A Weekend To Remember

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Part One: Lucky Me

I was just a regular kid. But at age sixteen, I was still a virgin. I was a little bigger, weighing at around 200 pounds, but as most kids at that weight range, they are all muscle, whereas there was some muscle, you could still see part of a belly when I took my shirt off. Now I honestly didn’t think I was ugly, but I was way to average in the looks department. Every day in school I would look at every single girl with a sense of longing, knowing that no one would ever so much as kiss me. That was also the other embarrassing thing. In grade eleven, I still had not even kissed a girl. I wanted that kiss so badly, that sometimes I would think about kissing a random hot girl, just to see how she would react, and that very small chance that she would kiss back. But of course, I never did that. But thinking about stuff like this lead me into depression, and eventually fantasies, but not realities, were the only things I could think about. It wasn’t your normal typical depression, but I realized as all my friends have had at least one girlfriend by that time, I was the only one left, and I began to think why. All of this stopped after November 9, 2004.

It was Math class, but I wasn’t paying attention to the teacher, as I was already excelling in his class, and most was review from previous lessons, as a midterm rapidly approached. Instead I stared at a drop-dead gorgeous sixteen year old girl. I watched as her rather large breasts motioned up and down ever so slightly as she wrote her notes down. I then moved my eyes down, and watched as her beautiful legs evenly got smaller as they went down, and then watched her bare-toed foot gently tap the floor to the beat of the music she was listening to through her MP3. Then I moved up to her face. That was one of the best features of her. I looked as her lightly applied makeup lit up the features of her face; I looked at the lightly shaded blue mascara on her beautiful blue eyes. I was inevitably turned on. And if you looked closely, you could probably see a bulge in my pants at where my crotch was. Then she turned slowly, and looked full on into my eyes, and I could see my reflection in her eyes. She asked me a question that to this day I can’t remember. I answered her, and she looked away, biting her lip slightly in that very sexy way that she did when she was confused.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that she was completely out of my league as she was in the same group of friends that we hung out with, but she was way to sexy and beautiful for me even to think about asking her out. Her name was Kelly, and after math class, she asked me to go with her and some other friends from our group to the movie theatres. Jacob, Ryan, Kelly, me and Kady were supposed to go. So after school, we all met up and headed for the bus station. On the way there, Jacobs cell rang, and about 30 seconds after, Ryan’s rang. They both were scheduled for a last minute hockey practice, and because I didn’t like hockey (I played football and rugby), it was left to me, Kelly and Kady. Kady quickly spotted some one she knew, and invited her along too. Brooke was extremely attractive, having rather large breasts, always showing off her cleavage and also had a nice ass. (not too big, but just big enough so that you couldn’t keep your eyes off it) But despite her attractiveness, I didn’t really like her because of her slutty and bitchy attitude. But hey, who’s to complain when you’ve got yourself surrounded by three extremely hot chicks.

We finally got to the movie, and because it was a 4 pm showing, the theatre was empty, just me, and the three girls. As the movie started, none of us were really interested in the movie (some crappy romantic comedy), we all laughed loudly when a stupid joke came on, and we mucked around throwing popcorn at each other. Then Brooke whispered something into Kelly’s ear and she nodded in reply and sat there with a smug smile on her face and pretended to watch the movie for the next three minutes. I decided that if they were settled down, I should watch too. But just as I started to get comfortable, by ball sack exploded in pain. All the girls started laughing and I realized Kelly smacked me in my testicles.

“Why the fuck did you do that?” I growled at her.
“Well, all your other friends do it, and I thought you needed some excitement”

Emphasizing the word “other”, and then winking at me.
Then Brooke muttered something into Kady’s ear, and then they left the theatre, muttering something about bathrooms and freshening up.

Then Kelly looked at me and said “I noticed you looking at me in math class today.”
I turned into a brick wall, being equally stock still and red as one.

“It’s Okay” she said, and brushed her lips over mine, watching for my reaction.

It was so confusing to me at first, because I thought what usually happened was there was a date first, and then the kissing happened later. But I started to think of nothing but wanting to kiss her back, so I leaned forward and kissed her back, right on her lips, and rightfully so, I waited for her reaction. Suddenly, she came out of her chair, and moved into mine, sitting on top on top of my crotch, as close as possible and leaned her breasts into my chest and started kissing me all over the place, like she just came out of a desert and I was water. She then moved her tongue into my mouth and started kissing and licking all the insides of my mouth. I didn’t know what to do at first, but then I started to return the passion. Then she did something I will always remember to this day. She put my tongue in her mouth and started to motion on it as if she was giving it a blowjob. Minutes felt like seconds in this time of bliss, and just as I braved my hand to grab her boob, a cleaning attendant told us the movie was over and to get out of there.
Stifling a groan, Kelly got up, stretched, grabbed her bag, then grasped my hand gently and pulled me gently out of the theatre.

Brooke and Kady were waiting and smiling, sharing a Soda and sitting at a table. Nothing was said about what just happened, but Kelly still held my hand. It was then decided for everyone to go to Kelly’s house, and as it was a Friday night, I agreed to go as well. Jacob and Ryan also came, making it me, Jacob, Ryan, Kady, Kelly and Brooke going to her house. As soon as we got in, we found that her parents were out for the night staying at a hotel because her father had out of city emergency business. Kelly went up stairs and brought down a 40 oz bottle of Crown Royal Whisky, and we all shared it, not bothering with shots, but just taking turns with the bottle. As soon as the bottle finished, Kady came up with an idea to play “seven minutes in heaven” with the whisky bottle. It was a stupid childish game, but we were all a little drunk and decided to play. We all sat in a circle, and Ryan spun the bottle, and it pointed towards Brooke. Spinning it a second time, it landed between me and Kady, but as Kady was a girl, they decided I should go in. I looked at Kelly, and she winked at me, and I followed Brooke in. I didn’t really suspect anything to happen, but as so as I entered the closet, Brooke forced me to my knees, unzipped her shorts, pulled down her panties, and pressed her warm, shaved cunt to my mouth.

“Quickly we only got, like, six minutes” she said.

Not knowing what to do, I started licking her and put my tongue inside her, like I had seen from porno’s on the computer. Even as I put my tongue inside her, she started dripping and I licked it up. It was bittersweet, knowing that she wanted my face in her vagina, but it also made me feel guilty knowing that just hours previous, I was making out with Kelly. But Brooke was so damn sexy, and she started moaning just loudly enough for me to hear. I then decided that I might as well get the most out of it, and grabbed both of her ass cheeks, and pressed her closely to my tongue, doing my best with what I had. He ass was so nice that I grabbed even more firmly and started moving my tongue from side to side, up and down and all over the place so quickly that she moaned in relief quite as she orgasmed and I felt warm liquids enter my mouth.
She then looked at her watch and said, “Shit, we only got two minutes left”

That knowledge frightened me, knowing that I seduced the sexiest girl in my grade in less than five minutes. She then pulled her panties and shorts up, and took off her shirt. She then undid her bra and let her breasts fall out. To this day, I can honestly say those were the most perfect set of breasts I have ever seen. They were huge, but they didn’t look too big on her, they were perfectly molded, smoothed and rounded that I almost fainted. Her nipples were also perfect size, just in between of small and big, and looked so inviting.

She looked at me and said, “Well what the fuck are you waiting for?” And I replied with putting my face into those perfect breasts. I started sucking her left breast and massaging the other with my hand. As soon as I realized though, a timer went off, and the closet door started opening. She quickly pulled me up to kissing that sweet, sexy face, and they came in seeing me with her shirt off, a huge bulge in my pants, me holding on to one of her boobs and kissing frantically. There were many “ooh-lah-lah’s” from Ryan, and Jacob came and patted me on the back and said “damn she’s fuckin’ hot.”.
Meanwhile, Brooke hid her breasts with her hands, even though you could still see them bulging out, and the only think she blocked out were her nipples, but she slipped her bra and shirt back on, and sat down back in the carpet, rather red.

The game continued, but I was only picked one more time, and that was with Ryan, which was awkward, so we just sat in there and talked.

Mysteriously, Brooke never got chosen again, but I could definately tell Jacob and Ryan wanted it. Finally the game ended with Ryan and Kady going in the closet for a third time in a row, and the farthest they went was him putting his hands down her pants and feeling her bum, and I could tell I was definately the luckier one.

As the night went on, Ryan, Jacob and Kady had gone home, and Brooke had passed out on the couch. Kelly and I went to her room and fell asleep almost instantly, noting the time was past 1 am.
Then, out of the blue, I was smothered by a pillow. Not knowing what to do, I panicked and started kicking and wailing. But the thing that was smothering me had managed to Sex hikayeleri tie my legs down to the bed, and then my arms. The pillow came off and there was Kelly and Brooke in matching deep royal red underwear. I then noticed all my clothes were off, and blood quickly shot to my penis, giving me a hard-on.
Brooke quickly took charge and said that every time that I came, they were going to put a dildo up my ass. I thought they were joking, but she definately wasn’t, as she picked up an object with a sock on it and showed it to me, letting the sock fall off. It was like a penis, just like my size, except it was rubber and firm and a little thicker. Then she clicked the vibrator on and pushed it about half an inch into my ass. I screamed in pain (but I was oddly turned on) and she took it out and put it into her mouth and dropped it on the floor.

“There’s no one to hear you scream, boy and we can do this all night.” Brooke passionately yelled at me. She then undid her bra and revealed the breasts I liked too much from her and put my dick in between them and started giving me a tit job. Meanwhile, Kelly stripped off her underwear and came on top of my face and started rubbing her pussy on my mouth. I started to lick just as she started rotating her hips, and because I was tied up, she had total control.

Just about twenty seconds before I knew I was going to cum all over Brooke’s massive sweet breasts, Kelly got off my face, and Brooke stopped her hands and breasts. Kelly then moved down on me and started giving me my real, first blowjob.

Just as I thought life couldn’t get any better than this, Brooke sat on my stomach and started moving her breasts all around my face. About two minutes of this and my dick was just going to get ready to cum, and yet again they stopped.

Then, out of the blue, Brooke got off of me and Kelly turned around, her ass facing me, and started to fuck me. I wasn’t expecting it, and I was extremely surprised she was doing it without a condom. (I later found that they were both on the pill) She started to move her hips up and down, and I was a little sad knowing that I wasn’t her first, but it all cleared away when she started thrusting a lot harder. I then told her I was about to cum, and she didn’t care and kept going. It was all built up in my shaft, and I could not hold it anymore so I came into her pussy. She kept going for about thirty seconds until I was dry.
Brooke then smiled mischievously and said “You’ve been a naughty boy, time for your punishment.”
So she grabbed the dildo, and turned it on. “But because you’ve been so naughty, there is going to be a lot more that pain.” She nodded to Kelly.

Kelly then got up and put her pussy (that was full of my cum) and wiped it all over my mouth telling me to eat it. I licked her legs, where it fell, and licked completely inside. It was completely bitter, and I felt like I was going to puke, but I didn’t care. Then Brooke shoved the vibrator all the way up my ass, held it there for about five seconds and then took it out. Pain had entered my anus and I screamed very loudly.
The Brooke said, “It’s not over, it’s my turn”, as she undid her panties and came onto me, also. She started going, rather professionally and lifted one of my legs up and started to fuck me. She said that if I lasted longer than three minutes with her, she would give me a break to recover. I tried to relax my body as she pounded at me, hitting my ball sack every time and just as I thought my balls would fall off, and that I was about to cum, she stopped and got off me.

Kelly undid her bra, and showed off her equally beautiful, slightly smaller breasts. I remember thinking, “Man, two completely naked hot chicks have me pinned down, naked.” But her breasts were still considerably big, and she lent down on my penis, and started alternating between a blowjob and a tit job. I finally came a second time, and Brooke smirked, and handed the vibrator to Kelly and turned it on.
But Brooke said, “Wait” and came over top of me. But instead of putting her pussy to my face, she spread her ass cheeks apart and put her anus to my mouth.

“Lick it, or I will keep the vibrator in for a full minute. So I started to lick, but luckily her anus didn’t taste too bad, but I still felt like vomiting afterwards, then yet again, a sheering pain in my ass, this time lasting for ten seconds.

Normally, by myself, I could cum two times and that’s it, and I would have to wait at least an hour to go again. But now I was ready to go yet a third time.

This time Brooke said, “If you cum before we orgasm, we will keep the dildo in your ass all night.”
Exhausted from sex hitting at me from two different waves I tried to focus. They untied me and said that I could do whatever I wanted with them. But first Brooke locked the door from the outside, having previously hid the key somewhere in the room. (Apparently Kelly’s father punished her by locking her in her room) Then I decided suck Kelly out, just like I did Brooke previously in the closet.

I grabbed her ass and pressed it to my mouth and started going crazy. She moaned so loud while I did this, one would think she was having a stroke. I let go of her ass with one of my hands and started massaging her boob as I kept giving her oral. I kept going for five minutes and then orgasmed all over my mouth. I kept going and going for another two minutes until she told me to stop. Then I moved onto Brooke. I didn’t want to try the same thing on her again, so I came up to her and started fucking her, as I didn’t have that much backup and I knew it would take a while. While I did this, an idea occurred to me, and decided to put her own medicine on her. I stopped, picked up the dildo, shoved it up her ass, and started fucking her. As I fucked, I used my hand to motion the dildo up and down, and then turned it on. With a double penetration she didn’t last too long and came all over me with such a force that I didn’t think possible, and I still kept going until I, too finally came a third time.

We then collapsed on the bed, completely naked, and I remember thinking as I looked at the clock reading half past three, that just fifteen hours ago, I was dreaming of just kissing Kelly.
We slept late into the next morning, until we woke up to hear the garage door opening.


Part 2: “The Shower”

“Quickly go hide in the shower” Kelly frantically whispered to me, and I obeyed and whisked to the shower (naked), as Kelly and Brooke got there clothes on.

Then I heard the door opening, and Kelly greeted there parents, explaining that Brooke had stayed the night. Kelly talked with her parents for about another minute, and then announced she was going for a shower. I heard her walking down the hallway, opening up the door to the bathroom, and stood there.
“That was close” she whispered, and I nodded in agreement.
She then grinned at me, looking at my penis, which was hard from just looking at her body and remembering last night.

She walked to the shower, and turned it on to very hot, so that steam slowly covered the mirrors and walls. She walked toward me, and gave me a very hot, sexy kiss with lost of passion and energy. She pulled off her shirt, and exposed her breasts, with the same bra she wore the last night. Then she pulled down her sweatpants, revealing the absence of panties. Then, she wrapped her arms around me, and I felt my penis go inside her. She didn’t fuck me, but we just kissed while I was inside of her. I started going a little crazy, as the want to fuck her increased. I started moving my hips, but she told me to stop. I wanted to cum inside her so much, but knowing I couldn’t at the moment I started to kiss her much more forcefully. I moved her against the wall, and I grabbed her ass and started kissing her back with such ferocity that I felt her pussy watering slightly. She finally let go of me and said that she’d better have a shower, and invited me to come in with her. I obviously said yes and stepped over with her. She undid her bra, letting her breasts fall down from her tight bra. As I watched her she lifted up a finger and beckoned toward me in a sexy cute little way. I came towards her and started to suck on her left breast, massaging her other with my hand. After a few minutes of this, she pulled away gently, revealing a blushed face and breasts reddened around the places I sucked on.

She then said something I will never forget to this day. “I want to do something with you that we both haven’t experienced yet, and she guided my hand inside her ass cheeks and I felt two of my fingers massaging her anus.

“Try to get me used to it” she moaned in my ear, and I replied with trying to stick in more fingers, and massaging a little more fiercely. She then, having enough, turned around and presented her ass toward me.

She spread apart her ass and told me to come on to her. I moved my dick to her ass and tried to press it inside her. But it wasn’t nearly as easy as her pussy, so I stopped.

“Keep going” she moaned.

So I pressed as far as I could with one fast move with my hips and she screamed slightly, muffled by biting her arm. It was so fucking hot in there, I was afraid I was going to cum as soon as I entered. I then started to fuck her in the ass, and slowly she started enjoying it.
I didn’t have much left in me, and I fucked her hot, tight ass until I whispered that I was going to cum inside her. She ignored me and clenched her ass together, which completely overwhelmed me and I came inside her.

She then stopped, and we kissed for awhile and then ended the shower, and we both stepped out. She toweled off, and starting applying some mascara and a little bit up makeup, and I secretly inserted my ring and middle finger inside her and started to masturbate for her. It was harder to apply her makeup and straighten her hair while I was doing this to her, because she was so turned on. About a minute after all her makeup was on, she came all over my hand, with warm, slightly viscous liquid spilled onto the floor. She smiled at me, got on her clothes, kissed me and left the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. Then it was Brooke’s turn, and she came in with my clothes in one arm, hers in another, and a big white fluffy bathrobe on her.

“Hello” she smiled and winked at me.

The fact that she was the hottest girl in our school, with flowing blonde hair, massive breasts, a Sikiş hikayeleri nice ass and was about to seduce me completely overwhelmed me, and I put my hand on the ledge of the sink to support myself.

She put down both sets of clothes, and watched me for about thirty seconds, then let the bathrobe fall to the ground.

She was completely naked now, and I looked at her big breasts just staring at me; teasing me. Then looked down to her shaved vagina and how inviting it looked for me.
She then walked towards me, grabbed me, and pressed me against the wall and whispered in my ear. “You’re my bitch tonight.”

She then pulled me into the shower, turned it on, and let the water spill all over her breasts and body. It was like one of those shampoo commercials, except the fact that you saw everything and this girl was much sexier. She then stood behind me, pressed her boobs against my back and grabber hold of my dick, and started jerking it off, very intensely and very fast, as if she had years of practice. Rubbing the foreskin back and fourth, I couldn’t help but moan as she took charge, and also started to rub her vagina and breasts across the back of me while she gave me a handjob.

It felt like I died and went to heaven, and when I felt a little bit of pressure, she released, turned around, and faced me, and said “Every time you feel like your going to cum, tell me to stop.” And then shoved herself inside of me and pressed me against the wall of the shower and lifted my leg up. She balanced my leg on the ledge of the shower where you’re supposed to keep soap, and then started riding me with expertise and a solid rhythm, which was very quickly, like the beat to a heavy metal or rap song.
With all this hot water around us, and my eyes switching back and forth to her fucking me, and her massive perfect breasts swinging up and down, I felt like I was in an utter state of bliss. Just as she started breathing and moaning loudly, I told her I was about to cum.

She stopped, got off me and said “Now for your break, I brought something special in here. I want to do the same to you, as I do to you.” Then leaned out of the shower, giving me a nice view of her ass, and let her boobs drop, which was very sexy to me. She reached inside her clothes and took out what looked like a dildo with two heads on each side. “I will scream that your in hear if you don’t do what I say” and then she put the dildo in her vagina, leaving a little over half of it sticking out. Then she turned me around, and forced it up my ass as hard as she could, and she and I both moaned in pain as it pressed against the back of her vagina and it squeezed into my ass. Then she started fucking my ass, but it hurt a lot as she did it. But after about a minute I realized it wasn’t so bad, and as I was already loosened up from the night before, I more than easily got used to it after a while. It wasn’t enjoyable, but hearing her softly moan in pleasure was definately enough to keep me going. After about five two minutes of this, just as I was getting used to it fully, she pulled it out of me, and dropped it in the ground. She then dropped to her knees and started giving me a blowjob. After about two minutes of her intense head bobbing and her boobs flying every which way, I told her I was about to cum, yet again.

She stopped, and kissed the tip of my cock. Then she bent down a little bit more and started to lick and suck on my balls. This was an interesting experience, as it felt so fucking good, but I didn’t feel a need to cum, and it just was wonderful. I looked down and watched her fluid motions, as she licked my balls, then, put one in her mouth, swirled it, for a bit, then took in both testicles and licked them as if it was my tongue and she was kissing me.

This lasted for about five minutes, until finally she came up on me, grabbed my dick, and put it in her vagina. She wrestled me down to the floor of the shower, sat on top of my dick and started bouncing up and down on me at one hundred miles an hour. She was going so intensely that her boobs were a blur, going up and down, and all over the place and my balls started hurting from her crashing down on them. I could only last a little over ninety seconds of this, so I told her I was about to cum.

She suddenly got off me, bent her mouth over my dick, and started to give me a frantic blowjob, as if I was going to die if it didn’t happen. I felt semen build up inside me, then to the tip of my dick. I held it in as long as I could, and then I exploded inside of her mouth. It was nothing like I had ever done before. She did look a little startled at first, but she kept giving me a blowjob, sucking in every bit of fluid, until I was completely dry. My cum fell all over her breasts, but she swallowed as much of it as she could.

Then she stood up and cleaned herself off, and rubbed shampoo all over her breasts and pussie. I then realized she still was probably horny, so I got onto my knees and put my tongue inside her. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her into me as she rinsed off. I started giving her the same treatment she did with my balls. I started licking in and out, and rolled my tongue around the edges of her cunt really fast and started flicking my tongue in and out of her really fast. Within a few minutes I felt her hands on the back of my head pressing me in closer to her, and eventually pulling my hair. She came all over me with such a force, I didn’t think possible from a woman. When I gave her oral in the closet previously, it wasn’t nearly this powerful. She was a squirter for sure.

When I finally finished with her, she and I put out clothes on, and now the task was to get me out of the house without her parents noticing.


Part 3: “Brooke’s House”

I watched as Brooke got her clothes back on. She put her bra back on, having to slightly squeeze her boobs together to fit them in. Then she turned around, and bent down to pick up her shirt, and I got a full view of her ass. I could even see her anus, and I thought of how nice it would be to stick my cock in there.
She then pulled her skin tight shirt over her head, but I didn’t notice, still eyeing her ass. Then she bent over yet again. This time I couldn’t resist, and as I had a boner already, I slide my penis inside her ass. She jumped slightly in surprise but then she turned her head a little and smiled mischievously.
I started riding her up the ass, as if I hadn’t came twice in the last hour. It was so warm and nice in there, that I felt like my dick was going to explode in pleasure every second. She was still bent over from when I surprised her, so I put both hands on either side of her waist, and started going twice as fast. She started moaning, a little too loudly, but I kept going on her.

Then she stood up, making my dick come out of her anus, but still between her cheeks. She turned around, kissed me full on the mouth, and instructed me to go on my knees. A little disappointed, as I was having so much fun inside her ass, I knew I was going to give her oral. But it never happened. I was on my knees, and she laid flat on the floor. Then she put her legs on my shoulders, on either side of my head, and braced her hands on the ledge of the shower door, sat down on the floor, and told me to fuck her in the ass.

This was the weirdest position I had never dreamed of doing, and I hadn’t seen it in any type of porno before so I was mystified. But even so I agreed and aimed my dick at her anus. As it entered and I started fucking her, I found it was a lot easier to use more force and speed. She quickly grabbed a towel from beside it and bit into it. I worried slightly, but she didn’t tell me to stop, so I kept fucking.
Even though her shirt was on, it was still sexy seeing her breasts move up and down to the beat of my fuck. I finally felt pressure build up in the tip of my dick, and knew I was going to cum. I started going a lot harder and a lot faster for the next fifteen seconds and I could see her eyes tense and she bit harder, but I could tell she was enjoying it by the obvious urge on her face. I came inside her ass, and I stopped about fifteen seconds later.

She then pulled the two sided dildo from her towel and finished herself off, and I just enjoyed watching for a change. She came for the second time in, ten minutes apart from each time, and then pulled her panties and tiny spandex shorts on.

I also put my clothes on, and waited, as Brooke left the room, saying that she’d knock three times softly when it was safe. I sat on the toilet, recalling that in just a day’s time, I had had sex with two different girls, numerous times. As I thought about it, I heard a soft triple knock on the door.
Brooke and Kelly were motioning for me to run out the back door, which fortunately, was very close to the bathroom. I ran out, quietly opened, the door, shut it, and they told me to hide under the deck. I waited for about five minutes, and then I heard Kelly’s voice calling my name.
“Brian lets go!” she whispered urgently.

I crawled out from behind the deck and ran with them.
We ran all the way down her street, and came onto the boulevard, where there was a bus stop. We sat on the bench, and for the first time since the incident in the closet with Brooke, I felt extremely awkward, not having a chance before to talk after having sex with both of them.

It was silent for the first thirty seconds or so, as we all caught out breaths. Then Kelly broke the ice, and said, “That was fun last night. How’s your ass?”

I realized that it was in pain, as before I was too busy thinking about them. “It definately hurts.” I replied, grinning a little.

“Well don’t think it’s over yet, we got all weekend. Kelly’s sleeping at my house tonight.” Brooke said, talking for the first time.

I was secretly extremely happy about what she said, but my reply was a lot less enthusiastic. “What about my parent’s? They thought I was at Ryan’s house last night, how am I going to persuade them to let me stay at his house again?”

“Oh, I can think of an easy reason. Don’t you know what day it is today?”
“The eighteenth I think…..Oh shit it’s my birthday on Sunday”
“That’s right, and we already told your parents that we were throwing a surprise party for you. So you shouldn’t be home until late afternoon, tomorrow.” Kelly answered, with a hint of satisfaction in her voice.
“So… who’s, uh, coming to Erotik hikaye this party of mine?” I asked to ease a little of my tension, as for some strange reason, I was very nervous.
“Well, there are three, including you, so far.” Brooke said with a wink, and continued, “But if you feel the need to invite others, especially some hot guys, feel free.”
That was a little awkward, because I didn’t know if she was serious or not, but I still nodded, and grinned, trying to fit in with them.

The bus then came, and we got on, and started talking about normal stuff teenagers would talk about. We talked about bitchy teachers, made fun of what other people did during the week, and talked about the upcoming week. The bus finally arrived at the train station, so we got off, stepped onto the platform, and the train arrived thirty seconds later, which was rare as it was Saturday at about ten am.
The three of us got onto the train, and it was pretty much empty. There was a kid that looked like he just hit puberty with his dad, and I watched as he took a look at Brooke’s low cut shirt. We walked passed them, to the end of the compartment, where there was only a couple Asian girls talking in a foreign language, and sat down.

Brooke sat down first, and then I sat beside her. Not having enough room for Kelly, she sat on my lap. I almost immediately felt blood rush to my penis, and I started getting a boner. Kelly was just wearing a skirt, and I could feel her ass cheeks on either side of my leg, where she sat.
It didn’t take her long to notice, when she moved around on top of me to get more comfortable. Grinning, she sat right on in the middle of my legs, reached between her legs, and undid my zipper. She fidgeted a bit, but as I had a boner, it easily sprang out of captivity. Sliding her thong (I then noticed she had a thong, which extremely turned me on) to one side, she gently sat on top of my dick, penetrating her anus for the second time today.

As we sat, waiting for Brooke’s stop, we just talked about regular stuff, while I was inside her. As this was only her second time, Kelly winced a little after every bump we hit, but I secretly enjoyed them, as she moved up and down on top of me. Another bonus was that no one seemed to notice. The two Asian’s were about six rows behind us, and everyone else was too far to hear or see us.
Then Brooke’s stop came and she got off me quickly, I zipped my pants, and then we got onto a bus, finally reaching Brooke’s home.

Brooke’s house was massive. I guessed around seven thousand square feet, as it had three finished levels. She came in, greeted her parents, and gave us a tour of her house. The main floor was one giant room with a bathroom and a master bedroom to the side. There was a massive dining room, and an equally sized kitchen with two commercial ovens, and a walk in pantry the size of my bedroom at home. We ignored the upstairs, as Brooke said that the family rarely used it, only for guests staying the night. I assumed we would all be in Brooke’s room tonight. Then we went downstairs, and as Brooke was an only child, she got the whole basement to herself, as her parents slept in the master bedroom upstairs.
Down in the basement there was a pool, foosball and a poker table. There was a sixty inch plasma TV on one of the walls, surrounded by three beige, leather sofas. Then there was a mini bar in the corner, and beside that was a hallway with a bathroom and two bedrooms. It looked like they bought the house because of all the open space.

After showing us around, Brooke went to the bar and took out three Corona’s, saying that her parents didn’t mind us drinking, as long as we were responsible and didn’t get out of hand. I drank half of mine in one go, out of pure nervousness.

About twenty seconds after Brooke handed out the beers, Brooke’s parents said they would see her tomorrow. Apparently Brooke said she was throwing a birthday party for me, and asked if she could have the house for the day. Seeing how spoiled she was, (and probably why she sometimes acted like a bitch…. And no, I’m not complaining) her parents let her.

Brooke then crossed her arms, grabbing either ends of the bottom of her shirt, and pulled it off, showing off her pink frilly bra with her breasts almost popping out.
“I think that Brian has suffered enough this past night, and its someone else’s turn to try something new” Brooke said with a smile.

She instantly got my curiosity as she then sat on Kelly, leaning her breasts into her face, sat down, and kissed Kelly full on the mouth. Before Kelly could react properly, Brooke let go and said,
“I was surprised my first time too, but I am sure you will enjoy it…. I have seen you eyeing me up instead of Brian when we were both naked out of the corner of your eyes.”

Brooke told Kelly to stay there, and quickly got a bag from one of the rooms. Then she pulled Kelly’s skirt down, then her thong, revealing an already moist vagina. She licked it a little bit, and then continued, pulling off her socks and shirt, leaving Kelly with just a bra on. Then Brooke took off her shorts, panties and socks all at once, revealing her shaved cunt. She took Kelly by the hand, and pulled her to one of the rooms, leaving Kelly with a deep shade of red. Not knowing what to do, I followed, intrigued.
Brooke didn’t even make it to the bed. As soon as they got in the room, Brooke started kissing Kelly frantically all over her face. I sat in the corner of the room on a desk chair. I visibly saw Kelly returning back Brooke’s favor, just as I had done with Kelly in the movie theatre just yesterday. Kelly started getting so frantic; she pulled in Brooke closer, grabbed her bra straps, and started to rip them off. Getting the idea, Brooke did so to Kelly as well. Soon, they were both naked, really turning me on, as there boobs had a war of there own, squishing between each others, and rubbing all over their bodies.

Then Kelly moved down and started making out and sucking on Brooke’s breasts. Then she moved back up and started licking and kissing all over her face. Then Brooke turned around, grabbed control of Kelly, and pushed her onto the bed. Before they got back to it, Brooke reached into her bag, got out a few condoms, put them one on her pinky and ring finger, and the other on her pointer and index finger, making it look like she had two fingers and a thumb. Then Brooke reached down under and fingered her as they made out. After awhile, Brooke added in all four fingers into Kelly, making her moan in pain a little, but she really started to enjoy it. Then, Kelly having enough, and wanting control, pushed Brooke off her, put her pussie on Brooke’s face, and Brooke started licking Kelly’s pussie.

As Kelly was previously getting fingered with four fingers, she came first. Before she did, however, she started bucking her hips up and down, all over Brooke’s face so she could hold it in for more intense pleasure. Kelly came in Brooke’s mouth, and they stopped. Brooke, completely naked, came towards me, and kissed me full on the mouth with Kelly’s sweet juice in her mouth. After about thirty seconds she released.

“Happy birthday…. How’d you like the present?”

“It was pleasant” I replied, cursing myself for not thinking of anything more smooth to say.
“Well, for my second gift, I offer my body and that bag of stuff on the floor over there.” Brooke said, pointing toward the bag where she got the condoms from.

“I do, too.” Kelly smiled as I walked passed her to check what was in the bag.
Inside the bag there was about four sets of four feet long rope, three or four sets of handcuffs, about a half a dozen different kinds of dildo’s, about eight different colored boxes of Trojan condoms, a tub of Vaseline, a few (what looked like) gags, and some skimpy clothing. In the pockets were playboys and hustlers, with about a dozen sex DVD’s.

I first grabbed the hand cuffs, cuffing them both to the frames of the King sized bed. Then, ignoring Kelly for now, I decided to get my painful revenge to Brooke. I tied one of her legs to the other end of the bedpost, leaving one leg free. I then picked up two of the larger dildos, turned them both on, and sat on Brooke’s chest. I put the first one up the ass, and she screamed and moaned in delight instantly. Then I put the second up her cunt, making her moan even more loudly, and I still hadn’t moved them yet. I then grabbed both of them with either hand and started to penetrate in and out of her with the dildos at full speed and strength. Screaming or moaning in either pain or pleasure (probably both) I started going in and out with both dildos’ simultaneously going in and outside of her. After about two minutes I stopped, afraid I might hurt her.

She was breathing very heavily, and kept saying that it was the best feeling of her life. I had such a hard on that I could feel a pulse in my dick. I then moved onto Brooke and did what I wanted to do most.
Now, I wasn’t a huge fan of boobs who just fantasized about them, but Brooke’s breasts were just so perfectly round and big, that I just couldn’t resist. I laid down on top of her, put my face in her boobs, and started licking, sucking, and even biting her cleavage. (And she did yelp several times) I put my face in between her breasts and licked around the outside of her breasts. Then I moved up and sucked on her nipple for about two minutes, licking, playing and biting softly. There was just no stopping as I made use of my hand and starting massaging her other breast.

I started to realize though that Kelly must be feeling pretty lonely, and as I was her girlfriend, I definately had some obligations to make her feel comforted. So then, not looking away from Brooke, I brought my free useless hand and slid my fingers into her vagina. She was extremely surprised and moaned with deep pleasure. After about five minutes of this bout, I stopped and sat up off Brooke’s boobs, eyeing the fact they were both red and there was a few bite mark indents around her nipples.

I then moved to Kelly’s body, and without even thinking, entered inside her, and started to fuck. She was definately much tighter than Brooke, and I just kept having sex with her, actually making love to her for the first time. Even though I had cum so many times over the weekend, this was the best feeling of all. It felt so satisfying and after I came in her, I just lay with her, letting my penis slowly go down inside of her.
She kissed me after a while, got dressed with Brooke, and too my suprise, was bold enough and gave Brooke a full on kiss on the mouth and whispered to both of us, “I can’t wait until next weekend.”

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