A Small Mistake, Big trouble Ch. 10

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Kristi opened the door and the two girls entered the house. It was later than they expected and they had just finished shopping. Tim was away for a swim meet and Darlene had the day off. Kristi decided to take the day too. She wanted to spend some quality time with Darlene, doing girl things. They had grown very close and for Kristi it was like having a daughter. For Darlene it was as if Kristi had replaced her mother or least had become an older sister. The sex was only part of the picture and today had been a day where the sex didn’t matter right now.

They decided to go to the mall. Kristi decided that she needed to help Darlene pick out some clothes. She noticed that Darlene’s panties were frayed or looking old, so she took her to Victoria’s Secret. She made Darlene promise to throw away an equal number of pairs of panties, so that she wouldn’t wear old looking ones anymore. Helping her pick out some sexy panties and bras was exciting for both of them. Darlene picked out a sexy baby doll nightie.

“I bet Tim might like to see me in this” she said to Kristi.

Kristi smiled as she replied, “I bet he would. I know I would.”

“Ok but you have to find one too.”

They found themselves laughing and giggling over some of styles but at the same time becoming aroused. When no one was looking they stole some kisses.

Likewise with new tops or anything else. Darlene would sometimes wear tops with stains in them, or pants that were old for that matter which really bothered Kristi. Kristi bought her several complete outfits and made her promise to throw away any that had stains. Darlene complained at first that she couldn’t afford all these things. Kristi insisted that she would buy them for her. Kristi was also shopping for herself so she bought panties, bras, and other clothing.

They went together into the dressing room and dressed up each other. Kristi had impeccable taste, but she still wanted to get Darlene’s opinion of how she looked before buying anything for herself. She could tell that Darlene liked being asked. They also looked at new bathing suits. Bathing suits were the hardest things to decide on. It was difficult to find bottoms that Darlene’s cute little butt didn’t hang out of, and Kristi was hard to fit because she was big on top. They tried them on at several different stores, getting aroused in the process, and finally decided on new ones for both of them. They shopped all day and at supper Kristi treated Darlene.

“Why are you doing all this for me?” Darlene asked.

“Because I can,” Kristi replied, “and I want to. I enjoy your company. You’re my son’s girl friend and he is very fond of you. I want you to understand I am very fond of you too.” With that she caressed Darlene’s face.

“One question,” Darlene said with a twinkle in her eye. “Why did we buy bathing suits?”

“Because we can’t be naked all the time!” Both girls laughed.

Putting theirs bags down on the table, Kristi said, “Wow, it is later than I thought. Don’t you think you better be heading home?” she said to Darlene.

“Mrs. C, Kristi,” Darlene said quietly. “I would like to stay the night if it is alright with you?”

“Of course you can, child. Is it ok with your mom?”

“That won’t be a problem. I told her I might be sleeping over here. She was concerned about Tim and sleeping at his house but when I told her you would be home, she said ok.”

Kristi turned towards the kitchen. “Ok it is. I’ll make some popcorn and we’ll see if there is a good movie on. You like butter?”

“Yes I do,” Darlene answered as she picked up the bags. “I’ll just take these upstairs.”

Kristi poured the popcorn into a bowl and headed up stairs. Entering the bedroom she received quite a surprise.

“You like?” Darlene asked standing there in her new pink nightie. She twirled around to show Kristi. She looked fantastic. The lace covered just enough of her breasts to show a little of her areola. The thong was so tiny that it seemed to disappear as it entered her butt crack. The nightie flew open as she spun showing off her toned tummy and navel.

Kristi took it all in. “Yes I like,” she said.

“Good, now it is your turn. Go get changed.”

Kristi took her from the bag and turned to go to the bathroom. “Wait here, I’ll be back,” she said. Kristi undressed and put on her nightie. “What was she thinking when bought it,” she thought. It was just like Darlene’s, only blue but so much different on. The straps seemed to strain to hold her breasts and any little movement threatened to have them pop free. The tiny front piece barely covered the slit of her pussy. All of sudden Kristi was nervous about Darlene’s reaction. “Christ,” she thought, “she has seen you naked. What’s the big deal?” She stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. “Ta, da!”

Darlene was seated on the edge of the bed eating the popcorn. She stopped and stared. “Holy shit, Mrs. C!” she exclaimed. “You look fuckin’ amazing. Wow!”

“You’re Anadolu Yakası Escort just saying that to be kind.” Kristi felt herself blushing.

Darlene jumped up. “No I’m not. Turn around so I can see all of it.”

Kristi did as she was asked, feeling a little self-conscience.

Darlene took her hands and led her to the bed. “This is going to be a great pajama party. Let’s do our nails and get all pretty.”

Kristi hadn’t been to a pajama party in over 30 years but Darlene’s enthusiasm was infective. Kristi decided why not and decided to enjoy herself. She picked pink nail polish for Darlene saying it matched her nightie plus it went good with her tan. When she was done, it was Darlene’s choice. She chose bright red.

“Why bright red?” Kristi asked.

Darlene laughed. “Because it is the color of power, the color of confidence and you show that. Besides I think it is sexy and you’re that too.”

Darlene finished and they kissed. Making sure they didn’t smear the wet polish, they kept their hands off each other as they did. The kiss was hot and sensual, a part of that feeling of arousal that had been building all day. Their tongues tangled with each other as little moans escaped around them. They broke the kiss and looked at each other. Their nipples had become hard and erect and seemed to poke through the fabric.

“It seems these nighties don’t hide much,” Darlene giggled.

“No they don’t. What do you want to do until the polish dries?”

“Can’t we watch a movie,” Darlene said reclining back on the bed. Her nightie opened across her tummy.

“Sure, any suggestions”

Darlene sat up. “Yes, I have never seen a porn movie. You know a real one. I would really like to.”

Kristi thought for a moment. She could probably find one on cable or the computer but most of those are pretty lame, incredibly hard-core or degrading to women. No, this called for something special. Then she remembered. She got up and walked to dresser. Bending down, she rummaged through the bottom drawer and pulled out DVD. This would do. It was a DVD called Silver Shoes, which had three pretty good stories. It wasn’t too long either. Kristi couldn’t remember the last time she watched it but she did remember masturbating to it. Kristi popped it into the player, turned it on and climbed back on the bed. Propping up the pillows she settled in on her back. She reached up and turned off the light leaving only the glow of the TV and the nightlight from the bathroom to light the room. “There, we’re all set.”

Darlene slid up beside her and snuggled in close. She rested her head on Kristi’s shoulder as Kristi put her arm around her, resting it on her shoulder. Feel of the fabric of the nightie against her felt good.

The movie consisted of three short stories. The first one was a girl on girl lesbian short. Kristi had always enjoyed it never dreaming she be doing it. Darlene moved her crotch against Kristi’s hips and dropped her hand to Kristi’s tummy. She slid it under the nightie and lightly touched her skin. Kristi thought she could detect a change in her breathing. Kristi could feel her own pussy getting wet and wondered if Darlene’s was too.

The second stories about a girl going solo. It was very well done and both girls were getting more aroused. Darlene had moved her head so she was resting just inches from Kristi’s nipple. Darlene’s caresses were moving across Kristi’s stomach in light feathery touches. Each time she moved closer to Kristi’s thong. It was if she was deliberately teasing her. Kristi moved her hand lazily around Darlene’s arm, tracing lines with her fingertips.

For over an hour neither of the girls said a word. As the movie continued into a third story, one about a man and woman, it was obvious the film was having an effect on them. Their breathing had become more shallow and quicker and Kristi could feel Darlene’s breath on her breasts. Darlene kept pressing her crotch against Kristi’s hip, moving from side to side. Her hand moved continually over Kristi’s stomach, coming tantalizingly close to her breasts and pussy.

Kristi was surprised at how turned on she was becoming. She had seen this movie before and had never failed to get off to it but now her pussy was dripping with her juices. Her thong was soaked and her nipples ached as they pushed against her nightie. She moved her legs, spreading them apart and when Darlene ran her fingers just above Kristi’s pussy, she lifted her hips, inviting her touch.

Darlene had never seen a porn movie before and she had always been curious. Each story made her more excited and the fact she was with Kristi was only adding to it. As she moved her hand over Kristi’s skin, she could tell how turned on Kristi was becoming. Kristi’s movements were making Darlene more excited.

As the two people on the video became more amorous, Darlene slid her hand over Kristi’s thong. Kristi pressed her pussy against it and gave off a long moan. Avrupa Yakası Escort “You’re so wet, baby,” Darlene cooed.

Moving her hand back, she slipped her hand in under the thong and ran a finger along the slit of Kristi’s pussy. Kristi spread her legs wider allowing Darlene access. Darlene’s finger slipped easily into Kristi’s opening.

“Oh God!” she groaned.

Darlene got up and placing her leg between Kristi’s. She straddled her leg, pushing her finger in deeper. Leaning on her elbow, Darlene bent over and pressed her breasts against Kristi’s. She rocked her body, pressing her knee against her hand, moving her finger in and out and her breasts across Kristi’s.

Kristi pushed her pussy against Darlene’s knee as if willing that her finger would go deeper into her. “Oh baby, fuck me, fuck me please,” she pleaded.

Darlene straightened up and smiled. She hopped off the bed, leaving Kristi confused and frustrated. She went the closet and took out something. Before she returned she instructed Kristi to get on her knees. Kristi obeyed not sure what was next. Darlene caressed Kristi’s ass, tenderly and kissed it. Kristi rocked her ass back and forth.

Hooking her fingers around the waistband of Kristi’s thong, Darlene pulled it down. Kristi moaned as the air hit her wet pussy. Darlene took her hand and covered her pussy, spreading it open with her fingers. Darlene slid her tongue down the crack of Kristi’s ass, stopping to circle her tiny asshole.

Kristi was being consumed with lust as Darlene worked her magic. Her breasts hung down and swayed with her motion. She pressed them against the bed and dragged her nipples across the fabric. She felt something big and hard at her pussy’s opening. She pushed against it and it entered easily. It was bigger than the strap-on Darlene used before but it felt so damn good.

She felt the bed move as Darlene climbed on it. Expecting Darlene to begin fucking her, Kristi felt a different kind of movement behind her. She lifted her head and looked. She saw Darlene on all fours and her ass pointed towards her. Kristi could feel the dildo moving and then heard Darlene moan as her ass moved towards Kristi. “Oh God,” Kristi thought, “It’s a two-headed one. We’re fucking each other!” The thought caused her to push back until her ass hits Darlene’s.

Both quickly found the right rhythm and discovered that by moving together the dildo moved in and out. When their asses meet they would grind together then move apart. The sensations created by this new idea were tremendous. Both were moaning continuously as their orgasms built. Sweat appeared on their bodies as they moved faster.

“That’s it baby, fuck me. Make me cum!” Kristi yelled out.

“Yes, mommy. Oh mommy, it feels so good. Cum with me,” Darlene moaned loudly.

Kristi reached back and grabbed Darlene’s leg. She pulled her back until their butts hit and held her tight. With the big dildo buried deep inside both of them, Kristi screamed out. “I’m cumming, baby, yes, yes! Cum with me!”

Darlene screamed as her orgasm hit seconds later. Her entire body shook as she came. “Oh, oh God, oh yes, fuck me!”

Both collapsed, their face buried into the bed and their pussies spasming around the dildo. Slowly they pulled apart and the dildo dropped between them, making them both groan with disappointment. Rolling on to their backs, they rested on their elbows and looked at each other.

Kristi scooted down the bed. Even though her orgasm was fantastic, she knew she wanted more and she could see the same look in Darlene’s eyes. “Why you little vixen,” Kristi said picking up the two headed dildo. “You planned this, didn’t you?” The dildo was slick with their juices and it slid through Kristi’s hand.

“You’re not mad, are you?” Darlene replied sheepishly.

“Does this answer your question?” Kristi put her hand behind Darlene’s head and kissed her. It was rough, hard, and lustful and Darlene responded in the same manner. They slid closer together, grinding their pussies on each other’s leg.

“God, you feel so good,” Kristi said. Right now Darlene had made Kristi hornier than anybody ever had, male or female. She could kiss those full, soft lips forever. And Darlene seemed to have absolutely no inhibitions. Kristi tried to extend their lovemaking as long as possible, but she was becoming overwhelmed with desire.

Kristi’s hands roamed over Darlene’s curves while she suckled her nipples, lips and earlobes, gently nipping at her. Darlene closed her eyes, her breathing became heavier, and she enjoyed the attention being lavished on her. Kristi rubbed her pussy against Darlene’s while continuing to kiss and suck her body. She cupped Darlene’s pussy mound with her hand and rubbed gently. She rubbed her fingers up and down the length of Darlene’s slit, gradually working deeper and deeper into her pussy. Soon Kristi had one, then two fingers in her, gently moving in and out as her thumb rested on İstanbul Escort her clit. Darlene’s body writhed and her face contorted into a grimace of extreme pleasure.

Kristi reached out and picked up the dildo. She eased one end into her pussy. She positioned the other end against Darlene’s pussy, gently thrusted until it slid easily into her. Darlene spread her legs widely and raised her hips to meet Kristi’s thrusts. As the girls worked the dildo deeper into their pussies, their clits began to rub against the small bumps on it. The girls ground their pussies against the nubs as they kissed deeply on the lips. Sweat glistened on Kristi as she thrust harder and harder. She was so aroused she was unable to delay her orgasm. She climaxed abruptly and violently, grunting and moaning her pleasure. “Oh fuck, baby, I’m cumming!” She collapsed onto Darlene’s arms and shuddered, while Darlene held her tenderly and caressed her. Kristi look at Darlene and muttered, “Wow, that was fantastic.”

The dildo was still in the girls’ pussy. Darlene gave Kristi a quick kiss and leaned back. The gym bag was on the bed behind her and she reached into it. “Look what I brought,” she said with a gleam in her eyes. It was a wand type vibrator. She took it and started teasing Kristi’s clit with it as she gently moved her hips, pumping the dildo in and out of her. When Darlene took one of Kristi’s nipples in her mouth and gently flicked it with her tongue, Kristi moaned “Oh shit!”

Kristi took her top off quickly giving Darlene her nipple. Darlene took the vibrator and held it above her sensitive clit, barely letting it touch her. She continued sucking her nipple and slightly increased the tempo of the pumping. Kristi was nearing another orgasm as her head rocked back and forth and her moaning increased. Suddenly her body tensed, then she moaned loudly as her orgasm washed over her entire body. “Oh my God, I’m going to cum again!”

Darlene moved the vibrator and hugged her friend tightly. Kristi held on until her orgasm subsided.

Darlene was enjoying this. Kristi’s tits hung in front of Darlene as she hefted one in each hand. She allowed only the nipple to peek out between her fingers, which she gently clamped together to apply light pressure. The dildo was quickly being swallowed by their pussies up to the nubs, which felt delightful as the girls rubbed their clits against them.

Darlene slid her pussy back and forth on the dido as Kristi did the same. Their pussies was so wet that their pussies were gaping open and their juices made the dildo harder to hold tight. She slid the wand between them and switched it on.

Both their pussies were leaking their juices around the dildo as it moved and the sheets were soaked.

Kristi tried to hold off her orgasm until Darlene came, but it was getting difficult. Her senses reeled and she was panting. It was hard to keep the vibrator where Darlene needed it as they moved. Kristi tried to think of something mundane to keep from climaxing, but all she could think of was the pulsing of the vibrator against her clit and the dildo in her pussy. The whole world seemed to be vibrating, and she was getting the tingling feeling that told her it wouldn’t be long. Kristi was humping the dildo faster and faster as the vibrations were taking her toward the edge. Her large nipples contracted, making the areola get bumpy and the tips poke out.

Darlene desperately tried to maintain contact between the vibrator and her clit. Whenever she got right to the edge, it seemed that the vibrator would slip away from where it needed to be, and she would whimper in frustration. Then the vibrator would come back to her clit, and she would start her climb back up to the brink of orgasm. Over and over she mounted the precipice, her need for release increasing each time. When she thought she couldn’t stand any more, Kristi held the vibrator directly against her clit. There was absolutely no going back now. As the orgasm crested, she felt it from her feet to her head, with no distinction of where the tingling began or ended. She ground her pussy against the dildo, trying to take it as deeply as she could, and it stretched her to the limit as her pussy began to contract. She cried out loudly, “Oh fuck. It feels so good. Oh dear God, I’m cumming!”

When Kristi heard and felt Darlene climax, she pushed her clit hard against the vibrator and held it there. Her pussy began to quiver, and then it began to contract against the dildo. A feeling of warmth oozed from her pussy throughout her body as her breathing became rapid. She moaned and panted as the warmth raced through her body, causing intense pleasure in every fiber of her being. “Yes, yes, yes, ooooooh!” she screamed.

Darlene dropped the vibrator as both fell onto their sides. They hugged each other tightly as another orgasm racked their bodies. They had no control over their bodies as smaller ones continued to wash over them until they slowly subsided.

The sheets were soaked from their sweat and their juices. Their hair was matted to foreheads. Darlene’s nightie top clung to her. They were too exhausted to move. Finally Kristi grabbed the light blanket that was bunched on the bed and covered them both. Darlene was already asleep, snuggled against Kristi’s body.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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