A Night In

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This is my first attempt at story writing and was a Christmas present for my husband. I’ve tried to keep it believable, and would welcome any constructive feedback. Hope you enjoy!

She lay in bed sleepily, listening to the front door open and softly close, the sound of the car starting and moving off. He had gone to work.

Ticking off in her mind the things she would need, and imagining what they would do that night, she felt the blood rushing into her clit. She wanted everything to be ready for his arrival. Resisting the urge to satisfy herself, but rather to save the sensations for the evening, she stumbled out of bed and into the shower. Feeling the hot rivulets of water running through her hair and over her body, she began to wake up, vigorously shampooing then languorously soaping herself, her hands idly inscribing circles around her full breasts, nipples becoming half-erect, then, catching herself, soaping the rest of her – long legs, full buttocks, finally reaching up to rinse her hair.

Dried and dressed, she started to lay out things for the evening. She wanted everything to hand, no distractions. Her outfit – stockings worn under a revealing black leather skirt, split nearly to the waist, with a white shirt tied at the front. No bra or knickers required on this occasion. A chair, brought up from the dining room, and a blanket to soften its top edge. She had plans for that chair, a break from the norm, and found a selection of old stockings and belts to go with it. Fulfilling a new fantasy would be exciting for them both. Clean bedlinen, box of tissues, and a few toys from the drawer wouldn’t go amiss. Ah, and the mask. That might be fun. She found the camera too, another novelty which may or may not be used, but even the idea of it would be a turn-on to them both.

The bedroom ready, she got on with the rest of her day, buying a few last-minute essentials and preparing a light meal. The evening approaching, she felt the tension building up within her at the thought of the surprises to come. Slowly going upstairs, she put on mascara, lipstick, and jewellery and brushed her dark hair, then put on the clothes she had had in mind. Looking in the mirror, she had second thoughts and took the shirt off, replacing it with a tightly-laced corset. It might look a bit predatory, but was probably appropriate given her plans for the evening. As she was putting on her favourite perfume, she heard the car arriving home, slipped a satin robe over the top of her outfit, and ran lightly downstairs to await her lover. The key turned in the lock. Restraining her urge to rush over and strip him there and then, she waited for him eskort bursa to enter the room, then looked up at him with hungry eyes and smiled. “Nice day, dear? Dinner will be ready in a moment. I hope you haven’t made plans for the evening?” He could tell something was up and looked curiously at her, but she stopped any questions with a gentle kiss before brushing past him into the kitchen. Pouring them both a glass of wine, she returned to the sitting room and kissed him again, this time letting him glimpse down her gown.

As they ate, she allowed her robe to fall open, and then removed it, revealing her outfit finally. He almost choked with surprise, and was unable to concentrate on the food. “Shall we go upstairs?” She asked, before leading him mutely by the hand. Pausing outside the bedroom, she put her hands over his eyes, then pulled him inside and replaced the hand with the mask. “I want you to really feel this” she whispered, then guided him to the bed. Kneeling at his feet, she removed his shoes and socks, then pushed him to lie back. Slowly, she started to massage his feet, and felt him start to relax as the cares of the day melted away. Suddenly, she brought his left foot up to her face, and gently sucked his big toe into her mouth. He gasped with shock, and, giggling, she continued to lick his toes and between them, allowing her other hand to slide slowly up his trouser leg. Before swapping feet, she slid up his legs breasts-first, to undo his belt and slide his trousers off. Now with better access, she worked on his right foot with her mouth while stroking his legs, slowly moving up toward his inner thighs. She could see the bulge in his black silk boxer shorts as he responded to her touch, and enjoyed the teasing for a moment longer. Then, sliding up his legs again she slowly unbuttoned his shirt from the bottom up, kissing the flesh it revealed, before helping him to slip his arms out. Now he was lying there with just his tented boxers remaining. “Please.. please will you take them off?” he begged.

Without a word, she continued to stroke his legs and belly, her touch incredibly light, but moving inexorably towards his crotch. Finally, her fingers wandering beneath the waistband and up the legs, her touch connected with his balls. It was as though a jolt of electricity had hit him. He jumped, gasped, and his cock grew even harder. Smiling to herself, she finally gently removed his shorts, and his manhood, released, popped up. She gently stroked his whole crotch except for his cock, pushing his knees up and out and playing with his pubic hair, stroking and tugging it, then nuzzling her nose and mouth in the creases between his bursa yabancı escort legs and around the edges of his balls. Inhaling deeply of his excited musk, she started to nuzzle the base of his cock, kissing and licking it, then slowly worked her way up the shaft while cupping his tensed balls with her hand. Finally reaching the top, the foreskin already pushed back by the throbbing tip, she put her tongue out and licked it lightning-fast, again smiling at the electric response.

He felt as though this exquisite torture had been taking place for hours, but now she was going to put him out of his misery. She slowly enveloped the whole head of his cock with her mouth, then started licking it around the top and across the stitch. She stretched back the skin with one hand, and teased his testicles and perineum with the other. Listening to his moans and gasps, she adjusted her stroke and rhythm to first push him onward and then leave him hanging, then pounce again and hungrily lick and stroke again. Just as he thought he could take no more and must surely come, she pulled off. “Wait. I have something else for you. Come here.” She took him by the hand and gently helped his trembling legs off the bed. Leading him to the chair, she sat him down, then bound his ankles, each to a leg of the chair, and tied his hands behind his back, securing the elbows to the uprights too. This wasn’t painful, but surprising, and his cock, which had started to subside, rose again. She pulled off the blindfold, and again he gasped, seeing their bedroom filled with candlelight and the reflection of himself in the wardrobe full-length mirror, which he was positioned in front of.

Smiling, she stepped back from him in order to let him get a good look at her in the new clothes. She considered for a moment a strip-tease, but thought that could wait for later. Instead, taking a handful of lube, she slowly started to rub her slit and clit, letting him see the pleasure she was feeling. Seeing her flush and start to utter involuntary moans was almost more than he could bear to watch, and his eyes pleaded with her. Stopping short of orgasm, she smiled, then stepped forward and slowly dropped her dripping wet pussy onto his ramrod shaft, wriggling her hips a little to ensure he was as deep as possible. Raising herself slowly, she watched his face for every nuance of response, as she dropped herself back onto his groin. Wrapping her arms around his neck so her half-revealed breasts were pushed briefly into his face, she started to ride him, slowly at first, but soon finding the right rhythm. She looked back at him but realised he was captivated bursa merkez escort by their reflections joyfully making love as well. Neither of them was far from orgasm now, and she revelled in his urgent squirming from his bound position. Gasping at their climaxes, she swiftly unbound his hands and they clung together for a few moments. Then she slid off his half-erect cock, and released his feet and arms so they could embrace on the bed and recover.

After cuddling and quietly chatting for a while, she noticed his cock growing large again. However, she was in for a surprise as her plans for further fun were cut short. He was taking control of events. He slowly started stroking her arm, while kissing her lips, face, neck, ears… rolling her onto her back, he started to unlace her bodice. “I’ve been wanting to do this for hours”, he whispered, “I want to feel your skin against mine”. She breathed a sigh of relief as the tension on her ribs and stomach eased, and settled more comfortably against the bed. “Close your eyes” he ordered, and she did as she was bidden. She felt his hands tracing long patterns down her arms and flanks, felt the heat of his groin against her thigh, then suddenly her right nipple was tweaked. It was her turn to gasp.

He returned to gentle touches, stroking her tummy and legs, using just the pads of his fingers, brushing lips and occasionally fluttering eyelashes. She felt her whole body awakening to his touch, becoming one vast erogenous zone. The urgency in her clit she’d felt that morning returned, and the longer he teased, the more urgent became her need for him to satisfy it. He felt the pressure as she pushed her groin against his thigh, and smiled. She wasn’t getting away with it that easily!

When he was finally satisfied she was at fever pitch, he gently spread her legs and slipped into her. Gripping her hands above her head by the wrists, he ensured she couldn’t wriggle, and then started slowly sliding in and out, taking his cock nearly out of her pussy before plunging it back inside, the rhythm growing faster and faster with the extra effort he needed to come a second time. Her head nearly bashing the top of the bed with every stroke, she pulled her legs up and wrapped them around his waist, egging him on both with her look of intensity and her words. ‘Come on, do me, fuck me, harder, harder, is that all you’ve got? More, more, more….’. ‘Shut up, shut up you horny bitch, squeeze my cock with your pussy, suck me into you, yes, that’s it…’ and he kept pounding away, both of them now only able to gasp with each strike until finally, together, screaming and shouting obscenities, they came. He released his grip on her wrists and they embraced, panting and sweating, as they came down from their orgasms, she still rhythmically squeezing his cock until it stopped contracting. Finally they relaxed and as he drifted off into a deep sleep, she lay awake for a while plotting for the next time.

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