Adventure Rider Tours Nova Scotia Ch. 02

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Exhausted, I doubted if this passionate mature woman would want to come back to my motel room. I was wrong again about her.

Leann and I dressed in silence in the back of her car and as she finished buttoning her blouse she spoke first. “Well are you going to invite me back to your hotel room for a night cap, dear or are you too spent to fuck me?”

“I’m sorry but I don’t have anything for a night cap back at my room… but I am not too spent.” I winked, thinking about her wonderful blowjob and her nice tits.

“Don’t worry, I’m a BYOB slut and more, dear” she teased.

I gave her the room number to my motel and she said she needed to make one stop before she got there. I wasn’t sure if she could even drive safely but she was out of the parking lot before I got my motorcycle started.

Back at my room, I finished unpacking my bike and covered it for the night. The old motel allowed me to park right in front of the door and easy for Leann to find the room which she did a moment later. As she exited her car she brought a bag plastic bag with her. I could hardly believe she had time to stop anywhere but found somewhere to get what she wanted and it was clearly a bottle of booze.

I opened the door to the room and invited her in. She entered like a woman with a purpose and I could read her mind… the reason was to get fucked.

“I need to freshen up do you mind if I use your shower?” She asked with only a slight slur to her voice.

“Not at all, help yourself.”

She reached into the bag and removed a bottle of coffee brandy and two Five Hour Energy drinks. This was a woman with a plan. She handed me one energy drink which I promptly drank as she did.

“Now be a dear and go get us some ice.” She prompted by handing me the ice bucket.

Just my luck… the ice machine was broken. “Shit” cursing to myself and worried about the rest of my luck for the night. I looked around and saw what I hoped for… down the street about a half mile was a convenience store that looked open. I was dreading that by the time I walked there it might be closed. Turned out to be a 24 hour mart. I just got back with a bag of ice as Leann stepped out of the bathroom, naked. She apparently had enough time to take a shower and reapply her make-up and red lipstick.

“What Maltepe Escort took you so long?” She questioned as I watched her pour herself a triple of coffee brandy in the glass tumbler.

“The ice maker was broke and I walked down to the store.” I explained.

“You are a dear sweet man.” She smiled as she swigged down her drink and poured us both a very generous drink. Leanne seductively sipped as she handed me the filled glass.

I took her in my arms and kissed her lips, allowing the liberty of my tongue to push past her lips and probe her hot mouth. She gently pushed me back and took another sip of the intoxicating liquor.

“Dear, take a quick shower and I’ll be ready for you.” She whispered in a sultry voice.

She had read my mind, I did need a shower, I’d been riding all day and our sweaty tryst in the back of Leann’s Mercedes did not help.

I didn’t waste any time undressing and getting under the hot water of the shower. I retrieved my razor from my shave kit and shaved in the shower, followed by shampooing my hair. Startled at first with my eyes closed, I felt a hand grab my ass.

A sultry alcohol slurred voice announced from the other side of the open shower curtain “You have a nice ass… and one huge cock!” The hand on my ass took hold of my swinging cock.

“Mmmmmmm you do have a way with words and your hand.” I spoke, as I opened my eyes seeing Leann with a hungry wanton look in her eyes.

“I neeeeeed thisss cock in my cunt, dear” she managed as I turned off the shower and stepped from the shower. I pulled her close to me and kissed her again, our naked bodies together. My cock grew in her hand as our tongues darted to and fro. It was then that I realized how short she was… at least a good foot and a half shorter than my 6’3″ frame. My cock swelled more as she rubbed it over her nipples and down the valley of her tits. My wet body provided the lubricant as I slid my cock in her cleavage and her hands squeezed her tits together.

“Mmmmmmmm you knoooow wat I like, dear… fuucck my Knockkkerrssss.” She moan in a sexy slur.

“I’d rather fuck you elsewhere.” I whispered down to her and pushed her head to my now hard cock.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” She slurped as she took my cock in her mouth.

“My dear…slow Anadolu Yakası Escort down… I need to pace myself.”

I had to push her back off my cock and bring her back and bring my lips down to hers. As we kissed again she pushed me back, without a word she turned and threw me a towel. Perplexed, I sensed she was pissed at me. I quickly dried off and entered the room behind her. She had already poured herself another drink and had a perceived attitude.

“Hey, you okay?” I asked.

“I jusstt wanta maake somethingss clear. First… I haave onlly wone ruule to follo cawboy!” She said pausing for another drink. “I waanntaa fuk you… justa one rule to follooow… you can fukkk any hole ya want and maake mee cum… BUT right here and noow…. My rule… youu only cummm in my mouth…got it!… I want cuummm.. I’m ah cock houud” She told me as I was noticing quickening intoxication.

I walked over to her and kissed her on her lips then ran my wet tongue along her lips and down her neckline. My mouth kissed down her cleavage the sucked on each pierced nipple. Her arms reached around my neck while my hands took a grip of her ass. With an unexpected ease I lifted her body up along mine as I still sucked on her nipple. My fingers reached from behind her and parted her lips while my cock slipped in her hot tight walls.

“Ohhhh…cowboy…ya rrrr goodd… ohhh fuccck!” She whispered in my ear.

Slowly, I got my cock half way in, not sure she was ready or because of her petite frame be able to take my full length… then she wrapped her legs around me and urged for more.

“GIMMEEE THAT COCK!” She screamed in my ear.

Releasing her weight my cock slide deeply into her body. She pulled my head back by the hair and forced her mouth over mine, kissing me deeply.

“I’mmmmmm cummming!…..FUCK!” She screamed to the ceiling throwing her head back. Her body shook violently and her hips pump back and forth. Taking her to the bed, I laid her down roughly with my cock to its hilt… Before she released the final throws of her orgasm, I fucked her with reckless abandon, sending my cock in and out faster and deeper. She shook hard again and I was sure she was cumming again. Her flood of hot fluid squirting from her body and coating me İstanbul Escort from my navel to my balls told me she just came hard.

As if reading my mind and body she panted out loud. “Remmeemberrr myy owne…one rule.”

“Fuck the rules!” Then remember her rule and slowed my pace. I rolled her over and pulled her in a doggie position. I saddled up behind her and guided my cock with my hand to her wet cunt. I slide in partially in and pulled it back out then rubbed it along the crack of her ass, coating the valley with a slick layer of her cum and my pre-cum.

“Mmmmmmm that feeeeeelss ssoooo gud!” she cooed.

I slide two of my fingers in her pussy and her body responded with a thrust backwards. Withdrawing my wet fingers I pressed my middle finger to her slick anus and entered her.

“OHhhhhh…FUKkkk” She groaned.

Then with my free hand I slide my cock back in her cunt. She wasted no time and started rubbing her clit with the fingers of both hands. I slowly alternated my finger going in her ass and my cock in her cunt. Within minutes she started cumming again in long waves of passion with her fingers working her clit feverishly while I finger fucked her ass and cock fucking her pussy. Her orgasm snuck up fast but lasted for several minutes.

“Cummmm on baby…. Gimme your cummmmm….” She moaned sensing my orgasm. Pulled me out of her she quickly rolled onto her back and pulled me up to her mouth where she sucked my cock hard. Her hands gripped my wet cock and pumped in rapid strokes.

“Damn you are a good cocksucker, dear.” I groaned knowing I was almost about to spill my load in her mouth. She took the compliment well and sucked me even harder. It was time and the instinct to thrust my hips took over; trying to force more of my cock in her mouth. She took it well and pumped my cock in her hands, gripping me tighter as I exploded. She released her grip and allowed my cum to flood in her mouth… she sucked greedily and pumped my cock making my orgasm last for what seemed forever.

Spent, she murmured “Moooreeeeee give me more cum.” She sucked me dry and then removed my wet cock and rubbed it all over her face… “I loovve yooor cock”.

“I love your mouth” I whispered then laid down and rolled on to my back. She followed my cock and laid her head on my lower abdomen. Her hot breath was on my cock while she kissed and licking it until we both fell asleep hard.

When I woke in the morning she was gone along with the bottle of coffee brandy… go figure. I’m not sure if it was a cock or cum fetish but either way I liked it.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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