A Perfect Day

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Dedication: To one of my Best Friends – Babe you are truly my inspiration for this one. Thanks


Today is an unseasonable warm April day. I’m sitting at work looking at the weather. “Wow it might be in the 80’s tomorrow.” I think to myself. It’s usually in the mid 50’s on Earth Day I realize. I begin to daydream about what I will be able to do on my day off when my e-mail alert sounds, startling back into work mode, and I check my e-mail. What a nice surprise it’s from you, after seeing the weather you can up with the great idea of going for a ride to enjoy the great weather. “What a fantastic idea” I thought, so I respond to you “pick me up at 10am.”

So, I finish the day’s work and go home. My night is fills with anticipation for the following day’s events. I spend the evening going thru my closet to find the perfect thing to wear. I finally decide on a low cut tank top and a pair jeans. By the time I head off to bed I’m so excited I can barely sleep.

Here it is the morning of April 22nd and I’m sitting in my kitchen just waiting for the tell tale sound of your Harley pulling up the drive. I’m so excited by the time I hear your bike, I dam near jump out of my skin. I grab my jacket and head out the door to great you. There you are, getting off your bike, looking sexy escort bayan as always. You greet me with a long passionate kiss, hand me a helmet and say “where to?” I reply “Any where”. We hop on your Harley and off we go, riding down the highway with my hands on your thighs and my breast against your back, I am totally relaxed.

After riding for about an hour, you say “Why don’t we take a break?” I agree and minutes later you pull off into the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth and park the bike. “Let’s take a walk” you say as you take my hand. I look around and being the middle of spring the place is deserted. You lead me up one of the marked paths, thru the woods. We spend about 30 minutes walking hand in hand and talking about the different plants and animals we are seeing. When suddenly you stop, pull me close and kiss me with such passion and intensity that it makes my legs tremble. The just a suddenly you break your embrace and lead me off the path into the woods.

After walking about a 100 yards in, we come across a fallen tree where we decide to sit for a bit. We start kissing again with the same fever as on the trail. Your kissing has me so worked up I can’t keep my hands to myself. I reach over placing my hand on your thigh. I start working my way up your leg to you crotch. bursa merkez escort When I reach it I feel that I’m not the only one getting excited, you are rock hard. Your erection seems to be straining against your jeans. So it seems to me that the best thing I can do is to release your cock from its confinement, I undo you pants allowing your magnificent member to be free. I slowly and lightly caress the underside of you penis starting at the base working my way to the tip, my touch causes your dick to twitch in anticipation.

While I am completely mesmerized by the feel of your cock in my hands, you remove my shirt. My nipples harden to your touch. You lean over give each of my nipple a quick lick while fondling my breasts. At this point I am in a state of complete bliss.

I begin to stroke you cock with a firmer grip, causing a drop of pre cum to be release from your tip. I just can’t resist the sight of it, I have to taste you. So I lean over and while looking into your eyes, I slowly take my tongue and with one slow lick I take that drop of cum into my mouth. The taste is just amazing and all I can think about is getting more. I slide myself off the log and onto my knees in front of you. I proceed to run my tongue up the base of you gürsu escort shaft then with one smooth motion I take you cock into my mouth.

I’m thrilled by the feel of it. The thickness of you causes my mouth to stretch to accommodate you. I slowly take every inch of you deep into my throat and I hold there to savor the moment, as you let out a soft moan. I slide my lips back up you shaft to the head where I lick all the way around before swiftly sucking it back in. I begin sliding you in and out of my mouth while massaging the underside with my tongue. I then take my hand and begin fondling you balls; they feel so soft and heavy in my hand. I am so insanely turn on by the feel and taste of you cock that at this point I am soaking wet.

I just love the feel of your thick hard member sliding past my lips so much, that I just can’t stop. I want; no I need to taste more, to feel more. So I begin to pick up my pace. I am so focused on sucking you cock that I can’t hear anything except my heart pounding and your moans. With every sound you make I increase my intensity. All of a sudden I feel you balls tighten and I know that you are getting close and that turns me on even more. I just can stop myself I continue to deep throat you until you explode in my mouth shooting you hot load down my throat. I continue slowly sucking until I have swallowed every last drop of your cum and you cock begins to go soft in my mouth. With that, I release my hold on you, I resume my place on the log next to you, and I look into your eyes and say “Now that’s my idea of a perfect day.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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