A Super Life – Chapter 3

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A Super Life – Chapter 3

***Hello, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading my stories and commenting on them. I focused on writing this next Chapter as a direct result of the comments and many PMs asking me to please do this.

I am not a professional. I am certain, despite my best efforts, that there are errors in the story. Hopefully you can overlook them and enjoy yourself.

There is incest in this story. If it is not what you like then please do not read.***

(When we last left our emerging super heroine she had just awakened to something she did not expect…)

Staring down between my spread thighs was a sight that nothing could have prepared me for.

“MOM!!!” I cried out.

She lifted her eyes to mine, but did not slow her tongue one bit. Fastening her lips over my clit she simply began working harder on my pussy.

I was almost dizzy with the sheer magnitude of this. My mother was eagerly lapping away at my pussy! What was even more shocking was how fucking good she was at it. I never thought of my mother as a sexual creature, never! Yet here she was devouring my pussy like a madwoman.

I could feel the orgasm building inside me and barely managed to scream “Oh fuck Mom!!!” before I sprayed my juices all over her face. She was gripping my thighs tightly as she latched onto me like a lamprey. My hips were bucking upwards at her mouth and my hands gripping here hair.

Oh shit! This was all my fault. I had fucked Hiro, my brother, and forgotten that simply the smell of my pheromones could drive any person crazy. I was not sure where he was, or how Mom came to be in the bedroom… but my pussy felt so good. Maybe I didn’t feel as guilty as I should have.

When I stopped convulsing my mother slowly stood up, standing at the end of the bed, and began sliding off her night gown. As her naked body was revealed to me I knew exactly where my looks came from. I watched as she revealed her smooth body, slender and gently curving, and the swell of her firm looking “B” cup breasts. My mother looked beautiful naked. I never thought I would ever think such a thing.

When my eyes lowered to her trimmed pussy I could see the dampness there. I could also see that she was breathing hard and staring at me with completely unbridled lust.

I suddenly realized it was morning. Dad would be up. He was somewhere in the house and if I didn’t put a stop to this… but wait. I had influence over Hiro. He had stayed silent and was so attentive to me and loving, like a brother with benefits.

As my mother began crawling up the bed, dragging her breasts along my stomach and lightly kissed my nipples I realized something. I love my family and their sexual excitement and juices could be a source of power for me. It was not like I was hurting them. Maybe I was taking advantage though?

When my mother mouth fastened onto one of my breasts and began sucking that was when I stopped thinking.

I brought my hand to the back of my head and held her there. She was drinking my milk and it felt so good. Her slender hand was cupping the side of my breast as she fed and she positioned herself so that her soaking wet pussy was rubbing my thigh. She began grinding herself on it, soaking me with her juices. Her other hand moved upwards, first cupping my free breast and then sliding it through her hand until her fingertips were tugging on my engorged nipple.

I had been laying there just gently holding her, but it was obvious she was flush with arousal and needed relief. I am a loving daughter… so I traced one of my hands down her back and firmly gripped her ass, pulling her sopping cunt hard against my thigh.

Her mouth popped off my nipple and she cried out as she began twitching. Tuning into her I focused on making her cum, and cum hard. She began shaking and then screamed out her orgasm, flooding my thigh as she sprayed it with her hot juices. None of it trickled down to the mattress though, and ai Felt another rush of power as my body absorbed it.

I quickly flipped us over, lifting my mother like she weighed nothing at all. She gasped as she landed on her back and tried to cover her face with her hands, embarrassed by her own sheer wantoness.

Gently I pulled her hands away and leaned in and gently kissed her wet full lips. I could taste my own juices on them, and wanted more. When I began probing her lips with my tongue she opened her mouth and our tongues began duelling for supremacy. I felt her thighs spreading as she wrapped her legs around me. Feeling her undulating under me as she writhed in pleasure I could not resist sending another orgasm through her.

I heard my mother scream as she came, splashing her juices all over my own wet pussy and felt myself cumming with her. My breast milk sprayed out onto her tits, leaking in all directions as the juices from our aroused pussies mingled and were absorbed again.

Our kissing quickly resumed and I wondered what it would be like to have a cock to fuck her with. How crazy would that make her?

When I felt a tingling in my clit I wondered what the hell was going on. I felt it expanding and growing and forcing it’s way between us. I broke the kiss and looked down and saw a big hard cock had grown from me. What the hell kind of super power was that?

My mother saw it and made clear what she wanted “Please… Eriko… please fuck me… please I need you to fuck your slutty mother.”

I looked back up at her and said “Mother, you are no slut. You are a beautiful and wonderful woman and I am so proud to call you Mother.”

Even as I spoke these words I still lifted my hips and pulled them back. I glanced down again at my cock and saw it had to be at least 8” long and it was thick too. It melted my brain a bit to think of it as my cock. Lining it up with her pussy and gently teased her with it and slowly set it between her lips, slightly penetrating her.

Apparently Mother was impatient for a good hard fuck and she bucked her hips upwards taking three inches into her. The feeling of her tight velvety pussy, superheated with her juices, was a shock. No wonder guys liked fucking so much. It was like heaven.

Leaning down to kiss her I slowly sank my cock into my Mother. I could not believe how tight she was and watched closely to see if I was hurting her. When her eyelids fluttered and she came, without any nudging by my powers, I knew she was loving having me fuck her.

Lifting myself up so I could see her clearly, as well as see my cock buried in her, I began thrusting.

Her reaction was immediate and intense as she began crying out each time I slammed into her. I could not believe how fucking tight she was. Seeing her losing control like this, her breasts and face flush with arousal, was just so intense.

I abruptly sat up, lifting her with me onto my lap. In that position I was buried against her cervix and loving it. She weighed nothing to me as I began lifting her up and down on my clit cock. Leaning forward I captured on of my mother’s firm nipples between my teeth and began lightly biting it and sucking on it. Her cries of passion filled the room and I did not even give it a moments thought. All I cared about was fucking her, driving into her, making my sweet Mother cum as many times as I could.

Each time she came I could feel my power increasing.

I stood up and walked off the bed, keeping her impaled on me. Standing in the middle of the bedroom I simply raised her up and down on my cock, loving how it felt to be all the way inside of her. Seeing her breasts heave and bounce, feeling her legs flailing in the air. It was so fucking hot and so intense.

I wanted to make her cum like never before and as I slammed into her I began building up her orgasmic energy, but not releasing it. When I felt it was time I allowed us both glorious release.

My Mother screamed and fell silent suddenly as multiple orgasms crashed through her body. I could feel her flooding my cock with juice and as I released I flooded her. It seemed like my dick would never stop pulsing as shot after glorious shot of cum spattered into her, flooded her womb, and began leaking out of her.

I lifted her higher, right off my cock, and shot across her pussy lips and asshole. My next volley flew upwards and hit the bottom of her tits, her stomach and her chin. With a sort of perverse pleasure I tilted her. I was rewarded by watching two more ropes of cum fly all over her face and into her mouth as she kept screaming out her pleasure.

She was hanging still in my arms. Her body sagging and her breathing hard. I watched all that cum dripping from her cunt and trickling down her body. Leaning forward I licked some from her breasts and developed an incredible passion for it.

Laying my unconscious mother on her back I licked her entire body from head to toe, sucking everything I could out of her pussy as well. When I was done she was sleeping peacefully and I stood up smiling and used my finger to gather a little missed drop from her thigh. I brought my finger to my mouth licking it clean.

I looked down and saw with fascination that my cock was gone. I had my sweet looking little pussy back.

Walking to the side of the bed I carefully slid a sheet up over my mother and kissed her cheek. So looked so relaxed and so peaceful laying there.
I stood up and turned around and saw my father standing there in the doorway. He had a look of confusion on his face mixed with lust. Well at least I knew how to handle this…

“Hello Father.” I said as I purposely titled my head and slid one foot ahead of the other, my hands coming to rest on my hips.

“Eriko…” he sad “What have you…. what are you doing? What… what is wrong… with your mother?” I could see clearly the effects of the pheromones on him. His face was flush, his eyes dilating, and from the way his pants were tenting it looked like his cock was about to burst free.

“Mother is fine Father. I pleased her very much. Can I please my Daddy too?” I said smiling at him as I traced one hand upwards along my body, gently cupping one of my fulls breasts.

This was probably where I should have realized he was hanging on by a thread. He always had such tremendous discipline. It never occurred to me that maybe I had teased him too much.

With a sudden burst of energy he charged into the room coming right at me. I was so startled that when he tackled me onto the floor I did not even think to throw him off. It did not hurt, it just surprised me. My Father quickly rolled me over and pulled me onto my knees. He grabbed my long hair in a fist and pulled up, twisting me until my upper body came to rest on the bed.

With his free hand I knew he was getting his pants open and with that accomplished he suddenly thrust his cock into me. I cried out and he pulled on my hair and began spanking my ass as he hammered his cock in and out of me. My father was in great physical condition and it showed. He was pounding my pussy like he was trying to break it.

“You… you… you… are…. a… very… bad… girl” he growled out as he was pounding me.

“Yes Daddy..Oh… oh yeah… punish… my… naughty… pussy!” I cried as he was fucking me ferociously.

He suddenly pulled out and smacked my ass again before literally dragging me by my hair to the middle of the room. Reflex made me grab with both my hands at his wrists as he pulled me along. Again he was not hurting me, but my Father had clearly lost it.

He used a drag spin movement to cause me legs to spread open and bent over me. He began slapping my pussy hard with his hand.

“Evil… you’re a bad girl!” he kept crying this out.

Using his grip on my hair he suddenly pulled my up and got my on his knees, his hard cock smacking my cheek.

“Father…calm down.” I said softly. Almost immediately I saw his eyes soften, even though they will filled with lust.

“I am maybe a bad girl, but I love my Father and want to make sure he knows that.” I said.

Leaning forward I gently kissed the tip of my Father’s cock. Looking up into his eyes I slowly engulfed his nice hard cock in my mouth, allowing it to enter my throat. My pussy was positively throbbing with the nastiness of everything I had done. I had fucked my Mother into unconsciousness and now I was devouring my Father’s cock like it was all that mattered in the world. In that instant it really was all I cared about. Seeing him throw back his head in pleasure was something I would never forget.

As I worshipped his cock I tasted my own pussy juice on it. I wanted him to cum hard, I wanted him to fill my mouth with his hot fucking cum. A dirty idea popped into my head and I let his cock go and lead my Father over to the bed. Yanking the sheet off of my passed out Mother, I pulled her to the end of the bed. Leaning back on her, I laid down along her, feeling her breasts pressing into my back, and positioned my head beside hers.

Looking up at my Father I could see a string of precum dangling from the end of his cock. I used my hands to guide him to his next position. I had him kneel at the top of the bed, facing us. His balls were touching my mother’s face. When his precum dripped onto her lips I licked it off and then slid his cock back into my slutty little mouth.

My father soon caught on, and began fucking my mouth while his balls were slapping Mother’s face. He leaned down and put his hands on my tits for support as he increased the speed of his thrusts.

When his cock began to throb I knew he was going to cum harder than ever. As the first rope of cum began to erupt I pulled up slightly to catch it in my mouth. It was like his orgasm would never end as he filled my mouth to almost overflowing with his hot Daddy cum.

When he was done orgasming, he fell backwards leaning Sex hikayeleri against the headboard.

I rolled over on my Mother and watched as my Father attempted to regain his composure. He was covered in sweat and breathing so hard I was a little worried about him. Reaching out with my hand I gently touched him and tried to make him feel better. My powers came through and he soon began breathing normally. With very little influence I convinced him to lay down beside my Mother. He was soon sleeping as peacefully as her.

I had now fucked every member of my immediate family. Knowing that they may feel guilt I subtly used my powers to instill a feeling of great peace and satisfaction in them. Removing their guilt was a bit difficult, but I managed it.

When it dawned on me that I had the ability to influence their thoughts and emotions I was stunned.

Was there anything I could not do?

Standing up I checked myself over. I was absolutely brimming with power. Looking into the mirror I saw nothing short of physical perfection and beauty staring back at me. My long black hair was glistening and looked so alive. My eyes were radiant and clear. My skin had taken on a healthy glow and felt like silk under my fingers. It was absolutely flawless. The most shocking thing was my breasts. They had become utterly firm perfect “D” cups. They stood so proud and looked amazing on my fit and curvy body. The muscle definition was present, but in a very feminine way. Turning slightly I saw my ass was a full popped in an almost hypnotic way.

Every trace of cum and pussy juice had been absorbed into me. I could only shake my head in amazement.

This was all so much to try and comprehend. What the hell was I? I knew that I was way past being anything a normal human could be. The idea of being some kind of super human was the only thing I could think of. Nothing about me was common anymore. Musing on what to do with my life once again began to occupy my mind.

It was time to take a walk and just think. I put on a pair of my dance shorts, a tight athletic top and my cross trainers. Since my hair looked like it was going to behave no matter what I did I decided to forgo a pony tail and just let it hang in its natural state.

After grabbing some money off my desk I headed out. It was the kind of walk where you are so absorbed with you thoughts you don’t even notice your surroundings. Daytime had given way to evening and that was when I was brought back to reality.

It was the sound of a woman screaming that drew e back into the real world and ended my musing.

I stopped walking and looked around trying to figure out where it had come from. When I heard the painful scream again it was cut off unnaturally. Not soon enough though, for I knew exactly what direction it had come from.

It was coming from a house at the end of the block. As I ran toward it I noted it was a large home, with white siding and two floors. It had seen better days and looked a bit run down. A crappy old blue minivan was parked in the driveway. The front lawn had a neglected look, with patches of brown and weeds growing in it.

Somehow I just knew that the scream had come from the second floor and without any conscious thought I leaped into the tree. I noted the open window on the second floor and dove through it without any hesitation. My landing was pure grace as I tucked and rolled coming to my feet.

I could hear pitiful whimpering sounds coming from a bedroom door that was half open directly ahead of me.

Running into the room it only took me a split second to see what was happening.

On the queen size bed in the large room was a woman. She had a large bruise on her left cheek, blood coming from her mouth, and her right eye was swollen shut. Her upper body was exposed by the ripped t-shirt she had been wearing. Her lower body was totally naked and between her splayed thighs was a man.

He was fucking her hard and had his hands on her throat, choking her. His jeans were around his knees and his upper body was covered by a black leather jacket. The expression on his face was obscured by his back ski mask.

Two more men stood by the bed watching him rape the woman. They had their pants open and were stroking their hard cocks as they took in the scene.

“That’s it man… rape that bitch… make the whore scream man!” one of them yelled out in encouragement to the rapist.

The second man added his two cents saying “Fuck yeah… lets ruin this cunt. I’m know her ass is gonna be so sweet.”

I was not prepared for the sheer anger I felt at this rape. It should definitely piss my off, but all I saw was red.

“You fuckers!!!” I screamed and attacked the closest man with a step side kick, hitting him as hard as I could in the centre of his chest. He flew backwards and right through the bedroom window. No sound was made by him other than the “OMPH!!!” of his breath being crushed out of him by the kick.

The second watcher’s eyes flew open as I stepped into his space. I grabbed him by the throat with one hand and his exposed balls with the other. Lifting him upward, and twisting in a 180 degree arc I launched him through the air.

He slammed in the wall by the door. His upside down body cracking the plaster and breaking the boards under it. He dropped to the floor in a shower of plaster dust and blood.

The rapist had turned his head to face me and was trying to get up. That’s a little hard to do with your cock inside a rape victim and yours pants around your knees. He realized that just a little too late.

Reaching out with my left hand I seized his ankle and yanked hard. I heard the bones break and felt his Achilles tendon shred as I jerked him off of her and he flew back, slamming into the dresser.

I could see she was barely conscious, whimpering slightly, and was writhing in pain.

Walking over to the window I looked outside and saw that the man was laying on the ground face down. He was not moving at all and his left leg was skewed at an angle that clearly indicated a broken femur.

The man who had hit the wall was completely still and had blood coming out of his eyes, ears, and nose. It was no longer flowing out, somehow I registered that bleeding stops if the heart is not beating.

A dull groan from the rapist by the dresser drew my attention. He was fumbling around inside his jacket with one of his hands. Weakly his hand emerged with a .45 calibre handgun. He was shaking so bad I doubted he would be able to aim it.

As I walked toward him I heard him croak out “You’re fucking dead cunt.”

Using my foot I stepped down on the hand holding the gun and pressed it into the floor. The sound of his bones cracking and breaking under my foot was slightly sickening.

Having eliminated the gun threat I reached down and grabbed him by the neck. I lifted him as easily as a feather. His feet feebly trying to kick at me, not even making contact.

“You sick fuck.” I growled at him as I slowly began to tighten my grip. I was watching his eyes bulge when I heard a shout from the door.

“What the fuck!!! Lets him go bitch!” A man yelled at me.

Looking at the doorway I saw another ski mask wearing assailant standing there. What caused me concern was the double barrelled shot gun he had pointed at me. Without hesitation I threw the rapist at him. As I began moving to the side he looked like he was moving in slow motion.

I had already turned toward him when the blast went off. His shots slamming into his rapist friend’s back just before his body slammed into him. Both men flew backward into the hall landing in a heap.

The shooter had just open his eyes as I pulled his friend off him with one hand and grabbed him by the throat with the other. He may have been dazed by the impact, but he grabbed my arm and punched my face with his other hand.

Without hesitation I slammed him into the wall to my right, and then to the left. His resistance went out of him and he just hung there, weakly trying to pull at the hand I was holding his throat by.

“Didn’t go as planned did it asshole.” I stated. “Who else is here?”

He kept trying to resists so I dropped him to the floor. Stomping on his right knee I felt it break as he howled in pain.

I knelt down on his chest and said “One more time asshole… who else is here?”

“No one!” he cried out “No one… you broke my fucking leg!”

“You got off easy. Why are you here?” I snarled.

“Bitches fucking ex owes us.” he cried back “Ah fuck I need a doctor.”

“You’ll need a fucking Priest if you don’t tell me who sent you.” I told him in all sincerity.

“Ah Jesus… oh fuck.” he whines out.

“Jesus? Doubt it… doesn’t look like a Mission From God to me. Answer the fucking question or I’ll break your other leg fuck head.” I yelled at him.

“Fuck! Alright… Fingers… Fingers sent us… oh Jesus.” he moaned out.

“You’re doing good, so don’t screw up now. Where do I find Fingers and does that shithead have a real name?”

“He will fucking kill me if I tell you that!” he screamed out.

“Well what the fuck do you think I’m going to do to you if you don’t tell me?!” I yelled right in his face.

“Ah Christ… fuck… the Pig Pen… he is at the fucking Pig Pen!!!” he yelled at me.

“Pig Pen? What the fuck is that? A Bar?” I asked.

“It’s a fucking strip club you dumb bitch!” he answered

“What’s Fingers real name?”

“Fingers… Fingers… his name is Tony Frazelli. He is going to fucking kill you bitch! You don’t fuck with Made Guys.” he snarled back looking a bit defiant.

“Really? I just did.” I replied sweetly.

That was when I heard the sirens coming. I really needed to get the fuck out of here.

I slapped Shooter in the face and stood up and stomped his other knee for good measure. Quickly I checked on the woman, she would live.

Running to the broken window I leapt through it and dropped to the ground below. A quick glance at the broken body of the man laying there confirmed he was dead as well. I ran as fast as I could away from the sirens until the house an the sound had faded into the distance.

Making sure I was not seen I headed home as quick as I could and ran up to my room. I figured if I was going to go into another situation I had to be smarter. That shooter knew what I looked like. That was not good, but hopefully he was too out of it to identify me easily. I had not left any real evidence for the Police, although my footprint from my shoes might be an issue. I quickly tossed those away in the garbage and tried to figure out what to do next.

That was when I realized that maybe my powers could help. It turned out for the first time they could not. No matter how hard I concentrated I could not change my face.

I had to figure out what to do and a plan came into my mind fairly quickly. It was probably stupid but what the hell, it was all I had.

I went into the closet and got a black cocktail dress. It was a sexy one and I caught serious hell for the only time I wore it. Slipping off my underwear I pulled the dress on. If it was tight before, it was positively struggling to contain my full breasts. I had to admit though that it showed my hard nipples, firm toned body, and ass to spectacular effect. It barely came two inches below my pussy and it was going to be a struggle to look decent in it. I looked like a hot stripper. Perfect.

I went into my mother’s room and eventually found a pair of three inch black stilettos I had seen her wear once before. They looked amazing on me. Checking my look in the mirror I had to admit that I looked like sex on two legs. My pussy actually got damp just staring at myself. I knew than that with enough care I could go and deal with this “Fingers” guy in a really subtle way.

My first “Super” intervention had been pure violence and blood shed. This time I would keep myself calm and use my brain. There was more than one way to skin this particular cat.

Leaving the house I walked down the street to an intersection and used my phone to call a cab. It was mildly amusing to watch the drivers of cars as the passed by. Apparently my appearance was too difficult to ignore.

When I saw the cab coming I waved at him. The driver pulled up and his jaw dropped when he saw me. The cab driver was an okay looking man. He was black, with skin like Denzel Washington but a big build like 50 cent. His shirt was stretched over his powerful looking chest and his short hair was nicely trimmed.

“Hi. Can you take me to the Pig Pen please?” I asked nicely smiling at him.

He swallowed hard and said “Uh, yeah sure… the Pig Pen.”

He pulled off with the car, but had one eye glued to the rear view mirror watching me.

“Do you work there?” He finally asked.

“No, but I’m thinking about it. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist.” I said looking at the mirror and making eye contact.

“You’re so fucking hot girl… I hope you decide too.” He said staring at me.

“Really?” I asked. It had occurred to me that another does of sperm might make up for the energy I had already used so far tonight. “Would you like looking at me?” I asked in a sultry tone.

“Sure baby, you’re seriously fine. Prettiest little woman I have ever seen. Are you Korean?” he asked.

“Japanese.” I replied smiling at him. “Do you like Asian girls?” I asked.

“When they look as fine as you, oh hell yeah.” He replied firmly.

Seeing that he was still watching me I slowly ran my hands to the hem of my dress and lifted my ass off the seat. I pulled the dress up to my waist and licked my lips. “Maybe you want to show me how much you like me?” I said as I slowly ran a hand down to my pussy and traced my finger tip along my wet Sikiş hikayeleri slit.

The pheromones from my wet hairless cunt were flooding the car. I was slightly startled when he jerked the wheel and stopped the cab in a narrow alley.

“Are you playing with me girl?” He asked, turning in his seat to look at me, or rather at what my hand was doing at my pussy.

“No… not yet. I want to though.” I replied.

With the cage between us the frustration was evident on his face. When he opened his door and got out I realized that I might be giving more than a blow job. Oh well… that was okay too.

He opened the back door of the car and reached inside and grabbed my upper arm and pulled me from the car. He was direct, but not rough. Once I was clear of it he pushed me back against the side of the cab and leaned forward into me. His big body was pinning me there and I could feel his cock against my stomach. His big hands were gripping my shoulders and he was staring down at my face. The lust was evident there as his eyes searched mine.

“Look… you want to get fucked. I’m down with that, but you better be serious. You give a man wood like this you gotta take responsibility.” He said. I could sense he was nervous, perhaps unsure if I actually wanted to do this. The sweetest part was I could see in his eyes that he actually cared.

I smiled up at him and gently brought a hand up to caress his cheek. “Don’t worry, I do want this… I’m… I’ve never been with a black man before though.”

“Well shit baby, you don’t have to worry about a thing. I’m gonna make it so sweet for you that my big black cock is all you will ever hunger for.” He replied as he leaned down and kissed me.

His big hands moved to my exposed ass and cupped them as he lifted me up, setting my ass on the trunk of the cab. He then brought them to the top of my dress, and pulled it down exposing my full breasts, my dress becoming nothing more than a thick belt around my waist.

His mouth was hungrily kissing mine and when he gently pushed me backwards I laid down on the car, propping myself up bu the elbows to watch what he was going to do.

He undid his pants and released what I can only describe as a fucking big cock from his pants. It was hard as a rock, about ten inches long and thick. This was definitely going to be a lot of fun.

“Fuck baby, you little Asian pussy is soaking fucking wet.” he said as he traced his fingers over it. “You must want this big black cock in you pretty bad.” he teased.

“Oh God yes… please… I need that huge black cock in my tight little cunt.” I moaned back.

“You’re getting this bare back baby… I’m gonna dump a huge load in that little pussy. You on the pill?” he asked.

“No.” I replied.

“Good… maybe I can fuck a black baby into you. You want that?” He asked in a growl as he began tracing the head of his thick cock along my slit. Clearly this was a fantasy of his, or something he liked very much. If the idea of knocking me up was lighting his fire I was going to encourage it.

“Fuck yeah… I want that. I want you to fill me up with all that black baby batter and make me a mommy.” I replied.

“You hot little bitch.” he growled as he began sliding his cock into me. “I’m going to wreck your little cunt and make you my baby momma.”

As he was forcing his dick into me I was literally shaking it felt so fucking good. My powers let me make sure it was going to be an epic ride for him. Don’t ask me why but I just knew he was a good person, this was not something he did all the time. When I heard “I can’t believe she is letting me do this… she is so fucking hot” I realized I was hearing his thoughts.

As he cock buried inside me I felt it hit my cervix. My powers had adapted my pussy to make for a devilishly tight fit for my new lover.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck baby your pussy is so fucking tight.” he groaned out. “I’m stretching your little cunt out… you like that?”

“Oh God yes… yes… I fucking love your cock inside me… please…make it yours…fuck me… fuck me deep.” I begged. I could already feel an orgasm coming on and I really was loving how this muscular and well hung black man was treating my pussy.

Once he had gotten all the way inside me he held stills. His hand came up and gently cupped my face. Leaning down he kissed me softly and whispered “You okay?” His eyes had a lot of lust in them but that gentle spirit was also shining through.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. As the kiss ended I said “I’m more than just okay… please… I need this.”

With that said he began thrusting in me, his big black cock plunging in and out of my tight pussy. It was a very short time before I cried out in orgasm and squirted all over his cock. My lovely Cab Driver just kept on fucking me and began picking up the pace. Maybe I am a bitch, maybe just selfish, but I used my powers to make me more sensitive and deny him his orgasm.

“Oh fuck yeah… fuck yeah… take it… fuck my cock looks hot sliding in and out of your pussy baby.” he moaned out.

He brought his big hands to my tits and began deliciously mauling them, squeezing them and pinching my nipples.

“Fuck you got the best tits I ever seen on an Asian girl… fuck any girl I ever seen” he praised.

His momentum increased and my whole body was being shaken with the force of his deep driving thrusts. My cervix was getting a fucking beating tonight and I loved it. My orgasms were coming out of me one after the other and all I could do was cry out in bliss.

He lifted me off of the car, keeping me impaled on his shaft. With his big hands firmly cupping my tight ass he began lifting me up and down. His shaft was going so deep, my knees being bent to my chest giving him even more access. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned back letting him feel my cervix. With a slight twitch by my powers the head of his cock popped through it, now inside my hot womb.

“Oh fuck… oh Lord… I’m in you so fucking deep baby.” He moaned out beginning to fuck me at a frantic pace. He was shafting my little body so easily, my weight was nothing to his muscular body.

“From behind… harder please… fuck me from behind hard.” I panted out.

Carrying me on his cock he took me over to the front of the cab and lifted me off his dick. He spun me around in his grip and bent me over the hood. His big cock never left my grasping cunt as he did this.

What happened then can only be described as pure animal fucking. My wish was clearly his command as he began pounding my pussy without any mercy. I was crying out in pleasure when I felt his fist grab my hair and he began spanking me.

“Oh fuck yeah… pull my hair… spank me… spank me.”I cried to him begging for it.

“Fuck you bitch!” he growled as he slam fucked into my womb repeatedly. I could sense he wanted to cum and did not know why he had not. Using my powers I began building an orgasm in him, one he would remember forever. This man deserved it and he wanted it so fucking bad.
When I finally decided to let him cum I joined him. He slammed his cock deep into me, burying in in my womb. I screamed in sweet pain as I flooded him with cunt juice. His cock unleashed a torrent of cum inside me that filled my cunt and flowed down my legs. His convulsing orgasm rocked me into another screaming climax as he collapsed on my back, pinning me to the hood of the car under his big strong body.

The rush of energy was the greatest I had ever felt. I literally purred as I felt the power rush through my veins. My batteries were definitely full.

When he began moving again the first thing he did was gently kiss the back of my neck. I felt his tongue come out and begin licking at me as it travelled to my ear. When his cock suddenly twitched with new energy I came on him again.

My black lover began thrusting in me slowly again, lifting himself up on his hands and extending his arms. As much as his pounding was pleasing and I really wished I didn’t have to go, I knew I had work to do. Besides, by my estimation we were lucky not to have been discovered fucking this close to the street.

Using my powers I gave him another powerful orgasm, influencing it to make him drain his balls completely. His hot black seed flood my womb and was absorbed willingly into me.

After this orgasm his collapse was total. When he was laying on my back I heard a soft sore and realized he had passed out. That would not do because I needed to get to the club. I fed him just enough energy to wake him up and restore some alertness.

“Oh shit baby, I’ve never fucked a sweeter pussy or more beautiful woman in my life.” he said as he kissed my neck again.

“You were wonderful.” I said lovingly.

He stood up and gently lifted me off the car and helped me to my feet. I was a bit surprised when he hugged me tight and kissed the top of my head.

“What’s your name baby?” he asked.

“Eriko.” I replied and almost face palmed myself for saying my real name.

“Eriko… pretty name. My friends call me “Slam”, but I want you to call me Tye.” he said. The look in his eyes was full of affection for me.

“Tye it is.” I said smiling at him. The sweetness of this guy was fairly glowing off of him. I realized in that instant that maybe I would be able to sense how evil other people were or conversely if they were good people.

“Look Eriko, I wanna tell you, the Pig Pen is no place for a sweetie like you. If you want to Dance try the Kitten Club or Gold Rush. The Pig Pen has a lot of shitheads hanging there.” he said in a concerned tone.

“I know, it’s a payback thing. Just don’t tell anyone you saw me.” I said.
“I won’t. I don’t tell the Police nothin. If you are in some shit, maybe I can help.” He offered. “If someone is leaning on you I know people, the kind of hard hitting brothers no one wants knocking on their door.”

“It’s not for me… just don’t worry. I know what I am doing Tye. That’s a sweet offer but this is something I can handle.” I said using my influence to ease his mind.

He stared at me and said “You need a piece?”

“No, it’s going to be more subtle than that.” I replied gently. “I need to get going before they get their shit together.”

“Okay Eriko.” He said and helped me back into the car like a gentleman.

We drove the rest of the way quietly. When he pulled up out front he turned to me as I was trying to hand him the $38.00 cab fare.

“On the house. Don’t even try to give me that.” He said smiling. Growing more concerned he said “I’m going to park by that reception hall right over there. I will be on the far side. Here is my card. My cells on it. When you want out just call me or come here. I will be waiting.” he said firmly.

“Thanks Tye.” I replied giving him a smile and opening the door.

When I walked into the Pig Pen I could see just by a glance it was kind of a rough place. The large central stage was surrounded by chairs and the men in it looked like the type of guys who had been read their rights more than a few times.

“You need help cupcake?” a voice said beside me.

Turning to look I saw a big man standing there. He was clearly a doorman and clearly not a nice guy. I caught an image in his mind of me laying on the floor being raped by him while he strangled me with my panties. It took very little to know this man had raped many women. As much as I wanted to fuck him up I had other prey tonight.

“Hi” I said in a flirty voice. “Where is Fingers?” I said adding my power into my question.

“In the office.” he replied, his eyes looking glassy.

“Do you have a gun?” I asked.

“Yes.” he said in that same far away voice.

“You like me, think I am amazing. I gave you the best night of sex you ever had and you really like seeing me happy. Do you understand?” I asked

Smiling he replied “Yeah Babe, you’re fucking amazing in my book.” he said, still under the influence.

“You are going to introduce me to Fingers. You trust me completely.” I ordered.

“Yeah sure, anything you want.” He said.

“If Fingers was to hurt me you would be very upset with him. You don’t want to warn him, but you would kill to protect me.” I added.

“Anyone fucks with you they’re so fucking dead.” He said seriously.

“You are going to leave me alone with Fingers for exactly ten minutes then walk back in.” I said.

“Okay.” he replied.

Easing off the power I saw his eyes clear and he looked at me again and smiled at me huge. He wrapped me in a big bear hug and said “Hey Baby, long time no see. How are you?”

“I’m doing great thanks. I’m here to see fingers.” I said.

“Sure. Follow me.” My protector said as he lead me through the club and down the hallway to Fingers office. There were two men standing at the door as he brought me towards it.

“Who is this?” asked one of them in a come on voice.

“She’s here for Fingers.” My loyal protector replied.

Both the guards looked me over and laughed and then knocked on the door and opened it. “Boss, Bull has a fine little minx with him. You gotta see this. Says she is for you.”

I did not hear a reply but was told “Go ahead babe.” and they stepped aside.

Bull, my protector, lead me in.

Fingers office was about what I would have expected. He had a pool table and some desks and a couple of filing cabinets. A large safe stood against one wall. The wood panelled walls were covered with posters of various porn stars and also had a dart board. In one corner was a small stage, the walls behind it mirrored, and a stripper pole was centred on it.

Fingers was clearly seated behind the big desk. He was setting some papers to the side. A bottle of Jack Daniels was Erotik hikaye on the desk and a partially filled glass sat beside it. In the large glass ashtray was the stub of a still smouldering cigar.

As a man Fingers looked like an intimidating person. He had his black hair slicked back, a huge barrel chest, powerful forearms and large meaty hands. He was what I had heard described as a “No Neck Neanderthal”. The difference was his eyes were sharp. When he looked up at me I saw their pale blue irises and the intelligence and cunning I should have expected.

“Hey Boss.” Bull said smiling “I got a pretty little friend of mine who came here to see you.”

Fingers smiled at me and said “Do you got a name Princess?”

“Jade” I replied, smiling at him and folding my hands together in front of me.
“Nice.” he said as he ran his eyes over my body, barely contained in the cocktail dress. Fingers got up from his desk and walked over and circled me, his eyes never leaving my body. He made a wolf whistle and said “Very nice. You can go Bull.”

“Sure Boss.” Bull said and smiled at me and turned and walked out.

Fingers walked over and sat on the edge of his desk watching me still.

“You want a drink?” Fingers asked as he reached over and grabbed the bottle.

“Yes please.” I replied softly.

“Come here.” Fingers said firmly.

I walked over and stood before him. Fingers reached out and slid an arm around my waist and pulled my close. Moving the bottle up to my lips he tilted it, and I drank straight from the bottle. After having a few swallows of the whiskey I could feel it’s warmth. I did not detect any other effects.

Fingers set the bottle aside and said “So, you’re for me huh?”

“Yes Sir.” I said softly.

Without any further preamble Fingers yanked down the front of my cocktail dress exposing my full tits to his hungry gaze. His hand reached down and began lifting my hemline up as he leaned in and began biting one of my nipples.

I moaned in response and he said “So you like being bitten. You like it rough Jade?”

“Yes Sir.” I replied. I let my body tremble as he jabbed two fingers into my pussy and began mauling my tit with his other hand.

“Sir, I like that. So respectful. You one of those submissive little Asian cunts?” he asked.

“I am here to please Sir.” I said.

“I’ve had a shit day Jade. Really shitty. I’m going to take it out on your body. You like that idea? You like knowing I’m going to rape every fucking hole and make it hurt?” Fingers asked.

“If it pleases Sir.” I replied.

As soon as I said it his hands left my body. He did not even bother standing up to throw the punch I knew was coming. He punched me hard in the left cheek and I flew backwards, lifting off the ground and crashing onto my back on the floor. While I had definitely felt the impact of the hit, it did not hurt at all.

I had to feign injury so I rolled onto my side whimpering and crying.

“Fuck I love that sound you Jap cunts make when you get raped.” Fingers said as he began walking over toward me.
He grabbed my hair in both fists and pulled me up, lifting me into the air by my hair. He brought us eye to eye and threw a knee up, striking me in the pussy. I writhed and screamed and he began laughing.

“Oh fuck I needed this.” he said and threw me to the floor.

He kicked me in the stomach three times before he turned me over and began using his belt to whip my ass. I kept screaming in pain as he beat me with it.

Fingers stopped and left me laying on the floor crying as he disrobed himself. Reaching down he grabbed my ankle and dragged me across the floor toward his desk. He let my ankle go and reached down and grabbed my throat in one of his big hands. As he lifted me off the floor I did my best to look feeble and defeated. He lifted me up above him, extending his arm upwards fully.

“Fuck, you are one hot little cunt. I’m gonna love marking you up and fucking you. You won’t be able to walk for a week bitch.” He growled. With a quick movement he flipped me through the air and slammed me down hard on my back on the desk.

He then grabbed my legs, spread them, and slammed his hard cock right up into my pussy. I cried out in pain, as he wanted, and he began slam fucking me. He kept his big hand on my throat and used the other to slap my tits and face.

“You love this you fucking whore.!” He yelled at me.

“Please… stop… please… please stop!” I gasped out.

“Stop? Fuck that you cunt!” He yelled and punch me in the face. Fingers was totally lost to his raping of me. He did not see the door open behind him. I did.

“Stop it! Get off me!! NOOOOOOOO!” I screamed at him.

“Shut up bitch!” he yelled and punched me again.

Three loud bangs followed and I watched as the bullets ripped into Fingers. The loud music from the club providing a weird sort of sound track to this little action sequence.

Fingers shuddered and fell to the floor, his cock sliding out of me.

I heard on of the men yell “What the fuck did you do!?” and more shots began ringing out as Bull engaged the other two men in a gun battle.

My mind was focused on something else. I had seen in Kickass how they paid for their operation by stealing from the criminals. I was going to do the same thing. I tore the combination to the locker from Fingers’ mind just before he died.

I sat up and saw Bull on his knees gripping his chest. The other two men were sprawled in the doorway and their guns rested in their limp hands.

Jumping down from the desk I approached Bull. Just as I reached him he slumped to the floor on his side.
“Are you okay?” he asked me through blood flecked lips.

“Yeah Bull, I’m okay.” I replied as I held him and looked into his eyes.

“That’s good.” he said smiling at me. I watched as life left him at that point. Knowing what an asshole he had been all his life did not diminish the twinge of pain I felt in my chest as he died. He had come into the room to save me, at least that was what he believed.

I hardened myself remembering that he was a rapist and a killer. I had seen it in his mind. He had only done what he did because I had programmed him to. The regular Bull would have probably laughed as he watched a woman take the beating and rape I had.

“Goodbye Bull. Burn in Hell with the others.” I whispered.

Standing up I went to the safe and opened it. After a quick search I found a gym bag and emptied the cash from the safe into it. I was not sure how much there was at that point, but I knew it was more money than I had ever seen.

Once I had the bag packed I moved out of the office and headed down the hallway. I saw an emergency exit and used it to get outside. Hearing the fire alarm start ringing I ran as fast as I could to where Tye was parked with his cab.

Tye saw me coming and started the cab right away. As I jumped in the back and Tye tore off into the night.

“You okay Eriko?” he asked looking in the mirror at me.

“Yes, I’m fine.” I said.

“Who the fuck hit you?” he asked. I realized I had not healed myself fully.

“A dead man.” I replied coldly.

Tye nodded his head and we drove for a bit before he pulled up at an apartment building. I had been so lost in thought about what happened I did not even pay attention to where we were going.

Once he parked the car he turned in the seat and looked at me.

“I don’t know much about you, but I do know that if you did what I think you did there is going to be a shit storm of cops and fucking wiseguys hunting for you.” he told me. “Why don’t you just lay low here for the night. It’s safe, you can sleep.”

“Where are we?” I asked.

“My place.” he replied. “I’m not applying no pressure here Eriko. I just think you need to lay low. Can you think of anyone who is gonna go looking for a little Asian girl is this hood?”

I started to object, but realized he was right. I didn’t really need to hide out though, and besides if someone came looking I wanted to be able to protect my parents.
“Tye, I will come up for a little bit, but I can’t really stay. You could do something for me though.” I said.

“Sure Baby. Name it.”

“I need someplace safe to keep this.” I said gesturing at the bag.

“Sure. Let’s go up okay.” he said as he got out of the car. Tye looked around for a bit and then opened the back door. He lead me into the building and we took the elevator to his 7th floor apartment. The building was probably built in the early 70’s and had a rough institutional look to it. Definitely not the kind of place I was used to. It had seen better days. There was graffiti on some of the hallway walls, but overall the place did not have a threatening vibe.

I followed Tye up to his apartment and he took out his keys and let me in.

It was a two bedroom place. The livingroom was big and the kitchen and eating area were off to the right. The bedroom were down a hallway to the left and I could see the bathroom at the end of the hall.

Tye may not be rich, but he sure kept his place neat. It was evident that what he had he took pride in. There was a picture of a tank in battle on one wall, family photos all over the place. His bookshelves were jammed solid with books of all kinds. His television was a flat screen that looked to be a few years old. His black leather couch was big and comfy looking. I could tell he liked his worn tan recliner best. It was his man chair.

Tye had walked into the kitchen as I was setting my bag down and observing the place. When he walked into the living room and saw me just standing there he said “You can sit down you know.” with a smirk. He walked over and put a beer on the coffee table for me and sat down in his chair holding one of his own.

I picked up the bag again and went and sat on the couch.

Tye stared at it and said “What’s with that?”

“It’s full of money. I cleaned out Fingers’ safe.” I replied simply.

Tye actually dropped his beer and stood up. “You ripped off Fingers?” he said in an urgent whisper.

“He did not need it anymore. He was already dead.” I replied staring up at him.

Tye put both hands on his head while he stared at me. He walked in a circle and then dropped his arms to his side and turned and looked at me.

“Are you outta your mother fucking mind? You killed him? Then you rob the fucking guys?” he looked totally freaked out. “They are gonna fuck your shit up, fuck up the shit of anyone who ever talked to you, and…. why the fuck are you so fucking calm!?”

I was staring at him and calmly getting the measure of his emotional responses. He felt no fear at all for himself, only for me.

“Please Tye, sit down and please calm down.” I said as gently as I could.

Tye gave a big sigh and threw his hands up in the air before flopping down into his chair looking at me.

They say every good hero needs a trusted sidekick. Well I guess I had decided in that instant to tell Tye everything. So I did. I told him all about myself and he sat and listened with calm expression.

When I was done talking he said calmly “You outta your mind.” and started to stand up.

“Tye, let me make it easy to understand. Are you a strong man?” I asked.

“Yeah.” he said in a bit of a pissed off manner.

“You ever been lifted off your feet by a woman?” I asked.

He snorted and said “Not since I was little.”

That being said I walked right over to him, grabbed his waist and lifted. It was easy, but not as easy as it should have been. I needed to be recharged.

“Holy shit” he yelled as I lifted him “Put me down!”.

I set him down and said “You see these bruises on my face. Touch them.”

He reached up and gently touched them and said “I’m going to get you so ice and some Advil. Shit I don’t know what to think of you.”

“Just wait.” I said “Watch.”

As he stared at me all the bruising, the scrapes, every mark on my skin all began to vanish and return to normal.

Tye blinked twice, his eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out. I barely managed to catch him. I lifted him in my arms and took him to the couch and laid him down there. He was a bit pale, but other than that he was fine. I imagine the nights events had finally gotten to him. Thinking about it I thought when was the last time someone saw healing like that in real life?

My cocktail dress was pretty much wrecked, after having been dragged around and thrown about.

I felt like a bit of a sneak, but I went into his bedroom. It had a big bed in it and was just as tidy as the rest of the apartment. Sturdy dresser and end tables. It was all wood and very manly. I giggled at my thoughts of what I could do with him in this room.

I took a guess and opened a dresser drawer. Finding one of his white t-shirts I took it and went into the bathroom. I stripped off my dress and folded it, placing it into his waste basket. I wanted to take a shower and get the blood off of me. Finding the right temperature I got in and rinsed myself off. Emerging from there I dressed in the t-shirt, which was a dress on me, and went back out to the living room.

Tye was sitting up on the couch and just stared at me as I walked in.

“You put me on the couch.” he said. It was a statement, not a question.

“Yes.” I said simply. “I didn’t want you to leave you laying on the floor.”

He nodded and got up and walked over to the window. He opened the blinds and stood staring out at the world.

“I’m sorry Tye. I… should not have burdened you like this.” I said in apology.

“This is real. You’re real.” He was nodding as he said this. He turned to me and said “Okay.”

Tye walked over to me and stood close to me looking down at me. I was looking up at him, a smile spreading across my face when I saw acceptance in his eyes.

He grinned and said “What now?”

“What now?” I replied sweetly as I leaned into him. “We fuck.”

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