A Night to Remember Ch. 01

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I hadn’t been talking to you very long, but I quickly got the sense that you hadn’t been pampered like you REALLY should have. Finding out about your ten-day vacation 😉 I decided I would certainly take one of those days off your hands. After chatting for a bit, I invited you to my house. I wasn’t sure you’d come, but was happily surprised when I saw your beautiful smiling face at my front door.

I looked at the clock, 8:00 it blinked at me. 8pm.

“Did you eat yet?” I asked trying not to sound too excited.

“I had a sandwich earlier.” You responded, looking around.

“Why don’t I make you something special,” I led to my kitchen where I had planned out a nice but simple dinner. Quickly, I had bread sticks better than Olive Garden sitting before you. Next came the home made fettuccine alfredo, which you quickly devoured.

Sitting, smiling before me I helped you to my comfy couch. You picked a cute romantic comedy from Netflix, cuddling up beside me. After draping a fleece blanket over you, we quickly got comfortable together. You started to doze off, my arm wrapped around you. Feeling warm, happy, and cared for.

Once the movie was over, I invited you upstairs. Finding our way to my bedroom.

“No pressure,” I assured you. I certainly didn’t want you to think I invited you and did all this just so I could get in your pants.

“No pressure?” You looked around, grinning. “There sure is! You told me you would be happy to give me a massage, now I plan to collect.” You hopped into my king sized bed, flicking your socks off and onto the floor.

Quickly, I brought out my home made massage oils; spreading them slowly along your beautiful feet. Laying back, you couldn’t help but gasp as I worked the stress and tension from your feet. I began to work up along your calves, causing your gasps to turn to moans.

“What about my lower back?” You asked, turning over, whipping your shirt off.

“Umm…” I looked down, enjoying the sight. Without another word, I began slowly massaging your tight muscles, wringing the tension from porno your body. Shivers running up your spine every time you felt my hot breath on your bare skin.

Suddenly, your hands reached back unhooking your bra. I had been thinking about doing it, but didn’t want to seem to “grabby.” Trailing my hands delicately up and down your soft, smooth back I watched as you shuddered. My warm hands massaged lower and lower, now resting on the small of your back. I had tucked your jeans down as far as they would go.

“Hold on,” you shrugged. I looked away as you stood up. Realizing you hadn’t sat back down, my eyes peeked. Standing before me, you are absolutely gorgeous. I found myself at a loss for words. Your breasts hanging tantalizingly, your bra discarded at your feet.

“Wow,” escaped my mouth before I could hold it back. A smile stretched across your face.

“You’ve seen mine, now it’s my turn to see yours.” You reached forward tugging at my shirt. Without hesitation I whipped my shirt off, exposing my tight abs. Your hand felt so warm, gently caressing my bulging pectoral.

My hands reached for you as I stood up. Wrapping around you, my arms pulled you in tighter. You moaned as you felt my breath on your neck. Gently, my lips caressed your soft neck. Kissing to your ear, nibbling lightly before plunging down to your collarbone. Your nipples quickly hardened against my chest as I nibbled, sucked, and licked at your collar.

Pushing you back down into the bed, I pushed you onto your stomach… continuing my massage. As I straddled your upper thighs I worked my weight into your tense muscles. The heat of your body under me was enough to make me almost lose my concentration, as you noticed; with every thrust you felt my growing arousal.

Working down to your lower back, this time I was able to work the tension out of your flexing buttocks. Sliding my hand between your thighs, I found muscles so tight I had to squeeze and release. I also found you had become quite excited as well. The scent of your arousal drove me mad, fighting my urge to take you I worked down your bare legs. Pulling your feet up to kiss your soles as I did.

You rolled over, exposing your breasts again. Your eyes glued to my bulging package.

“Is that for me?” You asked, licking your lips.

“Maybe,” I winked, kissing my way up your legs. Spreading your thighs as I kissed higher. Before I got to your arousal, you lifted your body forcing your cute panties down. Before me sat your beautiful swollen sex, desperate for attention.

Leaning over, I teased you with my breath. Watching your body arch as you felt me. My delicate kisses around you, my tongue lapping quickly… causing your to whimper, your hips bucking. Your swollen lips glistening with your juices, suddenly my tongue glided up your pink slit, stopping just shy of your hardened clit.

“Nnnh, you can’t stop like that! It’s just mean,” you begged, your fingers combing through my hair.

As I leaned down again, you felt my hot tongue slowly surround your clit; sucking you into my mouth. Lashing out, I tasted your sweet juices, nibbling and sucking; my eyes glued to yours as you clenched feeling the oncoming orgasm. Suddenly, your body tightened, your nipples standing straight up. You began to moan and breath heavily as your body convulsed.

“Oh God! Yes! Mmm…” You came, rubbing my face against your twitching sex.

“I need you inside me,” you demanded, pulling me up to you.

“Are you sure?” I asked politely.

Taken back, you smiled. “Well of course.”

I reached over, pulling a condom from my bedside table. Getting to my knees, I pulled my blue boxer briefs down. Your eyes opened wide, jaw dropping down as you watched my beautiful manhood emerge from the cloth. Tucking it inside the rubber, I leaned back down against you.

“Are you sure?” I asked again, resting the tip against your still throbbing clit.

“Fuck yes!” You moaned, rocking your hips trying to push me inside. I rubbed soft circles around your clit before slowly pressing the tip just inside you. I held my breath, feeling your tightness squeezing around me. Pushing in just a little further, I felt your heat.

Your legs wrapped around me, pulling me deeper inside you.

“Oh YES!” You moaned as I pushed to my fullest depths, rocking slowly against me. Gently, I began to thrust. Your moans became louder as you felt me spreading you from the inside, my hot throbbing shaft pulsing deep inside you.

My thrusting became faster, longer; as I pulled my entire shaft out then slammed it back inside. You cried out loudly as you felt my shaved testicles slapping against your puckering asshole. I reached down, taking your legs in my hands; pulling them up to my shoulders.

I felt you throbbing, squeezing before I felt the rush of moisture. Your body shaking and shivering in my grasp, I looked down as you came again. Bending down, I kissed you passionately; our tongues meeting, massaging carelessly.

“Are you gonna go?” You asked, noticing my still bouncing cock.

“Turn over,” I pulled you to your knees, taking a position behind you. Slowly, I pushed in from behind; filling you deeply. My hands grasped your hips as I thrust hard against you. Your body, so hot, so tight, thrusting back against me. My hands reached up, cupping your beautiful breasts as I fought off my own orgasm.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” I whispered in your ear.

“Fucking cum!” You moaned, so close, rocking hard against me. My prick buried inside, you felt my pulse as my juices built. Suddenly, you felt my grasp tighten around you; my thrusting became shallow but quick.

“Oh fuck… oh… fuck… oh…” I shuddered, holding tightly as I came inside you.

Collapsing on top of me, your beautiful bare body shivered in pure pleasure, turning around to kiss me. You smiled.

“So… this was nice,” you started to get up.

“Where are you going?” I asked, politely.

“I thought I should go home…” You started collecting your clothes.

“But then who would make you breakfast in bed?” I asked pulling you back down, under the covers.

You quickly fell asleep in my arms, skin against skin. I watched for a little while, before I myself fell asleep… happy.

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