Acting Out Ch. 01

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I don’t remember when exactly the fantasies came.

I know there once was a point where I would have never crossed that line – but that was point was gone now.

There is something that speaks to me while I lay awake at night – an animalistic, sexual voice without rule or regulation.

As more days pass, the harder it gets to ignore this voice, to push it further back into my mind for another day.

As she helped me cook, I snuck glimpses down her top, at the cleavage from her large breasts.

At moments, I meet her green eyes, occasionally taking looks at her full lips.

Since desiring her, it’s as if I’m seeing her in a whole new light — and she is beautiful.

At night, she wears short nighties that hug her body tightly, her large, hard nipples poking through the cotton.

I imagine her nude – I picture her mound, untrimmed, natural. Beautiful.

Is she wearing any panties under her nightie?

Who is this lady? She is my girlfriend’s mother. 46 years old to my age: 23 and yet, I can’t deny that animalistic, sexual voice.

She is a bbw – a big lady. She has long light brown hair that runs past her shoulders, full, plump lush lips, green, deep eyes and a seductive, curvy body.

She has so much beauty and spunk, from her large breasts to her sassy attitude.

I imagine her standing in front of me, dropping her nightie down and revealing her to myself, her nipples hard, and her sex aching for her first cock in years.

I sit in my bed; thinking how I can seduce her, attract her. Somehow get her to not think I am 20 years younger and hit on me – I want to flirt with her, touch her hand, see her react to a soft kiss on her neck.

Would she moan if I fucked her? Would she give in to that sexual voice inside of everyone?

On special occasions, she wears a revealing dress to dinner.

It pushes her breasts so far up, they look like they would pop out at the slightest movement, and sadly, and they don’t.

Instead, I think of her showering, of seducing her when we are home alone, of getting her wet. Does she still get wet? What makes her wet?

It is 3am now. I am wide-awake. My partner — she is fast asleep, snoring softly.

I sneak out of bed, my cock hard from the fantasies and my mouth, dry as all hell.

When I sneak past her mother’s door, I see the dim glow of the computer and faint clicking of the keyboard.

I step forward, knocking softly on her door, and she looks up suddenly, those green eyes meeting mine, and there is a faint smile at the corner of her mouth.

It’s gone in a second, but it was there, I saw it.

Outside, the rain is pelting down.

The moonlight is shining in through her window and I make out her large nipples poking through her tight nightie.

She notices the stare and looks down, becoming suddenly embarrassed, folding her arms across her breasts, which sway beautifully as she moves.

“No, Escort bayan it’s okay” I whisper and I feel myself rise in my boxer shorts.

She smiles back at me, shyly – and even if the moonlight, I see her face going red.

I sit down on the bed beside her and without thinking; my eyes fall to the gap between her legs.

She doesn’t notice this as we talk, but every so often I take a peek in between sentences, gazing quickly upon her sex, taking in the beauty of it, of her dark mound.

I ask her why she is up when she has work the next morning, and she shrugs in an adorable way, letting her guard down and unfolding her arms – her breasts falling back against her tight nightie, her large, hard nipples poking through.

“I can’t sleep,” she says softly, brushing the hair from her eyes.

She then asks me the same question. I respond with the same answer.

Then we fall silent, listening to the rain and the soft tapping of her clicking the computer keys.

The cold air has a bite to it and I hug myself, to which she notices, meeting my eyes once again.

“I don’t normally do this to my daughter’s boyfriends – but would you get under the covers with me, you’re making me cold. Or at least get back to bed”

I feel my cock pressing through my pants, but I slide under the covers nevertheless, keeping sure to not bump my erection against her thigh.

The rain keeps dribbling down and she keeps tapping away, and for a moment we lay there, talking about our lives.

I mention my thoughts on my animalistic, sexual urges, and she stops what she’s doing and glances at me, before continuing her tapping.

I apologies and roll on my side to face her, my hand brushing against her thigh.

This grabs her attention, and she puts aside her laptop and looks back at me, her breast rising and falling with every breath she takes.

Without thinking, the words escape my lips – my suddenly trembling lips: “you’re beautiful”.

She just stares at me for a moment, and I see her cheeks redden.

“It’s been quite a while since somebody has said that to me”

She goes to speak but stops herself, pauses and then tries again.

“But thank you”

I ponder what she was going to say as she gazes into my eyes, the rain still coming down.

I pull back the covers anyway and gaze upon her purple nightie hitched up around her thighs, a dark shadow where her unshaven sex is.

She sees that she is exposed and rushes to pull the nightie down to conceal this, but I catch her hands just in time.

“Katie is my daughter. She is your girlfriend, your fiancé”

I reflect for a moment then talk again of my animalistic urges, that no matter the bond I feel for her daughter, the desire for her, her mother, is even greater – and she flushes to this.

I run my hands back up her thigh, she does not resist, and I look down just as the fabric Escort moves away to reveal her sex.

It is beautiful and something much more erotic than seeing my partner’s bear mound, though I cannot describe why.

Her nightie moves further up her body, revealing her stomach, then up to the base of her large breasts, which bounce out when the nightie is moved over her head.

I cannot think straight for a moment. Her breasts are truly beautiful, everything I ever fantasized about while cooking and more.

They are quite large, with very large, very hard and pink nipples – and this second, they are heaving with her every nervous breath.

I kiss her left tit, softly sucking in the large nipple, and she lets out a little gasp.

In between these, she whispers. “No. No…I –“

I cut her off. “Don’t you like it?”

She lets out a soft cry at this – her eyes are closed, her mouth open in a daze.

“Fuck” she says softly, her hands gripping he bed sheets.

The cursing startles me – in the three years I have known this woman, she has never once cursed. At all.

My hands glide through her pubic hair; I can feel her shiver with anticipation as I stroke her beautiful mound.

“No” she says. “We can’t be doing this. I’m her mother.”

Yet she continues to moan as I lick around her left nipple.

My fingers run down the slit of her sex, sliding her lips apart with my fingers and stroking from her clit down.

Her sex is dripping wet, and its intoxicating aroma fills the room – just being in her presence is extremely arousing, but the aroma is driving me insane.

She tosses the nightie aside, and then lies back on the bed.

Spreading her legs, she begins to masturbate, using her thumb to rapidly draw tiny circular movements on her clit.

“Oh fuck me,” she moans. “I haven’t done this in quite a while”

I watch this beautiful action unfold before my eyes — her hips are gyrating in the air, grinding against the palm of her hand.

Her large breasts are swaying around in circles; her hair is over her closed eyes, her mouth, wet and open.

Her movements are quickening now, her breathing is coming out in shallow gasps as he works her sex in front of me.

She suddenly pushes me backwards, tearing off my boxers as she goes, revealing my hard, throbbing cock.

“My god” she says softly, then she sits on top of me, and I feel my cock slide right into her sex.

At this, she lets out a loud moan. She feels so warm and sweet; pleasure begins to take over my senses.

We fucked then.

She later told me, as we were curled up after the marathon, that that was her first fuck in 26 years.

As I watched her ride my cock, I saw a whole another side to her then.

It was as if she was 19 again. Something was brought of her, something that possessed her, making her younger again.

As she rode me, she Bayan escort cursed and moaned softly.

I gripped her firm ass, and she loved that, moaning at the hurried grasp.

Her breasts bounced frantically, sensually.

Seeing her in this new light was a beautiful thing, and in my lustful state, her beauty, her sudden youthful beauty, mesmerized me.

Suddenly, she quickened the pace, her breathing getting faster, and her hair getting matted back with sweat – which was surprisingly very sexy.

She tilted her heard back and moaned loudly, then covering her mouth she squirmed and jolted around me, reaching her orgasm.

I was on the brink of orgasm but I held off, curious to see what she would do next.

She climbed off me, kissing her way down my stomach as she went, sending little jolts through my body. Her wet kisses were electrifying.

She gripped my cock in her hand tightly, and with her free hand she began massaging my balls.

I moaned lowly, the touch was even more electrifying than her kisses.

In the moonlight, I saw her grin seductively.

Then she took my cock into her mouth and sucked it, moaning as she went.

I ran my fingers through her hair, running them down her large breasts and to her dripping sex, touching her clit softly.

Her tongue slid up the length of my cock and I thrusted into her now, feeling my orgasm suddenly close.

She probably sensed this as well, as she started playing with my balls — the result was sudden, I blew my load in her mouth, I couldn’t resist.

I was half embarrassed, expecting her to spit it out and even retreat to the bathroom, vomiting – but she sat there, working the length of my cock with her right hand and gulping down my come with her mouth.

When she was done, she looked up at me and I saw the lust was still in her eyes.

I pushed her back over the bed, diving straight into her already dripping sex.

She threw back her head and moaned loudly, but this time she didn’t hide it from Katie, my girlfriend.

Her sex tasted sweet – a mixture of sweat and come – and she was just absolutely beautiful to explore.

She grabbed my head and pushed me further into her, I felt her thighs shuddering as I went.

She shook again, convulsing, achieving a second orgasm – I watched her in the throes of passion as her orgasming was dying down and it looked beautiful.

We lay there sweating, panting. Worn out.

It was the best sex I had ever experienced – all up, it was a lengthy marathon.

She laid facing me, her naked figure looking stunning in the moonlight.

Then she did something I wasn’t expecting, she leant up on her shoulders and kissed me suddenly – the first time throughout the session where she kissed me directly on the lips.

I kissed back, holding her face in my hand, and then our lips parted, and she curled up beside me.

Sleep came then.

What woke us up the next morning was a bowl crashing along the ground, and both of us sat up wearily and looked around.

There, standing in the doorway, was my girlfriend Katie in her pajamas, staring at our entwined naked bodies.

To be continued…

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