Amanda Baits Her Tender Trap Ch. 02

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Amanda was a divorced woman approaching 50 years in age who was visiting with her close friend Penny on a long weekend. The two women had grown up together, married brothers, raised families and divorced the brothers following a wild sexual afternoon at a convention.

Penny had a weekend lover, a young stud about 25 years her junior, who showed up at Penny’s apartment a few hours after Amanda’s arrival. Amanda then endured a fitful night listening to Penny and her young lover screwing. The next morning after a period of uncertainty and before Penny had awakened; Amanda had seduced the young man. It should be made clear that Penny had previously suggested that Amanda sample her young friend’s sexual capacity.

Amanda took her time in the shower. Still glowing from her exuberant session with young Marty, she hummed and swayed languidly as the warm water sifted over her upturned face and streamed down her naked body. She shivered as she recalled the feel of his cock relentlessly sliding in and out of her pussy, her first time with a man in three years. She felt luxuriously alive from the pleasure received and given. She pressed her thighs together, her pussy cramping in a burst of reawakened pleasure. She felt used but completely contented. Marty’s intense erotic lovemaking had demonstrated that she was still a complete and desirable woman.

She toweled off slowly, viewing her body in a full-length mirror. She had always been comfortable with her voluptuous body and thought that she still looked good naked. Her swollen red nipples stiffened as she dried her breasts with the soft towel. She worked her way down her torso, down her hips and upper legs, toweling slowly, luxuriating in the tingles of erotic pleasure emanating from every place that she touched. Her body was alive.

The bathroom was situated between two bedrooms, her host Penny’s to one side and the spare bedroom used by Amanda on the other, each door with a privacy lock. Just as she ran the towel up between her legs, her fuzzy mind, blurred by the sensations of self-pleasure, connected with the sounds of sex coming from Penny’s bedroom.

Soft insistent moans emanated from two voices. She bit her lip as she toyed with the towel between her legs, drying her bush and pussy lips as she imagined Marty mounted on Penny, fucking her as he had fucked Amanda less than an hour previous. She dropped the towel and toyed with her pussy with one hand while the other captured a nipple, slowly pinching and twisting it between her thumb and forefinger.

God, she hadn’t been so easily aroused in years. Should she take a peek? The lock was not engaged so she cracked the door open enough to better hear the sounds of passion. She could hear Marty’s cock slurping in and out of Penny’s pussy, their heavy breathing synched with the rhythmic thump of the bed against the wall.

“Baby, loosen it for me, keep it open and relaxed and soft, don’t clutch it, let me just fuck it a bit longer, keep it soft,” Marty pleaded.

Amanda could not restrain herself. She moved closer to the door to peer through the crack to see Marty’s athletic butt rising and thrusting, his rigid cock slicing straight down into Penny, whose heels were perched on his shoulders. Penny’s arms were thrown sideways, hands clutching the pillows, as she lay supine while trying to not respond physically to Marty’s plundering.

But she could not contain her need and finally dug her fingernails into his ass and pulled him down on her. They flattened down on the bed in total abandon; the only sound aside from their joint grunts of pleasure was that of Marty’s belly slamming against Penny’s ass cheeks. “Whap, whap, whap, whap” resounded as they lost control. One final thrust and they clamped together, bodies stiffening in a joint orgasm.

‘Whew’, Amanda breathed as she carefully pulled the door closed. She moved quickly to her bedroom with the thought of retrieving her vibrator from her carry-on bag. She stopped suddenly, staring at her still naked body in the mirror and thought, ‘Save this for later, take a breath, all of this sex at once is too much. Cool it Amanda.’

It escort bayan bursa was a little later after each of them had individually prepared themselves a buffet breakfast. Marty was reading on the outside deck while the ladies were completing their make-up chores in Penny’s room, sitting side-by-side on a padded bench clad only in bra and panties. They planned to go out shopping together leaving Marty alone to rest up for the afternoon.

Penny grinned at Amanda in the vanity mirror as they primped and primed. “So how was it? I could hear the sounds of him at you but decided not to watch out of respect for your privacy. Not that you gave me any before breakfast, I saw you in the doorway. Which of you got the ball rolling?”

Amanda chose not to play cute and responded, “It was very nice, more than nice, ‘scrumptious’ would be a better word. I plead guilty to making the first moves. After listening to the two of you most of the night I was ready for sex this morning. I was wearing only halter-top and shorts, no bra or panties, when he came out of your bedroom. He didn’t have a chance!” They both laughed smugly, acknowledging women’s control over mere males.

Penny said, “You must have moved around, I heard noises from all over. I was tempted to go and peek.”

Amanda did blush a little, “Well it was pretty much unplanned all the way. I was sitting on the bar stool when he came out. I was in shorts and halter bra and still sitting on it when he first put his cock in me.”

“You’re kidding,” laughed Penny, “how could you get it on perched on that damn thing?”

“With great difficulty, he insisted that he couldn’t wait to get to bed and needed to feel it in me like right now! I do admit to be ready for it as well. He was very gentle for starters but then we both got more aggressive. We damn near fell of the stool so he finally duck-walked me over to the sofa where it was pretty much non-stop until we got off.”

“Ah damn, sounds so exciting baby. Was that all? I thought that I heard him in your bedroom as well?

“That’s right,” Amanda sighed, “I didn’t think that I had achieved a full orgasm on the sofa, so I asked him to take me to bed.” She paused a minute and drew in her breath, “I am pretty sure I had a double in the bedroom, it went all blurry when he got off, and I think I came again. Whatever, it was exquisite, thank you Pen, thanks for letting me enjoy him. I’m not so sure that I would have allowed you to have him if our roles had been reversed.”

Penny said slyly, “I am sure you would have Mandy, we have shared before after all? You must certainly recall the last one.”

Amanda raised an eyebrow, “Oh I do recall and will likely never forget it, the good with the bad. But Marty is quite a bit more innocent than Robert who was a pro. And that was a full three-way wasn’t it? This morning was more like sharing.”

They laughed embarrassedly as they recalled the wildest five hours of their lives. They had seldom talked about that day. The after shock of that afternoon had been solidified in their minds at their husband’s lawyer’ office the week following. The photo’s of the two of them screwing and being screwed by a handsome James Bond look-a-like were spread out like a deck of cards on the conference table. A day seldom passed that the two ladies had not recalled what they had experienced that afternoon, but they had seldom spoke of it. And in particular they had never discussed the intimate interplay with each other under the guidance of Robert their seducer.

They remained wordless for a few minutes as they fussed with their make-up. Penny broke the ice by throwing light on the elephant in the room. “Do you recall all of what you and I did to each other that day? You must remember some of it although I admit the memory of that afternoon returns to my mind in a fragmented manner.”

Amanda responded slowly and deliberately, “Oh yes, I remember most of it, or maybe my recollection is amplified by those damn pics. Despite the impact of alcohol and maybe drugs, the photos proved that we did it and that it wasn’t a dream. But I do bursa sinirsiz eskort remember you and I Penny.”

They lost eye contact in the mirror as conversation stilled momentarily. And then Amanda continued, “To me, that was the best part of that day. You and I, what we did with each other.”

They turned to each other now and leaned in to kiss softly. Penny sighed, “Oh God, I’m glad that you said that. I’ve felt the same way when I have allowed myself to think about that afternoon. I wonder why we feel guilty?”

They pulled back from their kiss, a kiss like no other they had ever exchanged. They stood and looked at each other in the mirror. Penny reached over to heft Amanda’s heavy breast in her hand. Her voice croaked from nervousness as she said, “Do you remember me kissing your nipples?”

“Oh yes,” Amanda whispered, “and more than that, you sucked them too, so gentle, it was so different than they had ever been sucked.” She closed her eyes as Penny rubbed and teased them through the light bra. Penny slipped one hand into the bra and lifted a burning tit out. Amanda allowed her legs to spread as thoughts of those tender moments in Penny’s arms flushed through her memory. Her pussy ached to be touched.

They stepped back clear of the padded bench and allowed their bodies and lips to engage. Their fingertips were light on each other, tentative but deliberate, minds free from any restraint.

Penny continued, “I went down on you too. Do you remember?”

Amanda breathed out, “Yes, very clearly. I looked down and you were looking up at me as you kissed my pussy. Your eyes were so soft and hot; you knew that I was enjoying it. I wanted to get off but then Robert moved in behind you and started to doggy you.”

“Would you like to try all that again?” Penny whispered.

They kissed urgently before Amanda responded, “Yes, oh yes.”

They stiffened as they suddenly sensed Marty’s presence in the room. He stood in the doorway obviously mesmerized by the scene. They weren’t embarrassed but were uncertain how or whether to continue, not knowing how he might react to the lust evolving between them.

He approached quickly from their sides, kissed each softly, “How beautiful ladies, don’t stop, keep going and let me stay with you.”

He moved behind Amanda and unhooked her bra, then bent and pulled her panties down, kissing the small of her back and cheeks as he arose. He repeated the action on Penny. The ladies were now naked, and he pressed them together and turned to sit on the edge of the bed.

They were a beautiful sight enmeshed in each other. Both had facial beauty, were of similar height, but with different body shapes. Amanda had wide shoulders and hips, heavy breasts and round cheeks. Penny was more athletic, trimmer, firmer breasts and slimmer hips and butt. She also had the most intriguing thigh gap. Marty could stare at it for hours. Whether she was naked or dressed in jeans or swimsuit, that thigh gap made him think of her pussy.

The needed no further urging as they clamped back together lips parted and tongue tips searching each other’s mouths. Marty focused on the breasts rubbing softly and sensuously. Their hips were glued together, seeking to engage and rub mounds. Their hands roamed the other’s bodies like violins playing a romantic melody.

Penny was the aggressor, calling the play and leading the way. She kissed her way down Amanda’s neck between her heavy tits, rubbing her face on the silky globes, sliding her mouth along the under base of her tits while working her way to the nipples, kissing and licking them before gently swallowing each in turn.

She pushed Amanda’s face down between her tits and then whimpered at the gentle kisses and licks of Amanda’s curious mouth and tongue. Amanda became more aggressive as Penny reacted and pinched her lips around a nipple and tugged it out from her body.

Penny was oblivious to Marty or any other part of this world as she pressed down on Amanda’s shoulders. Amanda sank down slowly, eager to explore her good friends body. She rubbed escort bayan her face on the silky skin of her belly; circled the belly button with her tongue tip, finally rubbing her nose in the thin bush of Penny’s mound, sensing the musky scent of a pussy.

Penny raised one foot to a footstool to spread her legs, balancing her body with one hand on the dresser and the other guiding Amanda’s head between her legs. She almost fell sideways at the sudden touch of Amanda’s tongue on the ridge of her swollen slit. She shut her eyes, biting her lip as Amanda explored her pussy from the back of her slit to her clit.

“Now me,” she moaned, pulling Amanda to a standing position before quickly dropping to her knees. Amanda leaned back on the dresser with both hands as Penny raised one leg over her shoulder. Penny’s lips were starving to taste her. Within seconds her tongue was licking the length of Amanda’s moist slit, pausing to rub her flattened tongue on her clit, and then slowly sucking in each pussy lip in turn.

Amanda’s hips ground back and forth in time to Penny’s tongue-lashing. She used one hand to hold and clamp Penny’s head tight to her crotch. She was very close to coming when Penny arose and they returned to the full body embrace, tasting their own pussies on the other’s lips and tongue.

Marty jumped up and out of the way as the ladies worked towards the bed. Penny took control and rolled Amanda on her back on the bed and quickly climbed to her knees and on top of her. This was the position that they had almost achieved together under the guidance of Robert, three years previous. Penny was determined to complete it this time, fulfilling a recurring fantasy.

Marty was standing naked beside the bed, stroking his fully erect cock and ready to assist but totally engrossed in the activities of his two lovers. He watched as Amanda rolled to her side as Penny raised the upper leg under her arm, spreading and exposing the red gash of a swollen pussy. Amanda appeared uncertain but not unduly anxious as Penny scissored her way down her legs until their pussies engaged.

They both appeared at a loss for a moment before Penny whispered, “You start baby, rub me first, then let me rub you, and we’ll figure it out.” They figured it out in a hurry, and within minutes Penny had both arms around Amanda’s upper leg, using it to anchor her body as she twisted and turned seeking to find that magic spot of pussy on pussy or clit on clit.

Amanda got off first although Penny did not seem to realize it and continued to grind as Amanda’s body collapsed beneath her. Marty came to the rescue and rolled Penny off to the other side of the bed, settled quickly between her legs, lifted her ass up and rammed his cock home. Penny was lost between the two scenarios and did not realize what was what until she got off with a loud scream.

Marty continued to stroke her as she also spread out like a wet noodle, before glancing over at a recovering Amanda who immediately beckoned him in invitation.

Marty’s heart was pounding now, the past few minutes were like a dream in his mind, but he sucked in his breath and pulled Amanda on top of him, “Get me home baby, nice and slow and soft, take your time.”

“Relax Marty, your mine for a while now, I’m going to make some moves that we missed this morning.” She nestled on her knees between his spread legs and bent down to slide her mouth around his knob and down as deep as she could go down his shaft. Marty arched up in delicious agony as she scraped her teeth along his shaft and over his knob as she lifted off of him. She repeated it several times, pausing to jerk his cock, until Marty’s toes were curled in an agony of pleasure.

She repositioned over him, kissing him while her great knockers swung and teased his chest and nipples, her pussy grazing the tip of his knob. “You want slow do you?” She plunged her gaping pussy down his shaft in one move. Marty’s knees weakened, his hips arched upwards again, and groaned, “One more like that will end it baby.”

Amanda slowly increased her speed until her hips were churning up and down and around as if it were she with the cock. They finally arched together in a paroxysm of release.

Penny had recovered and now lay propped up on one elbow watching them. Finally, with all three of them spread out with arms and legs akimbo, she looked over at the clock and said, “That’s the first hour, four more to go.”

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