A Night in a Hotel

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This is a fictional story of an encounter that a married man has after chatting to a black man online about their love of big breasts and masturbation. The internet has a lot to answer for.

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A night in a Hotel

I suppose I had always had a fascination with cocks although I was a happily married man with a satisfying sex life. But here was something very sexy about a big hard cock dripping with precum that made my cock very hard indeed. Does that make me gay? I’m not sure as I don’t fancy guys but I do fancy their cocks.

I heard the knock on the door and my nerves started to rise again. It was too late to turn back now and the least I could do was let my visitor in. Having no idea of what he looked like, other than his description, black, mid 30s and 8”, that he had typed into the chat room as we chatted online earlier, I was nervous to say the least. Being a middle aged, happily married man, I didn’t usually do this sort of thing. But I suppose deep down it was always something that I had fancied experimenting with and since he seemed to like the same things as I did, namely big curvy girls and wanking, I stood and gingerly approached the hotel door. I was dressed in a dressing gown but underneath had hold-up stockings and a pair of my wife’s red panties on. And I hadn’t disclosed this to my visitor beforehand. I cautiously opened the door to see my visitor standing waiting patiently.
“Hi, I’m Peter!” I smiled.
“Lenny!” Said the gorgeous black man, as I stood to one side to allow him access to my hotel bedroom.

Both being nervous we had a beer and chatted about anything and everything but nothing of any consequence. Until eventually I plucked up the courage to move on slightly having noticed that he had seen my stocking clad feet.
“How does this work?” I suddenly asked.
He smiled back and patted my hand gently. “We don’t need to do anything we don’t want to, but why don’t we put the laptop on and look at some pictures?”

I grinned and flicked the switch on the laptop and the screen came into life. Sitting by it I typed in some text and pictures of Maria Moore appeared. Lenny came and sat alongside me and I could feel his clothed body next to mine. The sight of Maria being humped and fucked hard had the right reaction on me and my cock was instantly hard in my panties.
“Does she turn you on?” Lenny asked and looked at me, his dark brooding eyes catching mine as I felt him slide a hand inside my gown and onto my thigh feeling the nylon material.
“Yes!” I replied nervously and felt a tremble of excitement run down my spine
“Why don’t we do something about it then?” He smiled. “And remember we can stop at any time either of us wants to!” He added.

He reached over and I could smell his cologne as he typed something into the laptop and a movie started featuring Milena Velba, a favourite of mine. I could hear noises from the film and glanced up to see Lenny’s face next to mine. Moments later our lips were locked in a deep passionate kiss and I felt his hands roam over my naked body inside the gown as I felt the belt loosen. I eased his T shirt over his head to expose his muscular brown skinned chest and quickly grabbed his belt trying to get to the eight inch monster he told me that he had.

I glanced briefly at the screen to see the voluptuous Miss Sikiş hikayeleri Velba in a compromising position with her massive fleshy breasts wrapped around a hard cock. Moments later my visitor was naked and very hard as he lay next to me on the bed. I eased myself off and ran into the bathroom dropping the robe as I went before returning, my cock hard in the panties, with a bottle of baby-oil. I knelt by my male lover and ran some oil over his chest and down over his cock as I leaned down to kiss him deeply on the lips, out tongues sliding into each others’ mouths. I let my hand slide over to his thigh and rubbed it up and down. He turned to me and pressed his lips to mine again. His tongue darted into my mouth as my hand reached his crotch. His cock was rock hard and big, very big. I could feel his hand exploring my cock too through the thin material of the panties. I closed my fingers tightly around him feeling the heat of the shaft. I eased closer to him until our naked bodies were touching and felt the heat of his body against mine as the oil smeared from him to me and back again as we writhed on the bed.

“Do you want me to wank you?” I smiled as I spoke to him. His hand stopped moving and I felt it reach over and grab mine pushing it gently up and down the velvety shaft of his throbbing cock as your eyes locked with mine. My hand closed around his cock shaft and I squeezed it feeling him breathe deeply as I started to move my hand up and down the shaft slowly. I smiled as I watched his face contort with pleasure.
“Watch the film and enjoy!” I smiled as I knelt up beside him and pulled back the bed covers to expose his throbbing member.

One of Lenny’s hands was rubbing up and down my chest while the other was exploring my near cumming cock.
“Stand up!” Lenny suddenly said as he pushed my hand from his cock. I obliged smiling from ear to ear with a mixture of nerves and excitement.
He stood in front of me looking at my semi dressed body and smiled. Leaning into me he kissed my neck and it felt so good. I could feel him pressing into me. He turned me around and backed me up against the wall of the hotel room. I spread my legs and he pressed up against me. His lips stopped right at my lips. We looked each other in the eye and kissed again. It was soft and easy at first. Then as my hand moved down to his cock again the kiss became more passionate. His shaft was hot and felt so good in my hands. Lenny put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me downward expectantly. I slid to my knees and groped at his shaft with my mouth. Then for the first time in my life I took his cock into my mouth.

I glanced up to see him watching the film of one of our favourite Big breasted models being shafted by 2 cocks and felt his hand come down immediately to the back of my head. He held me there and began to pump his cock into my mouth. I was almost gagging as it went deeper and deeper as I slid my tongue over and around the leaking cock head. But suddenly he was holding my head firmly and jerking his hips into my face and I felt his cock explode shooting string after string of hot cum into my mouth before he pulled out and wanked his cock. The remaining cum splattered onto my face and dripped down my chin. His cum coated my mouth but I was reluctant to swallow it. Instead it formed a pool in my mouth.

I attempted to stand up, but he held me down. “You’re not moving until your drunk my sperm gay boy!” He grinned and I looked up at him and allowed the cum Sex hikaye to slide down my throat. After a few minutes, he allowed me to get up. I went to the bathroom and rinsed my face off. But as I bent over to wash my face, Lenny was behind me rubbing my cock through the panties then I felt them being ripped from my body. “I want you!” He purred and I felt a tingle of excitement running down my back. He grabbed a towel and dried my face for me then took me by the hand and led me back to the bed. I stripped as he watched from the bed. He lay back, his cock softened but still at least 5 inches long as he invited me to lie on top of him.

We kissed for awhile our tongues exploring each others’ mouths and our oily bodies rubbing together. Slowly I inched up until I was straddling his face. I smacked his face with my hard cock then as he opened his lips I slid just the head into his mouth. His tongue swirled around it. Slowly I started pushing my cock in and out of his mouth and was enjoying the feeling when suddenly I felt his finger at the entrance to my arse. The feeling was overwhelming as I felt an oily finger slide up into me and he sucked and licked hard on my cock. I couldn’t hold back and started to shoot into his mouth and over his face. Regaining my composure I slid off his body and he went to the bathroom to freshen up.

When Lenny returned he was sporting another big erection. I got down on my stomach and let him push his cock into my mouth as I sucked it in and slid a hand around his massive black balls. I heard him let out a moan of satisfaction as I flicked his cock head with my wet tongue. He gasped and moaned loudly as my lips came into contact with the swollen cock head again as my tongue swirled around the head and I slurped tasting his salty precum. This time I alternated from his cock to his balls at times looking up at his face to see him looking at the screen and then back at me, flashing a smile as he did. I was more than happy to give him maximum satisfaction as he watched the big titted porn on the screen. I worked his big black cock moving up and down and side to side sliding my tongue along the underside of his shaft and sticking the tip into his piss-slit at the same time as squeezing the shaft and bobbing my head up and down on him. Despite being new to this I was sucking his cock like a pro. I took his black tool back into my mouth and sucked hard for what seemed like an eternity.

And I was sucking him, he put some oil onto my arse and pushed his finger back into me. I gasped and sucked hungrily on his cock and before long it was two fingers in me. He pulled his cock from my mouth and climbed onto the bed alongside me. “I want you!” He repeated and I knew exactly what he wanted. He was on his knees and sat on his heels with his cock pointing towards my arse. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back until I felt the head of his cock touch me. “I’m not sure!” I gasped but then felt him pull my hips back further as I felt his cock head pushing against my arse about to enter me. Then with a grunt of pleasure he pulled my hips back and pushed and his cock head entered me. I gasped out loud and determined to enjoy every second of this encounter I pushed all the way back until I felt his meat slide all the way into my tight virgin shaft. It felt so wonderful as I slowly pumped my arse backwards onto his hard cock. He held my thighs that were still in the stockings and groaned as he shafted my arse. When he was close to cumming, he pushed Erotik Hikaye me flat onto the bed and put all his weight on me as he fucked me wildly. Then I felt his cock explode again, this time swelling before releasing his seed into my body. We lay still until his cock went soft and slipped out.

He went back to the bathroom and after 5 minutes or so I heard the shower running and walked in removing my stockings. Lenny’s cum was dripping from my arse and running down my thighs and I felt such a whore! I stepped into the shower behind my black lover and ran my hands over his back and then soaping them up I ran them down over his cock feeling it still semi hard in my wet hands. “I don’t want this to stop!” I said excitedly. I felt like I was now addicted to sucking his monster black meat and wanted it again now. I stepped out of the shower and smiled. “You want more sucking? Follow me!” I grinned. He didn’t need asking twice and I felt him close behind me as we got to the bed. I sat on the bed and turned just in time to see his cock in front of me and lined up with my mouth once again. I sucked it in and felt it almost immediately return to full hardness.
“Lie down!” I purred. He lay by me and I leaned down to suck and lick up and down his cock and balls eagerly. And then I decided to take it to the next logical step. I spread his legs and moved my mouth from his cock to his balls, and then on through his legs to that ultimate treasure. His pretty little rosebud winked at me, practically begging me inside. I slurped and sucked and tongue-fucked relentlessly on his arse until I came up from air.
“You want to fuck me…….don’t you?” He just lay back with a satisfied sigh.
I eased up and ran my cock against his arse as I kissed him deeply on the lips. Then I grabbed a pillow and slipped it under his arse as I lifted his muscular legs.

With my left hand I massaged his massive black cock as I used my right to guide my cock towards his young black hole. Feeling it oily from the baby-oil I pushed and felt the head pop in. This was new to me and I reveled in the tightness of his anal canal as I watched the pleasure on his face. Lenny simply smiled and moaned begging me to keep going. He had fucked me and I wanted to experience the same as I pushed in all the way until my pubes were mingling with the hairs on his arse. I then began to fuck him slowly, enjoying the silky smooth feel of his arse against my rock hard shaft.

Before long, I couldn’t control myself and I started to pick up the pace. Lenny was a very vocal and moaning and groaning in appreciation at the top of his lungs. Watching his beautiful face contort in pure esctacy while never closing his eyes and feeling his hard cock between us simply pushed me over the edge and I knew I was so close to cumming as I felt my cum rising fast. I pulled out just in time and blasted his taut stomach with the biggest load I had experienced in a long time. And seconds later my mouth was back on his cock that was splattered with my cum and he groaned as he started to ejaculate directly into my mouth and down my throat as I slurped on the erupting monster happily.

I released his cock from my lips and wanked is hard and fast as he continued to cum shooting all the way up to his own chin. I immediately bent down to lick up his load and grabbing his head I pulled him to me kissing him hard and allowing my cum filled mouth to empty into his as our tongues danced and mingled in the cum.

“Fancy another shower?” I grinned up at my big black gay lover as I lay in his arms. “And then we can start again?” His cock immediately hardened at the thought and I knew this was going to be a long and wonderful night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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