All About Zack Ch. 08

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Danny and I fucked like rabbits on holiday. Life was going great even though I had to warn off several girls who tried to chat up my husband! Two days before we came home from Spain we spent some time on the beach as usual. I was quite happy sunbathing topless and getting a nice even tan. Danny teased me about the men that took sly glances at my big round tits. Most of them looked English and one guy in particular seemed to catch our eye. He was with a group of lads in their 20’s or so, and they were staying at our hotel. Danny started talking to them, and now and again 6 sets of eyes ran over my boobs. I felt flattered by the attention, and I must admit to flirting with them.

I went back to the hotel for a shower, and stood in my towel drying my hair. The door to the room opened, and in walked the boy who had been staring at me. I looked over his shoulder and there was my husband grinning.

“I thought you might like a special treat, after all I fucked Sylvia. I’ll be back in two hours. This is for you a one off, now or never Tina. It’s up to you?” he whispered.

I never really thought about having sex with anyone else. So I just stood there looking at the young English lad. Danny kissed me.

“Well do you want to send him away, or do you want a little fun with my blessing?”

I began kissing Danny I just loved him so much. I still hadn’t responded to his question. I felt the towel being pulled off, and it dropped to the floor. My husband took my hand and placed it in this young boy’s. I stood totally naked in front of him. He just stared at my tits with such lust.

“Have fun you two,” Danny said, as he handed me a pack of condoms and closed the door.

I was still quite stunned by all of this, and the boy was already kissing me before I reacted. He backed me rather awkwardly to the bed. I just let him crawl between my legs and felt his lips on my pussy. I opened my legs further, and he seemed to pull my lips apart.

“How old are you?” I mumbled.

“19 in four month’s time,” he replied.

I gasped as his tongue went between my legs. All I could think about was this boy was the same age as my son! I felt a finger enter my pussy and I gasped.

“You’re old enough to be my mum aren’t you?”

It was hardily a compliment but it sort of hit the spot. I just nodded as he smiled.

“I’ve been watching you since we got here 4 days ago.”

“I know. I’ve seen you I mean.”

“So do you want me to fuck you then?” he asked, as he fed a condom on his cock.

I just nodded and he moved between my legs. He pushed his cock in all the way. I just whimpered as he held himself right in me. He pushed his tongue in my mouth and then he pulled it out. He just watched me for a reaction. I grinned at him.

“Look I’m not shocked, I’ve tasted myself before. Now why don’t you fuck me and feed the taste of my pussy to me?”

That was it he started fucking me and forcing his tongue in my mouth. It was like my words had some magic effect on him. I gripped his puny white ass, but there was nothing puny about his cock!

“You better go steady or you’re going to pop!”

“So, you will just have to get me hard again,” he panted.

I wrapped my legs around his back, kicking my heels into his ass. I felt an orgasm rush through me. It was quite unexpected but very welcome. He shot soon after, grunting and panting in my ear.

We lay together for a few minutes recovering.

“So are you going to suck me, or have you had enough?” he said with a grin, as he pulled the condom off.

“Oh you are a little arrogant shit aren’t you?” I teased, with a chuckle.

I took his glistening cock in my mouth and he whimpered a little. He flexed his hips trying to gently fuck my mouth.

“Easy tiger just lay there and enjoy it,” I whispered.

“You know I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you. God you suck cock good.”

“You know I’ve got a son your age?” I purred teasing him, “he’d be horrified if he could see his mother now.”

He gulped a little, “is he here, with you?”

I grinned, “Well I just hope he doesn’t walk through the door, and catch me with your cock in my mouth, or do I?” I cooed.

“Oh fucking hell!” he exclaimed, “would you fuck your own son?”

“How do you know I haven’t?” I asked with a wicked grin, which had him gasping in excitement.

I mumbled on his cock as his fingers ran through my damp hair. For the last 10 minutes I was giving him the best blow job I could. Now he was near, I could feel his legs tighten, and his grip on my hair became stronger.

I took my head off his young cock.

“You don’t have to force me to swallow you know. I love the taste of spunk hitting my mouth,” I purred.

He groaned and gasped bayan esmer escort bursa at my words, and at my mouth that had clamped back on his cock. I swallowed hot spunk that flew into my mouth. I sucked greedily moaning approval, which seemed to spur him on to squeeze every last drop into my mouth!

I panted and wiped the sweat from my brow. I just stayed there kissing his cock enjoying the after taste.

“You really are fucking sexy,” he groaned, as he pulled on his shorts.

“Glad you think so,” I said, just before I kissed him at the door.

He slapped my naked ass and grinned.

“Oh by the way, my name is Tommy. I go to school with Zack, your son.”

He grinned at my shocked expression.

“Yeah, all the guys think you are one of the horniest mums. I really can’t believe I’ve fucked Zack’s mum. Does he really fuck you?”

He took one last look at my tits, and then grinned and left before I could respond.

Danny came back to the hotel ½ an hour later. By that time I had composed myself a little. I just hoped Tommy would keep his little mouth shut, but deep down I didn’t think that was likely.

I finally managed to tell Sylvia I had set up her going with Danny. But I had made Danny promise me that he wouldn’t tell Sylvia it was my idea. Not until I had told Sylvia first. He made little remarks about fancying Sylvia to my brother, just enough to propagate the seed in Brian’s head. Sylvia seemed quite shocked when I finally told her, and for the first time I realised that maybe it had been a mistake. I also wanted to let the cat out of the bag about Brian banging Faye, but I thought it best to let her get over one shock first.

So there I was a short time later sunbathing at Sylvia’s house. I had gone topless which seemed to fluster my sister in law. I told Zack to come to her house after school. I could see the little shocked look on Sylvia’s face, when I asked Zack to do up my bikini top. Now for some reason Sylvia was beginning to annoy me. She wasn’t exactly over friendly lately. I tried to find excuses for her but she seemed distant, it was probably due to me setting her up, but I didn’t really think it was just that alone. Every time I told her how well Zack was doing at school, she seemed to want to change the subject. Then when I told Zack to rub sun cream in her back, she looked like I had asked him to slit her throat!

She just shuddered as he started and it really annoyed me. After the way she teased Zack in the past she now seemed to be unable to stand him! I know Zack had little fantasies about her, but she was being so bloody nasty. She didn’t mind teasing him though, oh no, that was fine! I just wanted Zack to turn the tables on her little game. Still she would be fucked up if Brian left her for Faye! She would soon want me then.

I fully intended being around for Sylvia when Brian finally plucked up courage to dump her. But as you have read circumstances have changed somewhat, and my liking for Sylvia was now disappearing fast!

So in came my brother just as I was getting changed to go home.

“You didn’t tell her did you? God I thought you would crack and tell her it was my idea. I know I told you not but I thought you would. Still it shouldn’t surprise me, seeing as how you are cheating on her.”

I watched him turn to me and he swallowed.

“I even made a slip-up when I told her, but she was so shocked she missed it.”

He didn’t say anything he just turned back to the window. He seemed mesmerized by what was happening outside. I had seen this look before, many times.

“Are you going to leave her for Faye?” I asked, watching Zack rub cream into her from the kitchen.

Again he was silent, and still watching out of the window. I realised now what was happening outside was turning him on. I grinned to myself.

“Look is something going on between Zack and her?”

“Hell Tina why do you think that?”

I could tell by Brian’s face that he wasn’t telling me the truth. He had grown a little distant from Zack too, and I didn’t like that at all. I gently rubbed Brian’s cheek and he pushed my hand away. He had never done that before, not when I was telling him about my boyfriends when we were younger. So not only was she pissing me off he was now as well!

“Come on Zack we’re going,” I called.

I looked at Brian; he was still staring at his wife.

“You two had better not be playing your little game using my son,” I hissed in his ear.

“Tina do you really think I’d be that sick?”

I eyed him up and down for a while. I grabbed his cock feeling how hard it was.

“This tells me the truth Brian,” I hissed.

“Tina, don’t do that!” he snapped.

“You bursa ucuz eskort know Zack could really get under her skin, she is weak, I bet deep down she is scared of him. I’ve seen the little frightened looks she tries to hide when she’s around him. Or maybe I’m beginning to think she is just as bad as her sister?” I spat.

“You know that’s not true Tina. Sylvia would never do anything like that,” he hissed.

“Oh! Look at him, rubbing cream into your wife’s back. I bet she’s either shitting herself or enjoying it!”

“Oh and what would you prefer Tina, I bet you wish she’s shitting herself, you and your fucking dark side, or are you perhaps jealous Tina? Do you wish he was rubbing cream on your back?”

I laughed, “You can’t play mind games with me dear brother. Who used to beg me to paddle his ass after he watched me with Trevor?”

“You sick bitch!” he hissed at me.

I took a deep breath, “she is starting to piss me off, and if you are going to leave her do it soon, for her sake.”

When we walked out into the garden Sylvia jumped. God the look on her face was priceless.

“Hell I’ve left my sunglasses in Sylvia’s kitchen, go get them for me honey, please?”

When Zack got back in the car I swear he had a lump in his trousers.

I kept up my topless bathing at home. Danny didn’t seem to mind me going topless in front of Zack. OK it gave me a thrill, but I’m sure Zack got one too!

So a few weeks later I had just come out of the bath, and Sylvia was stood in my kitchen looking very red. Zack was there too, and I soon noticed her knickers down round her ankles. She reckoned her elastic had gone right in front of Zack! At the time I thought it was quite funny. I teased her about trying to seduce my son. But I knew deep down she was way too flustered. When she left I recalled the look on her face. I called Zack into the living room and gave him some cream to rub on my feet. He seemed a little withdrawn as he rubbed them. I slipped my foot high on his thigh. I knew he had a bulge in his trousers, but was it because of mother, or his aunt? I closed my eyes enjoying him working on my feet.

“So your auntie’s panties snapped. Did you feel embarrassed Zack?”

“A little I guess mum,” he mumbled.

“You know I’ve seen your little collection in the box under your bed,” I opened my eyes and looked at him, “I wondered where some of my panties and tights had gone. Some of them belong to your aunt too don’t they?”

My toes pressed lightly on the top of his hard cock. I closed my eyes again as my son knelt there speechless.

“I’ve know for some time now. So are some of those panties your aunt’s?”

“Yes, I’m sorry mum,” he mumbled faintly.

“You know your aunt looked very red. I think you are teasing her Zack, and you’ve got her ripped panties in your pocket haven’t you?” I said, as I gently pushed my foot over his bulging pocket.

His face looked red and he was trembling quite a lot.

“If you must tease her, be very careful. Don’t try anything with her, do you know what I mean honey?”

“Don’t worry mum, I, I won’t let you down,” he replied with a grin, and then he planted little loving kisses on my toes.

“Good boy,” I mumbled, as tried to keep my orgasm from my son.

His hand glided up over my knee. I could see a longing in his eyes. I stopped his hand.

“Keep rubbing my toes darling, just keep rubbing my toes,” I mumbled, as I pressed harder against his cock.

He tried very hard to stop his orgasm. He moaned and kissed my offered painted toes. That night I went into his room and took away all the panties and tights that weren’t mine. I left the box on his bed. When he came home I followed him up the stairs.

“Goodnight darling,” I said with a smile.

He grinned back.

I had thrown out Sylvia’s panties. I didn’t want him having hers; I knew he had stolen them from her home. Sylvia had told me that she thought someone was stealing her underwear from her washing line. I didn’t want Zack getting into any trouble; he was a good boy really.

A short while ago a policeman brought him home, and Danny was furious. Zack had been caught with a girl, a right little slut I imagine. Zack told me she had seduced him, they had been caught screwing down by the river. I was more annoyed that he didn’t wear a condom; he could have caught anything off of her. As I said Danny was furious he wanted to ground Zack for a month. Now I had brought Zack up for 18 years, and I told my husband if Zack was grounded, it would be me and not him that decided that. He stormed out of the house as Zack went up to his room.

I knocked on Zack’s door.

“Am I in trouble mum?”

I cuddled bursa anal yapan escort him, “no darling, Danny shouldn’t shout at you like that, he’s in the wrong. You are my son darling and he has to understand that.”

“I’m sorry mum, Becky just teased me, and I know we shouldn’t have done it there like that.”

“Look I don’t mind you having sex, you are 18, but this Becky seems the wrong type of girl for you.”

“I wish she was like you mum, you’re much prettier than she is,” he said softly.

“Would you like to wash my hair for me baby?” I said glowing after his remark.

I bent over the bath as he ran the shower through my hair. He was stood behind me and I could feel his groin lightly pressing on my backside. I just couldn’t stop thinking about what he was staring at. I’ve got a nice round ass and in the tight skirt I was wearing he must have been lusting after it.

“Can you put some conditioner on my hair darling?” I asked from my bent position.

He had to stretch over me to reach it from the windowsill. My pussy leaked into my panties as he pressed forward against my rear. I just held myself firmly enough so he pressed harder. All the time he used the conditioner I pressed backside against his groin.

It took ages to wash my hair that night. At one point I swear I could feel his cock pressing on my skirt. As I wrapped the towel around my head I stayed bent over. I felt Zack’s hand on my rear; he just stroked my backside through my skirt! I just held my position again, letting my son grope my ass, and his imagination dream up whatever it wanted to! I held onto the side of the bath, part of me wanted him to yank up my skirt and ravage me. Was he thinking the same thing?

Being bent over for so long gave me back ache, but I suppose Zack didn’t mind!

I was still cross with Danny when he came home, but we soon made up. My little lust filled cries that night, were a bit louder than normal. I was getting more and more turned on thinking that Zack might be listening. Hell the next time he washed my hair I’d be bent over naked. I’d even let him choose which of his mother’s holes he wanted to fill!

The following day in my washing basket I found a pair of my panties that had disappeared a few weeks ago. I put them in the washing machine to wash away the white stain. I wore them the next day, and then slipped them back into the box under the bed that night.

Danny had a job offer, but it would mean us moving house. Zack had a job lined up, and once again I found myself defending my son. Danny and I argued about it now and then, finally I caved in and told him we could go and Zack could follow later.

I bumped into that boy, Zack’s friend from school. I tried my best to ignore him but we had already made eye contact.

“Hello Tina, you look different with your clothes on,” he whispered.

OK I wanted to slap the little shit, but not in the town with so many people around. He followed me to the car park, until I turned round.

“Look, just forget about what happened on holiday will you?”

“Oh I don’t think I can, I mean you were quite incredible. Can you give me a lift home?”

Against my better judgement I opened the passenger door for him. At least now I could ask him the question I needed answering.

“You haven’t told anyone have you, about what we did on holiday?”

I felt his hand on my thigh. It moved up under my skirt until I grabbed his finger and bent it back.

“Fucking hell that hurt!” he shrieked.

“That’s not all that I’ll bend if you tell anyone Tony!” I hissed.

“It’s Tommy,” he mumbled, flexing his finger to check for damage.

I pulled his zip down and yanked his cock out. I began to slowly pull it up and down. He just sat in shock as his cock grew hard.

“Before you say anything this is all you’re going to get so enjoy it.”

He slumped back in the seat a little. Still not sure if he should relax fully.

“I, I haven’t told anyone,” he mumbled.

“Good then just keep it that way, or I mean it, this thing wouldn’t look to good after it had been stitched back on.”

“Look you don’t have, have to do this, I mean, I’m not going to blackmail you,” he panted.

“No you’re not. Just enjoy it, I mean you know how big my husband is. I don’t mean his cock either.”

“Mrs, um, you don’t need to do this. I, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Oh why don’t you let me you are quite hard. I’m sure I can get you to shoot before Danny comes back. He only left me to get a paper. Hey you can run quite fast I bet.”

He yanked on the door handle, his face was red and his eyes wide with worry.

I gave him a little disappointed pout, “Come on Timmy don’t go yet. Hey how would you like me to see if we can do it again? I’ll ask Danny, but he did say it was a one off. Still I don’t think he’d be too mad. Well not like the last time he caught me cheating. Where are you going?”

He stumbled out of the car doing up his fly. I watched with a grin as he ran across the car park, with a very worried look on his face.

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