After The Divorce…

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The divorce was taking its toll on Linda. Her husband – no, ex-husband, she told herself – had run off with a much younger girl he had met when he went on one of his overseas conferences for work. She had only found out about the divorce when he mailed the papers to her. The news had shocked her, but it wasn’t as if she hadn’t seen it coming. Her now ex-husband Don had been working late and going on business trips more and more recently. Maybe it was just because their son Sean had finally turned eighteen.

See Linda and Don had met in college when she was nineteen and he was a couple of years older and they had dated each other for a bit. Then she got pregnant and his parents had forced him into doing the honourable thing and marrying her. She felt that all these years he had slightly despised her for not giving him freedom when he was younger, but she stayed strong and was devoted to him despite that.

She had spent the last few days since finding out, sullenly walking around the house. She had been of work as a teacher because it was the summer, but she had little motivation to go and do anything. Most of the time had been spent in bed.

Sean on the other hand had been furious about what happened. How could his old man ditch his mom like that. Especially for some younger woman who was not at all as attractive as his mother. All through high school, Sean’s friends had teased him for having a milf, but instead of being embarrassed about it he was proud of the fact. Although he could never openly admit it anyone he knew. Nor could he admit to anyone the secret desires he harboured toward his mother.

Linda was an attractive woman. Because she had had Sean at such a young age, her body was able to bounce a lot quicker than it would have been had she been a bit older. Linda was a bubbly five foot four brunette with perky 36C breasts and a juicy ass that Sean had lusted after ever since he had walked in on her after she had gotten out of the shower one day.

Sean had always been close to his mother and now after the divorce he had made a promise to himself to step up and be a man for her. He had finished high school and decided that he would help around the house any way he could. She needed his support at a time like this and he was going to provide it.


About two weeks after finding out about the divorce, Sean was walking to his bedroom when he heard sobbing coming from the master bedroom down the hall. Despite telling himself that he was going to be more supportive of his mother, they had hardly interacted. She kept mainly to her bedroom, and when she did come out, she didn’t want to speak. It was almost as if she was in a catatonic state. She would just make a cup of tea or coffee then retreat to her bedroom.

Sean peeked into the room with the door slightly ajar and saw his mother sitting on the edge of her bed with her head in her hands. He immediately went into her room and threw his arms around her shoulders and comforted her. Wordlessly, Linda cried into his shoulder. Nothing needed to be said, Sean understood that his mother was lonely and even though he was there for her, he could never fill the void that his father had left behind.

That wasn’t in an emotional way either. Sean knew his mother was still very much a sexual being. She was a young woman and very attractive. Shortly before the divorce, he had come home when he thought no one was home and heard the sounds of his mother masturbating. He had sat in his bedroom and listened to her moaning and slowly jerked off. Ever since then, Sean had seen Linda in a certain sexual light but bursa eskort knew he could never act on it.

And he thought of that now, even as his mother sobbed on his shoulder. To his horror, Sean felt his cock begin to stiffen in his shorts. He willed it as hard as he could to make it go down, but it was a lost cause, especially when he looked down and saw that his mother’s robe had fallen open and one of her breasts had become exposed, its nipple stiffening as it came into contact with the slightly cool air of the bedroom.

To Linda’s surprise, Sean suddenly jumped up and left the room without a word, leaving her puzzled beyond belief. It was only when she saw his hard cock bouncing in his shorts did she understand why. Seeing this, and let her mind wander to the unanswered questions of why he would be like that, distracted Linda from her present situation. Was he attracted to her? Had he felt like this for a while?

Linda lay back on her bed, imagining what her son’s cock must look like. It was obviously a nice size, she could tell from the outline. Her hand wandered to her body to undo her robe, but found that it had come open at the top.

The realisation that Sean’s erection was caused by seeing her breasts excited her. She was happy with her tits. They were a C cup and perky, which she was glad of. She was terrified of having saggy tits. She felt her nipples and found that they were stiff and sensitive. She let out a moan as she tugged on them. Her other hand opened the rest of her robe and explored down between her legs. She found herself to already be wet, but wasn’t surprised since all she had thought about was her son’s cock.

Slowly, Linda began to rub her now throbbing clit, wanting to feel the immense pleasure of climax. The taboo of touching herself whilst thinking of her son added to the thrill and soon she was moaning in delight. Her fingers worked faster and slipped inside her sopping wet pussy. Softly, she moaned, “Oh Sean!”

Unbeknownst to her, Sean was was watching her right now, his cock firmly in his hand. Just seconds earlier he had come to apologise to his mother only to glimpse into her room and see her lying on her bed with her eyes closed, hand slowly massaging down her naked body to her pussy. Because her eyes were closed, Sean was pretty sure his mother couldn’t see him, so he pulled his shorts down and took his cock in his hand and started stroking, thinking of all the things he would love to be doing to his mother right now. When he heard her moan his name, he closed his eyes and whispered, “Mom…”

Hearing that, Linda opened her eyes and saw Sean through the crack in the door, jerking off with his eyes closed, shorts around his ankles. Instead of covering up and telling her son to stop, Linda found that she got quite the thrill from giving her son a show. Besides, she was enraptured with the size of Sean’s cock. It was long and dripping with precum. She moaned louder as she imagined tasting it and taking the entire length into her mouth. So as to not let Sean know that she was aware that he was there, Linda closed her eyes reluctantly and began a journey to tease him to orgasm.

She began to moan louder as she fucked her wet pussy with her fingers. Occasionally she would moan “Fuck” or “Oh God yes” and even was bold enough to moan loudly, “What a nasty slut I am thinking of my son.” She was pinching her stiff nipples and really getting into the thrill of having her son watching her when she started to feel and orgasm building inside of her. “Oh fuck, I’m cummminn…” is all she managed to get out before she was wracked bursa escort bayan by one of the most intense and pleasurable orgasms of her life.

At the same time she heard a loud groan from outside her bedroom and knew it was Sean having his own orgasm. She hoped it was as good for him as it was for her. He must have quickly walked back to his room, because she heard his footsteps move away from her door. Linda stretched out on her bed and felt quite pleased with herself. This turn of events drove her imagination wild and she was already wondering how she could take advantage of it. Any pain that she had felt from this morning was quickly vanishing.

Getting up off the bed, she walked over to the door where her son had been standing only moments before. Looking down, she saw a white streak of Sean’s jizz. Feeling adventurous and naughty, she squatted down and scooped it up with her finger. Without even thinking, Linda sucked her son’s cum off her finger. The salty cream was absolutely intoxicating. “I’m going to have a lot of fun with this,” she said to herself.


During the following week, Linda had a lot of fun teasing her son. She knew that he was sexually attracted to her, and she had to admit, she felt quite the same. She would walk around the house it shorts that were too short and tight, giving Sean great views of her ass that he new he would love. She would walk around the house after a shower with towel wrapped around her that she knew was to small so that her ass would show at the bottom and her tits would be straining for release.

While Linda had a good idea what she was doing with this, Sean was conflicted. He figured out that his mom was into him, that had been apparent enough after he had watched her masturbate and he had watched her, joining in. But he was unsure if he should act on it. He was scared that he was reading the wrong signals or that she was just reacting poorly to the divorce. But on the other hand, his mom was so sexy.

One time she had come into the kitchen wearing only a set of white lingerie. He was sitting right there eating breakfast and she walked right in and began to make a smoothie, her ass bouncing in the tight panties, her tits almost spilling out of the semi-sheer bra. She had bent down to get something out of one of the lower cupboards and Sean saw that the crotch of the panties were see-through, giving him a full view of her plump, wet pussy lips. He was almost sure she had done it on purpose because he didn’t remember her getting anything out of the cupboard.

The next day Sean was relaxing on the couch watching TV. His mom had gone out for a run in an outfit that had made him get instantly hard from. She had worn nothing but a pair of ridiculously short black running shorts and a white sports bra that gave her deep cleavage and her nipples poked out of furiously. She leaned down to give her a kiss and was out the door, leaving him to stare at her ass as she left.

Sean played with the idea of jerking off to the image but decided against it as he had already cum earlier that morning. He just sat there and watched TV until his mom came back in, glistening with sweat. She flopped on the couch next to him and put her bare feet up in his lap. “Would you give me a foot rub?” she asked.

Sean stared dumbly at his mother as she sat laid back. He took in the entire length of her body, from her beautiful face, down to her breasts encased in a small sports bra to her fit, toned stomach and finally her crotch. He stopped here because he realised that his mother’s shorts görükle escort had ridden up and because she wasn’t wearing any panties, he could see one of her pussy lips sticking out of the leg of her shorts. Suddenly he was aware of his mother’s foot massaging his rapidly growing cock. “Ooh, someone’s happy to see me,” she cooed.

Quick as a flash, Sean threw his mother’s legs off his lap and ran up into his bedroom. Behind him, he heard his mom giggle. Was this a game to her? Did she not understand what effect this was having on him. Once he got to his room, he rapidly closed the door and stood with his back to the door. What was he going to do? He couldn’t think straight, especially not with this raging hardon happening. Against better judgement he decided he needed to get rid of it.

Sitting down at his computer, he tried to look for some porn that would get him off, but all he could think of was his mom. He kept remembering the sight of her touching herself on her bed, moaning his name. Giving up, he pulled his cock out and began stroking it.

Because he was so focused on stroking his cock, Sean didn’t hear his mother open the door and come in the room. He was made aware of her presence when he heard her clear her throat and giggle softly. He swivelled on his chair and tried to pull his shorts up, but Linda was too quick. She was down on her knees in front of him quicker than he could move. “Mom,” was all he got out before she had his cock between her lips. Sean knew it was too much to resist, so he just leaned back in his chair and enjoyed the blowjob that his mother was giving him. Slowly, he reached out and grabbed hold of his mother’s ponytail as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. There was no resistance or surprise on his mother’s part at this action, so Sean’s confidence grew.

In a bold move, Sean pushed his mother’s head down onto his cock as he thrust upward with his hips, pushing the entire length of his cock down her throat. He held her there for a couple of seconds and then released her. Linda gagged and saliva dripped from her mouth. Instead of getting upset at the brash move of her son, she just whispered “thank you” and continued to suck his cock.

Sean felt the orgasm rising in his cock and soon he was shooting load after load of cum into his mom’s eager mouth. There was so much that it dripped out down his shaft. She pulled off his cock and showed the load that was in her mouth. Then she swallowed and went back to cleaning the rest of the cum off his cock.

Although he had just cum, Sean was far from finished. His cock lolled in a semi-hard state. His mom stood up and slowly started to strip. First went the sports bra, her tits bouncing down and into view. Then came the part that she knew Sean had been waiting for. Linda turned around and pulled her shorts down teasingly slow.

When they were on the floor, she crawled onto his bed and beckoned to him with her finger. He jumped up and went to go down on his mom. “No baby, I need your cock. I’m already so wet,” his mother moaned. Sean was eager to please his mother anyway she wanted, so he lined his cock up against her wet cunt. Instead of entering her gently, he thrust his cock in deep, eliciting a loud moan of delight from his mom. He began to pick up a rhythm and soon they were both moaning in ecstasy.

Linda felt the orgasm coming only seconds before it hit. She moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around Sean’s waist and began to convulse in pleasure. Sean felt his mom’s pussy muscles contract around his cock and seemingly squeeze the cum out of his cock. His load shot deep into his mother’s pussy.

As their orgasms subsided, Sean stared into Linda’s eyes. “I love you, Mom,” he said as he kissed her deeply. When he pulled away, he saw that there were tears in her eyes. “What’s wrong?”

Linda looked up at her son. “Nothing. Not a thing in the world.”

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