A More-Men Wife Ch. 01 Pt. 04

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I’d gotten married on Friday afternoon, and by Monday afternoon I’d had sex with eight other men. On Friday morning I was a virgin. By Monday afternoon I’d lost my virginity to a man that wasn’t my husband, been gangbanged by five black men, then I went out looking for more men to fuck me.

I was eighteen years old, and the man that took my virginity was thirty-one. I was a virgin, and the first man I had sex with, on my wedding night, had a cock that was as thick as my wrist. This same man had also had sex, more than a few times, with my sister-in-law. My brother and sister-on-law were swingers. My husband turned out to be gay, and I found out that I really, really loved men and cock.

Me and my husband, Ray, had found an apartment, and we both decided that, Carl, the man that had taken my virginity, should move in with us. The first night in our apartment, Carl brought home four other men, black men, and they all gangbanged me. I learned that I really, really liked sex and cock and men, and that I even liked anal sex. And I even went out looking for more cock the following day.

My mother had a black boyfriend that my father liked watching fuck my mother. My oldest brother shared his wife with other men. And it turned out that I was following in their footsteps.

I know that when most couples get married that they are marrying the love of their life. I’d only met my husband four days prior to marrying him. And, oddly enough, my husband had sucked off the man that took my virginity, a few times, long before he met me.

Ray and I got married on Friday, early afternoon, and by Monday afternoon I’d been gangbanged by five black men, had sex with three Chamorro locals and gotten fucked by the cousin of the transsexual that my husband had hooked up with over twenty times.

I’ve heard that the average number of lifetime sexual partners, for women, is eight. Well, in less than three days I was at that number. And I wanted more. I’d had sex with five very well hung black men, one that was thirteen years older than me, and I’d been with three Chamorro locals, one that was at least twenty-five years older than I was.

My husband has a cock the size of a five year old. My boyfriend’s cock is as thick as my wrist. And in three days I went from being a virgin to sucking cock and swallowing cum to getting gangbanged and learning the joys of anal sex.

Prior to getting married, everything I knew about sex I learned by looking through my brother’s Hustler magazines and seeing my mother and her boyfriend, and my brothers and their girlfriends having sex. There had been many times, without their knowledge, that I’d watched my father watching my mother and her boyfriend. And there had been many times that I’d watched my brothers and their girlfriends, with my brother’s knowledge.

I was living on Guam, and on the island, especially for the military, men greatly outnumbered women. On the island there were more men than women, but on the military bases it was more pronounced. The Air Force base my husband was stationed at, Anderson Air Force Base, was on one end of the island and the Navy bases were on the other. Most of the people on Anderson were there for eighteen months at a time. The Navy guys came and went because Guam was a Navy port, and men were usually stationed there, or they were there for a short time and went back out to sea.

So far, I’d been with five Air Force guys and three local Chamorros. The black guys had all been very well hung. And all three of the Chamorro men had been incredible lovers. Although they had all been my firsts, I felt that although I didn’t know much about sex, I at least knew that what these men did to and for me was amazing.

Before meeting my husband, I had only one real friend, Gail. She and I met and instantly became friends two days after I arrived on the island. She was a virgin, too. Things kind of went weird when I told her that I was going to get married, and to whom. I found out that Gail and Ray had met several times, at night, and kissed at her bedroom window, with Ray standing outside.

Gail’s father was very strict, and they were strict Christians, too. She had hoped that she and Ray would someday get married, and to her surprise, he asked me to marry him less than twenty-four hours after meeting me.

Both me and Gail were virgins, and we’d talked about sex, but neither of us had ever even come close to having sex with a boy. I had one up on her because I had at least jacked off three guys. Gail had never even seen a real life cock. And she had promised her parents that she would wait until she was married to have sex. I had never promised that to anyone.

My sister-in-law, Claire, had actually set me up with my boyfriend, Carl. She and Carl had been lovers for some time. And he was her favorite. So, she kind of hoped he’d be my first, and he was.

I was eighteen and Claire was twenty-six. We were relatives, per se’, and she was kind of a friend, but she was still my sister-in-law. Casibom And I guess I’d kind of messed things up with Gail. Yet, I now had men, a lot of them.

I’d just gotten home from getting fucked and made love to by three local Chamorros when Carl came home, with Darius, one of the men who’d been part of the gangbang the night before. Carl and Darius had no more walked into the apartment when Carl told me that they were both horny. And I had to admit that I was, too.

Carl, Darius and I went to the bedroom and Carl pulled my shorts off. He noticed my thighs were shiny and sticky. And he said, “Looks like someone got some cock.” I told Carl that I couldn’t wait for him to get home and I did what I had to. Darius told me, “I like a woman that can’t get enough cock.”

Carl told me that it was nice that I was already lubed up for him. And even though I had just been with three other men, Carl still had to work his cock into me. I had a feeling that would always be the case, considering how thick he was. And Darius made sure that my mouth wasn’t lonely.

I have to admit that having Kitiqua’s cum in me did make Carl feel better inside of me. Carl even said, “Nothing better than a well oiled machine.” Then he added, “Makes the pistons slide in and out much smoother,” Carl was kind of a car buff. Darius did his best to try and get his entire cock in my mouth and down my throat. This was my happy place, a cock between my legs and another cock in my mouth.

Carl laid on the bed and I got on top of him, and Darius got behind me. I had them both in me for quite some time before Carl eventually came in me and Darius came in my ass a second time. Although I’d been gangbanged the night before and had four men in me the following day, I was still horny and wanted more. It wasn’t that the men weren’t amazing lovers. I just couldn’t seem to get enough. I’d become what my brothers always wished their girlfriends had been, a nympho.

I’d gone eighteen years without having sex, and I wanted to make up for lost time and pleasure. So far I hadn’t found any guys that thought that me wanting sex was a bad thing. And, luckily, no men had turned me down yet.

Even though I was sore from all the sex I’d had, I still wanted more. I asked Darius if he was staying the night. He told me that he just wanted to get laid and that he was going to head back to the base. Carl told me that he just wanted to get something to eat, watch some TV and then go to bed. I asked Darius if he’d give me a ride to base, and that if he did that I would find a way home. Darius told me that it would cost me. I told him I’d already given him my ass and my mouth. Darius laughed and said, ” A blow job from here to base will do.” I had no problem with that, and Carl had no problem with me going to the base for a while.

Luckily my husband was manning the main gate when Darius and I drove through, because I didn’t know we were at the gate and I was still sucking Darius when we pulled up. I looked up when we stopped and my husband was smiling from ear to ear. I told Ray that I was going to go to my brother’s house for a while, or maybe the barracks. Ray told me to have a good time. I told him that was my plan.

As we drove away from the gate, Darius asked me why Ray didn’t seem to care that I had sex with other guys. I told Darius that Ray was gay and that I needed what he couldn’t give me. Darius smiled and said that he was more than willing to give me what I need anytime I wanted or needed it.

I had Darius drop me off at the NCO club. The NCO club on base allowed Airmen in, too. So, I had him drop me off there. I knew that a lot of Airmen and NCOs hung out there most any day of the week. And I wasn’t disappointed this time. After Carl and Darius fucked me, I took a shower and put on one of my black tube tops and a sarong, with nothing underneath either of them. I wanted to make sure that what I wore would be easily pulled up, down or off.

After I walked into the club, I ordered a drink and sat in a big booth, all by myself. I wasn’t alone for long, though. Within a few minutes I had a few men asking if they could sit with me. Of course I said yes. And just as I had hoped, as we all talked, the two guys sitting next to me, on my left and on my right, both started rubbing my thighs and tried, with great success, to go as far up my thighs as possible.

As me and the five guys that had joined me talked, the conversation turned sexual. One of the guys asked me what my favorite sexual experience had been. I told all of them that until that last Friday I’d been a virgin. They all wanted to know what happened. I held up my left hand and showed them my wedding ring. The three guys that weren’t fingering me looked disappointed. The guy to my immediate left asked, “So, you lost your virginity to your husband on your wedding night?” I sighed and said, “I lost my virginity . . . but not to my husband.” All of the sudden, all five guys seemed intrigued.

I explained to the guys that Casibom Giriş my brother and sister-in-law were swingers and that they had hooked me up with one of my sister-in-law’s lovers, and I told them about us getting a flat and how me and Carl went to the hotel alone, leaving my husband at the car. I told them about how Carl and I hooked up and how my husband caught us and liked that I was with Carl. And I told them that my husband’s penis was the size of a five year olds. The blonde guy that was wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey asked me if I had sex with my husband after I’d been with Carl. I smiled and shook my head, “If you want to call it that.”

The guy sitting to my immediate right assured me that he had a more than sufficient cock that would satisfy me. I reached down and felt his erect cock through his jeans and told him, “It feels good, so far.” I looked at the guy on my immediate left and them reached down and felt his erect cock through his jeans and told him, “You’re not so bad, yourself.” The other three guys said that they could satisfy me, too. I told them that remained to be seen.

The guy wearing the happy face shirt asked me why I had come to the club. I told him that I wanted to get a drink and just have a good time. He told me that he could show me a good time. I asked him what he would do to show me a good time. He started with, “First I would finger you and get you all wet.” The guy to my immediate right told him, “She’s already wet.” The happy face shirt guy asked him how he knew. He told him to look under the table. And he did. The happy face guy looked under the table then sat back up and asked me, “So you came to the club hoping to get fucked?” I just smiled.

The other of the three guys, not the Cowboys guy or the happy face guy, asked, “You think you could handle getting fucked by all of us?” I hadn’t told them about me getting gang banged or about the Chamorros. So, I said, “You have to keep in mind that until this last Friday I was a virgin.” The other of the three guys, wearing shorts and a black T shirt told me, “We’d be gentle.” I asked him, “What if I don’t want you to be gentle?” He smiled and said, “Then maybe we’ll treat you like a slut and just have our way with you.” The guy sitting to my immediate left said, “That got her wet.” That’s when the Cowboys and the shorts guy looked under the table and saw that the guys on my immediate left and right were both fingering me.

The shorts guy asked me where my husband was. I told him that my husband was at work, and that he was a cop. The shorts guy kind of smiled, then said, “I always knew that cops had small dicks.” The guy on my immediate left, that was wearing a Steelers Jersey, asked me if I had ever wanted to get gangbanged. I shyly asked, “By how many guys?” Steelers looked around and said, “Maybe by five guys.” I coyly answered, “That’s a lot of cock.” He pushed his fingers deeper into me and said, “I think you could handle it.” The guy on my immediate right, that was wearing a pea green shirt and jeans, pushed his fingers further into me and added, “As pretty as you are, I think you deserve a lot of cock.”

Happy face asked me if I ever were to get gangbanged if I would want the guys to wear condoms. I acted like I was thinking, then I asked, “Would you want to wear one?” Happy face shook his head and told me that no guy wants to wear a condom. I asked all the guys if they had ever gangbanged a girl before, and the table went quiet. I began thinking about all the guys, and I figured that Pea green and Steelers would be the most aggressive, since they were the one’s bold enough to finger me. Pea green had the biggest cock between him and Steelers. Yet, Steelers seemed to be a little thicker. And I began wondering what the other guys had hiding in their pants.

Shorts told me that he and a friend, when they were in high school, had fucked a girl together. He told me that he and his friend had gotten this girl drunk and she’d passed out and they stripped her and fucked her. I asked Shorts what he and his friend did after they fucked this girl. He told me that he and his friend had originally agreed to drive her home, but instead stopped at a park and fucked her on the park picnic table. I said, “And?”

Shorts continued to tell us, “She’d asked us to give her a ride home. We ended up fucking her in the park, and then these other guys showed up, and we freaked out and left her there. ” Happy face looked confused and asked Shorts, ” So, you fucked this girl that was passed out drunk and left her with some other guys, naked sprawled out on the picnic table?” Shorts asked what else he and his friend were supposed to do. Pea green suggested to Shorts, “Maybe you could have not left her there to have whatever happen to her.”

Shorts tried to defend himself by saying, “She was a slut.” Happy face told Shorts, “That doesn’t mean that she deserved to be fucked and left in some park to be . . . whatever.” The rest of the guys agreed, and told Shorts that that was a pretty Casibom Yeni Giriş fucked up thing to do. I asked Shorts if he ever saw he girl again. He told us that he saw her the following Monday, at school. She was a flag girl, and part of the cheerleader crowd. He said that he talked to her and asked her about how she felt about the “after party.” He said that she admitted that she shouldn’t have drank as much as she had, and that she really didn’t remember a lot, but she did wonder how she ended up naked at the park.

Shorts said that he asked her how she got home, and that she’d told him that some guy was nice enough to loan her his jacket and gave her a ride home. Shorts said he asked her what she remembered from the night of the party. He said that she’d told him that she probably shouldn’t have, but that she’d let several guys have her. Shorts told us that this girl admitted that she was sore as hell, and she figured that she’d been with several guys that night. Shorts told us that he’d asked her if she regretted anything that she’d done the night of the party, and she’d told him that she didn’t.

Happy face told Shorts that no matter what the girl thought, what he and his friend did was pretty shitty. Cowboys and Steelers agreed with Happy face. Pea green asked Shorts what made this girl a slut. And what about her made her deserve the treatment she got. Shorts retorted, “She admitted that she fucked a lot of guys that night, probably before me and my friend fucked her, and maybe after the other three guys fucked her.” Pea green shot back with, “She may have been a slut, but she deserved respect because she was a woman.” Shorts shook his head and then looked at me and asked, “So, what? Now you aren’t going to let me fuck you?” I told him that I didn’t say that.

I asked Shorts if he would prefer to be the first to fuck a girl or the last one to fuck her. Shorts simply answered, “Both.” Before things got too out of hand, I asked all the guys if there was a place we could go and have some fun. Shorts quickly answered, “My roommate is in the states until next week. So, we can go to my room.” I looked at all the guys and said, “I don’t know about you guys but, I’m horny as fuck and I need to get laid.”

When me and the guys stood up, Gail, who had seen me talking with all the guys walked up and said to the guys, “You know she’s married. Right.” They all said yes. Then Gail asked me where Ray was. I told Gail that Ray was at work. Then Gail asked, “When the cat’s away the mouse will play. Huh?” I told Gail that I didn’t have time for her at the moment, but that if she felt like getting laid that I knew a few guys that could help her out.

Gail pulled me aside and asked me if I knew what I was doing. I told her that I did know what I was doing. I was going to get laid. Then Gail asked me if I thought that Ray deserved to be cheated on. I told Gail that she may have kissed Ray, but she didn’t really know him like I did. Gail argued that she had known Ray for close to six months, and I had known him for less than a week. She insisted that she did know him better than I did. I asked Gail if she knew that when Ray’s cock is erect that it’s not much bigger than my little finger. Gail told me that if you love a man that his penis size doesn’t matter. I responded with, “Ah, but if you want to have mind blowing sex, it does matter.”

I told Gail that she had two choices. She and I could talk on the way to the guy’s room before they all fuck us both, or we could talk another time. Gail reminded me that she was a Christian and that she was waiting until marriage to have sex. I said, “Your loss.” And I began to walk back to the guys. Gail grabbed my arm and asked me, “What’s it feel like, having sex?” I told Gail that it was like having your birthday and Christmas at the same time. I realized that I hadn’t seen Gail’s mother or father. Gail never came to the club without them, unless she’d been with me. I asked Gail where her parents were. She told me that it was their anniversary and that they got a hotel room in Agana for the night. I smiled and told Gail, “If you let loose tonight and just let it happen, no one would know that you lost your virginity. And trust me, it’ll be well worth it.”

Gail reminded me that she had hoped that she would marry Ray and that she would lose her virginity to him. I giggled and said, “I lost my virginity after Ray and I got married, but it wasn’t him that I lost my virginity to.” Gail looked at me confused. I explained that I’d met another guy and that Ray watched him take my virginity. And I told Gail that Ray and I hadn’t had sex, yet. Gail looked like a deer in headlights. I further explained that Ray liked to watch.

Gail was bewildered. I told Gail that I would make her a deal. If she joined me and the guys and afterward gave me a ride home that I would let her sleep with Ray for the night. Gail looked at the guys that were going to fuck me and then asked, “Do you mean it?” I nodded, then said, “Look. You and I play with these guys for a couple hours, then you get to spend the night with the man of your dreams.” I asked Gail if we had a deal. Gail said, “Yes, but, you can’t tell them I’m a virgin, though.” I assured Gail, “They don’t even need to know your name.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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