted.

That is a redundant question. I already know the answer. Kneel, very nice, now…stand, excellent! You folded your hands in front of you without thinking, although, depending on the situation you may be required to put them behind you when naked to expose and display yourself more fully.

For this you shall receive a reward for the urine on the floor. I shall not cut your hair brutally short or shave your head. It’s a common punishment for women who don’t comply or heed fair warning….turn around please.”

I never intended to do that, however she didn’t know that. Minerva explained to me it is a common practice among some slave owners to shave their slave’s heads to humble them.

Positioning the scissors just below Sarah’s shoulder blades I slowly cut through her silky braid savoring the moment, feeling the resistance; enjoying the sound as the scissors chewed through her hair. I then put the severed braid in my belt.

“Please turn around, Sarah…now, unbraid your hair…….very good, now finger comb your ponytail, excellent. Do you have anything to say to me?” I asked, stroking her ponytail.

“Thank you for not shaving me bald, Master.”

“You are welcome.”

I took her hair out of the ponytail, fluffing it out. Sarah’s hair was now shorter, barely touching the top of her luscious round breasts.

“I’m changing the conditions and you may not speak! Turn and face me ….good, put your hands behind your back and cross them……good…..keep them there.”

I squeezed Sarah’s ass cheeks and spread her pussy lips; my fingers probing her sweet flower….. I tasted my fingers….enjoying her wetness and arousal. I could smell her musky scent, thinking ‘What a luscious little morsel Sarah will be when I allow her to share my bed.’

“Your heartbeat and breathing have increased. Your submissive sexuality betrays you, Sarah and this is much for you to celebrate. Your inevitable orgasm at my hands will have to wait for now.

Until I say otherwise your hair will remain unbound. You will be naked for my inspection and pleasure and collared as you are now. I say it again; you are a very pretty and intelligent young woman; use your natural intuition and you will easily adapt and advance.

You will find your toiletries in the bathroom” and I pointed at the door of the small bathroom containing a toilet and a vanity sink with a mirror. You may use it instead of the bucket. I will provide you with a cot.

You will find a pillow, a blanket, sheets and towels in the laundry basket by the washer and dryer. They are not garments and if you use them as such I will take everything away from you.

You will begin over secured to the pole. You will be handcuffed in the back.

I will secure your leash to the rings welded at the top so that may only stand. You will remain there for as long as it takes. After you will sleep on the bare floor; your toilet will be a pail and you will bathe in cold water for as long as it takes. As for your hair………I’m sure you don’t want that.

I’m expecting a guest. She is a slave owner. You will address her as Mistress or Mistress Minerva. You will obey her commands as if they were mine. She will be assisting me with the help of her two women in your education and grooming.

I give you fair warning Sarah. If Minerva was your owner and you urinated on her floor, you’d be mopping the floor with your hair, followed by having your head shaved…. perhaps even your eyebrows. Minerva is a very wealthy and refined woman. She is very interested in purchasing you from me.

You may use the remains of your old garments to dry the floor as best you can. When you finish throw them away in the covered garbage pail by the stairwell. In time you will know and prefer the feel of silk and cashmere against your soft creamy skin. When I return, I’ll bring you something to eat………….”

“THAT WAS WELL DONE MICHAEL, if not a bit wishy-washy? Please and thank you and I suggest…..And a poem? Really Michael what a ham you are” she laughed.

“Have you ever known me to be less than polite with anyone?” I asked a little annoyed at her “As far as the poem goes Sarah’s eyes are brown and that is my style. I’m approaching this from my own perspective and experience with women.”

“No I haven’t; not even when you’re angry. Then again I’ve never seen you angry enough to be out of control. You handled yourself well enough during our trip to Bermuda when those men who were rude and vulgar and tried to pick me in the restaurant lounge while we were waiting for our table, Shakespeare. I’ve never seen anyone use a peppermill that way before.”

“Well, it was two to one and they were bigger than me. The blonde one hit me first. You have to admit the peppermill seasoned his head nicely before I broke it on it.”

“It certainly did; you broken his nose and jaw before he finally went down. You had the other pinned to the floor with bar stool on his throat after I tripped him and you kicked him in the head; the cowardly bastard.”

“If you recall, Minerva, there were many witnesses including hotel security who saw him pull a gravity knife out of his pocket and threaten to kill me. What was I to do with a salt shaker; that just won’t cut it?

“Very funny Michael but I also recall you spent a night in the lockup before I bailed you out and got all of the charges dropped against you” she replied, putting her arms around my neck and kissing my lips “It’s a good thing the Police gave you your own cell to keep the other prisoners from harm.”

“Yes, that was very considerate of them and I slept like a baby” I replied, putting my arms around her waist and kissing her back “As I recall you couldn’t wait to get me back to our hotel room for me to ravish you; admit it red, you were turned on by that bloody violent encounter.”

“Yes we do Michael. I allowed you to ravish me; never forget that fact and we do make a good team. We whipped them good. As your teammate I’ll advise you to remember Sarah is a slave; being less than firm is just not done at this stage in her education and development.

Many in the Sanctorum believe in a good old fashioned whipping with a belt or crop to set the tone at this stage of process whether deserved or not. I’ll concede though Sarah is convinced you might cut her with the scissors so I suppose the effect is the same.

I’d never do that and you wouldn’t have either; but I shuddered when the scissors went snick, snick and snick imagining I was her. She must have been terrified. In my opinion you should have made her stand for the entire night as we discussed and without the bucket.

It wouldn’t harm her to soil herself. Embarrassment and humbling at this juncture is a learning process is not soon forgotten. Why didn’t you secure her hands behind her back? If she was embarrassed and uncomfortable it was only for one night?”

“My methods are my own, Minerva and they work for me. Did you ever solve the mystery how hundreds of potted peace lilies got into your office without anybody seeing who put them there?

“No and it might as well been the Statue of Liberty but we’re off topic. Such repressed sexuality just under the surface. This whole thing is amazing to watch. I can’t wait to report to Maud and Arthur. Your admittance to the Sanctorum appears assured.

“I didn’t secure her hands in the back so that she could ride in the seat with a seat belt and harness.”

“She could have ridden on the floor, Michael.”

“Sarah is not cargo and that wouldn’t be safe.”

I suppose you’re right; I don’t want to labor the point. I’m amazed how easily she is aroused. A slave needs to fear her Master or Mistress. You have good instincts for recognizing submissive women; I must give you that.”

“Thank you; let’s not argue then my marvelous teacher. Sarah will be begging for my touch soon enough. We have discussed my ideas at great length.
I chose Sarah carefully and analytically. She has surprised me though with her intuitiveness, imagination and intelligence despite being raised in a Patriarchal Society that encourages conformity and obedience.”

It’s my turn to be on top. Watching you with your Princess makes me horny as hell…………..”

MINERVA JUST COULDN’T SEEM to get enough of me for some reason? Perhaps it was because she was looking forward to playing the heavy; good Master verses bad Mistress after she pleasured herself on my hard cock and I was rewarded with a marvelous blowjob.

Minerva is a very passionate woman. She possesses a wonderful sense of style and knows how to dress. She is also a very beautiful, classy woman, a natural redhead, with long thick hair that falls to the middle of her back.

I adore it when Minerva pins her hair up for me in a bun or chignon, exposing her neck and the soft silky hair at her nape. Minerva has the slim graceful figure of a dancer. She has green eyes and a fair and creamy complexion with just a hint of freckles that she hates and I adore.

Mistress Minerva owns two women that are housed in a small apartment located in the same building above her dance studio. She lives alone in a large and spacious condominium and employs ordinary people to clean for her. I’ve offered to share my house but she won’t.

Minerva’s slaves are employees in a sense that she receives an income from their labor. She allows them their occupations because it pleases her. One of her slaves, Katherine, is a physician’s assistant while the other Mandy is a hairstylist/makeup artist in a high-end salon that Minerva owns. The salon employs a dozen ordinary people and they had no inkling their employer, Mandy is Minerva’s slave.

She has a talent for finding subservient women and then turning them to her will or selling them to others in the Sanctorum.

Both Mandy and Katherine have signed contracts registered with the Sanctorum. Their contracts can be sold or transferred to other Masters or Mistresses.

The Sanctorum is a very old secret society and membership is for life. Disclosing its secrets depending on the severity may result in death.

Minerva told me it has its own courts (THE TRIBUNAL) as well as a ruling grand council. It is a self-sustaining entity with members throughout the country. The Sanctorum has unbelievable financial resources at its disposal. The Sanctorum insures their registered slaves receive the basic necessities and medical care for life.

Minerva went into the bathroom to change and came out in what she refers to as her “Mistress Attire” consisting of black silk blouse, tight black slacks, black riding boots and her signature black leather riding crop. Her long red hair was in a ponytail and I adore ponytails on women.

“Let me at that little virgin” she announced posing with her hands on her hips to which I replied “Who is the ham now, Minerva?” I teased……

We went the basement and found my Princess was asleep in her cot by her training pole wrapped in her blanket. Minerva wasted no time and struck the cot near Sarah’s head with the riding crop.

“Wake up slave, is this how you greet your Master’s guest?” Sarah woke with a start and threw her blanket aside to immediately assume the position naked as instructed.

“Michael…. you described her to me as being very pretty. Well, I suppose that is a matter of taste because I think her rather plain myself, barley adequate.”

I watched Sarah tense at these insulting words, however, she knew enough to remain silent and hold position.

“Stand, woman…….Michael, look at her fat, hairy legs? Do Amish men actually find those attractive? What a plump, hairy creature she is” Minerva said laughing.

I walked over to where they were standing and quietly said “kneel and look at your Master.”

When she did I gently pushed Sarah’s hair away from her face and I looked into her brown eyes brimming with tears. I wiped them away with my hand and smiled at her “I think she is very pretty, Minerva and of course you have complete charge of her grooming and make-up. These are things that Sarah has to learn.

“You will have a complete body wax my pretty girl. Mistress Minerva will teach you to enhance your natural beauty for your owner’s pleasure. You have permission to speak as before but only to answer questions; not to initiate conversation.”

“What does your collar say, slave?” Minerva asked, while tugging on Sarah’s hair.

“My Master says he engraved Princess on the nameplate.”

“Did you know that Sarah’s name in Hebrew translates Lady or for a Princess of royal blood, Minerva?

“Do you know what else is engraved on your collar, slave?” Minerva asked stroking the side of Sarah’s face with the crop.

“No, Mistress.”

“It says Princess, property of Michael and that is temporary” she announced, mockingly “Lady and Princess are also common names for female bitch dogs” Minerva said, laughing “When I own you I will shave you completely bald along with everything else and keep you that way.

You will be a lowly servant; I hate finding hair in my food you hairy doggie!”

You don’t own her yet, Minerva and furthermore you will not refer to Sarah as a dog!” I told stepping in front of Sarah protectively.

“Yes of course, Michael, of course” Minerva said, soothingly “I won’t do it again. You and I are friends” she took my arm she led me towards the stairwell.

“There is no need to be angry. I will abide by our agreement to the letter but my methods are my own. I suggest we go upstairs where can discuss this in private……………

ONCE UPSTAIRS I opened a bottle of Merlot while Minerva unwrapped the fruit and a platter she brought me.

“A toast to you Minerva, please take a bow” which Minerva did with a flourish! “Your performance could have won an Oscar; however, you will have to settle for this fine Merlot” I raised my glass in salute and Minerva did the same smiling and we took a sip of wine together.

“I was watching her reactions very closely my marvelous teacher; Sarah obviously thinks herself comely. Did I tell you she stashed women’s fashion magazines in the ladies Room vanity? I also found some romance and erotic novels in the drop ceiling there.”

“How can you possibly know about those things, Michael?”

“I know these things because I installed hidden fiber optic cameras all throughout the store including the ladies restroom.”

“You naughty voyeur, you never mentioned this before!” Minerva said laughing and leaning forward while unconsciously touching her ear. This is one of Minerva’s many tells. I enjoy exposing her tells. I know most all of them. Minerva has a beautiful smile and a musical laugh when she is happy.

“I was saving this for a surprise, my marvelous teacher” I refreshed her wine glass and let my hand deliberately lingering on hers. I always show Minerva the deference she was due out of respect for her life’s accomplishments and because she has influence in the Sanctorum. My membership is tentative and impossible without her approval “her brother is trying to force into a marriage with a man she doesn’t love or even care for.”

“Is a full body wax what you have in mind for her?”

“Yes, what do you think of the bangs that I chose for Sarah?” I handed her the picture that was folded in my back pocket that I printed from the internet.

“I prefer pixie cuts my girls, because it keeps them in their place. Did you know Mandy had honey blonde waist length hair? I have it layered and cut very short and then bleached to a much lighter color. Mandy hates it and constantly begs to go back to her natural color. But yes, those long bangs will suit Sarah’s face quite well.”

“Eventually Sarah will be permitted to grow her hair longer that being my preference as you well know” and I tugged on Minerva’s thick and soft ponytail “That being said, Sarah’s hair will never be a beautiful color as yours, Minerva.”

“That’s very sweet of you to say, Michael “Minerva was smiling and touching her hair which was yet another tell. I know Minerva is very proud of her long red hair and she should be.

“You can always dye Sarah’s hair the same color as mine”

“Your natural color can never be duplicated, my dear teacher. To do so would be a sad counterfeit as diamonds are to glass.”

I received yet another of Minerva’s beautiful smiles while fantasizing Minerva kneeling at my feet; unfortunately my impossible daydream was just that.

Bring Sarah her bowl of oatmeal as we planned, Minerva, and see to it that she takes her vitamins. Spend about an hour with her if you wish. You many use your crop a few times but only hard enough to sting. Your beautiful red hair turns me on and I can’t wait to get my hands in it again……”

MINERVA WENT DOWNSTAIRS and began explaining basic slave etiquette while I watched on the monitor. She used the crop for any reason real or imagined; just barely enough to sting and mostly to frighten.

At the start; Minerva put Sarah’s hair up in tight braided pigtails and ordered her down on all fours. She then led Sarah around the basement on a leash making her stop to kneel or assume the position. After about five minutes of putting her through her paces, Sarah received her dinner of cold oatmeal with skim milk served in a dish on the floor.

“You are a plain and plump hairy woman and you will eat like one. Leave the bowl on the floor and do not use your hands.”

Minerva told Sarah the humiliating things that she was going to do to her when she owned her. She enjoyed playing the part as the heavy as the bad Mistress. I will be the good Master coming to the rescue.

When Sarah was done eating Minerva made her chew her vitamins. She then secured Sarah’s leash with a small padlock to a sliding ring on the pole and deliberately left Sarah’s cot out of her reach before she left.

An hour later, I went downstairs to check on my pretty girl and found her sitting by the pole naked and she was shivering. I was annoyed of myself and thinking ‘Ok, the taser and abduction were the most efficient way to get her here, but this is just not my way.’

I removed her leash from the collar and picked up her folded blanket. I then sat on the couch along the wall “Tell me what is on your mind, little lady?” I asked kindly, while patting the seat cushion for Sarah to sit next to me.

“Please, Master…I am so cold, may I have my blanket please?”

“Come and sit next to me Sarah” I said holding the blanket out to wrap it around us….. “This is nice……. get closer and put your head on my chest so you can share my body heat. I put my arms around her under the blanket and gently held her until Sarah stopped shivering.

“You did well today as far as I’m concerned although you made a bad first impression with Mistress Minerva” I took her hair out of the pigtails “You look very pretty with your hair down; just like the girls in the women’s fashion magazines….Yes, I know everything about you my pretty girl.

I’m sure you realize you were never meant to be an Amish mouse in a gray coat.”

“Do you really know what I did alone in the bathroom?” She asked starting to tense slightly. “What I did is a sin” and Sarah looked down ashamed and embarrassed.

“It’s not a sin in my world, Sarah, for you live in my world now. You will not be judged for that or punished for masturbating in private. Sexual gratification is a natural as breathing” and as I stroked her hair to assure her until I felt her relax. “I’ll take care of most those needs now. Are you a virgin, Sarah?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Your birthday is March 1st and you are 23 years old. Why haven’t you married?”

“I don’t know” she said.

“I don’t know, Master” I corrected her gently while continuing to hold her and stroke her hair.

“I do not know, Master” Sarah replied.

“I do not know is not an answer, Sarah, it is an evasion, a childish excuse. I have no interest in children. Perhaps I should sell you to Minerva after all.”

“I am not a child, Master… I don’t want to be forced to marry an Amish man I don’t love. I don’t want his babies or to live in the same place forever. I want to chose my own husband if I chose to marry. I want to travel and see things.

I was thinking of leaving, but I have no money of my own. I’m afraid to leave because it is all I know and I’m afraid right now!”

“Excellent, those are intelligent and honest answers and I value honesty, Sarah. I will never punish you for telling me the truth; are you warm now?

“Yes, thank you, Master.”

“I know you want more out of life; to travel to Hawaii for example and experience all the things life has to offer. I will give you those things in time.
I genuinely enjoyed our conversations, Sarah. Will you try to please me?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Turn around face away from me……yes that’s right, just like that…. good.

I put my arms around her waist and pulled Sarah closer. I put my face beside hers and kissed Sarah’s neck behind her ears, blowing softly on her neck.

“You have beautiful firm and round breasts…..your nipples are already hard. Does this feel good, my pretty girl when a man is stroking your breasts? ”

“Yes it’s much better then when I do it” she admitted.

“You are aroused Sarah; you are wet between your legs?” I observed stroking her pussy and tasting my fingers “As I said, this is good and natural. I want you to pleasure yourself and masturbate; that will please me.

You are a pretty little thing with beautiful brown eyes. Tell me when you are coming and not necessarily with words. Remember Sarah, if you lie to me I will know” Sarah closed her eyes not answering “thank you for your honesty for I can sense when your orgasm is rising for your beautiful sexuality betrays you………”

Sarah explored her womanhood with her fingers in her pink and plump pussy while I caressed her beautiful round firm breasts paying attention to her nipples and kissing her face and neck tenderly and lightly…..soon she was breathing heavily and moaning softly…a little embarrassed I’m sure.

“You want to orgasm, Sarah?” I whispered to encourage her…. “Yes that’s it moan louder if you wish my pretty Sarah because this is why God made you a woman and gave you a clitoris.”

Sarah was definitely vocal in her orgasm; my pretty girl was covered her mouth with her hand and she always does when she surrendered to her orgasms in the ladies room after reading selection pages of her erotic novels or short stories. She came close to sliding off the couch with all her squirming.

It was obvious that Sarah was intent in pleasuring herself as well as pleasing me.
It is fortunate she’ll never marry an Amish man because she will probably intimidate the hell out of the poor pious bastard. When my pretty girl finished, I held her for a while, and then said “There is a bowl with apples and bananas at the bottom of the stairs, my Lady, please bring them here.”

When she returned, I chose an apple and took a bite saying “You must be hungry and the rest are for you. Mistress Minerva is in charge of your diet and we both agree you can stand to lose ten pounds in keeping with your height and frame. I get my workouts to with my axe and splitting maul and I like to walk and think.

I shall not tell Minerva about the fruit. It will be our secret” and she got back under the blanket with me to finish the remaining fruit.

“I am very pleased with you this evening and I will enjoy having you in my bed when the time comes.”

“Do you really think that I am pretty, Master?”

“Yes, I will say it again; I think you are very pretty” I praised and getting up after finishing my apple I offered her my hand. Sarah took it holding it tightly, I
walked her to the cot were she lay down on her side facing away from me.

I covered Sarah with the blanket and went to the bathroom to relieve myself.
I left the bathroom door open with the night light on. I stopping briefly by her cot as she lay there with her eyes closed but not asleep. When I got upstairs I turned the heat up to match the temperature in the rest of the house. I dimmed the basement lights to a twilight glow. I then engaged the electronic locks on from the keypad before going to bed…………..

THE NEXT DAY MINERVA ARRIVED with Mandy to give Sarah her full body wax. Mandy is a small, petite woman, at five-three with blue eyes and a clear fair peaches and cream complexion. She has incredibly striking blue eyes; the color of dark turquoise. Mandy’s hair was so blond to almost be white and it was cut in very short layered pixie cut, just as Minerva described to me the day before.

I estimated Mandy to be in her early thirties. She was dressed in a simple tan smock with black slacks and black nurse’s shoes. As slave etiquette dictated, Mandy assumed position immediately upon entering my threshold.

“You may stand, Mandy, let me get a good look at you, now turn around slowly………….you have very nice manners, you assumed the position smoothly and gracefully.”

“Thank you, Master Michael” she replied with a forced smile.

“The door to basement is open. Go downstairs and introduce yourself to Sarah. Explain the procedure for this is all new to her. May Mandy interact freely with Sarah? I’m sure that will put Sarah at ease.”

“You may, Mandy?” Minerva answered, looking at both of us” “Be discrete as we discussed. I want all of Sarah’s hair removed from the neck down.”

“Yes Minerva, I shall treat Sarah as if she were a paying customer.”

The waxing took the better part of 2 hours and Minerva I retired to my living room after breakfast planning a possible trip the Virgin Islands in October and talking about Sarah’s progress.

“Really, Michael, a pillow on the cot and you let her use the bathroom; what about the bucket, I thought we agreed on the bucket?”

“We didn’t agree we discussed it. I will allow Sarah hot water to bathe in as well….I can always take things away if needed.”

“Well, I think that you are being too soft on Sarah. A slave needs to fear her Master or Mistress, otherwise how does one enforce discipline?”

“I appreciate your advice my marvelous teacher but from now on I will be using my own methods with Sarah, Sanctorum or not.”

Minerva received an important call on her cell phone changing our plans. She left Mandy with me until tomorrow morning offering “While Mandy is here, have her cut Sarah’s hair? As a special treat you may have full use of Mandy until then I return tomorrow.”

“That is very magnanimous of you, Minerva. I accept, but as I said before, as diamonds to common glass my gracious teacher.”

Minerva went downstairs to tell Mandy of the change in plans and then left. After a time, Mandy returned to report that she was done with Sarah’s full body wax as she stood in my study doorway waiting for further instructions.

“You have permission to speak freely, Mandy, please have a seat on the couch and make yourself comfortable. How long have you been owned by Mistress Minerva?”

“Six years, Master Michael.”

“Obviously you know your place and what is expected of you. You move gracefully and naturally. I’m sure I will enjoy having you here and I hope you enjoy yourself as well. Consider your stay with me as a mini-vacation. You may address me as Michael when we are alone together. I want to tap into your experience and thoughts to make Sarah’s transition to her new life as easy as possible.”

“Thank you Michael, I have never been allowed that privilege with Minerva’s friends before.”

“There is a first time for everything my dear” I said, smiling, imagining Mandy with waist length honey blond hair “Your Mistress advised you were to pleasure me.”

“I will comply with your wishes, Michael.”

I need your help with something else. I will greatly appreciate it if you will help me. Will you please do that for me, Mandy?”

“I will do anything you order me to, Michael, you know that.”

“I am not ordering, I am asking…pretty please? Will you kiss me, please?

Mandy put her arms around my neck and I put my hands gently around her waist and she kissed me tentatively at first and soon her little tongue was probing mine. After less than a minute she stepped back surprised…..”You really mean it, Master, I mean, Michael…’re being honest and sincere with me; I can tell by this one kiss….call it a woman’s intuition.”

“Yes I really do mean it; I’m asking Mandy the person to help me. We can discuss a few of my ideas and you can tell me yours while I prepare her brunch……..”

I PREPARED SARAH’S MEAL of hot oatmeal with almonds, walnuts and dates. Sarah was also given plain yogurt, a banana, an orange and hot mint green tea.

Mandy waited in the kitchen sipping an Earl Gray while I brought Sarah’s brunch to her on a tray. I sat with her on the couch with my own cup of green mint tea. After she ate, I had her stand and face me to compliment her how beautiful she looked.

“This is so much better, don’t you think? You need not answer. I want you to listen only. Turn around slowly so that I may look at you. I know you have been looking at yourself in the mirror. The flower of womanhood; your blossom of plump pink lusciousness is now fully exposed.

You will get accustomed to waxing to my Lady. I’m told that the first time is always the worst. You will be getting a proper haircut by Mandy later today as she told you. I am very partial to the bangs; they’re very sexy.”

I took her hand and kissed it “Relax your arm please…..good…. I’m going to place your hand at the base of your throat. You notice your hand is flat and your fingers are pointed up…put them closer together….yes like that.

There will be occasions when you need talk to me when you’ve been told to remain silent. When you place your hand thus; I will nod yes or no depending on the situation. You’ll know intuitively when it is appropriate to disregard.”

I took both her hands and said “Please relax Sarah” and I put them her arms around my neck “I want you to hug me…..yes, just like this….. Pretend we are dancing” and I put my hands on her waist and held her gently.

“Mandy has never visited here before. You know what the basement is like and what you must do to live in the rest of the house. I’m going to give you both the grand tour. You may not speak; you’ll cooperate and do as you’re told…..remove your collar” Sarah placed her hands on her collar with surprised
look in her brown eyes when she discovered how easily she was able to remove it.

“Yes I know…..without the small padlock your collar may be removed. You’ve unknowingly been on the honor system, Princess and had you removed it without permission……”I let the consequences hang unspoken……

I’ll dispense the leash and collar for now. They symbols of your submission nothing more however always remember their practical applications should they be needed.

You may put them underneath your pillow for safekeeping……very good…. pick up the tray and follow me upstairs. I prepared your meal and it is only fair for you to wash the dishes.”

My kitchen is a professional cooks dream with commercial grade major appliances and large cabinets and counters with granite countertops with lots of drawers. I should mention I like to cook as does my ex.

There are three large deep kitchen sinks should I need them. The kitchen is fully stocked with small kitchenware used by the professionals including pots and pans of all descriptions. Sarah and I prepare our meals together a few days during the week.

Sarah washed the dishes in the sinks by hand and after she finished I explained to her how to load and use the state of the state of the art dishwasher.

After the kitchen we went room to spacious room including the full bathroom on the ground level. I brought them upstairs to show them the six spacious

bedrooms; Sex hikayeleri the Master Bedroom has an attached full bath. There is also a second full bathroom. Finally there is the Tub Room.

It has no toilet or sink. It has green tiled floor of intricate patterns of various shades of green and the same for green tiled walls. The massive custom made white porcelain bathtub with the traditional claw feet will comfortably accommodate six people comfortably and it must weigh a ton if it weighs an ounce. I spend a lot of time here soaking and thinking while listening to music; some of it planning about Sarah.

The tub room is full of plants. The transparent sea green glass shower can accommodate six people. It is entirely made of two inch thick virtually unbreakable boron glass with the floor textured for traction. It has multiple adjustable stainless steel pulsating shower heads at each station and niches in the walls for soap or shampoo bottles. I haven’t used this shower; just the tub and now it will serve me well.

Sarah appeared fascinated with the tub; I knew she was impressed with the house including the kitchen, however she actually walked into the shower on her own to touch the stainless steel fixtures and run her hand over the smooth glass walls. While she was there, Mandy brought us six towels from the hall closet, Pears soap and baby shampoo. We undressed and got into the shower with her.

“You may join us Sarah” I invited “you must wash your hair before Mandy cuts and styles it.

I began washing myself when Mandy came over to help me; this wasn’t part of the plan but what the hell. She put her arms around my neck and kissed my lips long and deep sighing contentedly and I returned kisses. Who am I to turn down an invitation from a beautiful woman or women now that I am a single man again and not bound by my wedding vows?

We soaped each other down and kissed, taking every opportunity to kiss as we massaged the reach creamy lather into our skin. Mandy shampooed my hair and I shampooed hers.

We got out and toweled off; drying each other’s back. Mandy dressed and I didn’t. She put her arms around my neck and kissed my lips whispering “I’m just being myself, Michael” she then gave my bare ass a playful slap before going downstairs to get everything ready in the kitchen.

All the while Sarah was standing with her eyes closed when she was peeking. She had a look of sheer bliss on her face standing under two streaming and pulsating shower heads with the luxurious hot water cascading like twin waterfalls over her glorious naked body; not bothering with her soap or shampoo as yet.

“Finish up Sarah it’s time for your haircut” and I watched Sarah wash herself and shampoo her hair; a simple pleasure to behold for she is a strikingly beautiful woman although I call her my pretty girl.

When Sarah came out I gave her a towel to dry herself while I dried her back with the other. My pretty girl followed me into my bedroom and waited for me while I went closet to get my robe and put it on……this was not part of the plan I discussed with Mandy or Minerva, however the outcome told all.

I pretended to rummage in the closet with my back to her looking for something and said “My boxer shorts and a the red flannel I’m looking for must be the dresser; will you get them out please?

My hand taser was in the top drawer and that was the one Sarah opened first to discover it. I put my robe on and turned to find her holding it in her hand staring at me “It is fully charged. The handcuffs and keys are in the middle drawer.

If you don’t believe me hold it away from your body and depress the orange button…..the electricity will arch between the electrodes with a crackling sound” and I walked past her to the dresser

Sarah continued to stare at me as I took the boxer shorts out of the drawer and put them on. “The shirt is for you by the way. It will have to suffice for now……she dropped the taser on the bed as if it was red hot and she was trembling. I picked it up and put it in the drawer and closed it.

“Put the shirt on please and sit next to me on the bed……..thank you” The sleeves went down past her hands and I rolled up the cuffs for her.

“Do you remember when you told me about your favorite sea shells; the Kitten’s Paw and the Angel Wings and Sparse Dove and don’t forget the Antilles Glassy Bubble and the Button?

I remember the poem by Edith Nesbitt you recited to me by heart. It was the first Monday of October. Your eyes were closed and your imagination was soaring.

I’ll start……. ‘I gathered shells upon the sand, each shell a little perfect thing, so frail yet potent to withstand the mountain-waves wild buffeting, through storms no ship could dare to brave. The little shells float lightly save all that they might have lost of fine, shape and soft color crystalline.’

“I’m not angry with you about the taser….calm yourself….finish the poem. She closed her eyes and continued quietly.

‘Yet I amid the world’s wild surge. Doubt if my soul can face the strife, the waves of circumstance that urge. That slight ship on the rocks of life. O soul, be brave, for He who saves. The frail shell in the giant waves will bring thy puny bark to land…. safe in the hollow of his hand’.

“That is a lovely poem, Sarah. Edith Nesbit wrote it and when our guests leave we will discuss it further…. it is time for your haircut and you may talk freely.”

Mandy was very thorough and meticulous, parting and then pinning it up Sarah’s hair several times before she even started cutting. She explained everything to Sarah although my pretty girl was quiet throughout her haircut.

It is obvious to me that Mandy is a perfectionist who takes great pride in her work. There were piles of Sarah’s cut long locks on the floor. Mandy finished by blow drying and touching up here and there to ensure the blunt cut met her exacting standards.

Sarah’s hair was cut straight across the bottom falling almost to the top of her shoulder blades and she had eye framing bangs. Mandy finished Sarah’s makeover by meticulously applying Sarah’s makeup taking her time and patiently explaining each step to her and encouraging questions and Sarah had many. This was the first makeup she had ever worn and my little Lady looked incredibly hot and seductive.

“Please shake your head, Sarah” I asked and she shook her head from the side to side and when she stopped the cut fell neatly back into place. I kissed her cheek “You look lovely” I whispered in her ear “not to mention sexy.”

I turned my back to her so that she couldn’t see what I was doing and I kissed her again, pushing a Hershey’s Kiss into her mouth with my tongue.

“This cut looks marvelous on you, Sarah” Mandy complimented “It is long enough to pin up and will look very pretty curled; let me show you” and taking a curling wand, Mandy styled Sarah’s hair in luscious ringlet curls.

“I am ready to give you your trim now, Master” Mandy said, turning to me as she finished with Sarah’s curls. Sarah shook her head without asking her curls bouncing about and touched her hair, unsure at first but then smiling well pleased with the results.

I sat on the barstool and Sarah sat in a kitchen chair. After Mandy was done with my haircut, really just a trim, I stood up pointing at the floor. Mandy got down on her knees before me.

“Very nice haircut, Mandy can you guess what I want. Sarah, come here… good, now, kneel beside Mandy. Get closer to me, Sarah, so that I can play with your curls. Mandy is going to teach you the art of oral, something you must know.

Mandy put on quite a show, licking and sucking, fast…. slow, running her tongue up and down the shaft and licking my balls. Sarah was kneeling opposite of her as I stroked her ringlet curls saying “Pay close attention and watch how Mandy is doing this.”

Mandy started by licking the tip and then the shaft while looking up into my eyes and smiling. Then she took my entire cock in her mouth licking and sucking, teasing and probing and it was fabulous.

My hard throbbing cock was like a volcano shooting streams of white hot semen in her mouth, Mandy the wonderful little vixen that she is swallowed all of my semen not spilling a drop. Mandy looked up at me licking lips and smiling.

“Wait in the Master Bedroom for me please” I said to Mandy “I need to get Sarah settled in for the evening” and after she left.

“You have had quite the day today, getting a complete body wax, haircut curly girl. Stand and face me….stand, close your eyes and open your mouth.”

I took a Heresy’s Kiss from my robe pocket to push it past Sarah’s luscious lips with my fingers.

“You look lovely my Lady” and I put my hands gently on her waist Sarah opened her eyes and hesitantly put her arms around my neck “Please make me a cup of tea and sit and have one with me. The tea kettle is on the stove and tea bags on the counter. The mugs are in the cupboards above the tea bags.”

Sarah put the kettle on to boil first before going to the cupboards for the mugs. Upon opening the cupboard door Sarah turned and paused to look at me briefly before bringing two mugs back and putting them on the table.

One was a clear lead glass mug with my name “Michael” engraved on it. Minerva has the identical mug with her name on it. They are souvenirs we bought together during our trip to Bermuda.

The other mug was ocean blue in color and decorated with the Cat Paw Sea shells Sarah wants to find on a beach someday…..”The mug is yours my pretty Lady; I bought in Bermuda the week in October after your poem because it
reminds me of you and your beautiful brown eyes. If you recall I wasn’t around for a week to buy your pies” and she nodded in acknowledgement.

Mandy is a delightful woman; don’t you agree? I believe Mistress Minerva is trying to tempt me with her. It is not unheard to trade and sell; or share women between Masters and Mandy has no control over that.

As a virgin you’re literally are worth millions of dollars to her when you are finally educated to our ways…..assuming she may acquire you. I want you to use your imagination and think of this as an adventure if this will help you adjust……………….

MANDY WAS WAITING FOR ME on my bed after I settled Sarah in for the evening and Mandy made herself at home, perfect; she naked was curled up in a piles of pillows from the other bedrooms like a little blond cat…”You said to make myself at home and one can never have to many pillows Michael….care to join me?”

“With pleasure blue eyes” I replied getting into bed next to her “I need to return the favor for that marvelous lip and tongue symphony you performed on me earlier and to thank you for my trim and Sarah’s new look. I look forward to coming to your Salon for my haircuts.”

“We’re very expensive and exclusive. We cater exclusively to women and girls although Sarah is always welcome without an appointment. For you I’ll make arrangements after hours or better yet I’ll do it here. Minerva is quite taken with you Michael more so than ever.

She refers to you as her “bad boy” I know about the peppermill incident and you spending the night it the lockup” and she moved closer to me and started running her fingers through my hair “it doesn’t hurt that you’re ruggedly

handsome and charming. Nobody has described my blow jobs as a marvelous lip and tongue symphony until now.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere” I teased rubbing her little bottom “and I want to taste you now.”

I went down on Mandy licking and sucking; probing her clitoris with my tongue. Mandy’s hands were in my hair, pushing my head against her dripping pussy while urging me to lick harder; actually telling how she wanted it as if I were a novice. Just as her orgasm crested, she begged “Stick your finger in my ass…oh that feels so good…..push.”

Mandy’s orgasm came in waves with her sweet juices covering my face as I licked like mad and then Mandy went limp. I lay down next to he, playing with her hard nipples as she lay stretched out relaxing.

Mandy was running her fingers through her hair and frowning. I took this as a possible “tell” and smiling Mandy rolled over to hug me and kiss his my lips and face all over.

“Thank you for being so considerate and allowing me to be myself, Michael. I didn’t know what to expect when Minerva told me to please you; I never expected this and so far I’ve had a great deal of fun.”

“Tasting your juicy peach is all the thanks I need” I replied, running my finger thoughtfully through her short hair while I held her close.

“If I owned you, I would keep you all to myself and not share with another man.”

“What about Sarah?” Mandy asked.

“You will have to take turns. Perhaps I will have you both at the same time but in any event, I think I would prefer you with longer hair” I said still running my finger through her short crop.

“How long will you let me grow it, Michael?” Mandy snuggled closer.

“First, I will insist that you go back to your natural color.”

“I’m a honey blond.” Mandy said, snuggling closer yet.

You are, why I adore that hair color, honey blond it is Mandy. Next you will grow out the layers…and I think, yes, no bangs for you, just long and thick honey blond, blunt cut all one length to your shoulders.”

“I will be allowed to grow to my shoulders and not longer?” Mandy asked, hopefully.

“Would you like it longer, Mandy?” I asked, feigning surprise.

“Before I signed my contract with the Sanctorum, Minerva promised never to cut my long hair; it used to be waist length and was very thick and full.

Minerva requires me to have it cut short and my assistant manager bleaches my roots every two weeks. Clara my assistant manager uses the thinning shears on me because Minerva doesn’t like it thick and full. Clara actually thinks that I prefer my hair this way and I absolutely hate it!”

I felt her tense…perhaps Mandy realized she was being to free with her tongue and had second thoughts.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be talking like this; please don’t tell Minerva anything I told you because she might make me cut it even shorter….and she might send me to Master David for a few days….I hate going there and he’s always asking for me….I’ve said to much already.”

“Of course I won’t, Peaches, it will be our secret. I did give you permission to be yourself and speak freely when we are alone. I give you my word that I will not betray your confidence. I want you to visit often because you taste like juicy peaches. If I owned you…well, how about to the middle of your back maybe even longer…depending…”

“Depending upon what?” Mandy asked although still looking a bit worried.

“Depending if we agree to order take-out, is Chinese to your liking?”

“Chinese will be wonderful, Michael. I just can’t get over you allowing me so much fun” and I could tell she was relieved and totally won over. Once I give my word to someone I am bound to it.”

Mandy continued “With Minerva gone it’s like we’re on a real date.”

“Good, it is settled then. There is a menu on the corkboard near the telephone in the kitchen. Order me chicken with cashews, pork fried rice and a pint of hot and sour soup. They make the chicken with cashews correctly at Wong’s, never adding celery as filler. Order anything you like and we’ll have it delivered.”

After we ate sharing the dishes we chose; I built a fire and we cuddled on the couch in front of the fireplace listening to music. Mandy chose the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky, her favorite piece of music.

She told me her mother put her long honey blond hair in a chignon for her ballet lessons and many other things about herself. I learned Master David is a crass and vulgar bastard who enjoys being rough and profane with her; pinching and slapping and groping her just because he can; I won’t go into the details here.

I asked questions to draw her out but mostly listened. I let Mandy dance for me, enjoying her graceful movements and lamenting her short hair in my thoughts. Afterwards we shared a bottle of chilled Inniskillin Riesling Ice Wine and we slow dance together. I genuinely enjoy just being with and holding Mandy and letting her be herself to speak freely……I learned she likes baseball; used to play in a woman’s softball leauge
and follows the Yankees.

As Minerva stated “My methods are my own” and mine as well; discipline and cruelty for their own sake will merely produce a fearful obedient woman. I want to experience all aspects of my women and not just their bodies. They have needs to satisfy and personalities unique to themselves…feelings.

I value loyalty and affection….love; as much as submission and obedience; all these attributes coupled with intelligence. All these are the attributes of a desirable woman and that evening in bed, Mandy kept me well satisfied….not because she had to but because she wanted to…………

MINERVA PURCHASED SPORTS BRAS, panties and socks for Sarah when she arrived the next morning. She also bought several sizes of Nike sneakers for Sarah to try on and several changes of leotards.

I met Katherine for the first time. She is close to Mandy age. Katherine has brown hair and hazel eyes. Katherine is five-eight and has a voluptuous buxom figure bordering on plump; a contrast to Mandy’s trim and petite one.

Her brown hair was styled in a neat short blunt ear length bob with short straight bangs.

Katherine was dressed professionally like a doctor, wearing her white lab coat gray slacks. She was to give Sarah a physical and compile a medical history. In addition, Katherine will be drew blood for lab work because I intend to put Sarah on birth control pills.

While Katherine was giving Sarah her physical, Mandy styled her Mistress’s hair in a chignon. Minerva was to attend a Tribunal; that being a formal trial of the Sanctorum.

She was specifically summoned to be sitting in judgment on a Master for trying to sell one of his women to an outsider. Minerva advised me that she will be out of state for the next five days and would be taking Mandy with her to attend to her needs.

The doctor that Katherine works for was on vacation for two weeks and the Clinic was closed. Minerva made arrangements to have Katherine and Mandy’s small apartment painted and new carpet put down. Minerva is a very well organized and efficient woman and always makes full use of her time and money.

“I know it’s an imposition, Michael, but will you please let Katherine stay with you while I am gone? She has allergies to fresh paint and the new carpet. This will give the apartment time to air out thoroughly.

I think you will enjoy having her stay with you. Katherine has a very analytical mind and I know you enjoy playing chess. I will be very surprised if you can win one game against her. As a matter of fact, I will bet you a dinner at Salvatore’s that you lose every game.”

“I will take that bet Minerva, and will be happy to have her; so enjoy your trip” and I was thinking ‘I certainly will be enjoying this buxom beauty.’

After her physical, Sarah was given her bras, socks, panties and black leotards. She tried on several pair of Nikes. Katherine left to return the others and get one extra pair in Sarah correct size while Minerva went to check on Sarah’s new hairstyle and start more training.

”Did Mandy leave you with makeup to practice with?” Minerva asked while stroking Sarah’s freshly made curls.

“Yes Mistress and thank you for my clothing.”

“It is about time you remember your manners” Minerva stated, as she stroked Sarah’s face with the riding crop.

“I will be gone five days and Katherine will be staying with your Master. You will be provided with a jump rope and exercise mat. Your diet will be modified to include more proteins. When I’m gone you will 10 lbs otherwise I will beat you.

After being with Katherine, Master Michael will probably lose all interest in you. Katherine is an educated woman. I’m sure we can come to some financial arrangement. You will begin with the stretching exercise I will show you followed by jumping rope……………..

AFTER MINERVA AND MANDY LEFT for the airport, I helped Katherine carry her luggage and makeup case upstairs. I gave her my Van keys with more than enough cash for the grocery list and then sent her shopping.

As she was leaving I said “If there is anything special you would like to eat, by all means purchase it. If you want desert, be prepared to win two out of three games of chess and be warned, I am a competent chess player………”

I FOUND SARAH skipping rope. I sat down and watched her for a while before calling her to sit down next to me on the couch and this time Sarah put her head on my chest snuggling close.

“From this point on when we are alone you have permission to speak if you have a question or concern.

“May I have permission to speak freely, Master?”

“Yes you may.”

“I can never go back now. I don’t want to go back. My brother will never take me back. I will be shunned. Mandy and Katherine seem so free and it is hard to explain, except to say that they are so feminine. They seem so happy to be owned.”

“They are happy because they have totally submitted, Sarah, and they are secure in their femininity in ways few women will ever experience. How many husbands do you suppose put forth such time and effort to totally know their wives.”

“Will I be like them?” Sarah asked.

“You are like them. While I am holding you, your nipples are hard as we speak, am I right little Lady?”

“Yes Master.” Sarah replied as she snuggled closer.

“Are you horny my pretty girl?”

“Yes Master, do you want to fuck me?”

Sarah, don’t use that word?”

“I just want to please you, Master.”

“Then don’t be vulgar because I would prefer that you say make love to me. I will not be crude and vulgar with you no matter how angry, well almost never and after I’ll regret it. I expect you to speak and comport yourself as like a Lady when we are out in public together because as my companion and lover I will always treat you like one.

I left a basin of hot water and a washcloth on the stairs, please go and get it.”

“Here it is Master” she said returning.

“You may wash my manhood, pretty girl………that is right, do it gently and take your time. Thank you, I think it’s clean enough. Did you notice how Mandy did it?”

“Yes Master do you want me to…. what word do you want me to use?”

“May I pleasure you is fine. You need to concentrate and listen so show me what you have learned…………Yes that’s right, lick the entire shaft…………….Marvelous. Take your little tongue and lick the entire circumference of the tip….yes that’s the way to do it feels wonderful. Do a combination of both…..very good.

Start sucking, good……….yes…. that’s it…watch your teeth” I warned, gently cuffing her head.

Very satisfied, I just lay back on the couch with my hands buried in Sarah’s curls until I exploded in her mouth.

“That was very nice for your first attempt at fellatio. You may hug or touch me on your own if you like, I won’t break.”

Sarah lay back against me with her head on my shoulder and I put my arms around her waist. She put her hands on mine and left them there.

“You notice that I keep my privates shaved. There is a story behind that I may tell you someday. Suffice to say many women prefer it during oral for obvious reasons and they certainly are more willing. I too like the clean and fresh feeling of it.”

“I have read a few erotic slavery novels and you don’t talk or act like Master’s in them” Sarah observed.

“How do they talk, my lady?”

“Well for one, the Masters never say my dear or say please or call you a lady. They generally just curse, beat and abuse their women.”

“Those are just stories and fiction while this is for real. Don’t ever equate kindness and politeness with weakness Sarah because like all men I can be a bastard when I have to be.”

“I am not complaining Master”

“I aware of that so I’ll tell you something else as Michael to Sarah; We’ll put Master and slave aside; they are merely tiles between you and me. They will be in the background in our everyday life as you will soon see. I truly want to share my life with you and make you happy. You are worth more to me than all the money in the world, Sarah.

I will never share you with anyone. I will protect you and treasure you……Close your eyes and get ready to kiss me.” I took a Hershey’s Kiss my pocket and pushed it into her mouth.

“Now you will taste like chocolate when I kiss you. Take everything off don’t touch yourself. I will pleasure you with first with my fingers and then my mouth and tongue……..excellent… Now kiss me, marvelous, you taste like chocolate….. You must tell me what you want, Sarah and I will be careful with my teeth.

Soon I had her begging for my touch and sweet release …..”Oh, Please Michael. I’m mean Master I’m sorry Master oh please let me come, your horny little slaves begs to let her come. Stroke my flower… please…. Just like that…put your tongue deeper in there…….lick harder….oh, that feels so good, I’ll be so good…I’m coming… I want to, suck on it again…kiss me, please, kiss me, Master……………”

I teased her bringing her to the brink several times and backing away until…..and Sarah’s orgasm was incredible. After she came she just collapsed against me, softly crying. I held her until she stopped and kissed away every tear, pleased that she let my name slip in the heat of passion.

“I want you to keep me. I want to stay here with you. I will do anything you say, Master. I know I am not as smart as Katherine. I don’t own a business like Mandy but I can cook and will clean your house and you will see that I can be anything you want me to be.”

“Are you afraid of me, Sarah?”

“Yes, Master, but somehow I trust you too. I can’t explain why except to say I can tell by how you hold me and I want to believe what you say…..I do believe you. I came so close to asking you to help me leave the last month of October. I was wanted to drive away from you and not look back. ”

“You must listen to Mistress Minerva and prove she is wrong about you. You must work extra hard. I have some books on beauty and makeup for you to read in your spare time. Katherine will help you with that although Mandy is the expert in this regard.”

“I promise I will not disappoint you, Master. I must exercise now with your permission of course. May I have a hot shower after please?

“We’ll see…………..”

AFTER KATHERINE RETURNED from her shopping trip and put the groceries away we played chess until 4:00 PM and Minerva is right; I lost three out of five and greatly enjoyed myself. I would like to think that this sexy and earthy woman distracted me but this is not the case.

She is a much better player than me although I noticed a couple of tells. When Katherine is attacking she sometimes makes a loose fist before the move and while defending touches her forehead before moving the piece.

She was warned to play her best or I would secure her to the pole for the night. Katherine’s mannerisms very feminine and she would be a delight to own.

I left Katherine in the living room reading poetry. I went to the kitchen to prepare Sarah’s meal while she showered in the bathroom across from the kitchen. Sarah sat at the kitchen table with me to a meal of grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli, carrots and brown rice for dinner. I was very generous with her vegetable portions, a special treat for hard day of exercise.

After she ate Sarah picked up the kitchen, rinsed the dishes and loaded the dishwasher as I taught her. She trusted me enough to take some initiative. We shared a small pot of jasmine tea. Sarah was very excited about receiving her makeup mirror and makeup. I encouraged her to talk and ask questions.

“Master are you going to have my ears pierced?”

“Do you want to have your ears pierced, Sarah?”

“I’ve always wanted to have them pierced. Katherine says she has stainless steel posts in her medical bag.”

“Is that so? What else does Katherine say?”

“Katherine explained everything about my birth control pills and she says I am very healthy. She thinks that you are handsome and loves your big house. She adores my haircut and wishes her hair was as long as mine.”

“I intend to have your ears pierced, Sarah. I will also have Katherine pierce your clitoral hood to have a permanent 2 gauge 14kt gold bead ring inserted to stimulate your clitoris when you walk; particularly when I add the dandling gold balls to it.

“Yes, Master.”

“We will talk again in the morning.”

“May I pleasure you again, Master?”

“No, but I like the way that you asked this time, your choice of words. Get some sleep; you have exercised enough for today. Good night, my pretty girl.”

Good night, Master.” I sent her to the basement and was thinking ‘Sarah is coming along just fine and she will be willingly sharing my bed sooner than I thought. I can’t decide if I’m lucky or blessed but I’ll take both…..fate perhaps. Maybe my amateur profile about her and her background is a factor. There is no doubt that I am assured admittance to the Sanctorum at the next Gathering a year from January………………..

KATHERINE WAS WAITING curled up with a copy of “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman.

“The shrimp is getting cold in the refrigerator, Master Michael along with a fresh bowl of homemade cocktail sauce. I made it spicy, I hope you like things a little hot” She said, smiling. “I will put the steaks in the broiler for us as soon as the shrimp are well chilled.”

“Very good, I am going to take a nap until dinner is ready, give me a least an half an hour. Set the dining room table with the good Sunday dishes from the dining room china cabinet. The linen and the good silver are in the drawers and don’t forget the good crystal………….”

WE SHARED A COUPLE BOTTLES of Alamos Pinot Noir 2002 a nice red wine of moderate price during dinner. The dessert was New York Cheese Cake with fresh blueberries. I asked about her profession during dinner and we made small talk. I drank sparingly and mostly listened as the wine loosened her tongue. I found out Katherine loves poetry and the only time she reads it is at work.

Minerva does not approve. What a shame she discourages this harmless intellectual pleasure. I will keep this bit of information to myself. It is a minor infraction at best and I certainly don’t want Katherine punished.

I did give her permission to be herself and because of this I assumed a certain degree of confidentiality. As I have said before, I have my own methods. As is my preference and as a prelude to foreplay, I showered with Katherine.

While her hair was still wet, I combed it straight back away from her face, tucking the sides behind her ears. While she stood admiring her reflection in the mirror, I stepped behind her and kissed and licked her neck and ears while caressing her curvaceous buttocks.

What a shame your hair isn’t longer, Katherine for I would like to see you with a ponytail” Katherine sighed not commenting “Sarah’s will eventually be allowed to grow her hair much longer and her present style and length is transitional.

Minerva suggested that I cut it much shorter, like Mandy’s. I believe that bangs suit Sarah very well. You would be beautiful with or without and if I owned you I would prefer your hair much longer. But in keeping with your professional image I would require you to keep it pinned up work.”

This brought a smile to Katherine’s face, as I knew it would. She turned and put her arms around my neck kissing my lips.

“It would be wonderful if you would buy me from Minerva. Mandy and I talked about you briefly so I know I can trust you to keep a confidence. I’m sure you’ve considered that. I will trust you will not to tell her Minerva what I let slip about poetry, but a girl can dream can’t I?”

Katherine was quite perceptive in concluding that I will remain silent.
But I couldn’t afford her then, even if I was a member of the Sanctorum.

If I could afford Katherine, I doubt Minerva will sell her to me. I do know Minerva is fond of them; she does have a soft side. Of the two women Katherine is the most complex. Intellectually, Katherine is Minerva’s equal or mine for that matter. She was holding back during our chess games as not to appear too smart.

It will be a pleasure to explore Katherine’s complexities. For the present, as long as she trusts me and is forthcoming, her perspectives about her Mistress is invaluable.

“King takes Queen…. or shall I say the King shall romance the Queen in the Royal bed chamber; wait for me there. We have five days to checkmate one another. You know where my bedroom is; please wait for me.

I know you deliberately let me win and don’t ever let that happen again; I enjoy an intellectual challenge and I will never be a better player if I don’t lose from one who is better than me…………”

I WENT TO MY STUDY and locked the door behind me going to the wall-to-wall bookcase on the east wall to push the hidden catch. This allowed one side to swing inward revealing a hidden room and entering I closed the door behind me.

My entire house has concealed fiber optic cameras and microphones in every room. I installed them after my divorce when I discovered the unfinished hidden room quite by accident when running cable.

Perhaps you think me paranoid? Some would say paranoia is merely heightened awareness and I am one of them. I refined this hidden room and installed these cameras and microphones all through the property to keep busy and for my own amusement; and as you will see later on, they turned out to be invaluable.

This is the Master control room that monitors the entire property. The dummy room is hidden in the basement and Minerva knows everything about the dummy one. It is functional but limited while this secret one will override everything.

It requires a retinal scan here to activate the system or specific voice activation with a password. To Minerva’s knowledge there are only cameras in the basement and outside perimeter. That is all that she needs to know. I have a friend whose land is adjacent to mine and while I own 20 acres, David has at least 1400 acres more.

I purchased most of my furniture from David, as he deals in the unusual and the unique and most importantly, David is discreet, a most desirable quality in a friend.

On occasion, when David goes out of town for any length of time, I will keep an eye on his property and I also will care for his dog, Socrates. Socrates and I have a unique relationship, I let him out to do his business and I feed him while Socrates mostly ignores me.

David is a very private person and I always call before I go to visit. I attended his wedding with Minerva as my date and we danced every dance. But aside from emergencies I will always call first, out of respect.

My primary occupation is Electrical Engineering and I’m an inventor holding multiple patents. I own a small business employing six people installing complete security systems of my own design.

I have a natural aptitude with computers and will build and incorporate them into the client’s security systems. My clients are very wealthy and value discretion. In trade for installing David’s security system, he remodeled the library containing the hidden room. It is now almost impossible to find the hidden catch. My library study now has floor to ceiling bookcases and cabinets built into all four walls.

In addition to my security business, I have another business that manufactures stun guns and tasers. They are all for government and police contracts and none of these products are available to the public. They are all state of the art and my designs as well.

I gave one to David awhile back, although I have no idea what he will do with it nor did I ask. David and Laura are most proficient with firearms and then there is always Socrates to keep trespassers away.

There is no schematic drawing for the one I used on Sarah. I custom built it for me and the plans are in my head as are those for my security system.
The double quad core processor chips used in my computer’s security system will not be released for sale for another 5 years. After I ran a diagnostic on the system, I joined Katherine in the bedroom……………….

WE PICKED UP WHERE we left off in the bathroom. I made Katherine get on her hands and knees on the bed and entered her from behind. My instincts about her are correct; Katherine enjoys having intercourse in this position.

She begged me to pull her hair while I was banging her. She likes it hard and fast and is capable of multiple orgasms. Actually Katherine likes intercourse in any position as long as it was a little on the rough side. Nonetheless she wanted to cuddle and talk about poetry before we went to sleep……………

KATHERINE WAS UP EARLY to prepare a hearty breakfast of sourdough pancakes, pork sausages and hot coffee. “Do you want me to bring Sarah her breakfast Michael?”

“We will eat first and you may prepare Sarah’s breakfast and bring it to her. Afterwards I am going outside for a couple of hours to cut some wood. I have four cords done so far and hope to get three more cut and stacked for the season.”

“Do you want me to help you?”

That won’t be necessary I need the exercise. Pick up around the house and then relax.”

I lost track of the time and was outside for most of the morning. When I returned, I found that Katherine had dusted and vacuumed my entire house. She greeted me at the door, assuming the position and she was fresh from the shower. Her wet hair was combed straight back. It was tucked behind her ears and was shiny with hair gel.

Katherine was wearing a red teddy. She had put on her makeup and was wearing blood red lipstick. I like this look on some women and for Katherine in particular.

You may stand slave girl, give your Master a kiss.”

Katherine put her arms around my neck and complied with great enthusiasm.

“That was quite a work out and I’m soaked with perspiration. I must smell terrible.”

“You smell wonderful, Master.”

“Don’t you want me to shower first?”

“No, I love the smell of clean sweat.”

Katherine put her arms around my neck and kissed my lips long and deep “Do you like my hair, Michael?”

“Get down on your hands and knees and I will show you how much I like your hair.”

I did her doggie-style right there on the floor the way that she liked it, fast and hard, slapping her ass. Afterwards I made her clean me with her mouth.

“Assume the position…. very nice. I’m going to take a shower and then we will have lunch…………….”

WHEN WE WENT DOWNSTAIRS Sarah surprised me having changed into red leotards. We brought Sarah her makeup mirror and makeup along with her noon meal. After Sarah ate, she and Katherine took turns skipping rope and then did aerobic exercises together.

The girls had worked up quite a sweat trying to outdo one another at jump rope and I suggested that they shower together while I watched. They soaped each other down washing and conditioning each other’s hair and drying themselves off.

Then they spent half-an-hour doing their makeup. I noticed Katherine enjoyed brushing and french braiding Sarah’s hair. Katherine then pierced Sarah’s ears and gave her simple stainless ball posts for now. When they finished, I sat in the middle of the living room couch and called them over amazed how well Sarah was adapting.

With one slave girl on either side, I announced “We are going to have a kissing contest and there are two pieces of cheesecake with blueberries in the fridge. The best kisser will get a piece and I the other.”

Having two women on a couch trying to outdo one another, well…. this is one experience every man should enjoy at least once in a lifetime. Knowing what is good for me I declared the contest a tie and they each had a piece……………………

KATHERINE AND SARAH spent a great deal of time together during those 5 days and they seemed to get along together just fine. Katherine’s gentle influence encouraged and taught Sarah more of the etiquette of the slaves as mandated by the Sanctorum correcting the nonsense she may have read about in erotic fiction. Katherine’s natural sexuality also helped Sarah be more at ease with her with her own.

Sarah had another woman’s perspective and having an exercise partner was another bonus. I used their exercise time split wood plus it gave Katherine a chance to read poetry to her heart’s content.

On our last evening together, Katherine and I were sitting together on the couch sharing a bottle of Dunnewood Merlot. Katherine again told me something about Minerva that is quite insightful.

I had always assumed that Minerva was bi-sexual. Minerva enjoyed the power and prestige of being a Mistress, a dominant. Katherine and Mandy were for the most part a source of income and a status symbol.

Not that Minerva mistreated them; they were more like unpaid servants for life. Minerva preferred the company of men and she saw many until she met me. This was a puzzle; if Minerva preferred males why have female slaves? These were not questions that I could just come out and ask her. I needed Minerva’s support to enter the Sanctorum and in any case it was none of my business.

When Minerva returned she was very pleased with Sarah’s progress. I gladly took her out to dinner at Salvatore’s twice. Once for losing our bet about chess and the other because we both craved Salvatore’s veal Marsala…………………

AFTER THREE MONTHS PASSED Sarah was very tone and trim. She has her own bedroom she decorated with items from piles of catalogs or from the internet.
Yes, Mandy came once a month for Sarah’s waxes and trims however other than a hug or kiss from Mandy that was it; Sarah had me all to herself.

As I promised I had her clitoral hood pierced for the 2 gauge 14kt gold bead ring with the dandling gold balls.

On the weekends we cook together. Sarah doesn’t hesitate to hug and kiss me now for any reason and she loves to slow dance with me. On the weekends she wears colorful dresses.

Sarah normally wears leotards around the house. They hug her contours and show off her beautiful figure. The leotards are a constant reminder for Sarah to maintain her optimum weight through diet and exercise.

ON OUR SIXTH MONTH together I put a calendar on the corkboard by the telephone. On the last day of this mentioned month I will make love to her for the first time and Sarah will share my bed permanently.

Sarah marked an X on the colander to record the passing days. The day finally arrived and I failed to qualify beforehand exactly what time it would begin.

At exactly 12:01 AM, I was asleep when Sarah got into bed with me and gently nudged me awake.

“What do you think you are doing, Sarah?” I asked sleepily.

“You said I may share your bed and I have been good, Master” Sarah snuggled closer, sighing with contentment.

“Do you realize what time it is?”

“It is the last day of the month and exactly one minute into the day according to your atomic alarm clock. Are you angry with me?”

“No, technically you are right and it is the next day and I did promise” I replied, putting my arms around her.

“Are you going to make love to me now?” She asked kissing my chest.

“Later my Princess, it’s time to sleep now.”

“Oh” Sarah sighed disappointed.

“But you have been good, my pretty girl and that deserves a reward. You may address me by my first name when it is appropriate which is pretty much always. Will that satisfy you until morning, Sarah?”

“No, Michael, I can’t wait until later this morning” Sarah kissed my lips and snuggled closer “Unless I hear the rest of our poem, but you must start at the beginning.”

“Nothing would give me greater pleasure, Sarah.

Oh, brown eyes with long black lashes, young brown eyes, depths of night from which there flashes. Lightning as of summer skies, beautiful brown eyes! In your veiled mysterious splendor passion lies sleeping, but with sudden tender dreams that fill with vague surmise, beautiful brown eyes. All my soul, with yearning shaken, Asks in sighs– who will see your heart awaken, love’s divine sunrise in those young brown yes.”

“Will you just hold me, Michael?”

“Yes, now please let me sleep.”

“No not yet…….Michael, Michael, Michael; there I said it. I’ll go to sleep now.”

“I have surprises for you in the morning” and when I did, she seemed to melt into me as if we are one…..she fell asleep before I did……………..

THE ALARM WAS SET to go off at 7:00 AM. I woke up instead to Sarah’s sweet kisses on my face.

“Did you sleep well, Michael? Do you want me to prepare your breakfast? May we make love now?” I love you Michael.”

“Yes very well indeed; especially with you in bed beside me. I love you too Sarah. I first knew I loved you when you stole my heart in October with your poem. We’ll be going out for breakfast but first a surprise followed by more surprises. Are you well rested my love.”

“Yes Michael, thank you for asking. I’ve never eaten in a restaurant before.”

“I am sure you’ll enjoy the experience, but first things first. Tell me what you want, little lady.”

“I want to feel you inside of me and I want you to suck on my breasts.”

“What else do you want?” I asked stroking her moist flower with my fingers.

“I want to lick your cock and suck on it.”

“Tell me who I am Sarah?”

“You are my Michael and I love you.”

“Are you sure you are ready Sarah?

“Yes, Michael” she answered almost breathlessly “I love you and have been saving myself for the man I’d love someday….you.”

“Very well, Princess, lie down on your back and take it like a woman because I’m going to take you like a man.”

I knew she was a little nervous, well maybe more than a little nervous as I know her so well. I kissed her face and behind her ears, working his way down her neck kissing to the base of her throat, returning to her ears, licking and nibbling on the lobs “Are you sure?”I whispered.

“Yes” she whispered, “please, Michael,” I silenced her kissing her sweet lips my tongue seeking hers. I began kissing and licking Sarah all over, especially her breasts; licking and sucking, tasting and probing the plump flower of her womanhood.

Sarah’s head was thrown back and her eyes closed shut…my god she is so beautiful to me. I could feel the moistness between her legs flowing anew as I worked my way down to her stomach before finally arriving to that final destination.

Sarah was caressing his back and shoulders feeling the muscles moving underneath my skin. “Mm, I can smell you, Sarah my love; I can smell the sweet honey of your flower that I tasted mere seconds ago; last chance”

Sarah’s wet flower welcomed my cock as I entered her slowly and carefully. There was some resistance and I felt some pressure as I slowly pushed harder.

She felt a momentary twinge of pain and the final resistance of her virginity conquered as my cock filled her entire uterus with my balls caressing the lips of her flower.

I made love to her slowly and gently at first, my cadence and thrusts increasing in force as my orgasm was rising. Sarah’s hips were gyrating as she thrust forward to welcome my cock, slowly at first and then frantically thrashing as she moaned and squirmed, timing her orgasm with mine as I pumped my rich, creamy seed deep into her flower, our orgasms mere seconds apart.

Sarah opened her eyes to look into mine and I saw nothing love, “I love you, Michael, and l love you to Sarah” I replied reaching underneath her to feel the sheets; there were some spots of blood.

“We need…” she started to say. I put a finger over her lips and shook my head, “No, baby; it is a gift from you to me; the evidence of a cherished act of love, and I would like to keep the sheets until the stain sets.”

We lay in each other’s arms for at least half an hour basking in the glow; she had given her most precious gift….her virginity………….

“THERE IS A LARGE PACKAGE wrapped in brown paper in the downstairs hall closet for you, please bring it here and model for me” I said sitting up and leaning against the headboard.

“Yes, Michael” she said jumping out of bed, but stopping with a big smile on her face. Sarah assumed the position gracefully and then knelt and stood up just as gracefully blowing me a kiss before hurrying to bring the package back. She carefully opened it folding the paper and putting it to one side.

“I decided that leotards might not be practical for outside attire. I will also bet my eyeteeth the blue jeans are a perfect fit. Mandy washed them three times adding fabric softener at the end of the wash cycle and Minerva chose the blouse, Chinese silk with fine needlework and it is a beautiful shade of jade green. Also inside the box was a denim ladies jean jacket embroidered with green leaves and red roses.”

“Did Mistress Minerva really select this blouse for me? It is very beautiful!” Sarah exclaimed, rubbing the fabric on her face and the holding up the jacket obviously pleased “and this jacket; I thought she hates me.”

“Minerva is a practical woman, Sarah. She has resigned herself to the fact that you are mine and not for sale or trade. Minerva has a wonderful sense of style and in attempt to appease her and smooth things over we will be meeting her after breakfast. We are taking you shopping for clothing because I defer to Minerva’s sense of style in women’s attire.”

I dressed as casually as Sarah in my blue jeans, a black tee shirt, comfortable engineer boots and a much patched faded denim jean jacket that was hanging in my closet that I hadn’t work for years. Sarah was delighted we were wearing almost matching jackets.

Sarah styled her hair in a simple three braid known to some as a slave braid before we left. I traded in the Van on a Red Chevrolet Silverado High Country Crew Cab ¾ ton 4 x4 Pickup Truck with a matching bed cap the week before.

As I promised Sarah about treating her as a lady; I opened the door for her and helped her in; helping her out when we arrived at our destination. She was very excited about the truck and I promised her I will teach her to drive. Also for the first time in her life Sarah had money in her purse to spend as she wished.

I drank two cups of coffee while Sarah made up her mind what to order from the menu while sipping her first double caramel latte. I didn’t mind the wait a bit and when she made up her mind we both ordered porterhouse steak and eggs with home fries and rye toast.

Sarah thanked Minerva wanting to hug her…well, Minerva is Minerva so that didn’t happen; she was polite and neutral to Sarah and that is enough for now. We went to three exclusive designer women’s clothing stores that she frequents and Minerva chose the items of clothing while Sarah dutifully tried them on.

Minerva did not ask Sarah’s opinion about anything, but I could tell that Sarah was pleased with every choice that Minerva made for her. What Minerva selected look good on Sarah and was of the quality and styles she would choose for herself.

The shopping excursion took less than 2 hours. Minerva made her selections ahead of time and had them put aside; the bed of my pickup truck was full of bags and boxes.

After Minerva left to meet with her investment banker I took Sarah to a jewelry store and bought her a pair of 18-karat solid gold 40mm hoop earrings and she bought a small sterling silver shell pin for her jean jacket.

Sarah left the store holding Sikiş hikayeleri onto my arm beaming. My pretty Lady looked beautiful and she knew it. My final purchase for Sarah was perfume. I’ve have always been partial to the scent of vanilla on a woman. We went to Macy’s going directly to the perfume counter.

The woman behind the counter would not stop flirting with me much to Sarah’s displeasure. All that Sarah could do to show her displeasure was to glare at the flirtatious clerk and if looks can kill.

I bought Sarah a bottle of spray cologne, Vanilla Fields by Coty and I received many hugs and kisses from Sarah at the perfume counter. Sarah certainly showed that flirtatious clerk whose man I was.

I don’t wear cologne; however for Sarah I made an exception for the first time in my life. My Lady made that flirtatious clerk pull every bottle of men’s cologne out of the cases before she chose Lauder Intuition Cologne for its notes of sage, cucumber, cedar wood, and amber, paying for it with her own money.

Sarah took the sample bottle and sprayed her hands and rubbed it over my cheeks and neck while kissing my lips long and deep and finishing by rubbing hair and messing it up before stepping back laughing.

We spent the rest of the day in various stores browsing, including Victoria Secrets where she bought her silk undergarments, camisoles, panties to name a few.

We had Chinese at Wong’s where I taught her to eat with chopsticks; I called ahead for the Peking duck and we had a sumptuous feast.

ONE YEAR HAD passed and it was a cold and snowy November. Sarah sent several letters to her family letting them know she was safe and not to worry about her. They all came back unanswered and unopened. She asked if I would take her to the Saw Mill to see her brother Jacob.

Sarah dressed very conservatively for the meeting in a cream white silk blouse with a ruffle front and a dark maroon wool skirt. She was wearing her hair down in a side braid with a red ribbon. She looked lovely enough to melt my heart as always.

Sarah’s makeup was minimal and natural as I prefer it although it may be quite sultry to entice when we are alone. Sarah hates beards on men and prefers me clean shaven and therefore I am. Little things please Sarah and if I was poor she would love me the same.

My Lady was wearing a long and luxurious ankle length cashmere coat with a deep red silk-lined hood and knee high sheepskin lined black calfskin boots to keep her warm.

We waited in the parking lot until the shift ended to watch the people walk out to their vehicles. I stood by our truck as Sarah walked towards him waving and calling out. Jacob ran up to Sarah and hugged her and it is obvious he loves his sister…..the blame for the returned letter falls squarely on Saul shoulders.

She introduced me to him and we drove Jacob home. He went into the barn to see if Saul would talk to Sarah. Saul’s wife wouldn’t answer the door as Sarah stood on the porch to try and speak with her sister-in-law; Sarah was being shunned and there was no point in talking to anyone now. Saul walked passed

Sarah into the house and closed the door behind him not acknowledging her at all……………

TWO DAYS HAD GONE BY and Sarah’s shunning was sinking in. Although Jacob promised keep in touch through letters I was disgusted and angry with her brother Saul so I made several phone calls and called in a big favor with someone from the old days.

Sarah was sitting by the bay window overlooking her frost covered herb garden when I walked into the room “You done enough moping around and feeling sorry Sarah. What is done is done; had you left on your own the results will be the same. Dress warmly we’re going for a ride.”

“But Michael, you said you understand and…………….”

“Enough of your insolence” I said harshly interrupting “Assume the position; you forget your place woman!”

Sarah immediately complied, her long unbound hair covering my feet “I warned you since the beginning about weakness. I warned you I can be a bastard if need be…..heel and stand. You will fix your hair in braided pigtails and that is how you will be wearing it the next two weeks…..including when you are out in public. Your clothes are laid out on the bed….do as you’re told.”

Sarah came downstairs wearing her blue jeans and green silk blouse. Her hair was in pigtails tied with green ribbons. I was already dressed for the cold in my wool navy pea coat ready to leave.

I helped Sarah into the long luxurious cashmere coat and watched her button it up angrily and pull the hood over her head “Your purse is on is by the front door. Wait for me in the truck while I set the security system.” I knew my Lady was angry and upset with me, although it wouldn’t last.

“Yes, Michael” she said tightly picking up her purse and leaving.

It was a half hour drive to our destination and we didn’t talk the whole way. Sarah sat quietly with her hands folded in her and I had to fight with myself to keep from smiling.

I parked in an abandoned drive in theatre and we waited until the shuttle helicopter landed 100 yards away from us.

“Michael, I don’t understand. Where are we going” she asked finally speaking.

“No time for that” I said getting out and helping her out of the truck and I crushed her to me kissing her lips “grab your purse and keep your head low.”

“What about our truck?” she asked. “It’s covered, David will bring it home for us” I replied “You’re not afraid of riding in one are you, brown eyes? You told me you always wanted to ride in a helicopter” and I took her hand and started running towards it.

“I’m not afraid and I do….oh Michael, I thought you were angry with me and didn’t care about my feelings”

“I can’t hear you” I shouted as we got closer to the whirling blades “keep your head low!”

Once we were on board and lifting off “What about our luggage Michael?” she asked excitedly “Please, tell me where we’re going?”

“I haven’t done anything like this in years” I admitted “Not since my handle was Shakespeare. We can’t take a Harley full-dresser where we’re going” I said squeezing her hand “or sleep under a bridge wrapped in a blanket.”

“Will you at least give me a hint?” she asked hopefully. “Yes I can my love” and I gave Sarah an Angel Wing Sea Shell.”

Pat Burke our pilot flew us to Niagara Falls and gave us an aerial view of the escarpment and mighty thundering waters of the falls getting as close as safely possible. From there we went to Wheatfield NY to a small airport.

From Wheatfield NY and being the only passengers, we boarded a two prop small airplane, a Cessna, and Pat flew us with two stopovers to land at Ocean Ridge Airport in Gualala California where we took a taxi took us to our Motel room. Wow what a night I had for Sarah couldn’t keep her hands off of me. She was bubbling over with excitement when we went shopping for the appropriate clothing the following morning.

The next day we took a Commercial Airliner to Honolulu. We spent two weeks Island hopping and seeing the sights. We walked the beaches gathering sea shells and we waded and swan in the ocean. The look of wonder and delight on Sarah’s face at each new discovery and destination made me the happiest man on earth……….

TWO YEARS AFTER BRINGING Sarah home, I finally was summoned to a Gathering of the Sanctorum. Sarah was attending for her interview in preparation to sign her contract while Minerva acted as my advocate.

The gathering is held in an enormous building on the Hudson River that was once a Grand Hotel. This mention hotel is remodeled and restored to its former glory by the Sanctorum. Security on the grounds is extremely tight and we went through three armed checkpoints before we reached it.

The three of us were escorted to the waiting room off of the main lobby and Minerva told Sarah too completely undress. She would be naked and on display for most of the weekend. Slaves are not allowed clothing once the Gathering starts unless they are assigned to serve refreshments.

My oath was before the council of 50. After my oath, I was given a gold signet ring upon which the Sanatorium’s seal is engraved by Grand Master Arthur.

As a condition of the honor granted upon me; I’m to bequeath 51% of my financial assets and real property at the time of my death. I was given a retinal scan and my right hand was scanned to record my fingerprints. These measures are for security and identification purposes. Lastly, I gave them a cashier’s check in the amount equal to 20% of my net worth from the numbers provided by me to their forensic accountants.

I was forth coming in declaring everything. The benefits of membership far outweigh the initial cost and their code of ethics are simple; loyalty, honesty and secrecy.

After my initiation and paperwork I was shown to my room by a naked blond slave girl. Minerva’s room was adjacent to mine. She left me a note to meet her in the lobby at 7:30 PM. I took a shower and a nap setting my alarm for 6:30 PM. I was very excited at the events yet to come; events that changed my life.

Sarah served refreshments for two hours in the ballroom with many other beautiful slaves dressed like Sarah. Sarah’s hair was put up in a bun and she was dressed in a sexy French Maid’s Uniform with a very short skirt and a garter belt and fishnet stocking.

As Minerva was introducing me around the pieces to the puzzle were coming together. Of the Fifty Grand Masters and Mistress’s present at my initiation only ten were women; the men out numbered the women four to one. Dominants, male or female are allowed only female slaves.

“Michael, did you hear what I just said?” Minerva asked.

“No, I’m sorry Minerva; I was just thinking how lucky I was to find your dance studio. Without your help I would never be here today, my marvelous mentor, you were saying?”

“You are welcome Michael and now that you are one of us I wish to thank you as well. Sarah has created quite a stir among the gathering and the concept of stalking and abducting an Amish woman is all the talk.

Not to mention successfully turning her to your will and having her sign a contract. I as your mentor share a small portion of the accolades for bringing you into the fold. As I was saying there is someone I want you to meet.

She wants to purchase Sarah from you and before you say no, Michael, hear me out. If you agree to the sale five million dollars will be transferred to your account in Luxemburg.”

While Minerva was talking, I felt a small hand touch my shoulder. My beautiful Sarah had turned in her maid’s uniform and was standing naked behind me with her hair unbound. Sarah’s hair was growing out nicely and she still had the same eye framing bangs. Her hand was placed at the base of her throat as I taught her. I smiled at her and shook my head, indicating that Sarah did not have permission to speak.

“No Minerva, I respectfully must decline her offer.”

“I know you so well my student. I knew that you would say no but Grand Mistress Maud is the prospective buyer and that changes everything.
To sweeten the pot, I will give you either Katherine or Mindy to clinch the deal.”

“The answer is still no, Minerva, please tell Grand Mistress Maud that I must respectfully decline.”

“Will you at least meet with her, Michael?”

“For you Minerva, of course I will meet with Maud for she is a Grand Mistress after all.”

“Then I will schedule a private audience with her. While I’m gone please reconsider our offer” Minerva turned, smiling and hurried away to talk to her best friend and mentor…..Grand Mistress Maud. I turned and looked at my beautiful Sarah aware that she heard everything.

I took Sarah’s hands and kissed them; not caring what anyone saw or thought. Our eyes met with an unspoken understanding passing between us.

I whispered, “Never, I love you” squeezing her hands and Sarah mine and she whispered “Yes, Michael, I know”.

I nodded giving her permission to speak “I signed my contract, Master!” Sarah exclaimed. “I’ve never seen so many beautiful naked women before; I am so happy! I expected to be groped and leered at, but this is not the case at all; everyone here is polite and relaxed.”

“The people here are unique, my pretty girl. You are not some whore or slut on display. You are a valued piece of property to them. Leering and groping is considered bad form and can lead to censure or expulsion. Did you eat?”

“Yes, thank you for asking. I ate before I served refreshments and it was explained to me that my primary duty now is to attend to you. I will be going back to your room with you later during the rest of our stay.”

As we were talking, I could hear a familiar voice calling to me from across the room and surprised I looked up to see my divorce attorney Matt Alderman waving to get my attention. Kneeling naked beside him was his receptionist, Nancy, looking lovelier than ever.

“Congratulations Michael, welcome to the Sanctorum. Is she the one I have heard so much about? Your Sarah is lovely.”

“Thank you, Matt, I have finally found my place in the world. I didn’t expect to see you here. You must know Minerva then even though she never mentioned you. Nancy, you are looking lovely as ever.”

“Thank you, Master Michael, but if you will excuse me, I am required to serve refreshments soon.”

After Nancy left, Matt and I found an empty corner table while Sarah knelt next to me on the pillows provided for slaves at such events.

“I’m acquainted with Minerva although we are hardly friends. Minerva is always serious and formal. Tell me, Michael do you still hate Martha?”

“I never hated her Matt. Martha betrayed me when she committed adultery, during our marriage to spite me while I remained true, however on the other hand if it were not for the divorce…”

“If I were in your shoes, Michael, I would have ruined Martha by now, both financially and mentally. I would make her crawl begging to be taken back and given another chance. After Martha was a broken wretch and was under my thumb, I would turn my back on her completely.

“You are one hard son of a bitch, Matt and that’s why I hired you” I said laughing.

Matt raised his empty glass and motioned to a pretty blond slave carrying a tray with glasses of champagne “Thank you, I will take two. You look very nice in that outfit, Cindy; send my regards to your Master.”

“Thank you, Master, Matt, I shall certainly tell him.”

“A toast to you Michael and I hope that you acquire many more!” Matt exclaimed winking at me while raising his glass of champagne. Matt was obviously well into his cups and this would be my opportunity to get some answers and I did.

I learned Grand Masters are not elected but appointed by a consensus of the fifty. Grand Mistresses serve at the pleasure of the Grand Masters. They may make recommendations; they may vote but their number is limited to ten while the Grand Masters have the weighted vote. The value of Mistresses lies in their ability to secure women for the Masters. Wealthy and intelligent women such as Grand Mistress Maud are considered an asset to the Sanctorum as a whole.

It was announced that Grand Mistress Athena would be stepping down for health reasons and a replacement would have to be chosen by the fifty with Minerva rumored to be the one.

Minerva is highly regarded by many of the fifty; and especially by her mentor Grand Mistress Maud. The last piece of information was the most valuable of all. Masters or Grand Masters found guilty of serious offences can be put to death. Males played for the highest stakes of all. Mistresses or Grand Mistresses became slaves.

My private meeting with Grand Mistress Maud was not what Minerva expected. I was polite and respectful. I turned down the second and third offer as well; politely of course. The Grand Mistress was gracious and she told me that the offer of a 10 million was still on the table should I change my mind.

Minerva’s anger was barely contained while we were in the room with Maud. The only indication of such was in her beautiful green eyes. I expected lightning bolts to strike me down and render me into a pile of smoldering ashes.

As we stood in the doorway, Minerva was surprisingly calm “What’s done is done, it not unheard for a Master to fall in love with a slave. I’m disappointed in you, Michael. Do you realize the power that I could have wielded as a Grand Mistress and the things that we can accomplished together? Go back to the ballroom and mingle and I will be with you shortly.”

Minerva kissed my mouth and bit my lip just enough to hurt me. She then smiled her beautiful smile. I was tempted to swap Minerva’s butt as she walked away but then thought the better of it…………….

SIX MONTHS PASSED after receiving my ring and Minerva did not achieve her goal to be a Grand Mistress; Mistress Pamela was installed instead. Minerva and I grew apart and we were no longer spending as much time together; make that no time. Even though I missed her beautiful green eyes and her smile, that beautiful smile……and damn it! I did nothing wrong. It is my right to not to sell Sarah to Maud.

If Minerva chose not to return my calls so be it, as long as we cooperated for the good of the Sanctorum. At least I got to see her even though she was cold, polite and distant. Sarah continued to go to Mandy’s Salon once a month and get her hair trimmed and her bikini wax.

Minerva showed up one evening with a bottle of wine dressed to kill. She was wearing a tight black dress and her makeup was impeccable. Her beautiful red hair was curled and pinned up the way she knew I liked her to wear it.

“We are both too stubborn for our own good, Michael and I want things to be the way the way they were between us” Minerva said, kissing my lips and hugging me.

“Let me make things up to you. I promise that I will make this an evening you will never forget.”

I was thinking, “My beautiful Minerva, I’m sure it will be an evening neither of us will ever forget.

“Shall we dance first, my marvelous mentor, just the two of us, I’ve missed you and yes I can be a stubborn bastard.”

“That will be wonderful, Michael, and you know how much I enjoy dancing, especially with you” Minerva touched my face and kissed my lips long and deep.

“I shall send Sarah to her room for the evening; give me a moment to tell her.”

We danced and shared a bottle of Giesen Riesling 2006 (New Zealand) and we danced some more. Minerva was quite passive this evening. I did some things I had never done to her in the past while dancing, I played with her hair.

First I removed the hairpins in her curly bun. I then took her hair down completely. Minerva always wore her hair up when we danced. She would never let me take it down. She would always take it down for me only if she wanted to.

Once it was down I buried my hands in Minerva’s curls as we danced and she let me, curious.

I unzipped her dress while we were dancing and stuck my hand inside of her panties. I also held her more tightly than usual. I patted and rubbed her shapely bottom not letting her pull away.

I kissed and licked her neck and ears and she let me…seeming to enjoy this new…shall we say, disrespectful attention. She suggested we go to my bedroom wanting to spend the night.

“There is the matter of oral sex owed to you, lover” Minerva removed her slinky black dress.

“Lie on your back and close your eyes, Michael, relax, I will take care of everything.”

I did as Minerva requested, anticipating what would come next “Are the condoms still in your middle dresser drawer?”

“Yes, where they always are, beautiful.”

I was lying on my back with my eyes closed waiting. I could hear her opening and then closing the drawer. She started by stroking my cock with her hand and then I felt something cold on my neck. I opened my eyes. Minerva had my hand taser pressed against my neck.

“Surprise lover” she said smiling as she depressed the switch; the electricity entering my nervous system, wow, so that is how it felt.

“You’re an ungrateful bastard, Michael. You cost me a great deal of money. Not to mention my chance to be Grand Mistress. How can you be so obtuse?”

I just lay there not moving for what else could I do?

“That should keep you in your place for a while” Minerva said blowing me a kiss.”

“You are a fool, Michael in telling me about your hidden control center in the basement. For a security expert, you are not very secure. You are weak for falling in love with a slave; a lowly slave, when you could have had me a Grand Mistress. While you and the Princess were on your two week vacation in the 1000 Islands, Maud and I made some modifications. What do you think of that?” Minerva asked placing the taser on my testicles and again pressing the trigger.

“I hope that hurt. Maud is just fifteen minutes from here and I am going to pick up my cell phone and call her……………. Maud is on the way. The offer is still on the table except now the offering price is a dollar and I keep Mandy and Katherine.

You are going to take the offer and like it” and she zapped me again.
”We planted bogus evidence showing hidden, undeclared money in an offshore account. The Cayman Islands to be exact, proving you lied to the Sanatorium’s auditors, but we didn’t expose you; not yet anyway. If you want to remain a Master in good standing, Michael, you had better do as you are told, little boy.”

Leaning forward and kissing my mouth, Minerva again zapped me with the taser. She then put it on the bed next to me. Turning her back to me Minerva started to dress. I sat up and slapped her shapely ass, hard, causing her to shriek with pain and fright stumble forward.

“Minerva, Minerva…my beautiful teacher and mentor, what have you done?” I asked jumping up from the bed.

“How…I don’t understand, Michael, how?”

“Do you mean this” I said, picking up the taser and depressing the trigger as I walked toward her…. she slowly was retreating.

“But, I tested it myself just like you showed me. The electricity jumped between the electrodes and the bars indicated that the battery is good with a full charge.

Minerva was now backed into a corner “Very simple my dear, I will explain. There is a switch inside this unit that can only be activated by a samarium cobalt magnet of a specific polarity. This mentioned magnet is contained within the titanium ring that I always wear. Without the ring the sparks are just for show. It did tingle slightly when you zapped me over and over if that is any consolation to you.”

“We still broke into your security system and planted a malicious mutating virus on your computer that will be traced back to you after it infects the Sanatorium’s computer network. Only Maud knows how to stop it.

Our hard evidence will be sent Registered Mail to Arthur after we transfer all the money in your accounts to another off shore account that you will never find. I suggest that you let me have my cell phone, little boy because you are beat no matter what” Minerva said defiantly and I laughed and just shook my head.

“Every room in this house has multiple fiber optic cameras and microphones and everything that you and Maud have done has been recorded as it is now.

The room you know about is a decoy and the real one is elsewhere; the virus has been nullified. As we speak there is a live feed over the internet on an encrypted connection to a few concerned Grand Masters. You have just incriminated yourself and Grand Mistress Maud as well.”

“What happens now, Michael?”

“Get dressed Minnie. I want to see your hair in braided pigtails like you gave Sarah.”

“Minnie! How dare you address me in that manner, you smug bastard I…?

Stepping forward without the taser I grabbed her beautiful long hair to force her on the bed. I wasn’t disappointed when she put up a fight and tried to knee me in the groin before landing a good solid punch to my eye.

What a wildcat she is when she is angry; I finally managed to get Minerva on the bed without punching her. I pinned her arms above her head as I straddled her waist. My beautiful Minerva was defiant to the last… and she was magnificent

“Minnie, Minnie, Minnie, have you not heard a word that I have said?” I leaned forward to kiss her lips and she bit me hard this time drawing blood which made me exclaim “You fucking bitch! I dare that and more Minerva and now you have made me angry” I shouted before checking myself.

I crossed her wrists and held them in place with one hand letting her struggle in vain. “Do you really want to go there?” I asked, my voice growing quietly hard and cold as she looked at me defiantly.

“Do want to find out what a bastard I am when I’m angry enough to lose control. If you want to fight me like a man so be it. I’ll get up and we’ll start over. Trust me you won’t like it and I won’t warn you a second time.”

I leaned forward holding her head in place by her hair with my other hand.
I kissed her lips, wincing and getting my blood on her lips and the side of her face as I bled on her and this time when I kissed her again she didn’t bite me

“I can take you now and forcibly rape you against your will, as is my right in the eyes of the Sanctorum for what you have done and the same for Maud. I would have been put to death if I was found guilty with your planted evidence. Don’t fuck with me Minnie.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath while holding her down. I sighed letting the anger melt away and then I said in a reasonable tone “Maud will be here shortly, do as you are told and put your hair in pigtails; that is not a request.”

I let go and Minerva stiffly got up not daring to meet my eyes now. She braided hair in front of my dresser mirror while I smashed her cell phone. I then opened my laptop.

“I’m going to allow you your dignity for now; go downstairs and wait for Maud. The telephones are disabled and the doors and windows are locked.”

After Minerva went downstairs, I dressed and sat on my bed with my laptop to monitor things. As soon as the Grand Mistress was in the house I then sent a remote signal to lock all the door and windows to keep them from leaving.

I also jammed any cell phones from working inside the house. I found them both waiting for me in the kitchen. Maud was calm and collected sipping a bottle of my India Pale Ale. Minerva was sitting next to her with her hands over her face crying softly. I put some ice in damp towels and then put them on my black eye and lip before I sat down across from them. Maud was the first to speak

“For goodness sake, Minerva, stop crying and try to acting like a Mistress for the short time you have left as one. Michael is the one with the fat lip and black eye.”

Turning to me, Maud said “All the doors leading to the outside are locked and you somehow jammed my cell phone reception. I assume all the windows are locked as well and whatever glass is in the frames is probably unbreakable Not that it matters for where would we go. I hope you don’t mind me helping myself to your ale for it will be the most expensive drink of my life.”

“Not at all Grand Mistress; please help yourself to another.”

“Good form, Master Michael, I detected no sarcasm in your voice.”

“None is intended, Grand Mistress.”

“How long will it be until the enforcers arrive, Michael?”

“They will be here in approximately one hour with Arthur and I have disabled the cameras and microphones to this room. You may speak freely. Anything said here shall remain between us.”

“Thank you Michael, but under the present circumstances Maud will do.”

“As you wish Maud.”

“You have very nice manners, Michael. Minerva tells me that you never swear or curse; well maybe today when she bit you. We should have been more careful. Minerva underestimated you and I overestimated her.

Minerva is in love with you Michael and is too proud to tell you. She doesn’t give her love lightly and she is jealous of Sarah. My deep affection and love for Minerva and her jealousy has been our ruin. You however will come out of this a very wealthy man.”

“Are you in love with me, Minerva?”

Minerva looked at me and took a deep breath but said nothing and Maud continued “Still, I care for her deeply Michael and I believe that you do as well despite everything that has happened. Do you understand what I am telling you?”

“I understand perfectly, Maud”…………….

THE ENFORCERS ARRIVED and escorted Maud and Minerva from the premises. Grand Master Arthur remained to brief me on the upcoming events.

“Did Minerva do that to you, Michael? I didn’t see a cut, or a bruise, or scratch on her; good for you; it shows great self control befitting a Master. I have a good feeling about you. I know we are going to work well together.

The Tribunal of 13 will take place in 2 days. Minerva and Maud will be representing themselves. I have known Maud for over 35 years. Her financial savvy has greatly increased the Sanatorium’s coffers during that time.

You may testify against them for their crime against you and the Sanctorum although that is hardly necessary. Do you want to testify?”

“No Grand Master I don’t.”

“I didn’t think so and moving on; when they are found guilty, and they will be found guilty, they will be stripped of their titles and made slaves.

It is your right to 25% of their net worth and the rest will go to the Sanctorum. In Maud’s case alone you’re looking at approximately 60 million dollars in your account in Luxemburg.

I would ask you a favor, though Michael; make no claim on Maud’s person.

Allow Maud remain as community property of the Sanctorum. I wish to purchase her eventually. She still can still be of some service to us and I will remember your consideration…………….”

Minerva and Maud were found guilty as Grand Master Arthur predicted and Minerva became my property, per the stipulations of her original contract.

Katherine and Mandy’s contracts were transferred to me. I am a wealthy enough Master now to afford four lovely slaves. My standing in the Sanctorum has grown immensely. I have received multiple offers for Minerva’s purchase that naturally I have turned down.

I closed Minerva’s dance studio however the beauty salon remained open. Katherine and Mandy will continue with their professions and they both live with me now. Minerva finally got her pole and she was bound to it in the basement. My life has become more complicated and I am up to the challenge.

In five minutes she will have been standing for 8 hours. I expect no real problems from her. Minerva remains a defiant but disgraced and penniless woman with nowhere to go. Unfortunately I will have to make an example of her given the circumstances.

Despite everything that has happened, I do care for her and my instincts tell me Minerva will make a marvelous slave in time. “It is time, Michael” Katherine reminded me “We are ready.”

We all went down to the basement to prepare her for her new life and I took Minnie’s face in my hands.

“I am going to take out your ball gag and blindfold off Minnie. You do not have permission to speak; you will now listen. You are no longer my equal; you are my property, slave Minnie, once known as Mistress Minerva.

You will have to earn the privilege to serve me. You will work alongside my three slave girls standing before you. Slaves though they may be, their loyalty to me is absolute. And now for your collar Minnie, although only a prototype it will do the job” I said locking the cylindrical collar into place.

“You are confined to this house and this collar will prevent you from leaving. The electrical shock will render you unconscious if you attempt to disobey. I will have your permanent collar completed it a few weeks and it will be smaller and made to look like a piece of sterling silver jewelry but just as effective.”

And this wasn’t a bluff. I gave her a little tingle with the remote as a warning should she chose to test it further.

“I have decided that you need a haircut. It is unseeingly that you should have hair longer than your sisters in bondage. But first slave Minnie, there is the issue of oral sex promised.”

I released Minnie from the pole and made her kneel before me. Mandy brought me her scissors and she braided Minerva’s hair into a slave’s braid. I cut off her braid to add to Sarah’s while Minnie sucked on my cock as my girls watched.
I came in her mouth for her to swallow and after my orgasm Minnie’s hair just touched the nape of her long graceful neck. Minnie’s haircut was not over for Mandy would do the honors to finish it.

But first I ordered Minnie to the slop sink and I ordered her to wash her body and shampoo her red hair in cold water while we watched. The first cut was a chin length blunt bob with long blunt eye framing bangs.

Mandy fussed with it, curling it under until it was sleek and smooth. Minnie looked very attractive in this style but I preferred it long as it once was however discipline must be maintained and I would enjoy watching it grow out.

“Is her hair short enough, Michael?” Mandy asked her eyes asking me to say yes, and I loved her for it.

“No, not yet” I said running my fingers through her much shorter hair and Mandy wet Minerva’s hair again and shortened the bob to a blunt just below the ear length bob medium blunt bangs. She blow dried her hair and looked at me for my approval wanting to stop.

“I want it as short as yours; however Minnie may keep her natural color. I may allow Minnie to grow her hair out in time. By then she may be worthy to serve me but we shall see.” Mandy gave Minnie her final haircut, a short layered pixie cut. It was a duplicate of Mandy’s except for the color.

“Look at the bright side, Minnie; you don’t require special training and you’re already of the Sanctorum. All I require from you is your loyalty and obedience and I ask for nothing more.

We left Minnie naked and collared sitting on her cot with a bowl of fruit………..

THINGS HAD SETTLED DOWN quite nicely in my household this past year. Minnie was required to remain naked most of the time during her first month. The second month I allowed her to go outside with me dressed for the weather when I split and cut firewood.

Mandy’s hair is again her own rich natural honey blond. It has grown out from a bleached blond layered pixie to a blunt bob without bangs. Mandy’s hair is now much thicker and softer, just touching the bottom of her ears. Mandy can’t wait until it is waist length again as it was when Minerva first acquired her.

Katherine’s hair is growing out nicely. Light brown in color and cut in a long blunt bob just brushing her shoulders…. no bangs of course. Sarah’s hair is the longest of my four girls, dark brown and blunt cut six inches below her shoulders blades. I’ve decided that Sarah will keep her eye framing bangs.

I prefer long hair on my women. They will all grow it waist length for me. It will be their crowning glory and my love reins. Their long hair is most suitable to be tied to the pole if the need arises.

I’ve decided my ladies will style their hair in braids or pinned up when they leave the house alone or together. They may not wear their hair down and loose in public unless they are with me. Mandy is the most proficient with any bun style, french twist or upswept hairstyle. Sarah learned simple buns and braids growing up.

Naturally they may wear makeup to enhance their natural beauty. I allow colorful, stylish clothing. Not the severe Amish dress and head coverings of Sarah’s past life. On occasion I require them to dress exactly alike especially when they are out in public together.

I find women who wear their long hair pinned up to be very attractive. This type of hairstyle is both elegant and practical. It is also an issue of control. A woman must know her place.

I allowed Minnie’s hair to grow out seven months into her sentence. She now has a modified bowl cut, five inches long on top, the longer bowl section just above Minnie’s ears. It is full and thick on the back and sides. Mandy choose this style to grow out easily to a blunt bob when the time comes.

Minnie hates her hair short. Even though I prefer it longer I have decided she will keep this style for now. It will require her to try even harder for my attention and approval. Considering that there are three younger women in my household that have hair longer than hers.

It may seem odd to some that I refer to them as girls. Mandy just turned thirty-eight years old. Katherine is thirty-nine while Sarah is the youngest at twenty-six; which brings us to Minnie the oldest. She will be forty-one tomorrow.

She can easily pass for a woman in her late- twenties to early thirties and is the most classically beautiful of my four women next to Sarah. Minerva is one of those rare lucky women who will be a beauty well into her seventies. Nevertheless that is how I affectionately think of them and often address my women as my girls.

I take no pleasure on the restrictions I imposed on Minnie because of her betrayal. They are necessary for the good of the household. Order must be maintained in a household with five women living together who are among other considerations are my lovers.

Minnie’s status in the Sanctorum is now greatly diminished: she is slave and a servant to slaves. Order and discipline will be maintained tempered with fairness and kindness.

As one of her restrictions she was required for a time to sleep alone in the basement under the most Spartan of conditions. On Minnie’s birthday these restrictions will be lifted. She will to be allowed to sleep in a proper bed in her own bedroom. In the event she backslides I reserve the right to modify and impose new conditions at any time.

I am not one for orgies. I prefer to sleep with one girl at a time. I must clarify what I mean by “sleep with”.

At night when it is bedtime we all must sleep. I will select one of my women to share my bed for the night. This includes my lady pleasuring me and I her.

For minor offences and as a punishment, the offending woman may be made to sleep naked on the floor at the foot of the bed and that is much preferable to standing by the pole.

I have on occasion enjoyed two of my ladies at once. I prefer to do this during the day. The girls look forward to their “special time” at night. Each of them has their assigned bedroom for those nights they are not with me and they may decorate them within reason as they please.

Two months into Minnie’s sentence Sarah spent a night sleeping on the floor. She thought that she could abuse Minnie when nobody was watching. What Sarah did is not important. It shall remain in the family; between my women and I.

Sarah now realizes it was petty and not like her at all. It greatly disappointed me. I expected better from Sarah and told her so in private.

Every Saturday morning, I gather my women together for a household meeting. Any concerns and suggestions are discussed; of course, I remain the final arbiter. Everyone is assigned household chores for the week.

Mandy and Katherine have their occupations and their schedule is discussed and taken into consideration. That Saturday I held court on Sarah’s offences with the girls present. Mandy, Katherine and Minnie were sitting at the kitchen table waiting to bring Sarah in for her punishment. Sarah stood by me an apologized to Minnie. I sat down in my chair at the end of the table and put Sarah over my knees; pulling up her dress and pulling down her silk panties down.

I spanked her bare bottom until she was sobbing and squirming. I let it be known that abusive behavior will not be tolerated by any of my women against another. Disputes that can’t be settled among them will be handled at the Saturday morning meeting or directly by me.

I let Sarah up she immediately assumed the position. I let her stand and invited her to join the meeting to plan the schedule for the week. To my surprise and satisfaction Sarah still crying walked over to Minnie. Sarah offered Minnie her hand and quietly apologized again. Minnie not only took Sarah’s hand accepting her apology but actually stood up and hugged Sarah. Tears were starting to form in Minnie’s eyes as well.

Looking at Mandy and Katherine’s faces I knew what would happen next so I adjured for an hour and went upstairs to let them have their moment well satisfied with the outcome. Minnie was showing genuine humility, one of my favorite attributes in a submissive woman. Sarah’s transgression was expunged with her punishment. I will not bring it up again.

To review, assuming the position is common etiquette practiced by the Sanctorum. The women will kneel with her hands flat on the floor crossed with her forehead on her hands. Her ass will be higher than her head and her feet will be together. To heel is for her to kneel with her back straight. Her arms will be straight and crossed in front. The women will be up looking at her Master or Mistress unless told otherwise.

That evening I went downstairs to check on Minnie for the first time. Up until then the girls took care of Minnie’s needs. I ignored her never going to the basement. Minnie immediately assumed the position.

“Kneel” I quietly commanded gently touching her face. This was only the second time that I talked to her. It was the first time I touched Minnie or showed her any affection since the Sanctorum returned her to me.

“You do not have permission to speak to me. Tomorrow you will be allowed upstairs during the day for the rest of your sentence” I continued to caress her face and hair while looking into her beautiful green eyes.

“You will eat your meals alone in the kitchen. You will serve us ours. You will take cooking lessons from Sarah and help her clean the house. Every Saturday morning you will attend the household meeting.

You may use one of the bathrooms. You will be allowed to take one hot shower a day. Your use of hot water will be restricted to hand washing, food preparation and house cleaning. Your sleeping arrangements will remain the same…. for now.”

On Sunday morning Minnie was to be allowed upstairs for the first time the entire day. Mandy shared my bed the previous night. In the morning it was breakfast in bed for the two of us served by Katherine and Sarah.

Mandy was full of questions as were Sarah and Katherine. They were excited about Minnie being allowed upstairs. This too pleased me greatly. I made an exception and we all had breakfast in bed together. They know me well for another tray was waiting in the hall.

I answered their questions. I implemented most of their suggestions. I gave them their instructions receiving many hugs and kisses. Afterwards Mandy and I showered together. Katherine and Sarah waited for us in the study when we went downstairs.

I sent Sarah to bring Minnie upstairs while I waited in the study. I was sitting in my favorite leather chair with my feet on the matching ottoman. Katherine and

Mandy met them at the top of the stairs. They all escorted Minnie to one of the bathrooms followed by the dressing room to get Minnie presentable for my viewing.

From the beginning, Minnie was given a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, antiseptic mouthwash and castile soap. All of these were necessary for her personal needs. Now she was also given shampoo and conditioner and was allowed a hot shower. Next Minnie was given a full body wax. I will allow her to shave her armpits and legs.

Minnie covered her mouth during the wax, tears running down her face. How the tables were turned! She always kept her public hair thick and full but also trimmed and shaped. Shaved vaginas were for slaves…need I say more?

One Saturday morning during our household meeting Katherine told me that Minnie hated needles. That was why she never wore earrings or had her ears pierced. Each of my beautiful girls was given a gift of an identical pair of 18-karat gold hoop earrings. The earrings are a symbol of their bondage.

My ladies share a communal jewelry chest. It is located on the second floor in a bedroom room I converted into a dressing room for them. The dressing room is complete with floor to ceiling mirrors and a walk- in -closet. The closet contains identical items of clothing in each of the girl’s sizes, including Minnie’s. The room has vanity tables and chairs.

The antique jewelry chest and I gladly paid David plenty for it is the size of a large chest of drawers. It is full exclusively with sterling silver jewelry, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. It contains pins, broaches, plus hair accessories and jeweled combs and barrettes.

The chest contains just about every semi-precious stone available: turquoise, ambers, and garnets. It holds amethysts, and onyx: lapis lazuli, tanzanite, sapphires and citrines. I included tourmaline and spinals, corals, jade, carnelian, jasper and aquamarine, to name a few. Just too illustrate the variety of semi-precious stones the chest contains. Every piece is duplicated in four. Minnie must earn access to the chest as she must her 18-karat hoops.

My ladies enjoy dressing and modeling for me. I delight in watching them. Having two or three beautiful female companions while out in public regardless of the activity shared is most gratifying. Even at home on most nights we dress for dinner. We eat in my formal dining room. They may make a selection of jewelry from the chest to go with their ensemble.

I make time for these life’s pleasures. My ladies obey me and follow their schedule. They help each other out and get along like sisters. They are sisters in bondage, but sisters nevertheless. As I have said before, I have my own methods.

That Sunday morning, Minnie’s vertical clitoral hood was pierced for a 14-karat ball closure ring; they all have one.

She fainted twice during the procedure and the girls teased her about it. Finally, she gained her composure and stopped crying. They had her stand in front of the full-length mirror in their dressing room. They showed Minnie their gold closure rings then hugged and congratulated her they being proud of theirs.

Masters and Mistresses of the Sanctorum have offered me millions for the former Mistress Minerva. Many of them, no doubt are cruel taskmasters. One Mistress offering to purchase Minerva is a formal rival, jealous of Minnie’s beauty. Mistress Clara will abuse and degrade Minerva for no other reason than she can. The atrocities Clara would heap upon my marvelous Minerva.

To other Dominants, Minnie is merely a novelty. She would be a status symbol to amuse them and they would treat her well; they are in the majority.
She might be sold or traded multiple times. She would be at the mercy and temperament of her new owner; the luck of the draw. Fortunately most Masters and Grand Masters are of my vein. We work diligently to sanction, purge or if necessary, terminate these undesirables. Minnie is aware of all these things.

In my opinion Minnie used her crop too freely on Mandy and Katherine.
She mostly ignored them in her quest to become Grand Mistress. Those months alone in the basement gave her much to think about. She has been much on my mind as well.

Sarah has been my woman the longest and knows me well. Sarah loves me as I love her. My sometimes bold and playful Mandy …my thoughtful and brilliant Katherine; our house would be empty without them. In the short time I have owned them I have grown to love them. I love each girl in different way than Sarah for she has my heart forever. I can’t put it into words and I pride myself in logic and reason and I have grown in the concept of love.

I have known Minerva the longest. First I knew her as Minerva who I met at her dance school after my acrimonious divorce; then as my dance partner. We won many competitions together. Finally I knew her as Mistress Minerva of the Sanctorum, my salvation and blessing. Minerva was my marvelous teacher; my mentor and sometimes lover.

How foolish, how weak and damn obstinate…. prideful…asinine and obtuse we both are; Master, Mistress…. afraid of three words. I have forgiven Minnie for her betrayal.

As a Master I have responsibility to the Sanctorum and the women I love.
This is the life we chose, Minnie and I. We are of the Sanctorum. We must play our parts until death do us part. I kept my word to former Grand Mistress Maude and Grand Master Arthur. I work with Arthur to secure the values of the Sanctorum. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Come in ladies” Katherine slid the double pocket doors open and entered the room first. She was wearing a beautiful sea green dress. Her hair and makeup were done to perfection. She selected silver and green tourmaline bracelet, ring, and chain with a heart shaped pendant to go with the dress. Next was Mandy in the identical dress in pale blue, choosing lapis lazuli for her stone; her hair and make-up were perfect.

Sarah was next wearing a pale red-rose version of the same dress. Sarah’s hair was swept up in a French twist with two silver and red garnet hair combs gracing her brown tresses. Sarah was wearing a red garnet bracelet. Sarah’s make-up, perfect and seductive with blood red lipstick…. luscious and kissable.
Minnie entered last, naked and collared. Minerva’s red hair was freshly washed and her face scrubbed pink and glowing with health.

While confined to the basement the girls saw to Minnie well and I looked the other way when they sometimes spoiled her with special desserts. She received good healthy meals and multiple vitamin/ mineral supplements. She is required to stretch and exercise. On most occasions my ladies exercised alongside of her to encourage her and keep her company.

As my ladies entered they assumed the position in a neat row, right to left. All four girls were barefoot.

“You may heel ladies” I put my coffee cup on the coaster. I got up from the chair and walked to Sarah.

“You may stand Sarah. I must say you look lovely” I helped her stand. She put her arms around my neck and kissed my lips.

“Thank you Michael” and I put my arms around her waist and then kissed her lips whenever Sarah tried to speak.

“If you want”…. Kiss…”your lunch, Michael”…. Kiss…”On time”…. Kiss, Kiss…. You will have to let me go”…. Kiss….”So I can set the table!”

“I’m sorry, Sarah, what did you say? I’m rather busy and my mind is elsewhere.” Kiss.

Sarah put her hand in over of my mouth. “I said if you want your dinner on time you have to let me go to set the table” she repeated, laughing.

“Very well then, don’t let me stop you.” I said letting go and Sarah left.

“Mandy.” I said offering Mandy my hand helping her to stand “That color brings out your blue eyes my little peach. Is my white shirt pressed; are my black shoes shined? Is my suit laid out? Have you chosen a tie for me?”

“I’m not telling you, Michael” Mandy said, pouting.

“Why won’t you tell me, Peaches?”

“I’m not telling because you have not kissed me yet”

“I already kissed you earlier. You were with me all last night and most of this morning.”

“That does not count, Michael! I vote with Mandy” Katherine said offering support.

“See, it’s two against one, Master you lose!” Mandy exclaimed my ladies laughing except for Minnie.

“Well then Mandy…. Katherine we will see about that. I will take you both on!” With a girl in each arm, I received many kisses. Mandy and Katherine were trying to outdo each other and declaring a tie I sent them on their way sliding the pocket doors closed behind them.

“Minnie you may stand” Minnie put her hand to the base of her throat. This is a gesture that I first taught Sarah, then the other girls. She was requesting permission to speak.

“No you may not speak, Minnie. Put your hands behind your head. Very nice, leave them there”

I walked around Minnie, looking at her from all angles. I cupped her breasts; caressing them and feeling her nipples grow hard.

“My magnificent Minerva” Your breasts are as I remember them; round, Erotik hikaye firm and perfect. Spread your legs for your Master.” I stroked Minnie’s smooth hairless vagina commenting “I like it better this way.

Do you remember your little joke when you shaved me? You said you don’t want hair in your mouth when you go down on me and you shaved me. When it was your turn you refused to let me shave your pubis mound. You told me only female slaves were shaved. You thought your joke quite hysterical as I recall.

I was a good sport about it. I now prefer it that way. My girls prefer it this way for oral sex. It is such a little concession to them, yet it pleases them greatly.”

Feeling her wetness, I again commented. “I don’t recall you being so easily aroused; it must be your closure ring.” I stroked Minnie’s vagina, parting her lips…. touching her clitoris.

“You know my dear you have a beautiful pussy. It is so luscious and plump and meant to be touched and caressed. Assume the position.”

I continued stroking Minerva’s clitoris, feeling her juices flow, aroused at my touch. “A most vulnerable position, don’t you agree? I can have you right now my girl. Perhaps I will use the crop on your exposed bottom.”

I removed her crop from my robe pocket and said “As I recall you were quite fond of using it on your girls for any reason. Not that you beat them to leave welts or cuts…. but as you often told me; to motivate………….to motivate.

“You are a very intelligent women Minnie, as well as a very beautiful one and a Harvard Graduate. To your credit you observe everything; take in every detail; you analyze everything. I will not discipline you with your crop. You have done nothing wrong. You have not even irritated or annoyed me since you have been here. I actually am quite pleased with you.” I dropped the crop to the floor near her head.

“Do you remember when the Sanctorum returned you to me? The fact you forgive Sarah is your first step. Your humility makes you my ladies equal now. You are no longer their servants. You will work beside them and learn.

I will take you into my confidence again, Minerva. I have decided to call you Minerva when we are alone together, such as now. You will not repeat this although I’m sure they know it. You are the most classically beautiful of my ladies. In fact you are the most beautiful woman I have ever known. My girls are not jealous of one another and I love them for that.

I have been thinking much of you these past months. How foolish, how weak and damn obstinate…. prideful…asinine and obtuse we both are; Master and Mistress…. afraid of three words we knew to be true. We are of the Sanctorum you and I. This is the life we chose of our own free will.

Order and discipline will be maintained in my household. You know the absolute importance of this having been a Mistress. I have a duty to the welfare of my woman in return for their loyalty, obedience and love.

Now for your betrayal…I forgive you. Your punishment however shall remain. Your transgression shall be expunged when the terms of your punishment ends and I do forgive you. Afterward I will never bring up the subject again. Stand and face your Master Minerva” and she did.

“You have such beautiful, intelligent eyes, Minerva. Beautiful emerald green eyes and I never told you just how beautiful I thought they are. I should have told you long before this.”

Closing mine I gently ran my hands through her short red hair. I caressed Minerva’s face and neck moving down to her shoulders…caressing.
I continued down to her back to her trim waist, stopping at Minnie’s shapely ass and squeezing it lightly.

I moved back up caressing and stroking until I again was holding her face in my hands. Sighing with pleasure I opened my eyes and kissed Minerva’s beautiful face on the cheek.

She reached up and touched her cheek where I kissed her looking down.
I could see her bottom lip quiver. It was if Minerva wanted to say something or was about to cry. Minerva quickly mastered her emotions and looked up. I saw suppressed anger flash in Minnie’s green eyes like a hot green flame.

“You have permission to speak. You may speak freely without fear of punishment” I was giving her the opportunity to vent.

“You can be such a bastard, Master. That being said, I give you my word I will do my best to please you. I have nowhere else to go and I suppose I should be grateful that you decided to keep me and didn’t sell me to Mistress Clara. May I kiss you, Master?” Minnie asked sweetly.

“You certainly may” I answered guessing what came next.

“I’ve changed my mind. I don’t think I shall, kiss you” Minnie tossed her head as she did when her hair was long however without the same flowing movement of long tresses. “May I please be dismissed, Master, I have my duties to perform?”

“You may address me as Michael. After all we do have a history together.”

“Oh no, Master, that will not be proper. I will certainly do so if you command me to Master.”

“You are dismissed. Sarah is probably in the kitchen.”

Just as Minnie reached the door, I said “And Minerva.”

She stopped and turned to look at me. “Yes Master.”

“You are welcome.”

She continued walking swearing under her breath in Gaelic. Gaelic is a language in which Minerva is most fluent. Being Irish on her mother’s side she was taught Gaelic on her on grandmother’s knee.

“Minerva!”………..”Yes Master” she said stopping again and turning while smiling sweetly.

“Please bring me another cup of coffee, you know how I like.”

I knew from the start how obstinate Minerva can be given the chance to speak freely when we are alone. She knows better to be impertinent or disrespectful in front of my women. I also knew in my heart Minerva will eventually come around.

If Minerva hates me she will tell me so in no uncertain terms. In any event I do not desire to break her spirit. I can wait her out…. I have three other women to enjoy. I want Minerva’s beautiful smile to be genuine not forced.

She enjoyed making love to me as a free woman. Even now she will never beg for sex and affection no matter how much she wants it. I can force myself on her and she will comply but I do not want her that way. She will figure a way around it to save what dignity she has left………………………..

Approximately seven months into Minnie’s sentence was another turning point for her. She was true to her word. She did try very hard to fit in by doing her share of the household chores and more. I was spending more time with her.

I made it a point to kiss and hug her every morning and evening. During the day I often touched her; my hands lingering most intimately. She never returned my kisses or affection although I can tell she enjoyed them. Minnie always addressed me as Master.

The turning point came on a hot Friday afternoon in June. Katherine and Mandy were at work. Katherine would not be home at her regular time. It was the wedding and prom season and Mandy’s Salon was booked late into the evenings. Women and girls were getting their hair styled for upcoming events. Mandy would not be home until 9:00 PM.

Sarah and Minnie were canning preserves in the kitchen. There were flats of blueberries stacked on the back patio along with new unopened boxes of canning jars. Sarah took my pickup truck to town. She went to buy sugar, pectin and labels for the jars. They were canning pie filling and jam; much of the jam was for Arthur.

Minnie was in the kitchen washing them and putting them into colanders to drain. The counters, kitchen table and kitchen chairs were covered with bowls of fresh blueberries waiting for Sarah to show her the next step in the process.

I was outside splitting wood for my fireplaces and wood stove. Our central air was down. I had it apart earlier that morning trying to fix it but the compressor modulator was shot. I called the manufacturer’s 1-800-number and ordered the part; it was to be delivered overnight shipping. I had a load of small logs delivered the day before and was enjoying my workout. The temperature was in the high eighties and it was very muggy.

I was stripped to the waist and perspiring heavily with the good sweat of manual labor. Minnie was in and out of the house replenishing my pitcher of ice water with fresh ice. She checked frequently to make sure the water was fresh and cold. I did not ask her to do this. I generally drank from the hose. I am not complaining. I was pleased with her thoughtfulness.

At one point I heard a scream followed by a crash. I dropped my splitting maul and ran into the house to see if she was hurt. I found her sitting on the floor in a pile of squashed blueberries.

There were blueberries everywhere and empty overturned bowls littering floor. Bowls were overturned on the counter. But it gets better. Well maybe not better the kitchen faucet was broken at the base.

Water was shooting up to the ceiling and then running down the walls. Water was spilling over the counters onto the floor. I was trampling blueberries trying to get to Minnie concerned she may be hurt. I moved the overturned chair Minnie was standing on before she fell kneeling beside her in the mashed blueberries.

“Minerva, are you hurt? Are you all right?”

I’m fine. Just look at the mess I just made!”

“Are you sure you are not hurt?”

“I’m fine, it was an accident.”

I helped her to her feet trying not to laugh “What were you doing standing on a chair when there is a step-stool in the pantry?

“I was trying to get a bowl down. It was heavy and my hands were wet and it slipped out of my hands. When I tried to catch it I fell and broke our sink.”

“Accidents happen I’m just glad you were not hurt.”

I put a heavy bowl over the broken faucet stem to redirect the water in the sink and squatted to reach underneath the sink and turn off the water at the shut off valve. The handle broke off at the stem when I tried to force it.

Getting up, I turned and saw that Minnie had taken off her ruined apron. She was trying to reach a spilled bowl of berries that rolled up under the table and slipped on the mess landing on her stomach. Now my marvelous Minerva was covered front and back, the berry pulp, the juice staining her beautiful smooth skin and she was swearing under her breath.

I started laughing and couldn’t stop “Stop laughing at me! This is not at all funny. Stop laughing at me! I have to clean this mess” Minerva’s green eyes were flashing with hot green flames of anger.

“Yes, you…. ha, ha, I, ha, ha…. you’re right it is not funny.” I was trying to stifle the next laugh and keep a straight face but not succeeding

“It is hysterical and you look ridiculous!” “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…I…ha, ha, ha, can’t look at you.” I turned my back to her shaking with laughter.

Minnie came up behind me with her hands full of squashed blueberries. She smashed them on my shoulders pushing her hands up my neck into my hair and I turned to her in disbelief.

Smiling Minnie reached for my face. With one of slender hands full of mashed berries she used the fingers on the other to paint my cheeks. She painted my mouth, neck and chest with berry juice and pulp as if I were her canvas.

Still smiling her beautiful smile she took of her light cotton blouse and bra. Reaching in a bowl Minnie rubbed the blueberries on her mouth, neck and breasts. Fascinated, all I could do was watch.

Putting her arms around my neck, Minnie gave me a deep, lingering kiss that tasted like fresh blueberries.

Giving her my best stern look while covered in blueberries I admonished. “I should give you a bare bottom spanking for that.”

“I don’t understand, Master?” she innocently. “Do you mean for kissing you, Master, I asked you for your permission.”

You certainly did not, Minerva.”

“I most certainly did, Master” and she kissed me again.

“When did you ask permission to kiss me?”

“The day you first brought me upstairs to the study, Master.”

“That was months ago for goodness sake!”

“Do you withdraw your permission for me to kiss you, Master?”

“That depends do you wish to kiss me again?”

“I don’t believe I shall” she answered saucily.

“Now you are being impertinent and are certain to get a spanking”

“You gave me a choice to kiss or not kiss you, Master. I have your tacit approval to change my mind. You always keep your word therefore you shall not spank me.”

“Good point” I admitted.

“You also gave me permission to speak freely without fear of punishment. To date you have not withdrawn that either Master.”

“That is true” I admitted “however, I most definitely did not at any time; not months ago or five minutes ago did give you permission to cover me with blueberries! What say you to that?”

“I have changed my mind I want to kiss you again Michael.”

“What about the blueberries, Minerva?”

“I will lick and kiss them off of you.”

I put my arms around her waist and she started kissing and licking my neck and face. Before Minerva could get to the rest of me I remembered the geyser from the sink.

“Do you want to make love to me, my beautiful Minerva?”

“Yes thank you for asking Michael.”

“You are welcome” I said kissing and licking her breasts, tasting the blueberries.

“But first I have to take care of something. Go upstairs to my bathroom and wait me there. I will write Sarah a note with instructions that we are not to be disturbed.”

I started writing the note. Minnie reached around my waist. She pushed two handfuls of blueberries down the front of my pants before running upstairs, laughing.

I finished the note and went downstairs to shut the water off below the sink and when I returned, I heard my truck pull into the driveway.
I quickly ran to the top of the stairs, and stopped to listen, counting to myself 1…2….3….4…5…6…7…8…9… hear a scream. I was sure that Sarah was beside herself. I joined Minerva in the bathroom closing the door behind me.

“You may consider yourself on furlough starting now until tomorrow. By tomorrow I mean Saturday, June18, 2005 at 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time. This evening you’ll be sharing my bed. This will be contingent of course on you being able to read my mind. “

“May I shower with you Michael… before we make love?”

“Of course you may. It will be my pleasure and I hope yours as well.”

“May I ask you a question first Michael?”

“Ask away beautiful green eyes?”

“May I help Sarah clean the kitchen first?”

“Not only may you, I will help you. The sooner the mess is clean the sooner we shall shower.”

“Thank you Michael?” We made short work of the kitchen. Minerva and I took a long tepid shower together, soaping each other down. We washed and conditioned each other’s hair and toweled one another off.

She went down on me in the bedroom, licking and sucking my cock and taking my balls into her mouth. This was something my other girls have never done before. And something I never had experienced. This trick would remain hers.
I came in mouth and she swallowed all of my semen and licked me clean.
I returned the favor going down on Minerva’s hairless snatch.

She was all over the bed as I licked and sucked with my lips and tongue; this time I did it with a new twist. I put my finger in her ass applying opposite pressure. As Mistress Minerva and a free woman this was something she would never allow.

Minerva’s orgasm was wild and loud. She was squirming and bucking and not only was my face wet from her juices, so were the sheets. We had to change them before our nap together. We slept until 10:00PM. After we dressed and went downstairs.

When I said we dressed, and I use the term loosely. She was wearing one of my white sleeveless tee shirts. It was too large for her falling down past her hips. I was wearing another white tee along with boxer shorts because of the heat and humidity.

Katherine and Sarah were waiting on the back patio in their panties and woman’s sleeveless tees. They both had big smiles on their faces. We all sat outside drinking homemade Sangria. We were waiting for Mandy to arrive with the Chinese that we were having for our late dinner.

Being on furlough, Minnie was allowed a few glasses of Sangria and between wine and dinner became quite relaxed and talkative.

Minnie was quite animated and engaging; laughing as she described how she gave me blue balls with the blueberries and everybody laughed.

Mandy brought a portable CD-Player outside we listened the greatest hits from the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s. Soon my ladies were up dancing with one another, mostly fast dances. The slow ones were for me; one girl at a time.

Minerva shared my bed that night and I tried something on her that Katherine likes. She likes it a little bit rough. I will pull her hair during intercourse just as her orgasm is at its crest.

Katherine also enjoys anal sex occasionally being taken on the floor of my bedroom at the foot of the bed. She also likes when I stroke and caress her pussy while I am performing anal and vaginal sex; slapping her shapely ass with my hand until she comes. I will use Katherine’s hair for my love reins to control her exuberance and guide her to enhance both our pleasure.

Katherine also likes to masturbate when giving me head. I allow her to play with herself until she comes a second time. None of my women are allowed to masturbate without my permission. This is an absolute mandate and they will get a bare bottom spanking with my hand or the belt on Saturday morning for violating this mandate. They will achieve their orgasm by me or with my permission while I watch.

When I first acquired Katherine and Mandy; I suspected that one or the other might be bisexual. And my suspicions are correct. They are both highly sexed women needing an outlet for their sexuality. I have no problem with this. It rather turns me on.

They also have a need to be dominated. They live happily within the rules of my household. Like masturbation girl on girl sex is forbidden without my permission. The forbidden fruit is sweeter when withheld and then allowed.

I believe that I mentioned “orgies during the day” and that is something that I reserve for the three of us Mandy, Katherine and myself.

Sarah confided to me in private that isn’t ready to do woman on woman. Nothing will be gained by forcing Sarah. My Princess is obedient, compliant and affectionate in all other things. I also doubt Minerva is much interested either. Although Minerva’s past behavior in the kitchen and the bedroom does leave a touch of doubt.

She has never been one to be spontaneous; aside from that trip to Bermuda after the peppermill incident when she was anything but reserved. Her behavior in the kitchen is a wonderful surprise.

In fact Minerva is quite reserved. In the past before we had intercourse she always went in the bathroom closing the door for privacy in order to get ready.
Minerva’s excuse is to fix her makeup, hair etc…. In retrospect it is likely she had to apply some type of lube such as KY-Jelly to facilitate intercourse.

I wonder if she was faking her orgasms in some cases. I do not remember Minerva being so wet before, during or after intercourse as she is now. I believe to some degree, that in her quest for wealth and power, she suppressed her natural sexuality. She always insisted in being in total control…but at what cost?

Perhaps Minerva’s submission has freed her sexual inhibitions. I suspect this is the case for her newly found sexual freedom.

I made her assume the position on the floor in front of my bed and she was a little tipsy from the Sangria. I made sure she received more than her share of the slow dances. My ladies were aware of this and were gracious in letting her have their turns. She was very affectionate while we danced. I received many intimate touches and kisses. I held Minerva close missing having my hands her long hair; as it was before her first forced punishment haircut.

Back to the bedroom: I probed Minnie’s vagina with my fingers and then with my mouth and tongue. Soon she was wet and moaning. She was moving her hips, trying to push her vagina into her face as I licked her clitoris. When I knew she was about to peak, I slowed down, prolonging the inevitable.

“Why did you stop Michael, it feels so good?”

“I am considering something, my beautiful girl.

“Can’t you lick while you are considering?”

“I am considering amending your furlough to include one day each week until the end of your sentence.”

I continuing to probe her clitoris again, briefly and stopped “It is contingent upon you reading my mind.”

“Please Master.”

“Please what my marvelous girl” I continued my stroking and caressing.

“You can be such a bastard, Michael…. oh yes that feels so good. Please don’t stop.”

“Yes I am my dear and you? Who are you?

“I am your slave Master and I want to come.”

I entered her wet pussy from behind while sticking my finger deep in her anus, listening to her gasp. She moaned even louder as I increased my thrusts savaging her vagina with my manhood “What else are you?”

“I am a bitch, Master! I am your bitch…. oh God…. fuck me harder Michael…fuck your bitch harder…. Fuck me harder you bastard make me come.”

Her orgasm was incredible. I never heard Minerva make so much noise and I continued pounding her until I came as violently as well. I lay down next to her on the rug stated and content.

“Come here bitch I want to taste your lips.”

She lay down beside me on the floor and I took her in my arms. When I tried to kiss her she put her hand over my mouth, shaking her head. She closed her eyes sighing. She ran her fingers through my hair and then caressed my face and neck.

Minerva rubbed my shoulders; her hands working their way down my back to my ass, which she squeezed. Minerva reversed the process until her hands were again in my hair. She kissed my cheek and opened her eyes before kissing my lips long and deep.

“Can we go to bed now Michael?

“Yes, I am looking forward to having you with me all night but first I am going to brush my teeth and use the bathroom.”

While we were on the patio that night, I noted Sarah was inside the house for quite a long time getting ice. I noticed the bed was freshly made. I suspect Sarah put the new silk sheets on the bed; my pretty girl…. my thoughtful and kind Princess.

Minerva walked into the bathroom smiling as I was leaving and tousled my hair as I walked by. When she returned to the bedroom, Minnie stopped to run her hand over the silk sheets.

“Did you have the bed made with silk sheets to surprise me Michael?”

“I think it was Sarah while we were slow dancing out on the patio” I answered, lying on my back with Minerva snuggling up next to me.


“Yes, beautiful.”

“May I go to the hardware store with you tomorrow?”

“I would enjoy taking you; thank you for asking.”

Rubbing my chest with her hand she asked “May we stop somewhere and get coffee and bagels?”

“We can leave early and have breakfast if you like” I said closing my eyes.

“That will be wonderful” and she gave me a little hug.

“May I dress up nice for you and wear makeup.”

“Of course you may.”

“May I have my ears pierced?”

“You want your ears pierced? You are afraid of needles, remember.”

“You will hold my hand when Katherine does it and I will not mind it so much.”

“I will hold your hand and now I need to some sleep. Please no more questions.”


“I said no more questions.”

“Michael this is not a question, I have something to tell you…are you listening because I know that you love me” Now that got my attention and I rolled over and looked at her.

“Do you want me to tell you how I know?”

“Of course I want you to tell me Minerva!”

“I don’t think I shall” she said rolling over and facing away from me.

I slapped her ass hard enough to make her yelp. She rolled back over smiling her beautiful smile and I crushed Minerva to me, holding her in place and she slapped my ass.

“You can be such and impertinent bitch at times!”

“Yes I am Master, I admit it I am a bitch at times, but I am your bitch. That’s how I know that you love me Michael. Only a bastard like you can ever love a bitch like me.”

“Be a good loving bitch and go to sleep. I love you Minerva.”

“Thank you for finally saying it Michael I love you too.”

We had our breakfast in bed served to us by Sarah. When she walked in Minerva jumped up taking the tray from her putting in down on the chair.
She hugged Sarah and thanked her for breakfast in bed and for the silk sheets asking “May Sarah have breakfast with us Michael?”

“The more the merrier.” I replied and meaning it.

“Thank you Michael” They all said in unison. Katherine and Mandy walked in from around the corner with two larger trays. We all had fresh honeydew scrambled eggs, melon, yogurt and coffee.

After breakfast we had our household meeting in the bedroom. It was a short one. I announced that Minnie would be sharing my bed one day a week and they would work out the schedule. During that day she will be allowed full privileges including leaving the house with them to shop or whatever.

The punishment haircuts will stop and Minerva will be allowed to grow her hair out in stages. Mandy will determine the appropriate cuts to grow it out gracefully. Mandy after all was the expert in such matters.

After the meeting my ladies all went to the dressing room to help Minnie get ready. I showered and shaved. I put on a pair of blue jeans, white tee shirt and a colorful Hawaiian to wear in the hardware store and coffee shop. I planned on taking Minerva to the Mall to select her soon to be signature fragrance.

Sarah’s is vanilla. I love the smell of vanilla and it is perfect for my sweet pretty girl. With Peach’s fair skin, blond hair and petite figure, I chose a light dainty flowery scent for Mandy. Katherine; my voluptuous Katherine’s is herbal and flowers with a touch of citrus.

Minerva will be wearing the one she has always wears, musky and rich with a hint of sweetness. The scent of a woman I love. Of all the scents in the world, this is the one I will select for her. I’m sure she’ll understand the significance. As for me the cologne one Sarah chose for me is perfect.

I had the kitchen faucets completely dismantled and had taken the measurements of the sink to select a new faucet and I was sitting at the kitchen table with the old parts in a box waiting for Minerva.

She walked in looking lovely. She was wearing a light cream muslin sundress. She was wearing makeup and her short hair was curled and bouncy.

“Do you like my dress Michael?”

“I love everything about you, your dress, your hair and makeup…. you”

“May I have my ears pierced now, please?”

“Yes Katherine can do it here in the kitchen.”

“Will I get my hoops this morning?” Minerva asked hoping I will say yes.

“No, just the stainless steel posts for now. I have another surprise in mind?”

“What are you getting me Michael?”

“If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise.

She sat perfectly still in the chair with her eyes closed while Katherine pierced her ears. Minerva was squeezing my hand in a vise grip. When Katherine was finished and the studs were in I kissed Minerva’s ears and told her she looked lovely.

We went to the hardware store first and Sam’s Bakery for coffee and bagels.
I took her to Macy’s going to the makeup counter. I let her choose any makeup that she needed and I said in front of the salesgirl.

“Your taste in makeup and clothing is impeccable, Minerva. Purchase anything you need and do not worry about the price. Here, take my credit card and I’ll meet you in the bookstore. You may take your time” And she did.

Two hours later, Minnie arrived at the bookstore carrying several Macy’s shopping bags “Let’s lock the bags in the truck, gorgeous and then I will take you to get your surprise.”

“But I thought my makeup was my surprise!

“Your makeup is to make yourself even more beautiful for me if that is all possible.”

When we arrived at the perfume counter, I recognized the same girl that waited on Sarah and me when I purchased her perfume.

“Did you know each of my Ladies has their special perfume? I picked it out just for them with much thought and consideration.”

“I am aware of that Michael, what did you chose for me?”

“Jovan Musk Oil of course.”

“Michael that is the one I prefer.”

“You have worn that scent ever since I have known you baby and I will have nothing else.”

I was right Minerva did recognize the significance and leaned over to kiss my cheek whispering what she was going to do to me when we got home………….

MINERVA DID BACKSLIDE once during her sentence. As punishment she received the belt for her impulsive mistake.

It was on a Wednesday; a mere week before Minerva’s sentence is over. She knew where I kept her 18- karat hoop earrings. She will receive them on her birthday; the day all her restrictions will be lifted.

I was called away on business for the Sanctorum. I was gone for three days and I took Sarah with me. We were staying at Grand Master Arthur’s Estate in Martha’s Vineyard. It was in regard to a Grand Master who maimed woman and refused to appear before the Tribunal for judgment.

My expertise was required to help circumvent his security system. I was meeting with three other’s all of them Grand Master’s. We met to determine the best way to disable the state of the art security system on his estate.
I was there for technical advice only. It was a need to know and I didn’t know the identity of the Grand Master who would be terminated.

The official business took only a day and then the other Grand Masters left. Grand Master Arthur requested that I specifically bring Sarah. Arthur is a frequent visitor to my home. Arthur adores Sarah’s cooking particularly her raisin, apple and shoo fly pies. Sarah did all of the cooking all traditional Amish dishes.

We surprised Arthur by bringing him a dozen each of his favorite pies for his freezer. We also brought enough pies for the day meeting. We also brought jars of blueberry and strawberry jam.

Sarah is very fond of Arthur, referring to him as “a polite and kind old gentleman.” Arthur is a true gentleman. He looks like a kind and benevolent white haired grandfather in a Disney movie in his three-piece suits. Always with a chain and fob for the pocket watch he carries. Arthur is also recognizable for his signature red carnation in his lapel.

Always the gentleman, Arthur is polite and gracious with my ladies when he visits. He tells funny stories at dinner making them laugh. When enforcing the mandates of the Sanctorum he is ruthless. The blood of many men is on Arthur’s hands. The red carnation is a reminder and warning.

Minerva understands the significance and meaning of the red carnation. We do not speak of it. I consider Arthur a good friend.

Minerva was alone during those three days while the girls were working. She followed all of my directions while we were gone and completed all of her chores and more.

She decided to wear her 18-karat hoop earrings while the girls were away at work and put them back before they got home. As bad luck would have it she managed to lose one. To her credit she did tell Katherine and Mandy and they spent the remainder of that day and the entire next day looking for it.

Katherine and Mandy met us in the driveway and welcomed us home helping us with the luggage. I was glad to be home again surrounded by my girls; my family.

“Where is Minerva?” I asked “It’s not like her not to be here; is she ill?” Katherine and Mandy looked at one another and Katherine spoke first.

“Minerva is in the kitchen and has something to tell you.”

“I will go and talk with her shortly. Have you eaten yet? Sarah and I waited so we could all eat together.”

“Not yet.” Katherine replied “We can whip something up. Are you going to take a nap first?

“Yes, it is Minerva’s turn tonight. Perhaps we will take a nap together. Are you sure she is all right Katherine?”

“Minerva thinks you are going to banish her to the basement again” Katherine replied “And have me cut her hair in a pixie” Mandy added.

“What did she do Mandy?”

“She lost one of her gold hoop earrings. As soon as Minerva discovered it missing she called each of us on the telephone. We calmed her down as best we could. We assured her you wouldn’t do that to her.”

“She believes she violated your trust and ours” Katherine advised me.

“We are a family Ladies; not a traditional family I grant you but a family nevertheless. What she did was impulsive and nothing more.”

“Do you want me to talk to her, Michael?” Sarah offered.

“Thank you for offering, Sarah but no. Just play things by ear in regard to dinner. But first, I will need another kiss and hug from each of my precious ladies to steel my resolve before I enter the kitchen…………….

I walked into the kitchen and she got up from her chair and immediately assumed the position.

“You may stand. Now come here and give me a hug and a kiss. I have missed you red.”

She walked over to me and put her arms around my neck and I put my arms around her waist and pulled her close.

“What did you do that’s so terrible?”

“I went into the desk in the study and tried on my gold hoop earring, Michael.”

“I see, you were curious, Minerva. Is there anything else?”

“I was going to wear them while the girls were at work. I planned to put them back before Mandy and Katherine got home.”

“Thank you for your honesty. Where are they now?”

“One of them is in the drawer, Michael.”

“And the other my dear?”

“I lost it, Master. I have violated your trust” she said in a small voice.

“That was foolish and impulsive.”

“I’m sorry Michael. Are you going to punish me?”

“You said you were sorry and I believe you, Minerva.”

“But you are going to punish me?”

“Yes my love I’m going to punish you.”

“Do I have to start all over again, Michael? Are you going to cut my hair?”

“No…. kiss me Minerva.”

“You want me to kiss you?”

“Yes, I want you to kiss me.”

‘You’re scaring me Michael” Minerva kissed me and kissed me again, hugging me tight.

I let go of her and said “Go upstairs and get my belt and bring it here.”

“Yes Michael” said meekly.

I made her strip and assume the position. I applied my belt to her shapely buttocks twice before folding the belt and snapping the folded sections of leather together a dozen times to make it sound as if I was hitting her bare bottom.

Getting down on the floor next to her I started caressed her pussy with my fingers. She soon became wet, moaning with pleasure as I stroked her clitoris, wetting her anus with my finger with her own sweet juices.

I removed my trousers and took her there on the floor thrusting my penis into her anus. “Michael stop, I….” “Be silent bitch!” I said sharply as I slapped her bare ass.

I continued pounding her asshole with my cock, while stroking and caressing her sopping wet vagina. This made her moan and squeal with pleasure.

As she climaxed ” Fuck me Master…fuck my ass, fuck you your bitch harder…oh…Michael…. make your bitch come…that feels so good…so good………..I’m coming Michael, I want to kiss you!”

After I came, I got up dressed and sat on a kitchen chair “Minerva come here and sit on my lap and when she did “Isn’t this nice……I’ll replace your earrings and you will get them on your birthday” and I put my arms around her kissing her cheek. “We’re going to take a shower and have a nap. After we shall all have a light meal in the dining room in about an hour. Who will I be sleeping with this evening?”

“It’s my turn tonight” she said putting her head on my shoulder.

“In that case you may join me if you wish. I have been so busy these past few days I completely forgot.”

“You did not forget. You know perfectly well it was my turn.”

“Is that a smile I see? You have such a beautiful smile” Taking her hand we stood and walked upstairs together and we did exactly that; a shower and a short nap…………..

The morning of Minerva’s birthday was a very busy one in our home. I made breakfast for all of us. This is something I do on birthdays for my girls. As it was Minerva’s she choose the menu. I broiled thick cut pea meal bacon.
I made western omelets with eggs, green and red bell peppers, Vidalia onion, sharp cheddar cheese and Virginia ham. I served them bagels with a variety of cream cheeses to go with their coffee and orange juice.

The girls were going shopping after breakfast to purchase new dresses for Minerva’s birthday dinner at Salvatore’s. They planned on going out to lunch together, followed by a trip to Mandy’s Salon. Once there to get a manicure-pedicure, facial, a full body waxes, followed by getting their hair done. I told them I wanted to see lots of curls.

I have a large private corner booth reserved for me at Salvatore’s paid in advance for the year. It will comfortably seat eight people. I paid to have that booth put in. I am a friend of the owner and know all of his regular staff by their first and last names.

When I call in advance Sal will hire an extra server just to wait on our table. Sal and I have an agreement. I will pay the extra server’s wages for the full shift and include a generous gratuity. Sal also personally prepares each of our dishes taking exact attention to detail and presentation.

Afterwards, I always will invite Sal and the server to have dessert or after dinner drinks with us. We had a wonderful time at dinner. Each of us ordered a different appetizer and entree plus two others. We shared taking a portion from the various dishes. We had a bottle of very good house Chianti. We had cannolis and cappuccinos with Sal and Mary our waitress.

My girls always comport themselves as ladies in public, both in dress and manners and decorum. Their manners are impeccable, especially Minerva’s.
Her public persona almost outshines them all. She cannot help it. It comes to her as easily as breathing. My ladies follow Minerva’s lead in this venue. I observed Sarah watching Minerva at dinner. There is no doubt that Sarah will learn and be as polished observing my marvelous Minerva’s example.

I noticed a marked change in Sarah’s carriage that evening. Specifically Sarah’s posture and bearing; in the way she walked into the restaurant. And while there, how Sarah held and turned her head. I observed Sarah’s hand gestures when ordering dinner and making small talk with Sal and Mary. Yet Sarah was not duplicating Minerva’s mannerisms as much as creating her own style. Sarah’s were different from Minerva’s but no less charming.

There is no doubt Minerva is tutoring Sarah in private for the thoughtful gesture of the silk sheets. Or to make amends for the way she treated Sarah when she was a Mistress. During the past fourteen months she and Sarah have spent a great deal of time together. Looking back it is fascinating watching them interacting both here and at home.

As we were leaving Salvatore’s, Sal’s nephew, Vito and part time bartender asked to have a word with me in private. Vito is also a full time Sheriff’ Deputy with the rank of Sergeant.

“Michael, I would like to have a word with you if you don’t mind. We can go into my uncle’s office if that is all right with you?” I followed him in and closed the door. Vito spoke first

“Your ex-wife was here last night.”

“So, what does that have to do with me?” I have washed my hands of her” Vito knew of my acrimonious divorce. He was the Deputy that served the orders of protection removing me from my home. Vito also testified on my behalf during the divorce proceedings.

“Michael, you need to hear me out.”

“I’m sorry I was curt with you Vito; you caught me by surprise is all. I have not heard from Martha in seven years. I have forgiven her in my own way. What did she say?”

“It was not so much what she said, but how Martha looked and acted. At first I didn’t recognize her. She is much thinner now and a bleached blond. She was wearing dark oversize sunglass like celebrities wear. I suspect to hide one or more black eyes. Martha had on heavy makeup to hide bruises. She was acting nervous and scared.

“I offered to help her. She said that it wouldn’t do any good; he always beat the charges and got out. She said that if she had him arrested again he would kill her! She said she wanted to talk to you before it was too late, and then she left.”

I thanked Vito and shook his hand before leaving with my Ladies to go dancing.

The next day all hell broke loose. We all were in the kitchen eating lunch. Katherine and Mandy had taken a month off from work. We were planning our vacation in Bermuda when the front door doorbell started ringing followed by frantic pounding as well.

I got up to answer the door and my ladies following behind. We had just entered the foyer when we heard a crash of the distinctive sound of glass breaking and metal coming together followed by a woman’s terrified screams.

Martha was leaning on the door facing the wreckage. Her present husband the shining knight Martha met on the internet rear-ended her 1965 Corvette Convertible. It was completely demolished and disabled preventing her escape.

I yanked opened the door and Martha stumbled backwards into my arms. Turning to face me “Mickey I…” Martha said before she fainted.

A large man emerged from the ramming vehicle, a mint…. well it was a mint late model Lincoln Continental of 1970’s vintage. I have to grudgingly admit they have fine tastes in automobiles.

Martha’s husband is about six feet tall and easily weighs 260 lbs. I would guess his age to be early thirties. As he climbed out the car I could hear him shouting “You worthless good cheating whore! I have finally caught you, you worthless slut.”

Seeing me blocking his way he advanced slowly and was smiling. He removed a butterfly knife from his suit coat pocket, flicking his wrist and locking the blade in place.

“Girls, take Martha inside and close the door. Then call the police.”

“But Michael…” Minerva started to say as I closed the door. He stopped ten feet from me, sneering.

“I own that slut, asshole. Give me my cheating cunt of a wife and I will leave. Otherwise I will just take her. But not until I cut your balls off.”

“Get off my property. I don’t care if you have to walk.”

“Fuck you!” He screamed.

“That won’t be necessary” I retorted, calmly “Just give me a blowjob and we will call it even.”

He charged me slashing clumsily, extending his arm much too far. This was something an experienced knife fighter would never do. I jumped back easily avoiding his clumsy attempt wishing I had my taser and tripping him in the process.

He got to his feet cursing. Changing his tactics he reversed the knife in his hand, grasping it like an ice pick. Then he slowly advanced with the knife over his head hoping to pin me against the door with his bulk and stab me at his leisure.

Refusing to retreat, I caught his wrist as the knife came down. We both struggled, attempting to knee on another in the groin. He trying was trying to kill me. I was trying to keep from being stabbed.

Our struggles brought us out to the driveway. He was much stronger than I anticipate however he was out of shape and starting to get winded from the exertions. Desperate, he smashed his head into my nose, stunning me and I silently cursed myself for not anticipating this. As I went down I let go of wrist but managed to kick his knee, hearing the satisfying pop and crunch of torn ligaments.

My adversary screamed like a banshee but somehow managed to stay on his feet cursing and threatening. “I’m going to kill you cock sucker and everybody in your family” as he limped towards me waving the knife wildly in front of him.

I rolled way scrambling to get on my feet. I was holding my broken nose and trying to staunch the flow of blood pouring out. I was dizzy and my head spinning.

Suddenly the front door opened and my girls came running out; Minerva, Sarah, Mandy and last but not least, Katherine. Each of the girls had makeshift weapons in their hands. Minerva arrived first and shouted “Hey, Frank!”

Frank stopped advancing with a shocked look on his face. He slowly turned and looked at her “Minerva?” Obviously they knew each other.

“Say goodnight, Frank!” Minerva swung that cast iron skillet for all she was worth. She hit him square in the face knocking him off his feet and rendering him unconscious.

She then dropped the frying pan and rushed over to see how badly I was hurt as did all my beautiful and brave girls. At that moment I didn’t have enough arms to hug them or enough words to praise and thank them.

Martha my ex-wife was on her hands and knees in the doorway crying and shaking, unable to move. She was so terrified that she defecated, soiling her clothing and vomited on the floor. I wanted kill this scum for what he did to Martha and what he would have done if we had not stopped him.

I sent Mandy to get my taser and handcuffs in order secure Frank until the police arrived. Minerva had taken the imitative and telephoned Arthur on my satellite phone. Minerva knew Frank’s history and sanctions as she sat on his Tribunal.

I shut the door before Minerva could tell me. Katherine went back into the house to get her medical bag while Minerva and Sarah fussed over me. They tried to get me to lie down in the event of a possible concussion.

We handcuffed Frank and rolled him onto a blanket using it as a makeshift stretcher to drag the offal into the house. Once inside, Katherine took care of my broken nose, packing it with gauze. She gave me an ice pack for my face to help stop the swelling. I refused anything stronger then aspirin for the pain needing to keep a clear head.

Next she attended to the offal. He was awake now and sniveling about his broken nose and shattered teeth. The offal was complaining about his damaged leg as well. I spit on the floor near him in disgust. Katherine first immobilized his leg with an air splint. She packed his nose and gave him a morphine derivative for his pain.

While this was going on Mandy and Sarah took Martha upstairs to get her cleaned up. Martha allowed herself to be brought upstairs walking as if in a daze. The girls fussed over her, helping her shower to wash the heavy makeup from her face and shampooing the vomit from her long bleached blond hair.

When Martha was cleaned up and wearing one of Mandy’s nightgowns Katherine injected her with a sedative to help her sleep. They put Martha to bed and sat with her; talking quietly; reassuring and comforting her until Martha fell into a deep much needed asleep.

The offal scum, Frank was now pleading for me to let him go. He claimed that it was all a misunderstanding. That not working, he offered to buy me off. The scum claimed he would disappear, leave the country and never bother Martha again. I ignored him until he eventually gave up.

Arthur telephoned to say that he would arrive with the enforcers in three hours. He would land his helicopter in the open field next to my house. I gave him a brief summary of what transpired. Prior to his telephone call two wreakers arrived to remove the damaged vehicles from the driveway.

When he arrived the girls greeted Arthur warmly. He received a hug and a kiss on the cheek from each. Arthur praised and congratulated them on their cool heads and bravery. Minerva just stood there looking. Arthur had presided at Minerva’s Tribunal.

Arthur walked up to her kissing her cheek and said “You may give a hug and kiss Minerva; you have made me very proud of you this day.”

She reached up touched her cheek where Arthur had kissed her. I saw Minerva’s eyes starting to tear. She kissed and hugged Arthur, grateful for his approval. Arthur hugged her back as would a father a daughter and whispered something in her ear.

With the greetings and pleasantries out of the way Arthur dismissed the girls except for Minerva. We turned to face the offal scum sitting on the floor of my foyer. All expression was now gone from Arthur’s face.

Arthur’s merry blue eyes were now as cold as ice and harder than diamonds. Walking past the offal scum Arthur opened the door the let the three Enforcers enter. As is the way of the Sanctorum the Enforcers were wearing white porcelain death masks. They wore long red hooded robes over their street clothing.

Arthur pointed to the wretch on the floor. Silently two of the Enforcers grabbed the scum’s cuffed arms forcing him to stand. Arthur walked up to the now blubbering Frank. He removed the red carnation from his lapel and placed it into the lapel of the condemned’s suit coat. The miserable poltroon urinated in his pants. Arthur turned his back as did Minerva and I. The Enforcers left with the condemned man closing the door behind them……

The girls were preparing our meal and setting the table while Arthur and I retired to the study. I poured us large snifters of cognac to for us to drink while he debriefed and after “What are you going to do about your ex-wife, Michael?”

“I don’t know yet Arthur, my head is killing me. I’m hoping the cognac will help. Katherine treated Martha for shock and can attest to her physical condition. Mandy and Sarah helped Martha shower and get dressed for bed. I suppose Martha can stay here for now. I certainly have the room.”

No sooner then I said this Minerva knocked on the door announcing our meal was ready.

We ate in dining room together discussing what just happened and the ramifications. The girls informed us that Martha was covered with bruises most starting to fade. In addition to this there were pucker scars on Martha’s back that appeared to be from cigarettes or cigars and Minnie recalled Frank is a smoker.

Katherine confirmed the cause of the scars and further advised us there were fresh bruises adjacent to Martha’s kidneys. Katherine was not surprised if Martha was passing blood in her urine “I will bet my hoops that x-rays will show healed over broken bones to go along with her cracked ribs on her left side” Katherine told us.

We all sat there for a while not talking, contemplating this additional information. Sarah was the first to speak “Was or is Martha a slave, Arthur?

“No dear, why would you ask such a question Sarah?”

“I ask because I noticed a tattoo under her breast that said property of Master Franklin.”

Arthur stood up abruptly but then sat down “No Sarah, Franklin Abzug is sanctioned by the Sanctorum never to own slaves again. All of his wealth was seized under the condition that we spare his life. Martha has never been registered with the Sanctorum. Franklin Abzug is a sick sadistic predator and will be dealt with swiftly.”

After we ate Arthur and I again retired to the study and turning to me “May I make a suggestion Michael?”


Take your vacation with your ladies. I will have Martha placed in a secure private hospital until you return. This matter requires further investigation and I will see to it that Martha receives the best medical care in addition to a complete forensic physical.

In addition we will conduct a full background check on Martha, from birth to the present. The Sanctorum is responsible. I am responsible for Martha’s present deplorable situation.

“When you return we will discuss my findings; at that point I’m sure you will see to Martha’s rehabilitation and care until she can make a decision to what path she will take. You were married to her once and I believe in your own way that you still care for Martha”………….

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