A Neighbor in Need

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I moved into a double (duplex) as temporary housing in late January. The first person I meet was Amanda the next door neighbor who I found to be a very attractive mid twenties young lady. Later, I met her live in boy friend who I found to be rather obnoxious and immature.

Amanda seemed to have a level head and was a hard worker who was a well paid insurance agent in a local insurance office. We all watched the Super Bowl and my attitude towards the neighbors improved as I found Amanda to be a good hostess as well able to have an adult conversation. Her boy friend, Jon was a typical self centered male who was more interested in his toys (boats and motorcycles) than settling down with the obligations of a family.

The reason I moved was to accept another job in a much more favorable climate than Michigan. My interests include teaching and entertaining residents of senior citizen facilities. I also am a practicing naturist and enjoy social nudity. When at home I will be naked most of the time. I do not worry about being seen in the house by the neighbors since it is not illegal to be naked in your home.

On several occasions, Amanda could have seen me walk to the kitchen as she was leaving for work. I know she must have seen me another time because she smiled at me as she walked from her car after work.

Last weekend, the weather warmed up and I was sure that Amanda and Jon would be at the lake on the boat. Based on their conversations, they had several friends with who they partied. As I left to attend a nearby naturist event, I waved to Amanda and Jon as they pulled away with the boat.

I returned home in late afternoon and was watching college basketball when I heard Jon’s truck pull up in front. Amanda got out and walked quickly to her front door. Ten minutes later I heard Jon slam the front door as usual when he came back from parking and cleaning the boat.

A few minutes later I heard the door open and some muffled conversation. Suddenly the door slammed shut again and Jon ran out to his car, jumped in and sped off. All was quiet until I looked out the front window and saw Amanda walking towards my front door.

I could tell that she was in a hurry and realized that she was wearing only panties and was holding her arm across her chest to cover her breasts. Before I could get to my shorts, she knocked on the door and immediately opened the screen door and started to step inside. I was standing facing the door as I hurriedly covered up with a towel.

The look on her face was both panic and fear. In a tearful voice, she told me, “Jon locked me out of the house and left. Can I use your phone to call my folks and get a spare key?”

“Sure,” and turned to get my cell phone.

As I handed her the phone, she must have realized that I was covered with only a small towel that I held at my waist. “I am sorry I didn’t realize that you were not dressed.”

“Its OK, several dozen people saw me naked today and none of them seemed to be upset. Being naked in front of you is very normal to me.”

As I handed her the phone, she was faced with a dilemma. It would take one hand to hold the phone and her other hand would need to punch in the numbers. If she did that she would have moved her arm and her breasts would be exposed. “Oh what the hell, I was topless all afternoon, what is the big deal of another guy seeing me.”

She dropped her arms and her very attractive breasts were exposed to me. I tried not to stare since nudity is so normal for me. As she dialed, I asked, “Would you like a drink?”

“Yes, anything cold would be fine. I turned and walked to the kitchen and in so doing exposed my bare backside. As she waited for someone to answer her call, I fixed two glassed with ice and cola. Picking up the glasses, I was forced to carry my towel under my arm and was now completely exposed to her gaze. As I walked toward her, I could see her eyes looking me up and down. When I started to hand her the drink she pressed the cancel button on the phone and sat it down on the table.

She did not seem to be upset with her topless condition or my nudity. “My folks don’t answer, would it be alright if I stay here and borrow a shirt when they bring the key. My dad would not understand if he saw his daughter’s nipples.”

I said, “Sure, you can stay as long as you like. Would you want that shirt now?”

“No, I guess not. As long as you are naked, I am comfortable with the situation.”

We sat down and talked for the next two hours. She admitted that she had already seen me through the window several times and figured that I enjoyed being naked at home. I told her about my interest in social nudity at beaches and resorts. She in turn told me that Jon insisted that she go topless when on the boat even though two of the other girls sometimes refused to join her.

She finally admitted, “I guess my nudity is really a response to threats or is a chance to get even with Jon. This afternoon, he insisted that I take my top off porno indir even though I was the only girl. I was upset since I did not know several of the guys. Finally, Jon ripped off my top and through it overboard. Since he was driving, I could not get him to go back and pick it up. So I was now topless and only a towel to cover up. Now Jon is a little funny, he thinks it is OK for my to show my tits, he gets ballistic if I wear a thong.”

“I wrapped a towel around me and covered up my top. I sat around drinking and Jon kept badgering me to drop the towel. Finally I had enough of Jon’s badgering; I stood up and walked over to his best friend who I had once dated. I reached down and pulled my bottoms down and kicked them up in the lap of his friend. I then dropped the towel and stood staring at Jon. He immediately got mad and started yelling at me to get dressed. When I wouldn’t, he turned the boat around and headed for the ramp. I stayed naked until he had loaded the boat on the trailer and pulled the truck into the parking lot. I jumped out of the boat and walked to the truck and got into the back seat. By this time Jon was not only mad, he had drunk three more beers and was becoming very drunk.”

“In the truck, I put my shirt on and pulled up a pair of shorts. After the boat was covered, Jon got in the truck and started to yell at me. He continued to drink and yell until he stopped out front and let me out. I went inside and stripped down and headed for the shower. When Jon came in, I had pulled on my panties and was reaching for a tee shirt. Before I could grab the shirt, he pushed me towards the door and shoved me outside. He followed me out and locked the door. That left me in front of the building in just my panties and in a panic. That is when I saw you and came to you for help.”

I was amazed that a young lady with the class and smarts of Amanda could fall for a guy like Jon. Not only did she put up with his crude manners, he also appeared to want to show his power to humiliate Amanda when ever he wanted. I studied Amanda as she talked and tried to think of what to say. Finally it came to me, “Amanda, thank you for telling me what happened. As far as staying here, you can stay here as long as you want. Now that we have cleared the air, I’ll go get dressed and bring you a shirt.”

As I stood up, Amanda said, “that is not necessary, I am enjoying being with you. It is the first time I have been naked in a non sexual, exhibitionist or forced situation. I am beginning to see why people like to be naked and socialize.”

“Well if I can’t interest you in a shirt, then I will fix you dinner.”

Amanda watched as I headed for the kitchen to make up a salad and some fruit. As I was fixing the salad, she asked, “Can I use your shower? I feel a little dirty from the lake and the day in general.”

I led her into the bathroom and got her a clean towel. I set out a tooth brush and a hair brush for her to use. I then got a robe for her to wear and headed back to the kitchen. She thanked me and I returned her smile.

By the time I finished the dinner, Amanda came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a smile. I smiled and held out a chair for her to sit on. All through dinner we talked of many things and Amanda seemed to enjoy herself. Finally, I got up and cleared the dishes. I fixed a small dish of ice cream and a topping for each of us. When the dessert was gone, Amanda helped clear the dishes before we went back in the living room. Again we both sat down on the couch and I switched on the TV. As I looked for an appropriate show, Amanda tried to call her folks.

Again there was no answer, and Amanda put the phone down and looked at me, “I hope your offer to stay still goes, it looks like I’ll be here a while.”

“That’s OK, we will work out something.”

Amanda smiled, “I know, this is the most pleasant evening I have spent since I was a kid and I really am enjoying being with you. I also feel that you are no threat to me and that makes me so happy that even if I am naked you are not trying to push me into bed or bend me over the nearest chair.”

With that we settled back and watched an old English spy movie for the next hour. When the show ended, I was starting to get tired and Amanda’s head had nodded twice. “Let me go change the sheets and you can sleep in the bed and I will sleep here on the couch.”

I started to get up and Amanda jumped up and took two steps to stand in front of me. She shoved me backwards and proceeded to sit on my knees. “No, you will not sleep on the couch. If any one sleeps out here it will be me. Since the bed in there is big enough for two, I feel very comfortable being in bed with you. I guess if you want to add another notch to your gun belt I can’t stop you. I think if anything happens, it will be because I want it too and you will not force me to do anything.”

She then jumped up and headed for the bathroom. She started to brush her teeth and gave her hair a quick rokettube brush. I was surprised when she then sat down on the toilet and I could hear the flow of her water. She finished and stood up and wiped between her legs. I followed her lead and brushed my teeth and took care of my needs on the toilet. All the time I worked in the bathroom, Amanda watched me and smiled when I finished.

Amanda walked to the bed and climbed in on the far side. I pulled the covers down on my side, and slipped in beside her. Amanda was laying in the middle of the bed and I was forced to touch her as I found a comfortable position. I turned out the light and rolled onto my side. We continued to talk but neither of us made any move towards the other.

The talk finally stopped and I was about to drop off to sleep. Amanda leaned back and whispered, “could you hold me. I think I want to cuddle.”

I moved so that my chest pressed against Amanda’s back. I intentionally kept my waist and legs away from Amanda’s bottom and legs. Amanda pushed her head back into my shoulder and her soft hair touched my face and shoulder. After a few moments she reached back and put her hand on my lower back and tried to pull my lower body into contact with her.

I accepted her invitation and pressed my whole body into her. In order to relieve the pressure on my shoulder, I put my arm around her waist. Amanda then pushed back into me and I could feel her body starting to relax.

“That feels so good. Someone is holding me and not trying to mangle my breasts and put his hand between my legs.”

We stayed like that for at least an hour and I was having trouble staying awake when Amanda placed her hand on mine. For several minutes she held me and I did not move so that I would not scare her. Finally Amanda sighed and said, “Please don’t mangle them.” She then moved my hand to her breast and fell asleep.

I immediately was wide awake as I tried to keep from moving and waking Amanda. I could feel her nipple expanding into the palm of my hand and I was tempted to help it along between my fingers.

I finally relaxed and went to sleep after another hour. Amanda pushed back into me again and let out a sigh of contentment just as I slipped off to sleep.

The bright light of the sun through the windows and a full bladder woke me up. I slowly disengaged from Amanda and walked to the bathroom. After taking care of business I was headed back to bed as Amanda met me at the door. I stepped aside to let Amanda pass and her breasts rubbed across my chest as we passed. I walked to bed and laid back down waiting to see what Amanda intended.

She walked straight back to the bed. Instead of walking around and getting in on the side away from me, she instead climbed in on my side and crawled over me. Up until then, my and her nudity was just another naturist event and I tried to keep the sexuality of the nudity out of my mind.

This stopped when Amanda crawled over me and touched her body to mine. Instead of rolling over on her side, she lay on her side facing me and put head on my shoulder. We slipped our arms under each other heads and snuggled together. After a few moments I could feel Amanda relax and fall a sleep. I was enjoying having a beautiful naked lady in my bed with her head and body pressed against mine.

My penis was also reacting to the situation as it began to become aroused. I knew that if Amanda realized my arousal the whole spell of the night would be broken. To make sure that she did not find out, I took her hand that was lying on my stomach and kept it from moving downward.

I fell asleep and for the next two hours slept with Amanda at my side. She moved slightly and woke me up. I held her for another few minutes before I slipped out of bed and headed for the kitchen. I decided that the best thing I could do was get away and calm down. Breakfast in bed sounded like a good idea, so I started preparing eggs, sausage and toast.

I served up the food on one plate. I put the coffee and juice on a tray and hurried back to the bedroom. As I entered the room as Amanda was waking up. When I sat on the edge of the bed and placed the tray between us, she gave me a big smile as she sat up in bed. Her breasts were uncovered and she made no attempt to cover them.

“Kind sir, who is this early morning repast intended for?”

“Why the most beautiful bed partner I have ever had.”

For the first time, Amanda seemed to be embarrassed and her face and chest blushed.

“Oh thank you, kind sir. You take a wandering wench into your home, you feed her, give her a place to sleep, you protect her while she is asleep and now you again feed her.”

“Only the best for a lady,” I said with a smile.

“The lady thanks you, now where is your plate?”

“Oh, I’ll fix some cereal later.”

“No you will not, I will share mine with you.”

“Thank you my lady.”

I then took a fork and scooped up some scrambled egg and seks filmi put it to her mouth. She eagerly took the food and began to chew. I sat and watched and waited until she was ready for another bit of food. Again I put a fork of food between her lips and she began to eat again. This went on until half the eggs were gone. Finally, she held my hand and forced it towards my mouth. I took the food and started to chew.

As Amanda continued to feed me, she commented, “You know we haven’t even kissed and you have not made any attempt to touch me. I we are both naked in bed sharing utensils and food.”

I smiled, “well I don’t know about you, but I am completely enjoying your company and our time together. I have not slept so well in a long time.”

“Me too, when you held me last night, I relaxed and slept like a baby. Being naked with you seems so natural and even though I am totally exposed I do not feel any pressure from you for anything other than to enjoy our time together.”

“Now let me finish feeding you while I tell you my plans for the day.” As I smiled, she forced more food into my mouth. She took her fingers and picked up a slice of melon and took a bite and then gave me the rest.

When the fruit was all gone, Amanda leaned forward and gently kissed me on the lips. I parted my lips but neither of us forced our tongue into the others mouth. As the kiss broke, Amanda smiled and said, “Well I guess we have been properly introduced now. In the future we must become better acquainted.”

“Now, we can’t stay in bed all day so I propose the following. Let me borrow some clothes and I’ll get my folks to bring a key. After they leave, I want you to take me to one of your naturists clubs for the afternoon. Then, I want to fix you a big dinner and ask you a favor.”

“Why don’t you ask now?”

“Well I want to be sure that I want what I ask and I want you to say yes.”

Amanda jumped out of bed and grabbed my phone to call her folks. I took the dishes to the kitchen and started to clean up. When I was finished, I headed for the bathroom to shave and take a shower. I heard Amanda on the phone but could not understand what she was saying. I had just got in the shower and was enjoying the water running down my body when the curtain slid back and Amanda stepped into the shower.

“I am a good back washer and you look like you could wield a wicked wash cloth yourself. We proceeded to soap each other with Amanda working on me first. She started with my back, then my chest and then bent down for my legs.

“You missed a spot,” I said as I looked into Amanda’s eyes.

Without breaking her eye contact, she gently moved the soapy cloth over my genitals and buttocks. When she was finished I took the cloth and started on her back. I moved down and soaped her bottom and then her legs. She turned around to face me and I moved up the front of her legs. I passed by her pubic hair and moved up her abdomen and then to her breasts. I used a very clinical method to soap her breasts before my hand moved down her abdomen and slipped between her legs. Without a cloth, my finger slipped between her folds and slip across her sexual center.

I did not dwell and continued to provide a very professional scrubbing of all of her body.

When I turned her around so that the water could rinse off the soap, Amanda reached up and kissed me full on the lips. This time neither of us held back and our tongues began to fight there way into the other’s mouth.

Amanda broke the kiss, and pulled back, I wish we could continue but my folks will be here is a few minutes and I can’t meet them like this. We stepped out of the shower and proceeded to dry her off. When I was done, I took the same towel and dried my back and legs.

She then took the towel and finished drying my chest and groin. Amanda took one of my tee shirts and pair of running shorts and very quickly was ready to meet her parents.

While Amanda spent some time with her folks, I prepared a lunch and gathered all the things we would need for the afternoon at Pine Resort. I carried two loads out to my car and was gathering up the third when I saw Amanda waving as her parents drove down the street.

Amanda asked if she needed to get anything and I told her that everything was in the car.

I opened the door and Amanda slipped into the right front seat. I walked around the car and settled into my seat.

Thirty minutes later I was pulling up to the gate of the Pine Resort. I signed in and paid the guest fee. I waved to some friends and got back in the car. I drove to the parking area and found a shaded space. As soon as the car stopped, Amanda pulled the shirt over her head and after lifting her hips, slid the shorts down her legs.

She then opened the door and in her naked beauty stepped into the world of naturism.

I quickly followed her lead and we walked down to the pool. I set up our stuff on two empty lounges. Amanda calmly laid down on her back and spread her legs a small amount. She then started to look around and finally realized that after a quick glance, no one looking at her or staring at her exposed private parts.

After a quick swim, Amanda dozed off and was completely relaxed in a usually stressful first time situation.

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