A New Friend Pt. 04

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I followed Al into his big glass shower stall, where he turned on and adjusted the water. He stepped into the spray and allowed the hot water to run down his body.

“Soap is over there,” he pointed to a pump-bottle of hair and body wash, “start with my back.”

I pumped a good amount of liquid into my palm and Al turned away from me. I soaped up his back, making sure to cover every inch with soapy water. I ran my soapy hands up and down his back, cleaning and massaging him.

Al made appreciative noises.

“You’re such a good little sub.”

“Thank you sir, I try.”

I pumped a little more liquid and, taking a knee, I soaped up his backside and legs, careful to do a good job for my sexy dom. Al turned is back into the spray and lifted a foot so I could wash it. I soaped up and rubbed his foot. As I did so I couldn’t help but be aware of his big dick dangling above my head. My ass still tingled and felt odd from being fucked by it.

Placing his clean foot back on the tile, he lifted the other and I repeated the process of soaping and massaging.

Al rinsed his foot and then commanded me to kiss them both. 24 hours ago I would have felt weirded-out (and maybe a bit indignant) at the prospect but I didn’t hesitate and planted kisses all over his feet. I was on my knees, prostrate in front of a naked older man in his shower, kissing his feet and enjoying myself. I thought of being of service to this sexy dom and a thrill of excitement ran through me.

“Back to work,” Al commanded and I soaped up his legs and massaged his muscular thighs. Running my hands up and down, I covered every inch of them with soap suds. “Be sure to give my cock a good cleaning.” he smirked “It’s always a good idea after a bareback fuck. In case it ends up back in your mouth later.”

“I hope it does sir,” I responded.

“Do a good job and it might. I might let you suck my cock as a reward.”

I soaped up my hands and turned my attention to his cock, soaping it and his pendulous balls. I gently caressed his balls, making sure I throughly cleaned them. His dick I soaped, stroked and squeezed. It was gratifying to see it not only become clean but start to thicken and grow.

Al turned back into the water and rinsed himself.

I soaped my hands again and then applied lather to his flat stomach and hard porno izle pecs. I ran my hands up and down, reflecting that this “chore” was something I’d be happy to do any time Al wanted. He rinsed himself off and soaped up his own underarms, quickly cleaning and rinsing.

Al stepped out of the spray and wrapped his arms around my waist, grabbing an ass-cheek in both hands he pulled me close. I stood with my cheek against his chest, just above his nipples as he fondled and squeezed my ass.

“Clean yourself and come to bed,” he whispered in my ear.

He exited the shower and grabbed a towel and I was left to give myself a thorough washing in the hot shower. I thought of my emergency overnight bag in my car outside but realized that Al had given me a clear order to join him in bed so I decided that I’d get it in the morning.

I enjoyed the hot spray as I washed myself down. I turned off the shower and stepped out onto the bathmat and was towelling myself off when Al’s voice came from the bedroom, “Use the lotion on the counter.”

I picked up the bottle and gave it a sniff, it smelled of coconut, sort of tropical.

“Yes sir,” I called back and applied the lotion to my arms, legs, chest and all areas I could reach.

So prepared, I walked out of the bathroom and into the master bedroom. Al was sitting up in bed, a sheet pulled up to his waist and his magnificent torso on display.

“Put these on and go get us a couple glasses of wine,” Al ordered, holding up a pair of panties. They were high-cut, satiny and pale pink, with lacy bits. “I took the liberty of shopping for a few things for you to wear for me a few days ago.” Confident fucker, I gave him that.

I slipped them on and they fit perfectly. He apparently had a good eye for sizes too.

“Turn around,” he said and I complied right away.

“Fuck. Nice.”

“I’m glad you like it sir,” I answered. I caught sight of myself in his full-length mirror and had to admit that they did look very sexy on my lean, boyish frame.

“Wine,” he said, grabbing his phone off the side-table and dismissing me.

I turned and walked away, aware of how my ass looked in the silky-smooth panties. I poured two glasses of wine and brought them back into the bedroom. I placed one on Al’s bedside table and turned to go around the bed but he porno reached out and grasped my wrist.

“You look incredibly sexy in your little panties,” he said, “I’m going to enjoy dressing you for my use. I hope you like skirts and stockings because we’ll be going shopping for some soon.”

“I’ll be happy to wear whatever pleases you sir,” I replied softy.

“Good girl. Now get into bed.”

He released his grip and I went around to the other side of the bed, put my glass of wine on the table and slipped into bed next to Al, wearing the pink panties he had given me. I felt very submissive and a little feminine. I also found that I enjoyed it.

The idea of being a sub plaything for this sexy mature man was a huge turn on for me and the idea that he found me to be hot was a real boost to my ego. I was so eager to please him.

We sipped our wine while Al composed a few work emails. His right hand occasionally wandered under the covers and squeezed the top of my thigh. He had me move in closer to him so that the left side of my body was pressed against his right side and I draped my left leg over his. The closeness of his warm body and the idea that I was playing the part of a cozy feminine bedmate had me turned on again but I quietly sipped my wine and waited for Al.

Finally, he put his phone away and downed the last of the wine.

“Lights out babe,” he said, switching off his lamp and pitching the room into darkness.

“Turn onto your side.”

I rolled to my right side and he pressed the front of himself into my back and pulled me back into him. He kissed the side of my face and I turned my head back towards him. His mouth found mine and he gave me a long, lingering kiss before saying good night.

I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed but then I remembered that Al had cum twice in the last few hours, once in my mouth and once in my ass, and was probably ready for sleep.

Wrapped in his arms and feeling the warmth of his body against my back I found myself relaxing and gradually drifted off to sleep.

It must have been hours later, in the small hours of the morning, when I woke again. I could feel Al still pressed against me,and I was also very aware of his erection pressed against my satin-panty-clad ass. I wondered if he was still asleep and pressed my ass against rokettube his hard cock, trapping it between us. In response, he pushed back into me, grinding himself against my ass.

His left hand gripped my hip and pulled me back into him. He rubbed against me a few more times and then rolled onto his back, his hard seven-inch dick making an impressive tent in the sheet. I reached for him and wrapped my hand around his thickness and gently squeezed him. He inhaled sharply and I knew he needed me to look after things for him.

I pulled back the sheets and slid down the bed, where my mouth found his beautiful big dick. I slowly swirled my tongue around his head a bunch of times before gently taking him into my mouth. He was delicious and I wanted to do this for him every day, several times a day if he wanted.

Slowly, I started to move my mouth up and down on him, my tongue exploring his contours. He moaned quietly as I sucked him.

I explored the underside of his cock-head with my tongue as I sucked, my hand squeezing and stroking him. He tasted of night sweat and the slightly tangy taste made me ravenous for him.

I started a series of long, slow strokes with my mouth, resisting the urge to speed up. One of my biggest complaints when a woman sucked my cock was that she started off too fast and I never got the chance to enjoy her slow, hot mouth. I wanted to do a good job for Al and kept my pace slow.

Our middle of the night interlude didn’t last long. Al, enjoying my slow ministrations, suddenly stiffened and let out a deep sigh.

The first spurt of his hot cum hit the back of my throat and the next few deposited themselves on my eager tongue. His slightly bitter, tangy semen filled my mouth and I swallowed it happily. I continued to work his cock with my mouth and felt his last few pulses subside into a final stream of cum, which I swallowed as well. Al’s soft sighs were a wonderful reward for looking after his middle-of-the-night boner. Gratefully, I licked him clean and allowed his drained and softening cock to drape against his thigh.

He pulled me back up and I laid against him, my head on his chest, his arm around me and I listened to his breathing gradually return to normal. Snuggled into him, I savoured the taste of his cum in my mouth and I drifted happily off to sleep in the arms of my sexy dom daddy.

I could hardly wait for him to use me for his pleasure whenever the mood struck him. I was going to be the best service-minded submissive a strong, alpha-daddy like him could ask for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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