Amazon Domme Pt. 01

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My life with Vernonica started just under a year ago. It’s hard to even remember exactly what my thoughts and feelings were before having met her, but I can’t help but feel nostalgic for that night. It was a dark and drunken night, spent around a few friends and many strangers, sometimes not knowing who was who, so I ended up treating them the same. I had just turned 21, and all I had on my mind was partying until I couldn’t even move a drink to my mouth. That attitude lasted about two hours, as I’m not much of a partier and tend to get turned off by obnoxiously loud music pretty quickly, and I may or may not have gotten a bit too drunk too quickly. My friends seemed to be having a good time, so to leave I just faked a call from my boss and said I needed to do something for work, and somehow my friends were drunk enough to believe it. Truth be told I wasn’t planning on leaving, I just needed some air, and a lot of water. I spent a lot of time outside, trying to collect my thoughts. Mostly I couldn’t help but wonder what to do when today was done. I had just moved to a new city to continue my education, I felt fresh and new, and ready for the experiences of this new city to enrich and enlighten me. I was ready for today to be the benchmark by which I measure all future days, and it was, but maybe not in the way that I was expecting. Eventually though, the alcohol could no longer mask how absolutely frigid it was outside, and even through all my winter gear eventually I had to go inside.

As I was walking back in, I noticed that the music had gotten even louder, and that my friends were no where to be seen. I looked over the entire bar, searched the bathrooms, and they were gone. Frustrated but still ready to continue my night at home, I ordered one last drink for the road before walking back to my apartment. As I turned to walk get my ID and card back, I managed to bump into what I thought was a pillar standing next to me, knocking my glasses to the floor. Frantically searching for them before they inevitably get stepped on. It was then I heard the most angelic voice I’d ever heard lean over top of me and say, “Excuse me, I think you dropped these.”

I knew before I even looked up that I was in love. I felt a great rapturous joy flow from the deepest recesses of my heart into my brain and back again. I’m sure I had the goofiest smile on my face as I looked up and realized she was handing me my glasses. Luckily for me, she had the most beautiful smile aimed at my direction as well. It was a coy, devilish smile, a smile that meant a million different things, and I knew I would give anything to see that smile every day. She was looking down at me, head cocked to the side when she asked my name.

“I’m… Chris, nice to meet you.”

“Vernonica.” She said, followed by,

“I know your name, but what kind of drink am I getting you?”

“Whatever you think is best.” was the best answer I could come up with.

Truly I was just mesmerized by her face. She had long hair put up in a bun, and the cutest not quite chubby cheeks but also not chubby, rosy cheeks. Almost chipmunk like, with a cute nose slightly pointing upwards and large deep red lips. It was as we were walking over to the bar that I got a really good look at her. I’m 5’10, and she was well over a head taller than me. I don’t know her height, but I’m guessing somewhere around 6’6 maybe 6’7. Large is the best way to describe her appearance at first. Large and domineering. She wasn’t obese or anything, or even fat, she had broad shoulders and hair that went well past them, with large arms that looked like I could hang off of them if I grabbed on while she was flexing. She was a very voluptuous woman, wearing a t shirt and jeans that left little to the imagination. She had incredibly large breasts, more than a handful does not describe them, they were easily larger than my head. She had wide hips that were stood on top of long, incredibly thick legs. Her legs were honestly probably thicker than my torso. She was so unbelievably cute, kind of chubby but in the most adorable way possible, and easily the most attractive woman I’ve ever met. She also had the largest ass I’ve ever seen on any woman in my entire life. Round, and shapely, but wide and incredibly huge. It could seriously be nearing 60 inches all around.

She led me over to where she was sitting at the bar, ordering us both a tequila sunrise.

“So what brings you here today?”

“Unfortunately, I was brought here by my friends but they seemed to have up and vanished.”

“Awww shucks, that’s no good. I feel you though, I was going to meet a date here, but I just ended up drinking alone for an hour…”

“Luckily there’s no reason to do that anymore. Thank you for the drink by the way.”

“No problem, cute thing.”

I didn’t really know how to respond to that. It’s not that I thought little of myself, but the idea that this woman would look at me and say these things was genuinely baffling, she was honestly that gorgeous.

“Oh gosh, thanks! görükle escort You’re rather cute yourself, I should buy you a drink next.”

“No that’s okay, you’re money’s no good here. You’ve spent enough on drinks tonight, let me keep you going.”

“Well thank you! You’re making me glad I came out for my birthday.”

She rapped me over the shoulder and exclaimed, “You never said it was your birthday! We’ve got to celebrate now!”

We clinked glasses and finished our drinks before she said, “I can’t believe your friends ditched you here, especially on your birthday but I guess I should thank them now that I’ve got you all to myself.” she said with a big laugh and smile. I couldn’t help but smile myself, I couldn’t even mask that I wanted the same thing.

“So how old are you?” I was kind of dreading that question.

“I turned 21 yesterday.” I said with my best impression of a youthful smile.

She looked at me with a slightly bewildered face.

“I mean I thought you were young but you’re as fresh as they come.”

“Don’t worry I’m a crotchety old man at heart.” She laughed pretty hard at that. It felt good, I was starting to be able to be myself around her.

“Well you know what, I think I want to treat you to somewhere a little nicer, maybe somewhere we can actually hear each other speak.”

I nodded in agreement.

“Where do you have in mind?” I said.

“There’s this really quiet down-to-earth lounge down the road, if there’s room we’re definitely going in.”

As we got outside and walked down the street, I really felt how absolutely cold it was. Being from Detroit you’d imagine that I would be able to deal with frigid temperatures better than the average man but that would be far from the truth. It wasn’t long before I had my hands in pockets and was shivering more than I wanted to in front of the present company. She stopped me while we were waiting for a street crossing sign and took her gloves off and put them on me. I don’t think she was bothered by having to do so, going by her face, but she looked happy to help. The rest of the way there, she held my hand and kept us going at a brisk enough pace to get me there with all appendages in tact.

“Here we are, lets get you warmed up.” I was shielding myself from the cold and didn’t even notice the sign, but she led me inside and I was greeted by something rather new; quiet. I walked in with her right behind me, pointing me to a booth in the corner of this establishment. as I sat down someone came up and asked what we’d like to drink, before I could even think of something she’d ordered us a couple of waters and two screwdrivers. Looking around here, it was intoxicatingly relaxing. There was a cool and quiet band laying down some sweet and sultry music on the opposite side of the building, loud enough to be present, quiet enough to allow a conversation.

“So birthday boy, tell me about yourself.”

“Well, I’m a student, I’ll be in town for a while studying history, probably for at least another few years. I’m a bit of a nerd as you can tell.” I say with breathy laugh.

“I tend to be a sort of homebody in a way, I tend to study, read, work, and exercise, and if there’s any time left, sleep.”

“That’s wonderful! I love history, I minored in it while I was in college, it was so much more interesting in college than I ever remembered it being in high school. I hear you though, I sometimes miss college but I din’t think I’ll ever go back, it’s so much more expensive than when I went, and I think I’m done with finals and missing sleep.”

“I probably won’t miss it when I’m done, but I love it right now, I just I could work less, this is an expensive city to live in.”

It was at this time that she noticed I never took my coat off when we sat down together.

“Are you that cold still? You look like you’re shivering.”

“No no, I’m okay, I just need a little longer to warm up is all.”

She nods at me to scoot over and puts her coat around me, before pulling me in close.

“This better?”

“So much better.”

“Let me know when you get too warm, I don’t want you being all hot and bothered.”

“I don’t think I can get so warm that it would be worth leaving this spot.”

I feel a hand gently press my head against her chest, and for a moment forget to breath. I felt so at peace that everything made sense for only a fraction of a second.

After the waiter brings our drinks over, we continue talking.

“So what do you do?” I asked.

“I’m a writer for a popular technology and science website. I write about robotics and automation usually, but I’ve written about everything from computer architecture, artificial intelligence, and networking as well as some fun easy stuff like app reviews and whatnot.”

“Wow, I honestly don’t know what to say. That sounds like such an interesting job, and a really difficult one too. I briefly wanted to be an engineer before realizing that it would have been extremely eskort bayan hard and not that worth it for me. I do love programming though!”

“Haha, well that’s a start.”

“How long have you been doing that for?”

She looked at me as she sipped on her drink.

“That was a pretty clever way of trying to suss out how old I am” she said with a crooked smile.

“Honestly I wasn’t even thinking about it I swear!”

I probably had a look on my face like I’d just seen a pile of ghosts Eiffel towering based on her reaction to me.

“I’m kidding, I promise. I’ve been doing this for about 15 years, and I started one year after leaving college.”

“Oh wow, that’s some serious job security. I’m kinda jealous.”

She casually leans back and yawns and says, “Yeeaaaah, I’ve got a lot to be jealous about.”

Everything about her was so much fun, she was brilliant, extremely beautiful, she was just as big a nerd as I was, I didn’t even realize how much time we’d spent together. We talked about everything and all the while drinks kept pouring. We talked about traveling; where we’ve been, where we’d like to go, the most beautiful spots, the most overrated spots. We both had been to Reykjavik before and both were sure we wanted to go again. We named our favorite authors on a three count and both said Vonnegut, and also agreed Cat’s Cradle is his best book. We talked about our favorite movies and directors, she was a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino and the John Wick movies, and we both loved horror movies. Before long we were ready to head out, we had a horror movie date planned, and I couldn’t be happier.

As we were leaving, she handed me a scrap of paper with a phone number on it, and told me to text her when I was free. I held it in my hands, and before I could even respond, I saw her face coming down, and she was kissing me before I could think to say or do anything. I felt like putty in her hands, I melted into her and kissed her back with equal passion. It felt wrong not to be in her arms.

“Text me when you’re home, I want to know you’re safe.”

“Of course. Don’t worry, I live just a few blocks from here.”

I made sure to text her as soon as I walked through the door that I was home. All I got in response was, “Glad to hear it, good night. <3" I was in heaven, I couldn't even sleep that night I was so happy to have met her. That next weekend we set aside an entire day to curl up next to each other and watch some scary movies. “I’m leaving my house soon.” I said. “I’ll bring some vodka and OJ if you’d like. “I’ve got plenty of vodka, if you have some OJ bring it, I’d love to day drink some screwdrivers with you, cutie.” “Well shucks, you’re just the nicest thing. Anything else I should do before I leave? “Yes, make sure you dress super casual, I don’t feel like dressing up today and I don’t want you feeling over dressed.” I quickly changed into some light sweat pants and a way-too-big hockey jersey and headed over. I was greeted with a beauty the likes of which I’ve never seen before. Veronica ushered me into her home with a causal, “Welcome to my home.” and a peck on the cheek. She was dressed almost the same way, sweat pants that were just a little too small on her and a super large sweater that could also fit me inside of it. As I set the mixer on the counter I felt her come up behind me and give me the most relaxing and comforting hug I’ve ever received. I held onto her arms while she squeezed me tight against her, and if I wasn’t aware we were about to be snuggled up against one another, I’d have never let go. She knows that I’m what you might call a big baby when it comes to scary movies, even though I love them, I’m just a great big scaredy-cat. She turned on the first Conjuring movie and set me and her up really comfortably. I was lying down on the couch slightly tilted on an angle facing her TV, and she was on partly on top of me, partly next to me. She pressed play and settled on top of me, and I immediately felt at home, even if I was about to be scared more than I wanted to be. She nuzzled herself against me and pulled me into her, while playing with my hair and rubbing my body. I melted into her and allowed myself to get comfy. It obviously wasn’t long before the movie was a bit much and I had to start slightly tilting my head away from the TV or slightly closing my eyes. It wasn’t long before I was caught either. “Oh my God, open your eyes, come on it’s not even scary yet.” “It’s not scary for you, I’m jumpy I can’t help it!” “Fine, I’ll let you look away if you kiss me instead.” “I can do that if you’d like.” It was an obvious trick but I’d been waiting for her to say something like that, I love that she knew how to take charge. I took every opportunity I could to fain being scared so that I could be kissed by her. Until she decided that wasn’t good enough any longer. “Okay, you’re looking away too much, I’m starting altıparmak escort to think you came over here for me instead of these movies.”

“I am too.”

I nuzzled myself against her and started to get comfy before she pulled away from me. She had her arms on either side of me head and was looking down at me like a delicious meal laid in front of her, before she said, rather coldly, “Take off your shirt.” Given the look in her eyes I didn’t ask anything I just complied.

“Every time you look away, on purpose or otherwise, you’ll take one article of clothing off, and kiss wherever I tell you. Deal?”


That game didn’t last long. After I had taken my shirt off, she had gotten a bit more handsy with me, and started grabbing my hair, my wrists, my neck, my ass, whatever she could get her hands on while making out with me. All my attention was on her now. All I wanted to do was please her. I didn’t fight back, I let her explore me and did some exploring of my own, rubbing her back and grabbing her gigantic ass over her sweatpants. She shifted while above me, easily holding both arms above my head with one hand. She spread my legs apart with her knee, and started inching her way down my body towards my junk, while whispering, “How bad do you want this..?” “All I want right now is you.” I responded. “Is that right?”

After a minute she pulls my head back by my hair and looks at me longingly before getting up for a moment and making us both a stiff drink. as she comes back, she sits down on her couch and sets me up on her lap while I look at her and says,

“I think I should say something before we proceed. I think you can obviously tell that I like being in charge and having control. I like to have my needs met and I like men who can follow orders and do what they’re told. I’ll be blunt, the way that you follow me around is a massive fucking turn on. Even when we first met, you’ve been right beside me, never arguing, allowing me to take charge. You let me decide where to go, what we’ll eat, drink, what you’ll wear, and it’s been fucking great. I love a man that can be properly submissive. Is that something you can be?”

“Absolutely. I’ve never thought of myself as strictly submissive but in your presence I can’t think of anything I’d rather be. I want you to have complete control, and do whatever you’d like.”

After I say that she looks at me for a moment, finishes her drink, and carries me into her bedroom down the hallway.

“Lets just be sweet and simple tonight.” Veronica says. “Nothing too crazy, not yet at least. I just want to test out my new toy today, how’s that sound?”


“Good. I guess before going too far, lets just say the safe word is red.”

I sat up slightly and watched my gorgeous new friend undress in front of my eyes. She made very little fanfare about getting nude, it was quick and easy, and before long, she was on top of me. She was ravenous, pulling my hair to the side and kissing and biting my neck vigorously. “I’ve been waiting so long to do this to you.” she said to me. “All I want is to please you. Just tell me what to do, I’m yours…”

She rolled off of me, while holding a fistfull of my hair at the same time, guiding me towards her pussy as fast as she could.

“You just stay right there and keep licking until I cum on your face.”

That’s all I needed to hear. It was music to my ears listening to her moan while she wrapped her large and powerful thighs around my head. I could barely see, and barely breath, but I knew where I was based on her moaning and squirming. She was grabbing my face and fucking it like it was just some object, and I couldn’t have loved it more. I loved the feeling of belonging to her the way I did here. My entire face was covered in her juices and I couldn’t get enough. I wanted more of her. I wanted her to cum again and again, and use me every day like that. Before long, she loosened her grip and let me breath momentarily. and pulled me up next to her. She straddled my upper body, before placing both knees over top of my wrists and sitting on my face.

She placed her hands at the top of the bed frame and began fucking my mouth aggressively. I couldn’t even see her face anymore, her frame was so big and domineering that I could only see her pelvis and her lower tummy. I lapped at her and tried to keep up, but she was so quick and large that it became impossible. She leaned back and said to me, “Just stick your tongue out flat, love.” As I did, she ground her pussy against my tongue and I sat back, unable to move, breathless and wanting nothing else. Eventually, one of my hands got loose and went up, rubbing her ass and moving up her body towards her tits and playing with them for a moment, she seemed to enjoy it before grabbing my hand and pinning it underneath her once again.

She came over and over again before settling next to me and holding me close to her. She grabbed my head before placing my mouth at her nipple and smothering me with her tits. “I picked a really good toy, didn’t I?” “Mm hmm” “Don’t get too comfortable, I’m nowhere near done with you, baby.” I was shocked and also relieved in a sense. I’d been given some confirmation that I was doing the only thing I wanted to do, which was please her.

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