A Vulnerable Moment Pt. 03

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The next day, inevitably the phone rang, and Anita’s voice was cool, calm, but firm.

“I’m coming round to see you today, when it’s convenient. I think we need to establish some ground rules about the future.”

Andrew hesitated, thinking as quickly as he could, but decided that she was probably right, and there should be some discussion about her demands and threats.

“Yes, it’s probably a good idea. How about 1.30pm?” Andrew’s voice was full of trepidation.

“That’s fine, I look forward to it. I’ll see you then,” she replied in her usual assertive voice.

Andrew sipped his morning coffee, and considered the position he found himself in.

He had just begun an affair with Louise, a young housewife. He was a widower in his 60s, she was in her 20s. Anita Williams, an old friend of his wife, had seen him coming out of Louise’s house, and had threatened to tell Louise’s husband Steve, unless he became her lover too. It was becoming a complicated web.

At exactly 1.30pm the front door bell rang.

When Andrew opened the door his eyes widened and he stuttered a, “Hello Anita, come in.” He had to stifle a gasp.

Anita stepped inside, kissing Andrew on the cheek. She was almost as tall as him. She was wearing high heels, tight leather trousers and a white blouse. It was open at the top, revealing the bulge of quite ample breasts. Her perfume engulfed the hallway.

He led her through into the lounge, asking her on the way if she preferred tea or coffee.

Anita sat herself on the sofa in front of the French doors leading out into the garden, while Andrew went into the kitchen to make the coffee.

Her eyes scanned around the room. She had been here a couple of times when Julia was alive. In fact there were family photos around and some of Julia.

After a couple of minutes Andrew returned with two mugs, and placed them on the small tables at either end of the sofa.

Anita patted the seat beside her and said, “Sit here Andrew.”

Obediently, he sat beside her, feeling slightly nervous.

“So you have been a naughty boy with Louise? You must tell me how all this started.”

Andrew Onwin stared into his lap and mumbled, “It all happened quite accidentally.”

“I think a lot of naughty boys say that,” she said, smirking as he felt her eyes staring at him.

“I don’t want to tell you all the details. But I had only seen her twice when you saw me.”

Anita sighed. “Well you know the consequences. Steve would be very interested in his wife’s extra curricular activities. I’m here today to help you avoid some of those consequences!”

The last sentence was heavy with irony.

She continued, “We are both single, mature people who still have healthy appetites. I think an arrangement between us will save Louise, and probably Steve, a lot of heartache.”

Her voice had changed from a slightly threatening tone to a rather softer, more intimate tone. Her hand rested on Andrew’s shoulder, and her fingers, with her long nails stroked the back of his neck.

“Do you find me attractive Andrew?”

The question came out of the blue. What was he supposed to say to that?

He felt that he had to say, “Yes, of course.” And he added, “you always have been.”

“Well life is short.” And with that she stood up.

She was silhouetted against the sun, shining through the French doors.

She stood upright with legs apart and slowly she began to unbutton her blouse.

Andrew started to say, “Anita…”

“Don’t say anything Andrew. This is a down payment.”

He watched from his place on the sofa as Anita peeled off the blouse, next unbuckling her belt before gripping the window sill, and on one leg stepping out of the leather trousers. The sun lit her body, now just dressed in bra, panties and hold up stockings.

She turned, and with her back to Andrew, pushed the French doors wide open.

Turning to face the room once again, she said quietly to Andrew, “Get undressed naughty boy.”

As Andrew stood up and unbuttoned his shirt, he watched as Anita unclasped her bra, slipped off her panties and stood in just her hold ups. She had the most amazing figure for a woman of 55.

Turning Onwin giriş she stepped out onto the patio and half sat on the table, spreading her legs for Andrew to see. One hand travelled to her pussy, while the other cupped a breast. Her fingers slipped inside her pussy lips, sliding in the juices while the other hand squeezed each nipple in turn.

Andrew was trying to keep his balance as he was stepping out of his trousers, and at the same time taking in what Anita was doing. Finally, he stood naked in the lounge, his cock getting stiffer by the second.

“I seem to have made an impression,” Anita smiled. And as she spoke she turned around. Bending over she leaned onto the table on her elbows, spreading her legs wide, exposing her pussy and ass to Andrew’s gaze.

He could see the moist, pink pussy, it’s lips parted revealing an open invitation to enter.

He needed no more encouragement.

He stepped out onto the patio. He glanced quickly around to see if any neighbours were watching. Fortunately, his garden was surrounded by hedges and trees.

But he really couldn’t have cared as he slid his cock into Anita’s cunt.

As he pressed his thighs against the cheeks of her ass, his cock was buried in the most moist and succulent pussy.

He heard her groan softly and when he started to move she whimpered slightly.

This was so erotic. He really was turned on. With Julia he’d never had sex outdoors, let alone in his garden.

And this semi public scenario was hastening his climax.

With a stifled grunt he started to cum, jerking five or six times as he emptied himself into her.

Anita was pushing back against him, trying to facilitate her own orgasm, but she wasn’t ready yet.

As he slipped from her pussy’s grasp she raised herself and stepped back inside the lounge.

Sitting down on the sofa and spreading her legs, she lay back and invited Andrew to kneel between them.

As he knelt down he could see his semen seeping from the pink folds between her pussy lips.

He slid his tongue into the mixture of spunk and pussy juice, lapping the cocktail, and swallowing it down.

As he moved his tongue up over the swollen bud of her clit, there was a loud moan of pleasure.

“Oh god Andrew, don’t stop.”

Andrew, for the first time, realised he was in control. He was going to tease her, just to let her know that she didn’t always dictate the agenda.

He licked, stroked, sucked. Slowly, then faster, then stopping. Holding her on the very edge of orgasm.

“You bastard, Andrew, make me cum,” she shouted.

If the neighbours hadn’t guessed what was going on, they did now.

Teasing for a few more seconds, Andrew flicked his tongue across her clit and she exploded.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Jesus,” she cried.

Her hips raised, her pelvis shuddered, her thighs squeezed around his head. He could feel her pussy convulse, and juices flowed down his chin.

They both sagged, and flopped against each other.

Andrew finally muttered, “For fucks sake Anita, that was fucking fantastic.”

“Yes, but don’t get carried away, we still have a little agreement.”

Andrew was thinking about that, and coming to the conclusion that it might not be a bad deal. This woman was sex on legs. But Louise was someone special too. His mind was a mixture of guilt, elation, desire, lust. How many emotions could he experience? Maybe at his age, it was just best to go with the flow and pray no one gets hurts.

As Anita went to the bathroom to freshen up and get dressed, Andrew wondered when this saga would continue. In a true coincidence he didn’t have long to wait. His phone pinged and it was Louise.

‘Hope you’re not busy. Two days left of term this week before the holidays. Steve in London again tomorrow. Are you free?’

As he was reading the text, Anita reappeared from the bathroom, and he was unable to avoid blushing.

“Louise would find it difficult to cope with what just went on?”

Anita was a master of turning the screw.

“Don’t worry. I can cope as long as you stick to our little agreement. If I see her I will be the perfect neighbour.” And with a smirk she opened the front door and was gone.

Andrew sat down with a deep sigh and texted, ‘I’ll be round at 11am unless you want to come here?’

‘No I’ve got to be here in case Steve rings. See you at 11am. I want you.’

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