Allison Ch. 03

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Two nights later I was sitting in Allison’s family room on the leather sofa. Kara knelt on the floor in front of me, her little B cups rubbing against my thighs as she rocked back and forth sucking my cock. I kept brushing her long blonde hair back to watch her take me as deep as she could. A bit frustrating actually after experiencing the skilled deep throat blowjobs from her mother. Kara had not learned to swallow a large cock down her throat yet and she wouldn’t take a cum load in her mouth either. Every time I suggested she try, she’d get mad and say it was gross and she didn’t like the taste. She didn’t mind pre-cum though, or at least mine. Like right now, she leaned back and squeezed my shaft, milking a drop of pre-cum out and then she leaned forward and licked it off.

“Fuck baby, that’s so hot.”

She just smiled and went back to sucking on the head of my cock. I wanted to feel more. I wanted her to suck me deeper. I closed my eyes and of course an image of Allison deep throating me popped into my head. Now that was twisted – her I was getting a somewhat sub par blowjob (though really, any bj is a good bj) and all I could think about was her mom sucking me off instead. It did make it more enjoyable, thinking about Allison, her tits, her ass, cleaning up her creampie…

Slap! Kara’s hand hit my stomach repeatedly and I realized that I had both hands on her head forcing my cock down her throat.

“God dammit Tom! Why the fuck did you do that? I almost choked!”

“Shit Kara, it felt so good,”

“I don’t give a fuck what it felt like. I told you not to do that. I almost threw up and it hurt!”

I leaned down and hugged her. “Sorry Kara, I just got carried away. I didn’t even realize what was happening.”

She slapped me again. “Don’t fucking do it again. And don’t ask me to swallow your cum either. I told you I didn’t like it and I’m not going to do it!”

Now I was getting pissed myself.

“Why the hell not? I go down on you all the time. I’ll even go down on you after I’ve cum in you but you say you don’t want that either. What the fuck Kara? It’s just a little cum.”

Unknown to either of us, Allison had come home quietly and was standing in the foyer observing us. Neither of us had heard her or noticed her.

“Looks like I came home at the right time.”

Kara and I both jumped. Still young enough to be trying to hide our sexual activities and even though I had down incredible sexual acts with Allison, this was still her house and her daughter. Who was still kneeling on the floor, her shirt open and her braless tits on display. Not to mention that I was still sitting there with my pants around my ankles and my mostly still hard cock sticking up.

“Mom!” Kara pulled her shirt closed and started to get up.

“Young lady, you stay right there. And you too Tom. Sitting on my couch with your dick out, getting a blowjob or the pretense of one anyway. What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Kara looked down at the floor ashamed, but I was still looking at Allison. She smiled a wicked smile and winked at me.

“Kara, if you’re going to let a man put his dick in your mouth, you need to learn how to do it properly. By properly I mean you learn how to take a nice long thick cock like Tom’s here and bury it in your throat. But even if you haven’t learned to do that yet, any beginner can swallow a cum load!”

At this, Kara looked up at her mom in astonishment. “What…what?”

Allison walked towards, no she strutted over to us with a sway in her hips that accentuated her curves and brought out all kinds of sexy feelings. She was wearing a wrap around dress and 5 inch heels and she looked amazing. “I’m glad my date tonight was a bust, because it’s obvious that I haven’t instructed you correctly in the ways of making love to man. Or at least how to suck a great cock properly. At least you had your shirt open. But you really should take it all the way off.”

With that, she reached down and grabbed the neck of Kara’s shirt and pulled it up and off her, forcing Kara to raise her arms to let it go.

“Very nice little tits you have Kara, it’s been a while since I’ve seen them.”

“Mom, what are you doing? Why aren’t you mad?”

“I am mad darling. I’m mad that you have this fantastic boyfriend who licks your pussy whenever you ask, but you won’t give him a good sucking and swallowing his load. You will do what I say now. I’m still your mother and you need to learn to do this properly.”


Smack! Allison’s hand left a bright red hand print on Kara’s tit.


“Be quiet! Like I said, you’re still my daughter and if I have to spank you, on your ass, your tits, your pussy, to get you to do what I want, then that’s what I’ll do. Are we agreed? Or are you no longer my daughter?”

“Yes ma’am. I’ll do what I’m told.”

I could tell that Allison was reasserting her parental dominance. Kara had told me that Allison had been very strict when she was growing up and I could see the rebellion and bursa eskort bayan fear leave Kara’s face as submitted to her mother.

“Now you’ve gone and let poor Tom get upset by being a bad girl. Perfect time to learn to take him deeper. Lean down there and see how much of his semi hard cock you can put in his mouth.”

Kara looked at her mom and then reached for my cock.

Smack! Allison’s hand came down on her daughter’s ass.

“I told you to use your mouth my dear, not your hands! Put those on his thighs to steady yourself and suck his cock!”

Kara leaned forward and sucked about half my semi hard cock into her mouth. It was more of me then she’d ever had before and fuck it felt good. I was rapidly getting hard again as she sucked more and more.

“That’s it baby girl. He’s getting hard again. Don’t freak out just swallow the end with your throat.”

Suddenly Kara started gagging as my head brushed the back of her mouth and she pulled off. “I can’t do it. It makes me gag.”

Allison shook her head and said, ” I’ll show you baby girl. First though, give me a hand with this dress.”

Kara stood up and looked shyly at her mom standing there. “Go ahead, unwrap me for your boyfriend so I can suck his cock and train my daughter.”

Kara reached out and let the clasp go on the wrap, reaching around her mother to gather it in as she peeled it off. I took off my shoes and pants and started unbuttoning my shirt.

“Mom, you don’t have any parties on.” Indeed she did not. Allison was magnificent in nothing but her heels. Her large breasts had a bit of sag, but fuck me they were sexy as hell.

“And you still have yours on dear. That needs to be corrected.”

Allison unsnapped Kara’s jean shorts and pushed them down, then knelt before her daughter and peeled off tight light blue panties.

“You have a pretty little cunt daughter. Do you like it when Tom fucks your pretty little cunt?” And she reached out and palmed Kara’s little bald pussy.

“Mom, ah, oh, yes. Yes I do.”

“And when he licks these little lips and sucks your clit and drinks your pussy juice?”

“Yes. Why are you doing this?”

Smack! Allison smacked Kara’s little bald cunt.

“I told you not to ask questions! But I’ll answer this one. Because I’m you’re mother and I’m not going to send you out into this world being a shitty lay. You need to know how to seduce and suck and fuck your man.”

Kara was in a daze. It was obvious by the way she held onto her mom’s shoulder and by the how wet her pussy lips were. Apparently she liked getting spanked on her pussy. I filed that away for later.

“Now get on your knees beside me and see how I deep throat this magnificent cock Tom has let us play with.”

This was a dream come true. Two sexy blondes, naked, getting ready to share my cock. And mother and daughter! They were still a contrast though, Kara with her slim hips and little tits, Allison with her mature hips, large breasts. I was rock fucking hard and spread my knees wide to let them both get in close. Kara’s eyes were locked on her mother as Allison leaned over my hard cock and sucked just the head in. Fuck yes, her mouth felt wonderful. She swirled her tongue around my cock head and when she pulled back she left a lot of saliva to run down my shaft.

“Daughter, you have to prepare both his cock and your mouth to deep throat. You can’t do it dry.” She licked her way down my shaft, coating me in her spit, working her way back up and swallowing about a third of my cock this time. Slow bob of her head, lots of tongue on the underneath of my cock head. She was an amazingly talented cocksucker. Allison reached out and pulled Kara’s head in closer.

“Kara, watch my throat when I suck him this time. I’m going to swallow when he gets to the back of my mouth. This keeps the gag reflex down,” she looked up at me and continued, “Love your cock Tom, it’s the perfect size to teach her this.”

“I love what you’re doing Miss Allison, it feels amazing.”

She took me back in her mouth, short bobs at first and I could feel her saliva leaking down my cock. She started going deeper and deeper until she had five inches in her mouth. I was watching Kara watch her mom suck my cock and it was so erotic. Kara had an intense look on her face, memorizing what her mother was doing.

I could feel my cock hit the back of Allison’s mouth. She looked up at me and winked before swallowing the head down her throat. So fucking sexy to watch her eyes close in reflex as she worked me deeper and deeper. Finally her nose hit my abdomen. I could feel her swallowing repeatedly, milking my cock with her throat and I groaned out loud.

“Fuck yes Miss Allison. This is the best blowjob ever.” Only one other girl had ever been able to deep throat me before and that was a one time drunken college party. This time though, it was this amazingly sexy older woman who knew exactly what she was doing and I was totally sober and loving it. So fucking amazing to have this bursa otele gelen eskort bayan beautiful, sexy, mature, blonde woman swallowing my cock down her throat.

I started bucking my hips a little out of reflex, just pulling back slightly and throat fucking Allison. Finally she had to come up for air, leaving a trail of spit from her mouth to my cock.

“That, Kara is how you suck a big thick cock. Do it,” and she pulled Kara down to my cock. She had her hands on Kara’s head, pushing her down and then up, a little further each time. If she had gone any faster I would have blown my load right there just watching the scene. Kara had her eyes closed, but her tongue was busy licking my cock inside her mouth as she went deeper and deeper.

“Kara, when he hits the back of your mouth on this stroke, pretend you’re swallowing a … big hunk of meat.”

God damn, it was so sexy to watch Kara trying to take all of me. She was on her hands and knees with her head up just like her mom had been, giving my cock a straight shot down her throat. After all the crappy blowjobs she had given me over the years, this one was incredible. Then I felt it, I hit the back of her mouth and she did it just like her mom had done. A swallow and bam, I was in her throat. I had to stop myself from lunging forward, it felt so good. Allison heard me gasp and looked up at me. “Is she doing a good job Tom?”

“Hell yeah, best she’s ever done. Thank you for teaching her, oh fuck yes,” I cried out as Allison pushed Kara the rest of the way and I could see her throat bulging with my cock inside it.

“That’s it baby girl. You did it! Just stay there a second, swallow over and over. Guys love to feel your throat around them.” Allison was rubbing Kara’s back now and I saw her hands dip down over Kara’s back and rub the sides of her tiny titties. “I’m so proud of you Kara, get some air.”

As Kara pulled back and off my cock, Allison leaned forward and licked the end of my cock. She brought Kara’s head to it as well. “We’ll lick him together baby.”

Kara and her mom started licking all over my cock till the reached the head. I saw Allison lick my cock and then Kara’s tongue and suddenly they were kissing around my dick. What a sight, one young sexy blonde and one mature sexy blonde kissing each other with my dick in between them!

“Love you Kara, love sucking this cock with you.”

“I love you too Mom, teach me more?”

Allison just took Kara’s head in her hands and thrust her tongue into her mouth, my cock momentarily forgotten. I leaned forward and reached my hands out to fondle their breasts at the same time while they were lost in making out. Such a sexy contrast, the feeling of a large breast in one hand and small perky tit in the other. I leaned in and sucked Allison large erect nipple in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around it and sucking her whole auerola. I switched to Kara’s tit and sucked her nipple the same way. Moving back and forth between them, alternating nipples, both of the reached out to put a hand on my head and I felt their fingers entwine in my hair, pulling me to them.

Fucking incredible to reach out and run my hands down a mother’s and daughter’s backs, over their dissimilar asses, one round but firm, and the other much smaller. I reached between their legs and cupped their pussies, feeling the differences. Allison, so wet, her lips engorged and so easy to slip a couple fingers into her. Kara, also soaked, but so tight that just getting one finger in was difficult from this position.

Allison moved my mouth off her daughter’s nipple and brought me up to their mouths. What a three way kiss it was! Never had I even dreamed of something like this happening, but fuck, it was amazing. Suddenly I felt Kara’s small hand on my cock, and then Allison’s hand on my balls and I groaned aloud.

Allison broke of the kiss and said, “It’s time to take care of Tom. I’m sure he can go more than once. I get him first since you were being such a naughty little slut sucking him off poorly in my house. Come on, we’re going to my room.”

It was a delight to walk down the hallway behind these two sexy ladies with their arms around each other. We got to the bedroom and Allison put Kara on the bed first.

“Yes, Kara, I’m going to teach you a lot of things. Showing you how to blow Tom was just the first. Making love to a man and woman at the same time is next my dear.”

Kara’s eyes got even bigger when her mom said that. “Move up to the headboard baby and spread your legs. You mother wants a good look at your pussy.”

Kara scooted back, her back propped up on the pillow and her legs spread wide with her knees bent. “Oh yes, baby, you are a sexy little treat. Isn’t she Tom?”

“Fabulous, but you’re amazing as well Miss Allison.”

“Thank you Tom. You’re such a gentleman, which is why you’re going to fuck me first. Kara is going to watch us fuck and hopefully learn something.”

Allison got on the bed, crawling bursa eve gelen escort forward until she was between Kara’s legs. She started kissing Kara again while her hands held onto Kara’s legs. Her ass was an incredible sight – wide hips flared out, her knees almost together, so that when I looked at her ass I could see her puckered asshole and then her wet pussy below it, just begging to be licked and fucked. I knew she wanted to get laid, but I just had to have a taste first. I got behind her and spread her ass cheeks a bit further apart. I ran my tongue down the crack of her ass and right over her asshole, circling it and then rimming it. I heard her say, “Kara, Tom’s licking my butthole right now, it feels so damn good. Has he ever done yours?”

“Yes Mom, he has the best tongue in the world. He licks my pussy and my ass till I cum and then he does it more.”

“And you still won’t swallow his cum? Baby, you have to take care of a good man.”

“Yes Mom, I’ll try next time.”

“Oh you will eat his cum tonight daughter. I’m going to make sure of it.”

I couldn’t say anything as my tongue was far up Allison’s ass at this point. I pulled my tongue out of her ass and turned over so that Allison’s pussy was over my face and pulled her down to me. She sunk her pussy right down over my tongue and I got a mouthful! Fuck yes, I loved the way she tasted. And she was so fucking wet. My chin was already coated and we had just started. I could hear Allison talking while I was licking her her lips and sucking on her clit.

“Oh Kara, we should have shared him before this, he’s licking my pussy so well.”

“I know Mom, he’s being doing it for a long time to me. Every chance I could get.”

“Oh you naughty little girl.”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Those slaps on your little titties are for not sharing him with me earlier. I love the way that slapping turns you on Kara. You get that face of lust when I do that. I’ll kiss them and make them better.”

I could hear Allison sucking on Kara’s little tits and Kara’s moans of appreciation. “Oh mom, that feels so good. No one has sucked on my tits like you are.”

“Never had another play with your little soft tits baby?”

“Oh god, feels so good, no mom, never. Jenny and I kissed one night, but we never went any further.”

“Glad I’m your first baby, now I’m going to show you something else.”

I stopped licking Allison’s wet pussy and turned my head. I could barely see past her hanging breasts, but what I did see made a spurt of pre cum come out of my cock. Allison was eating her little girl’s pussy!

“Oh mom, oh shit, that feels so good. Fuck yes!”

I totally forgot about licking Allison, watching her eat her daughters pussy was such a sight.

“I didn’t tell you to stop Tom! But since you did, get behind me and shove that big cock in my pussy.”

I didn’t have to be told twice. First though I moved up so I could kiss Kara. She licked her lips after the first kiss and I realized that of course she was tasting her mom.

“Do you like the way your mom tastes?”

She didn’t answer just grabbed my head and kissed me hard, her tongue moving around my mouth, tasting her mother and moaning. When I stopped kissing her I said to Allison, “I think she likes the way you taste Miss Allison,”

Allison just doubled down on eating her daughter’s pussy. I could see her tongue going wild around Kara’s clit, her fingers busy with Kara’s pussy.

I left off kissing Kara, gave her tit a quick suck and got behind Allison on my knees. She was so soaking wet that all I had to do was spread her hips a bit and slide in to the hilt. I loved the way her mature cunt just opened up for my thick cock. Velvety smooth and wet, I could watch her lips go inside with each thrust and cling to my shaft when I pulled out.

I put my thumb on top of my cock and on the next thrust slid it inside her, riding my dick and stretching her out a little. “Tom, yes, fuck that feels good. Now, put it in my ass.”

Kara was leaning over a bit and watching as I fucked her mom. She had both hands on Allison’s head, holding her mom tight to her pussy. Kara watched avidly as I put my thumb against Allison’s asshole and pushed in while thrusting my cock into her pussy.

“Yes Tom, fuck my ass with your thumb you big dicked mother fucker,” Allison screamed into her daughter’s cunt.

I wasn’t going to hold out long. Every time I thrusted, the crown of my cock would run against my thumb in her ass and I could feel my orgasm rising. With a primal shout I shoved my cock deep inside Allison and came. Allison squeezed her pussy around my throbbing pulsating cock as spurt after spurt of cum flooded her pussy.

I pulled my thumb out of her ass, but stayed buried inside Allison’s perfect pussy for a minute. Not that I could pull out if I had wanted to since she was still clamping down on my cock like a vice.

Allison had stopped licking Kara’s pussy while I came and now she said, “It’s time for your next lesson Kara. Never leave your man dirty. After he fucks you, clean him up. Get down there and suck his cock clean.”

“Yes mom.”

“Tom, don’t move.”

Allison then moved her body, rotating around my cock, pulling me down somewhat until she was able to swing one leg over my head and end up supine in the bed with me still inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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