A New Halloween

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This is about a co-worker that I shall call Leslie and I. She and I are not lovers, just met in the galley one day and she gave me a ride home from work another day. As gratitude, I offered to take her out to dinner but she declined saying she had to get to a hospital to see a friend. I had heard that she had a boyfriend, but she has not mentioned one to me. But she is a very attractive woman, about 5’5″; 36D breasts that bounce, slim and shapely legs, and is of Hispanic heritage so she has a very sexy bronzed color to her skin.

For Halloween, I was opening doors sexually in my life and decided to buck the stupid, trendy costumes everyone else wore and went with a gimp costume. I wore a black long sleeve shirt, ribbed and sheer. I wore thin black pants, leather wrist cuffs with locks, spiked leather collar with a 3′ chain hanging from that, and a zippered black vinyl mask that only showed my eyes and nostrils, no hole for drinking anything. I am a pretty built guy at 6′ and 235lbs and the costume did scare some people although my friends thought it was absolutely hilarious seeing me dressed like that. I was going stag of course, to see what the nightlife of Halloween has to offer.

I headed off to a local club that had three different themed rooms, rock in one, industrial in another, and a live DJ in the third. I was exploring around and seeing if I knew anyone there and did not. I walked into the industrial room and it was a madhouse. It was very dark, hooks with hanging skeletons on the wall, a laser light show, lots of very, very sexy women in hot costumes. There were nymphs, killer nurses, vampires, pirate wenches, and an assortment of other bondage freaks like me.

I walked towards the bar, seeing if there was a dominatrix looking to have some fun. Heading to the bar, it was an adventure. I was absolutely abused by the tiniest of women and enjoyed every second of it. It is eye-opening to see how women act when given the opportunity to shed the restrictions of society and let their sexual side manifest sokkan.org itself. My chain was pulled; I was put into various positions, and just manhandled. It was wonderful.

Finally getting to the bar, I ordered a drink and took a look around there. And there was Leslie. She did not recognize me, of course, but did give me a look up and down with a slightly curved and sexy smile. She was wearing a flowing black skirt, small spiked choker, 3″ spiked heels, straight black hair that flowed over her shoulders and a strapless black laced up corset accentuating her deep cleavage into a living work of art. I looked her over, nodded and then stared a little deeper into her eyes to see if she could recognize me but she did not. I wrote down the drink order, handed it to the bartender as I could not speak with the mask on, and did not want to give away who I was just yet. My drink arrived and I had no choice but to take off my mask to drink. I unzipped it, folded it halfway up, smiled at her, and then peeled the rest of it off. Her jaw hit the floor then she smiled seductively with narrowed eyes and a naughty look.

I finish my drink quickly and motion for us to take a walk over to a quieter area, but we never made it. She took me by my chain and led me to a secluded corridor that led up to the unused DJ booth. She turned around with her skirt swirling around her hips and pushed me up against the wall, crushing her breasts higher towards her neck and kissed me deeply right next to a skeleton, fiddling with my wrist cuff’s. I really was not too worried about what she was doing with them, thinking she would be letting my hands go free so I could wrap my arms around her. Boy was I wrong. She made them even closer together so I cannot get them apart on my own. But I was fully in the mood to be her plaything and let her do as she pleased to me. She took down the skeleton, raised my arms and put them over the hook on the wall. My arms outstretched and so close together, I could not get off the wall! Then, she pulls my görükle escort mask back on, smiles a devious smile and walks away, leaving me stranded on the wall.

A few minutes pass with me in the dark hanging on a wall when a little candy Goth raver comes up to me and started grinding on me. She is obviously on ecstasy and is sweating hard from all the dancing she has been doing. She grinds her ass into my pelvis, rubs my chest, and squeezes my ass, while I am unable to do anything but get very hard. She jerks the chain down and gives me a kiss on the cheek and sashays away with a delightful grin on her face. I watch her leave only to see Leslie standing across the hallway twirling a straw in her drink, watching me. She’s see’s me look at her, slams her drink down, and begins to walk towards me with forceful purpose. I cannot help but stare at her as her breasts jiggle with every step, enticing every man she passes to turn around and get a second look. When she gets to me, she begins to rub and squeeze my nipples as I take in every sensuous curve of her body. Her hands roam down, over my stretched and taut stomach, digging in with her nails, before reaching my still hard cock. She rubs that down and grins with devious intentions. Continuing to rub me, she unzips my pants and pulls my cock out, stroking it to the music and staring into my eyes. My breath gets deep as she leans in close and says “When you get close to cumming, buck hard.”

I nod in agreement as she turns around to rub her ass up against my cock. She stretches her arms up and over my head, rubbing the vinyl. I look down her cleavage to see her breasts strain against the corset. The more she moves her arms, the more her breasts slink out of her corset and finally, a hard nipple appears and she takes on hand of hers to squeeze and pull on it, tweaking it to make it even harder. With her ass still pushed up hard against my cock, she bends over and slowly pulls up her skirt to show me her thong and my dick between her ass cheeks, grinding it up and down. With slow a deliberate action, she pulls her thong aside, grasps my dick, and slides it into her wet pussy slowly. She goes slow, letting her pussy adjust to my size, and then begins to hammer her hips against me. Her head is down and her hair is swinging wildly as she fucks me hard. She arches up and wraps her arms back around my head with her pussy still sucking away at my cock. A few minutes later I am about to cum. I buck my hips hard, surprising her and almost throwing her off my cock. She quickly slides off, swirls around and kneels, taking my dick into her mouth and sucks my dick harder than I have ever been sucked before. I look down at her and let loose into her mouth. As soon as she tastes the cum, she dives forward, engulfing my cock completely, letting me spurt into her mouth. I finish cumming, but she is not done sucking. She keeps going until my dick gets soft in her mouth, making me jerk with sensation.

She stands back up, licking her lips and backing up against the opposite wall. She looks so beautiful in the just-fucked kind of way. Her hands wander down, adjusting her thong and then back up to attempt to get her tits back into her corset. She squeezes, tugs, and pushes them in, driving me mad with desire again. My cock begins to perk back up as I watch her do this and she smiles again, only to walk away with my cock still hanging out. A minute later she returns with the candy Goth raver chick. This girl has only one purpose, to suck me off as Leslie rubs her clit against the other wall. I am soon ready to come again and buck my hips, driving my cock into this girl’s throat, causing her to gag and lose her balance, falling over. Leslie swoops in and finishes the job, sucking my cum down with a huge grin on her face. She then kisses the other girl and turns her attention back to me. She puts my cock back into my pants, zips me up, and helps me get off the wall.

Leading me outside, she undoes my cuffs and I immediately tear off the mask and kiss her incredibly hard, squeezing her breasts and ass. I tell her that this is the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me to which she replies “Then it looks like we will have lots of fun together.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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