Age of Enlightenment

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50 is the new 30…

Leaving work today I felt run down, exhausted. This was worse than before, I must be feeling my age.

Falling asleep at the stop light scared the shit out of me.

Getting out of my car in the garage I heard a voice.

“Hey, Nikki,” Ellen said startling me.

“Well hello to you Ellen, mind telling me why we are hugging?” I said.

“Today starts your enlightenment Nikki.” Ellen quipped.

“Pardon me?” I said.

Ellen, my neighbor, explained how she saw me sleeping at the light back at the Hickory Road stop light.

“Nikki, we have known each other for over 20 years. I know you! I have seen you becoming more and more sluggish, not yourself at all.” Ellen stated.

“OK!” I blurted out with a caution in my voice, A sarcastic look on my face.

“Look, I have been training people for 30 years. You are in need of a daily workout.” Ellen said.

“Ellen, I don’t have time for that and I am way too busy with the kids, work, the home…!” I stated.

“Nikki, I have owned my own fitness center for the past 20 years. I am a trained professional and every excuse you have given me is just that, an excuse.” Said Ellen.

“I will see you directly after work at the gym for a introductory work out Monday afternoon. Please, my friend, take my offer. This is between you and me. I am not going to talk you into a membership, just one friend helping out another.” Ellen stated.

“Ellen, you know how I feel about working out around other people. I am too self conscience.” I replied.

Ellen looked at me with a tear in her eye. With a quacking voice she said.

“I was broken when Terry passed away, YOU would not let me mope around and feel sorry for myself. YOU got me to realize I had more to live for. YOU WILL BE THERE!.”

Monday was another stressed out day. I am getting too old for this shit!, I thought to myself.

Looking into the mirror I saw an old image of myself. “Fuck me!” I said out loud. When did I get this fucking old.

I felt mad at myself for letting things get like this. I got my gym bag, locked my office door and began to get my workout cloths on for my workout with Ellen.

Ellen met me at the gym entrance. “Hello sweetie.” Ellen said with a kiss on the cheek and her arm around me. Let me show you to the locker room so you can put your stuff up and we can get started.

Exiting the locker room I noticed the gym was busy.

Anxiety set in and I began to feel like everyone was looking at me, judging me.

“What is this fat old lady doing in our gym” I imagined them thinking.

Ellen, her arm still around me led me over to the stretching area.

“We will start here.” Said Ellen.

“Great!” I replied.

The workout was more yoga or stretching than anything else. Sure we walked around and Ellen gave me instructions with all the equipment.

After this Ellen introduced me to some of the staff but I was expecting more

workout than a walk-through and introduction.

Walking back to the locker room Ellen stated something I had not thought of.

“Lets go shower.” as the words exploded from Ellen’s mouth they echoed in my ears.

“OH FUCK!”, I thought. I had not entertained the idea of showering with other woman. How the fuck do I get out of this one.

In the locker room Ellen was naked in a heart beat. Her beautiful body, perfect tits, lean stomach, taunt ass and legs to go with it. Shaved pussy and all stood before me.

I stared at her and all of the sudden got an itch in my vagina.

“What the ever loving FUCK was that!” I thought.

Ellen caught me ogling over her body. With a wicked smile, Ellen spreading her legs and started to rub her pussy lips. “You want me don’t you Nikki?” Ellen said with sarcasm and a seductive look.

My heart sank and my throat got so dry I could not respond.

“I am joking, in no time you will look and feel just like me. Fuck we are the same age Nikki.” Ellen’s words broke me out of my thoughts.

Ellen walked to the shower and I could not take my eyes off her ass.

WHY? I began to think. WHY am I looking at the woman’s body with such desire.

I have never felt before and it has shaken me.

With internal shame and humiliation I mustered up the courage to grab my towel and walk to the shower.

Ellen was washing her hair as I stood there feeling the water for the correct temperature. “I like hot showers.” I blurted out.

“Well, I AM HOT!” Ellen said with a sensual voice.

After the shower I was standing in front of Ellen drying off.

“OK, Lets see what I have to work with Nikki.” Ellen asked.

I felt her eyes pier over me as I wrapped the towel around my body.

“For fucks sake Nikki, I need to see your body to make sure I am working the correct areas. Think of me as your doctor of fitness.” Ellen explained.

“I do not stand naked in front of my doctor Ellen.” I replied.

While looking over my body, Ellen said “Get over it baby, your body is mine now sweetheart. I am going to sculpt Ataşehir Escort you into a goddess.”

I was so excited to hear what she just said to me.

A smile crossed my face and I blushed.

“OK first we have to do a waxing session.” Ellen stated.

“Excuse me? Waxing?” I stammered over.

“Yes, my treat.” Ellen said.

We exited the locker room through another door at the back of the room.

“a spa?” I thought.

Calming music, the tranquil sound running water, warm temp and aroma therapy.

“I walked into heaven.” I thought.

“Take off your towel and lay on your back on that table Nikki.” Ellen said gesturing to a table draped with a white cover.

Warm I thought as I get comfortable.

Now things were about to get weird for me.

A gorgeous lady, our age, entered the room and went straight to Ellen.

I watched as she started rubbing a lotion all over Ellen’s lady parts. Ellen just laid there with a wicked smile on her pretty face.

Next she began coating Ellen’s vagina with another substance. This was much thicker and sticky. I watched as she applied strips of white cloth type material to her vaginal area. After several minutes she began removing the strips with a quick jerking motion. Ellen smiled each time one of the strips were pulled off.

“OH SHIT” I blurted out.

Ellen had no hair down there. I have a European bush growing down there.

Ellen rolled over to her stomach and let her arms hang over the side, her face in a cut out. Looking down with a smile Ellen lay there while the pretty lady began the same routine only this time to her asshole.

To say I was panicking was an understatement.

“Your turn.” Ellen said not moving a muscle. She looked so relaxed.

I closed my eyes as the esthetician walked over to my table.

“Hello Nikki, my name is Karen and I will be treating you to our waxing session today.” She stated professionally .

“I will need to first remove the long hairs from your vaginal area. Just relax this will not hurt at all.”

With so much anxiety I felt her rub her hand over my bush. In seconds I heard the buzz of the trimmers. I felt like she was a lawn specialist getting ready to trim a lawn.

As she began spreading my legs, my anxiety got worse. I felt like bolting from the table and running. I kept myself composed and let her do her job. At first it was very strange but as Karen said it did not hurt at all.

When she was done she explained that she will be applying a lotion to make the trimmed area feel better. I felt her fingers apply the lotion to my pussy, MY wet pussy at that.

She let out a slight verbal acknowledgement of my excited nature.

I opened my eyes to see her smiling.

She looked at my face and stated. “You are quite beautiful.”

“OH FUCK!” this did not help my arousal at all, I thought.

The more lotion she applied to my pussy lips, clit and ass the wetter I got. Not only that but my tits were poking out as if the temperature were minus 30 degrees.

“Relax Nikki.” She stated.

Again the fingers massaging my pussy lips. Again, I thought how in the ever fucking way am I suppose to relax with you massaging my pussy. I may cum any moment and I just hope to goodness I do not start moaning or pinching my breasts…

I felt a warm towel being applied to my vaginal and anal areas. The lotion was removed and now the sticky substance applied.

“This is fucking weird.” I thought to myself.

Now she applied the strips, pressing them in place and making sure they were smoothed against my vaginal area.

For the next several minutes I lay there glad in the thought that no one was touching me. No longer worried about my self image, I was way past that, I thought.

I felt the technician begin to rub over the strips. She said in a calming voice, “This will sting a bit but don’t worry it will feel much better afterwards.”

Her words were worrisome to me.

With the tear at the first strip I felt a sharp pain like someone just skinned me alive. Quickly she removed the strip on the other side of my pussy, than the two inward strips over my opening, and clit.

“OH FUCK, I murmured.

“One second.” I heard her state.

Now she is rubbing another lotion to my pussy. This immediately took out all the sting and left me even more aroused than before.

“Roll over please.” She asked.

Rolling over I hung my arms to the side of the table and placed my face in the whole. Looking to my right I could see Ellen on her back with a towel wrapped around her face and one around her pussy. I quickly noticed she had one hand underneath the towel on her vagina, rubbing it, touching herself.

As I watched this image of Ellen touching her pussy I felt the final strip being ripped off my asshole. My eyes shut tight and my teethe messed together with great force. Quickly she applied the lotion to my anus and things were very soothing.

I have never felt anal pleasure like that before. This was new to me. Kadıköy Escort I was so fucking confused.

Laying here watching Ellen please herself and feeling like my anus was excited with pleasure left me so turned on.

I was instructed to roll onto my back and I complied. The tech put a warm towel over my face and than after several seconds began spreading my legs, applying another lotion than a hot towel. I thought to myself, “this is going to make me explode with pleasure.”

To my surprise the lady took my right hand and guided it below my towel to my vaginal area. She whispered into my ear. “This will make your feel even more relaxed. If you wish.”

I felt my finger take to my clit as if they were being guided by some supernatural force. Before I could think I had my fingers knuckle deep in my pussy and stretching my lips open wide to receive even more pleasure. For several minutes I finger fucked myself with not a care in the world. Like I was on my bed at home alone.

“You OK over there?” I heard Ellen ask.

“You are so fucking dead, Ellen Parker.” I stated.

“I know, but how do you feel?” She asked.

While actually searching my own feeling I had to reply… “AMAZING.”

“You can thank me later!” Ellen boasted.

“I will shove a cucumber up your ass.” I quipped back.

“OH PLEASE. I love anal play.” Ellen said, surprising me.

“Your serious?” I asked.

“Fuck yea.” She replied. Ellen continued, “Nikki, after Terry passed away so suddenly, my entire world literally and figuratively collapsed. You have no idea how much you helped when you were there every minute of everyday. Your presence gave me strength to get through the funeral. The perseverance to start my own business and this has lifted my life to a more beautiful place. One where I can be myself. Know myself. YES, even bring pleasure to myself without any hangups. I want to bring this happiness, awareness to you.” Ellen stated.

“I love you for this Ellen but this is not me.” I answered.

“I did not think it was me either until I had to fortitude to let go and listen to myself. Not some community theory of who I was supposed to be. I see how you look at me in the mornings when I run, how you have me sit on your legs when we cookout in the back yards.”

“This is my time to help you pull yourself out of this depressive world. Ever since Peter died last year you have shut yourself out of everything but work. I know I may sound mean and like I am over analyzing your life but remember the things you said to me after Terry?” Ellen replied.

With tears streaming down my face I was emotional of the thought of Peter being gone. I was saddened of all the fond memories I shared with him, hurt that they will no longer be. I was mad at him for leaving me. I had to take Ellen’s words and gestures to heart.

“You’r right Ellen.” I stated.

“Good, now lets go out for some drinks…” Ellen said.

Quickly I stated, “I can’t, I have work tomorrow Ellen.”

“Fuck work!” Ellen replied and continued.

“Listen, one thing I learned over the past years is that if your really think about it, work does not give two shits about YOU. Think about it for a second. If you left tomorrow someone else will take your place and within a few days, you will have been forgotten. It is how things work. They have to go on with out you.”

“FUCK, drinks it is, right after I tell them I will not be in tomorrow and I call human resources and start my retirement process. I have been with them for 35 years. Time to cash out ha, ha, ha.”

Inebriated, Ellen and I had the bar tender call us an uber to get home.

On the drive home I kept lifting my skirt and scratching my vagina.

“Stop!” Ellen said.

“I can’t it itches like a motherfucker.” I stated too loud.

Ellen replied, “I have something for that. Lets get to my house and I will make it all feel better.”

Once inside Ellen’s house we went straight to her bedroom giggling like school girls.

“Here, lets get you undressed.” Ellen said.

“Always getting me naked Ellen.” I stated siting on the bed as Ellen removed my shoes, pantyhose and skirt.

I remove my blouse but was having quite a time with my bra.

Ellen wrapped her arms around my waste and unhooked my bra letting it fall to the floor.

“OH, make it stop itching. PLEASE!” I quipped.

I noticed Ellen was also naked and again felt an electrical charge rush through my clit.

I was not able to take my eyes off of Ellen as she lunged forward and without hesitation rammed her tongue into my mouth. I was equally surprised as to how fast I allowed this to happen.

“I am not bi-sexual”, I thought to myself.

“Let go Nikki.” Ellen whispered into my ear as her tongue traced it.

“OH shit Ellen, your seducing me.”

“YES, I am, I want you to feel how wonderful it could be having another woman pleasure you.” Ellen stated, staring into my eyes with her hands holding my face.

“I have never done anything like this Ellen. It terrifies me. Ümraniye Escort Makes me uncomfortable.” I stated.

“Relax, I see how you look at me. I noticed how you got wet watching me tease you before the shower today.” Ellen continued.

“Let me make you feel incredible. Please Nikki, you need this sweetie.” Ellen stated.

Feeling the alcohol make my brain swirl I laid back and told her, “OK”.

I felt Ellen begin fondling my tits as our tongues entwined. Her hands roaming my entire upper body. This was unlike Peter or anyone I have ever been with before.

Usually they make a straight line to the pussy and fondle around like they know exactly what I want.

This was so different, Ellen was kissing my skin, my cheeks, neck, clavicles, shoulders, arms. She was enjoying all of me not just my sexual region.

Ellen stopped at my tits, lashing her tongue around my nipples. Making my areola tingle with pleasure. Taking my nipple into her warm mouth and suckling on it ever so gently and lovingly.

I laid my head back and just tried to let my mind go and start my new life. The life I wanted to live. Vibrant and awakened.

Nerves began to bring anxiety as Ellen got closer and closer to my now dripping pussy lips.

“So beautiful.” I heard Ellen say as she moved her fingers around my wet swollen vaginal lips. “I knew you enjoyed it this afternoon. You liked her massaging your pussy like I am now. Did’t you Nikki?”

I hesitated to answer but summoned the courage to be honest.

“OH YES!” I let out.

I could feel Ellen’s fingers massaging my vaginal lips than she started licking my clit as she drove her finger deep into my now inviting pussy.

“OOOOOOO” I moaned as her finger began pumping in and out of my pussy.

“OH, FUCK!” I exclaimed as I felt one of Ellen’s fingers slide into my ass.

“Ellen, What the fuck!” I stated.

Ellen just kept fingering my pussy and ass.

Ellen re positioned herself so her pussy was accessible to my hand. I immediately began stroking her bald pussy. Wet and slick my fingers slid in easily. Warm and wonderful I thought.

To pay her back I slid a finger into her ass.

“OH, FUCK YES!” Ellen exclaimed in pleasure.

Ellen continued talking in a breathy sensual voice.

“Finger fuck my ass Nikki, finger fuck me hard baby.”

Before long I forgot about Ellen’s finger in my ass.

Ellen stopped and jumped to her feet.

She positioned herself above me with her pussy in my face.

“Lick me Nikki!” Ellen requested

My body went on auto pilot, I began running my tongue across her warm wet pussy lips. Over and over I slid my tongue up and down her opening. The more I licked the more she pushed her pussy into my face. I was covered in her pussy juices and than got an idea.

I reached between her legs and began inserting two finger in her ass as she grind ed against my face.

I looked up and saw the pleasure on Ellen’s face as she enjoyed my movements.

I pulled my face from Ellen’s vagina and asked, “How do you like me finger fucking your ass now baby?”

Ellen looked down at me and smiled. She moved back a couple steps than turned and went to her night stand. She fumbled for something than said, “YES!”

Ellen returned with a black dildo attached to a jock strap.

“What the fuck is that?” I asked in bewilderment.

“This is a strap on.” Ellen answered.

Ellen had me stand up and than put the device on like a pair of underwear. I felt odd standing in front oh her with a big black cock protruding from my vagina.

“What the ever love fuck Ellen.” I said in wonder.

“Here.” Ellen said as she began rubbing lubricant over the cock head and shaft.

Ellen began rubbing the lube between her ass cheeks. I noticed she put extra on her two fingers and inserted them deep into her ass.

“Hey, Nikki.” Ellen stated.

I looked down at her and she had her ass cheeks pulled apart and offering her ass to me.

“Come on love, Fuck my ass, please.” Ellen said.

I moved closer than felt Ellen take the cock head and begin guiding it into her asshole. The head disappeared quickly than I pushed in slowly.

The cock was entering her ass deeper. Before I knew it the entire cock was buried inside her ass.

“OH Shit Ellen.” I let out.

I began extracting the cock by pulling my ass back than to my surprise I felt Ellen push her ass towards me to receive the cock once more.

I had to admit this was turning me on. The command one has in this situation goes right to your head.

With more pleasure I began fucking Ellen’s ass. The faster and harder I thrust into her ass the faster and harder Ellen would push her ass back into me.

After several minutes I noticed something running down between Ellen’s legs.

“HOLY SHIT.” I thought, she is cumming over and over again.

“Can this be that pleasurable?” I asked myself.

“OH YES!” exclaimed Ellen as we slowed our fucking to a slow steady rate. Before I knew it I had pulled the cock from her gaping ass and lay beside her on the bed.

“You want me to do you now?” Ellen asked hesitantly.

“Not Sure?” In answered with trepidation in my voice. “I’m scared to try it.” I said.

“I will take it slow I promise.” Ellen assured me.

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