A Saintly Preacher’s Daughter

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Life was perfect, but then again so was she. Abby Gardner gave herself one last look in the mirror and just had to grin. Twenty-five years old and already queen of her own kingdom. A new mother, a husband smart enough to be on the path to being an Episcopal priest just like her father, a house and people willing to bend to her beck and call. A good, pious woman she was, not about to admit she was a saint but at least she was working on it. It was up to the rest of the world to catch up to her.

That had been the message of the sermon her Andy had given the day before as well as her Sunday School lesson to the children. Abby would make a most wonderful priest’s wife. She’d been such a perfect preacher’s kid, it was just a continuation, no doubt. She continued to admire the woman in the mirror, preferring to hold that thought for eternity. Her smile was suddenly broken by the knock at the door. Abby felt her heart skip a beat. He had come after all.

It had been four years, she didn’t really expect him to be honest. It wasn’t like they’d stayed in touch. People are just being nice when they say they’d stop by to see the baby. Life was perfect. She was a saint. A second knock and her feet stayed glued to the floor. She never thought he would come by, not now. Not ever. She was the queen. She had her kingdom and it was somebody else who walked across the room and slowly opened the front door.

Four years and he hadn’t changed a bit, that gray haired, blue eyed devil of a man. Abby’s heart skipped a beat again, it wasn’t supposed to happen like this. If they ever saw each other again, it was supposed to be just in passing, a few words and both moving on down the street. It would make it so very easy to pretend none of it ever happened. So much easier to be so incredibly perfect. To totally convince herself she never was a woman so magnificently in love.

He’d been so incredibly beautiful, the noble angel of a man whose house she’d come to live in while she went to college. The caregiver to a disabled wife, the personable, good-looking hunk of maleness who actually listened to her babblings. A gentle, caring, kind soul who could be such an imp as well. Twenty-two years older but there was no generation gap. They’d been friends, family and all that, since Abby had been just a embryo teenager. It was just natural for her to live there when she went to school. It was just natural she’d fallen in love.

Not that Abby knew what love was, not then at least. She’d never been on a date, let alone figured out what all those racy magazines she’d glanced at really meant. A priest’s daughter had to be a model of deportment, at least until she got away from the house and discovered there was life out there somewhere. Discovered how this falling in love thing Casibom worked. She hadn’t meant to, especially with a married man. She hadn’t meant to let him teach her how to kiss either.


Abby stared at him, her words frozen somewhere in her throat. There were a million things to be said and she couldn’t even say hello. She opened the door and watched him give her that smile that always made her melt as he walked in. She cursed herself, shut the door behind them and let the memory come back.

It had been at that park, him loving flora and fauna even more than she did, but it wasn’t deer she’d wanted to experience that summer’s evening. She’d been so damn clumsy in the months before, a college girl’s attempt at flirtation about as discrete as an elephant storming down Main Street. He’d been such a gentleman, playing it off for so long. Trying to avoid the situation. That situation she wasn’t going to be denied. A first kiss that wasn’t going to be enough.

Not that she’d thrown herself and all her innocence at him. She was a priest’s daughter, a woman of values and morals. A woman in love. Totally, completely in love with him, with all the curiosity an innocent should have, living for those two days a week he took the wife to visit her daughter one hundred miles away. Waiting for him to come back to the house by himself and let her learn more than just kissing.

“A most beautiful house. Absolutely lovely. You all have done so well.”

Abby nodded, still no words able to escape her throat. No escape, not when thoughts of the past rushed her brain like the rolling of an river unchecked. The first night she’d slept with him, this gorgeous man insisting she keep her underpants on to protect her flower for a special night. Reading that magazine and then climbing on him, finding out a man’s semen can be so salty. His finger gently exploring her back door one night and then his manhood exploring it the next. The sleeveless blue dress with fourteen buttons, the little black underthings. The fact a hymen does pop. Abby shivered and fought the urge to cry. God, he was so incredibly beautiful. He was so incredibly married.

He was talking and Abby knew she was answering, somehow she’d found out to speak again, but she wasn’t listening. Sainthood or Satan, one or the other but nothing between, that was how life was defined. He’d claimed every virginity she had and she’d given every one of them so willingly. So married. She’d played the virgin to her husband, him so clueless. He’d come twice before he found her womanhood that first time. She loved him, God, she loved him so much. He’d given her what she wanted, that beautiful baby Mattie. The baby that was crying.

“She’s hungry,” Abby whispered, instantly regretting Casibom Giriş her choice of words. She saw him nod and prayed his memory had faded with the four years. He’d been her hungry tiger, suckling her breasts and driving her to her first orgasm long before his penis had made her whole. Hungry tiger. Abby knew she flushed as she turned away to excuse herself to a motherly duty. Why in God’s name had she invited him to come to visit?

Abby considered her own stupidity as she made her way to the nursery. Best to let the past live in memory, easily manipulated to fit one’s image of sainthood. She look down at the crib for just a moment, slowly unfastening her blouse and opening her nursing bra. It was so stupid, so incredibly stupid and that most handsome devil never should have come.

She had it all, she didn’t need this man, not now, not ever again. Abby knew that for a fact, as much a reality as the baby now drawing milk from her breast. She had a wonderful husband, Dad so approved of him. She had been so innocent and he’d just happened to have been convenient. It wasn’t love, it was curiosity, she was just a sheltered girl, that’s why he’d broken her in every way possible. Not love at all, not like the love she had for Mattie. For her husband. For their child, so full now, so needing burped to nap. To sleep so peacefully in just a moment. She had such a wonderful future, they all did, even as Abby placed her back in the crib to nap. Slowly she straightened up, gave Mattie a loving look and turned to see him standing in the doorway watching them.

She loved her husband. Dad approved of her choice of him. His choice of him. She was an innocent and this man had taken advantage of it. She’d wanted it and she trusted him. He took every virginity she had. He was married, he cared for a disabled wife. She was a saint and he made her Satan, one kiss, one touch at a time. Abby stared at him for a full minute, Mattie cooing in the crib behind her. She never should have invited him, he never should have stopped by. Abby unbuttoned the rest of her blouse.

“Hungry?” she whispered, watching him walk to her as he had so many times before. “My tiger so hungry? Tiger ever tasted momma’s milk?”

He shook his head and then reached out, stripping her shirt off. Abby knew here breasts were swelling and her body was on fire. The nursing bra was falling off. She hadn’t been touched as a woman since three months before the baby came. Her husband was going to, he just hadn’t. He hadn’t sunk to his knees in front of her, drawing the filled breast to his lips. He hadn’t driven her wild.

Abby stared at the ceiling of the nursery, now nude and so ready. She glanced down once, watching him strip naked, his enraged cock sending a shudder into Casibom Yeni Giriş her soul. He was a massive, masculine man, his member so much bigger than her husband’s. So much better. She was wet, she knew her nipples were rock hard and he was there, feeding hungrily as his hands caressed her skin. As her body went berserk and her lips finally spoke the truth.

“Take me. Oh God, make love in me,” and Abby moaned as his penis obeyed her command. She felt his manhood rip into her wetness, filling her womanhood as if she was cherry again. Abby wrapped her legs around him and felt his cock going full length, driving the lust grunts from her throat and orgasms from her body. Again and again she came as he pounded into her, his magnificent chest crushing her breasts. Abby moaned once and then again as she felt his penis flower and then shrieked as he exploded inside her, his come scalding her womanly soul.

It was an hour later she lay spent on the floor beside Mattie’s crib, her child sleeping peacefully as Abby’s body still quaked. He was a gray hair but he was all man, having his way with her three times. Three times he’d mounted her, three times driving his gorgeous maleness into her as a man. The man. The man who deflowered her. The man she truly, deeply loved and would love forever. Abby struggled for sanity in a most perfect life. Another man and the front door was opening.

Her heart pounded, her body still so weak she could not move more than just turn her head. Turn and watch her husband coming closer. He stared at the scene before him, his loving wife sprawled nude on the floor before him. She watched a lust fire erupt in his eyes and then saw him tear his shirt off.

“You’re ready,” he growled, now ripping open his trousers. “I’ve wanted this for so long. Baby, I need you. Now.”

Quickly Andy mounted Abby, pushing apart her thighs in savage, animal lust. He’d never balled her in total lust heat before but this was an enraged man, an enraged pecker now seeking relief. Three months had been too long for a young man, three lovings had been just enough for his woman. Abby drew her knees up and felt him begin to have his way.

“You’re so wet,” he gasped as his cock began to come home. “Soaking wet, baby.”

Abby shuddered but not from an orgasm, not yet. The image flashed through her mind, inside her womanhood her husband’s penis wallowed in the semen of another man. Wet, sticky wet, wallowing in her lust sin. Wallowing in her love. She felt Andy going rigid as her nipples popped one more time and then felt him coming even as her own lust exploded. Exploded in the love another man had planted in her so long ago and now so many times.

“I think I’m pregnant,” she panted as Andy collapsed in her arms. “I think I’ve made another baby.”

She saw him rise off her, his face radiant in happiness. Abby smiled and then closed her eyes in prayer of thanksgiving.

Thank God her husband didn’t correct her and say, “We made a baby.” After all, even saints hate to lie.

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