A Week with Kay Lee

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I am a dirty old man. Really. I am not sure when I became one, but it was a conscious decision that required years of planning and a bit hard work. When I had a achieved the ripe old age of 36 I had very little to show for myself. No wife, no kids, no house. I had a crappy office job and a crappier apartment. I was a white middle aged slob. I could legally date women half my age. However, I lacked anything that might attract them.

I set about to change my station in life. It was quite an adventure and I enjoyed the results. Enough about me, this is a story about Kay Lee.

I knew the Lee family for a number of years. The Lee Tailor shop was walking distance from the house. I routinely had the Lees create for me new suits or renovate old styles. I love their work and the prices are more than reasonable. Now the Lees had a number of children, two sons and three daughters. Over the years Mr. and Mrs. Lee would chatter about their offspring throughout measurements and fittings, or at least four of their children.

The child they routinely glossed over was the middle child, Kay. Kay was average. Average height, average grades, and average looks. She was somewhat conservative and traditional. I knew of Kay’s existence because of all the children she alone aided her parents in the business. She also was taking business classes at the city college.

On a cool bright Monday morning I stepped into the Lee Shop. I realized my dark suit was a bit ratty and wanted to replace it. At my age Friends and parents of friends pass regularly and I would hate to look shabby at a funeral. I was greeted as usual by Mrs. Tini Lee. Tini had a very small frame but a huge radiant smile. “Hello Mister Jack, what can we do for this time?”

I explained my need for a dark suit. “Oh, are you getting married? You have been a bachelor far too long!” At this point I should mention Tini is a world class flirt. She and Frankie, her husband, run a bit of a two man con. Tini chats you up, then a gruff Frankie storms in “to see what the fuss is about.” It scares most guys into bigger purchases. I find it charming.

Tini had me step up on the block for measurements. Onwin Honestly, with the amount of business I do with the Lees Tini has my measurements memorized. We go through this motion for a reason. During my inseam Tini will make time grope and fondle the goods.

I am not one for women my own age or even those slightly my senior. I make an exception for Tini. The woman has a touch to die for. With her left hand still dangling the measuring tape she will reach in my fly and massage my balls. Her petite right hand will slide in my pants and deftly stroke my shaft with an open palm. I doubt I do it justice in description. It is a great way to start the week. Here is where we usually have an entrance by Frankie. Not today. A couple of minutes pass and I am rock hard. I am sure most of it is Tini’s fine work but my expectation of being discovered by Frankie is heightening the situation.

Tini slips my cock out of my trousers. She is just about eye level with the head. Now I love a good blow job as much as the next guy. Something here was amiss though. “Tini, where’s Frankie?” Boom. Tini explodes into tears and sobs. Loud, pathetic, heart-wrenching sobs. She began to blubber something about Frankie, a stripper, and paternity. Suddenly her red tear soaked eyes looked up to me and she said “How could he? How could he cheat?” Keep in mind that throughout this outburst she had continued to service my cock.

Before I could even process an answer, Kay appeared from the back room. She had obviously heard her mother crying and rushed to see if Tini was all right. What she found was me standing on a block in full view of the bay window store front with her mother two handing my manhood.

With a stern voice that only a mother could muster, Tini growled, “Kay, help Mister Jack.” With that Tini let go of me and stormed off to the back office. We heard a door slam. So there I stood with a hard-on parallel to the floor. “Kay, could I see something in Navy or black please?” After all, I really was here for a new suit.

Kay stared at me. Well, not at all me just my little me that was staring back at her. Kay was wearing a tight t-shirt and tighter jeans. Onwin giriş Her hair was absently pulled back out of her face and away from her glasses. It gave a girlish appearance. What betrayed her womanhood was the hungry glare my penis was getting. “Kay?” Her stare was beginning to disturb me.

Kay crossed the room quickly. She stepped right up to the tip of my dick. She made eye contact. Without a word her little mouth flicked open and swallowed me. Her eyes slid shut and she gripped my ass. With a steady pace her lips and tongue stroked my cock.

As I said before, I love head as much as the next guy. This was par excel lance. Perhaps it was the shock and surprise of having Tini caught red-handed. Or the youthful vigor the bookish Kay was mustering. I still don’t know nor do I care. I came. I came hard and in quantity. Poor Kay nearly drowned as my toes curled and my nuts emptied. A bit of cum dripped from the corner of Kay’s mouth on to her shirt. Kay smiled and pulled the tight t-shirt off, over her head.

Kay led me from the block to a wing backed chair facing the triple full length mirrors. Before I sat down, Kay removed my pants. “No sense in risking stains or wrinkles,” She smiled. This was the first time I remember hearing her voice.

I sat in the leather chair pants-less and still wearing socks, shirt, and tie. Before me, Kay rolled jeans off her ass and stepped out of them. She was completely naked save her cats-eye glasses. Kay admired herself in the mirrors. Her nipples were erect and as hard as my cock. I looked down realized my manhood was full on, even after the spectacular suck I had received moments ago. Kay’s hands ran up and down her body. Her palms traced from her breasts to her stomach. Her fingers slid deeper stroking her trimmed pussy. I would like to say my magnificent body was driving her mad. However, it was obvious that seeing herself in the mirrors and the throbbing cock in the background was the real culprit. Kay continued to stroke her body. I could see her begin to flick in and out of her vagina. She was building toward an orgasm. Her movement began to get wild her knees began to shake. She fell back toward the chair. She had forgotten me there! I caught before her collision with my penis. With out a word her left hand shot between her legs and grabbed my member. She stroked my head three times across her nether lips and stuffed me into her.

I peered around Kay and watched as she fucked me in the mirrors. I felt so used. Kay was intently staring herself down. The faces, the smiles, the winks were all from her to her. It was as if I was assisting some kind of masturbation. Well, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I did my best to stay out her way. It was like watching porn. Once the initial shock wore off I sat back and enjoyed the show.

Kay continued to pump along for another five minutes. Suddenly, her body contracted around me in strong, rhythmic spasms. Fluids gushed from pussy, soaking my shirt, my socks, and the chair. Poor Kay passed out and fell back on me.

This was nice, especially for a Monday. After a short slumber Kay stirred. She smile at me in the mirror. She slowly got her feet and began to collect her clothing.

Suddenly, Tini strode into the room. Tini was preoccupied on marital matters. “Kay, have your brother pick up the kids at school. Have him and his wife watch them a couple of days.” Tini was busy scribbling notes on a pad while heading to the front door. “You look after the shop. Can you do that while I go find my Frankie?” Tini looked up. For the first time she saw her naked daughter with an arm load of clothes and her favorite customer fucked senseless in a chair. Tini stammered, “On second thought, close the shop and go stay with a friend.” Tini hustled out the door. The situation my have been too much to process with everything else going on around her.

Kay walked close to the chair. She bent over, brushed her stray bangs from her eyes and kissed my forehead. I was a bit concerned. The Kay I had known previously was shy and prone to solitary nights in front of the TV, at that is what her momma always said. “Mister Jack, momma wants me to close the store.” Kay stated, more than hinting I should collect myself and go. “Are you okay? Do you have a friend where you can stay?” I asked as I slowly began the search for my trousers.

“That depends Mister Jack,” Her eyes met mine and a wicked smile creased her face,” Are you my friend?”

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