Aboard the Lundrim Seksi Part 1

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As he dropped the anchor of the Lundrim Seksi, he’s Azimut 80 that he so proudly owned, he looked out to the horizon and scanned the 360° views from the deck. Seeing nothing but ocean in every direction he was confident that he wouldn’t be disturbed. He enjoyed heading out on his little luxury yacht and had a favorite spot in international waters where the waters were calm and the weather was predictable.

This time he thought he’d spend a few days on his yacht telling everyone he’s going fishing alone but truth is he wasn’t out fishing and he wasn’t alone.

Down below in the VIP cabin was his companion. There she was, at roughly 5’1″ and 95lbs; her 28″ bust, skinny 26″ waist and 30″ hips fit her perfectly. She had bright burgundy hair going down to her shoulder blades which complimented her even toned, light pink colored skin.

He was 6’4″ and slightly overweight but still physically strong and fit at 285lbs. He went to the cooler to pull out an ice cold beer and went to enjoy it on the sundeck while he planned everything he was going to do with his companion while out there.

A few beers later he went down to check on his little companion, who was sleeping off the effects of the gas used to knock her out. One thing he knew is that he didn’t want her still drugged up, he wanted her fully awake and aware of what’s happening.

She was laying naked in a fetal position, looked so peaceful as she slept. He thought he’d have to wake her up but first he wanted to examine his little companion uninterrupted while she was dozed. He positioned her to lay flat on her back with her skinny arms and petite hands with long fingers along her side of her body.

Her tummy was flat from just under her AA breasts all the way down to just above her baby smooth mons with only her rib cage and hips bones protruding ever so slightly. Her pubic bone caused a little bump between her mons and her clit which had the neatest looking pussy lips he has ever seen just below it, running down to her tiny and oh so inviting virginal opening. She had long, straight Sex hikayeleri and slender legs with a thigh gap about as wide as his three large fingers. Her size 4 feet were soft and smooth ending in cute toes.

He the flipped her around to see her ass. Her butt cheeks were full, round and firm. Each cheek fit into his hands as if they were made for each other. He spread her cheeks apart to see the tightest little, surprisingly brown, anus which had this really cute little mole just to the side of the entrance.

Lifting his right hand he brought it down hard on to her ass cheek then grabbed it and shook it. She didn’t flitch, still under the influence of the gas. He wanted her awake, so he stood up and started spanking her hard on the ass, on her inner thighs and on the back of her legs. Each time his heavy hand came down it turned her flawless pink skin red under his hand. He turned around and started spanking her on her AA breasts, on her flat tummy and on the mound of her mons. The shape of his hands highlighted on her skin in red with each spank. He slapped her in her face a few times before she started responding.

Slowly opening her hazel eyes, still trying to focus to the light, she felt the sting of the spanking all over her body. Almost instantly she sat up on the bed hugging her knees while holding them to her chest as she looked around to take in her surroundings.

He left her there alone for some time while he made himself something light to eat and cleaned up his mess. He didn’t make anything for her, she needs to earn the right to eat first.

As the sun was beginning to make its way to the horizon He went down to fetch her, she made herself stiff an attempt to make herself heavy but her tiny frame was no match for his big body. He carried her upstairs to the main deck and put her on the table in the galley. He then took a rope and bound her.

She was lying on her her back with her wrists tied to her ankles and her knees tied to her elbows keeping her lower arms parallel to her lower legs. He went down on his Sikiş hikayeleri knees on the floor at the end of the table and pulled her to the edge. He pushed her legs open to reveal her pussy. She tried to close her legs but he slapped her face hard and pointed at her to indicate she should behave. As he spread her pussy lips open with his thumbs, he spotted a little smegma around her clit. He took a paper towl to clean out the smegma ensuring her whole pussy was clean and ready for him.

His tongue then landed on her pussy for the first time. He started by tucking the tip of his tongue onto her clit and swirled in circles. She didn’t want to but her hips started moving in rhythm with his tongue. He then ran the tip of his tongue down her slit between her pussy lips until it was resting at the entrance to her pussy. He pulled away to look at her pussy and noticed a little milky colored thickish fluid coming out of her pussy. He latched his whole mouth over as much of her pussy as he could and sucked hard taking in all the juices she produced.

He was loving the taste of her pussy. It was a combination of tangy and sweet. Very sweet, with the slightest of musky undertones. It opened up as he ran his tongue up and down her slit and he pushed his tongue in to her virgina as far as it would go. She was squirming, trying to close her legs to stop his oral attack on her pussy but his head was in the way and she couldn’t do anything else than allow for this to happen.

His cock started growing, creating a buldge in his sweatpants. He stood up and took off his pants to relief the pressure cause by the restriction on his dick. She took the opportunity and tried to roll off the table but with her arms and legs still bonded she fell hard onto the wooden floor.

He turned to see what caused the thud and giggled at her as he went over to pick her up. Tears where rolling out of her hazel eyes, making her freckled face moist. Still bound, he sat her on the table and told her to look around. Go on, look. There’s no one to hear you and there’s Erotik hikaye no where to go. All she can do is allow him to use her body as he pleases until he is done with her. At that point though, he wasn’t done eating her out so her laid her back down on the table and went to work on her pussy, orally raping her for what seemed like ages. She turned her head to the side and saw the sun dissappear on the horizon, she looked around and saw nothing but darkness for as far as she could see around the yacht. She closed her eyes and succumbed to the realization that this was her fate. What else would he do to her before he is done?

Finally he stopped eating out her pussy when his jaw was too tired to carry on. He then stood at the end of the table where her head was. His circumcised penis standing at full attention with its 7.5″ length and just under 6″ girth. He pulled her towards him until her shoulders were on the edge and her head was hanging off. He slapped his dick against her face and her mouth, reached forward with one hand and grabbed one of her AA breasts and squeezed it as hard as he could.

She opening her mouth to scream out but as her lips parted and her jaw opened her rammed his 7.5″ into her mouth until it got lodged at the back of her mouth just at the entrance of her throat. He looked her in the eyes and told her to swallow his cock. She was chocking and gagging, her spit drooling out of her mouth over her ears and into her bright burgundy hair. He pushed deeper down her throat as he watched her neck expand to take his cock down her throat. Once the felt his ball sack touch her forehead and felt his pubic bone against her bottom lip he started pumping in and out of her throat. He pumped in and out until he exploded and emptied his cum so deep into her mouth it started leaking out through her nose.

He pulled out allowing her to breath again. She gasped for air and coughed uncontrollably trying avoid drowning on his cum. He picked her up and dropped her onto one of the couches then slapped her ass cheeks hard. She was still tied in that same way and couldn’t move, she just laid on the couch and cried loudly. That night she layed bound and naked, uncovered on the couch

*Part 2 is ready and will be posted soon 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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