A Ride to Remember

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Rich cycled to work every day, five miles there in a morning and five miles back in the evening helped to keep him fit. At 42 he was still in good shape. The daily visits to the gym were long gone but the cycling and swimming kept him well toned. He often felt invisible on his journeys though, having lost count of the number of times that impatient car drivers had nearly knocked him off his aged but reliable mountain bike.

About a mile from work Rich took his usual left turn off the main road and onto a rough bridleway which had 3 or 4 houses along its’ first few hundred yards. As he neared the last building on the row a car pulled out of the driveway on the left. Rich reacted quickly swerving his bike to the right. The car driver pushed hard on the brakes forcing the car to skid across the gravel surface of the track, Richs’ bike was almost out of the way but not quite far enough. The wing of the car clipped the back wheel of the bike sending Rich tumbling onto the loose, rough surface of the road.

Stunned, Rich was lying on the ground as the car door opened and footsteps quickly crunched across the gravel towards him.

“I am so, so sorry. Are you alright?” came a woman’s voice with the footsteps.

When she reached Rich she crouched down. She was wearing a black ¾ length skirt and her position was such that he could also see what was underneath. Black nylon stockings covered her legs; the band of darker nylon at the top highlighted the whiteness of the top of her bare thighs. The fabric of her white panties was stretched tight, accentuating the mound of her pussy. He drank in as much of the view as he could as he knew that it would be gone far too soon.

“You’re bleeding a little.” the woman said, in a calmer voice. Rich hoped that she hadn’t noticed what he had been looking at as he turned his attention to a small graze on his knee that was oozing a small amount of deep, red blood.

“I live here,” she said, rising to a standing position, “come in and we can clean your wound.”

Rich stood too. The woman was obviously eskort bayan gorukle on her way to work, her black skirt was complimented by a white blouse and black jacket. Her dark hair was tied back showing off her pretty face.

“I’m fine.” said Rich.

“No, I insist.” was the reply from the woman, already heading towards her home.

Rich reluctantly followed, slightly embarrassed. They entered the house through the back door into the kitchen. The woman removed her jacket laying it on the worktop, her white bra was just visible through the material of her blouse the top buttons of which were undone exposing the skin on her chest. Rich took a glance wishing that the next button down had also been open so that he could see the flesh of her breasts.

“The shower is at the top of the stairs. You go and clean up and I’ll fix us a coffee.” she instructed. Rich obeyed and was soon feeling the warm water from the shower running over his body. His mind went back to the view of her nylon clad legs and wrapping his hand around his stiffening dick he slowly slid it up and down his length a few times. He let go and let his erection subside as he washed.

Stepping out from the shower Rich looked around for a towel but could not see one anywhere. He couldn’t put his cycling gear back on over his wet body. On the back of the door was a purple robe, he put it on. It’s length reached half way down his thighs. He tied the belt but knew that he would have to be careful with his positioning if he wanted to avoid exposing himself. He bundled up his clothes and went downstairs making his way to the room from where he could hear a radio playing. He walked in and the woman looked him up and down.

“I couldn’t find a towel.” he explained,

“It suits you!” she smiled. Rich felt his face redden.

“Come and sit on the settee and let me look at your wound.” he was told.

Rich sat down. The woman sat on the floor in front of him. She lifted his leg slightly and placed his foot on her lap. She looked at the graze on his knee. At the mudanya escort same time her hand was gently caressing his calf. Her touch felt fantastic on the back of his leg, his cock agreed as he felt it start to stiffen.

“I think you’ll live!” she said but continued to run her fingers up and down the length of his calf. Rich could feel his cock getting bigger. The woman’s hand made its way up to his thigh, she slid it under the robe and round to his inner thigh causing Rich to bite his bottom lip. There was no way he could hide his erection now, his vessels were pumped full of blood his cock aching to be touched. The woman flicked the robe away, exposing his erect cock, and stared at his dick pointing up from between his legs.

“Mmmmmm, that looks nice.” she said after a few moments. She got up and sat next to him on the settee.

“Take the robe off and stand in front of me.” she instructed. He did as he was told and she caressed his inner thighs. His cock was desperate to be touched but she was happy just looking. Her right hand reached up and she took the weight of his balls in the palm of her hand, gently squeezing them. Rich let out a small moan as he looked down watching the massage his balls were receiving. She moved forward in her seated position, she licked her lips and moved her mouth towards his cock. She ran her moist lips over his swollen end and the underside of his cock was greeted by her tongue.

“Fuck!” Rich murmured, followed by a long “aaaaaaargh!” She began fucking his cock with her mouth, tasting the juices that were oozing from the end of his dick. She was moaning now as her mouth made his cock wet and slippery with a combination of his precum and her saliva. She continued to massage his balls, he knew he couldn’t take much more and she must have sensed it too. She removed his cock from her mouth and replaced it with her other hand. She wanked his cock. Up and down his swollen length her hand pumped. Rich felt his orgasm start, he couldn’t hold back, his eyes closed and his legs almost bursa evi olan escort buckled as he felt his cock squirt out a stream of cum. He looked down to watch a second spurt join the first streak of white spunk on the woman’s black skirt. A few more drops were squeezed out as her hand slowed its wanking rhythm.

She stood up and made Rich sit down, quickly undid her skirt and slipped it down to the floor followed by her white panties. Rich didn’t get the chance to enjoy the sight of her nylon stocking clad legs as she straddled him on the couch, took hold of still erect, wet cock and guided it towards her wanton pussy. Her cunt lips were swollen with excitement, her pussy open and wanting his cock inside. Her own wetness allowed his cock to slip straight in, his full length swallowed up inside her. Rich reached round and placed his hands on the soft flesh of her buttocks, he squeezed them with his fingers as she ground her pussy along the length of his shaft. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he could feel her warm breath in his ear. She was panting heavily, soon each breath was accompanied by a small whimper as she headed towards her own climax. She unwrapped her arms from around his neck and placed a hand on each of his shoulders. Her nails dug into his flesh as she arched her back and threw her head back. Her cunt tightened around his cock and she stopped moving, her body tense as the first wave of her orgasm took control. She moaned and started to ride his cock again with a desperate urge to get every last ounce of pleasure from the orgasm that was riding through her body. Rich held onto her buttocks and looked down between their bodies, watching her cunt fuck his cock. She came, she came hard, her words were incoherent as she moaned through her orgasm. She collapsed forward and the urgency subsided as the sensations of her orgasm were replaced with a feeling of satisfaction.

A few moments later she dismounted Richs’ cock, it glistened with her juices that covered its entire length, the hairs at the base were matted with her wetness. He watched the movement in the round buttocks of her arse as she walked away from him and out of the room. Rich wanted more, he was desperate to come again. His hopes were soon dashed, however, when she returned to the room now fully clothed again.

“I really must get to work.” she said.

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