A Made Woman Ch. 01

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Note: This story was inspired from a dream I had after watching too many Robert De Niro movies. De Niro is represented by Dio and Joe Pesci is represented by Joe.


“You tagging along too, doll?” Joe called from beside the black sedan with the two other older men.

“Oh, me? Really? I asked excitedly.

“Who else is out here? No one. Come on. You’ve been here a month and never been on a run. You need to learn what we do.” He said. I practically jumped into the car. Dio sat between Joe and me. My grandfather Harry was driving but the front seat remained empty.

“The hell is she?” Harry demanded. “We ain’t got all goddamned day.” A few minutes of uncomfortable silence passed then Joe grabbed his cell phone from his suit pocket, unknowingly flashing his gun at me. Before he could punch a number in, Harry said “There she is. Fucking brat.” He adjusted the rear view mirror. The girl approached the car and when she saw me she wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“Babysitting I see, Harry?” she sneered.

“I wasn’t at first, then you showed up, Sheree.” He replied. Joe kicked the back of his seat. “What?” he turned around aggravated. Joe pointed at him sternly. To a bystander it would have been a comical sight to see, a man no taller than 5’4″ was putting my 6ft tall grandfather in his place. But if they knew what Joe was capable of they would understand the consequences of Harry’s defiance. Harry took the cue and started the car up.

Dio had been silent the entire time. Which was odd since we had spoken all night on the patio. Maybe it was just my grandfather’s presence. On the other hand, maybe it was all in my head that a man like Dio would even be attracted to me. He probably just felt bad for me because no one else in the family would talk to me. After all, he was a very mature, intelligent man, so why would he be attracted to me? His maturity and intelligence were both a big turn on for me. I ached to jump on his lap, to taste his lips. I dreamt about it almost every night. He was very handsome, in a rugged way. He had brown eyes, short black hair with a little gray above his ears. He was very gruff around the other family members and the clients, but who wouldn’t be in this business? You can’t show weakness, but I swear he showed weakness when we were alone. He often wore a look of indifference which he revealed to me was a mask. He was analyzing his surroundings. “Always be ten steps ahead of your enemy, Lynn. Always know where your exits are and have at least five ways to get to each one.” I wondered if that was what he was doing now. But who was the enemy? Sheree was annoying but posed no threat. Certainly not Joe or Harry. Joe was his cousin and closest friend. They had grown up together since they were little boys. The family was very close knit and rarely let anyone else in unless it was by marriage. Harry was an exception. Joe and he had been cellmates together. They had formed a close bond and upon his release the family made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Literally. The things Joe had told him while incarcerated could send him back for life, if Harry ever snitched. But Harry was a smart guy.

At one time he had even had his own family. It was nowhere near the size of Joe and Dio’s. It had never had the chance. Harry had three children, my dad, my Uncle Ted, and my Aunt Jan. Ted had a son Roger, Jan had a son Eric, and Dad had my brother Rick and me. We were a family of bank robbers. I had been involved with our profession İstanbul Escort since a young age. Harry said I could crack a safe before I could walk. I was a better shot than most men and could sneak up on you and slit your throat without you suspecting a thing. I had assisted on more heists than I could count. We could have been famous if it wasn’t for my cousin Roger. He never knew how to keep his mouth shut and insisted on being a cocky showoff. And it was because of him that I lost most of my family.

We were doing a job at this corporate bank. It was supposed to be an easy in and out. Harry was the getaway driver, I was standing look out at the entrance in street clothes, and dad led the guys; Rick, Eric, Ted, and Roger, into the bank. The last thing I remember hearing before the hail of gunfire was Roger’s voice, loud and boastful “What are you gonna’ do?” Minutes later, Rick staggered out clutching his stomach. Harry raced over with the car and I helped my brother in.

“Go!” he had yelled.

“But the others!”

“They’re all gone.” His face was pale and serious. Harry peeled away. I pulled his shirt up. He had been shot twice and was bleeding out at an alarming rate. I tried to plug up the wounds by applying pressure, knowing it was hopeless.

“It was Roger wasn’t it?” Harry asked him.

“Yeah,” Rick smiled. “Dumb, son of a bitch.” Blood began to dribble out of his mouth. I cradled his head and my brother died in my arms.

Someone had seen Harry’s car at the scene and that’s how he had met Joe. My mother was unable to live with the pain and poetically overdosed on painkillers. Uncle Ted’s wife disappeared mysteriously and I had nowhere else to go but to Aunt Jan’s. She tried her best to reform me and keep me out of trouble and it worked. I was almost finished with college when Harry was released. I was planning on going to medical school next year and taking out a bunch of loans to pay for it. Harry wouldn’t hear it. He said the family would pay for it as long as I worked for them afterward. He invited me to come live at the mansion with them. It was a huge deal. Like I said, you couldn’t just join the family. I had to take vows and everything. I pledged my life to the family. My life was set, I was a made woman.

Our objective today was to check in with a few businesses and then meet a client and the boss for lunch. The boss’s daughter Sheree was riding with us to the salon, which was near where we were going. The boss didn’t like her going off on her own because she was bound to cause a scene. By the time we finished our business, she would be done with hers and she could go to lunch with us. She absolutely hated me and I had no idea why, but with her attitude the feeling was mutual.

“Uncle Dio, I seem to have misplaced my credit card. Can I borrow yours?” she leaned back smiling angelically.

“That’s funny. I seem to have misplaced mine too. Always happens when you’re around. Imagine that. Maybe you should get a job, then you could appreciate having one and keep up with it?”

“Here you go, princess.” Joe said handing her his card. “Make yourself look nice.”

“Why’d you do that?” Dio asked angrily.


“Enable her like that? She doesn’t do anything all day. You think she could keep up with a piece of plastic.”

“I’m not enabling her. Just being a good uncle. You should try it.”

“I ain’t helping a coke whore.”

“Uncle Dio!” Sheree exclaimed.

“I Kadıköy Escort ain’t your uncle you little tart. Your mother was a whore and so are you.” Dio growled.

“Watch your goddamn mouth, Dio! You’re talking to a lady.” Joe punched him in the arm.

“If she’s a lady, so am I.”

I could not help but smirk. Sheree and I were the same age but the differences were unmistakable. She was the definition of a spoiled heiress. Her hobbies included lying but the pool and whining to her father for more money. She had a different pair of designer sunglasses, Gucci bag and boy toy every day. Dio was not lying about the cocaine either. Many times I had walked in on Sheree snorting a line. She made no effort to hide her addiction. She was completely useless except for her advanced skills of manipulation.

The car was silent until we reached our destination. Sheree bolted out with Joe’s card before he could change his mind. Joe turned to me and said “Ok, kid you and Dio go in and act like you’re shopping. Talk to customers. Get a feel of the business but don’t make a scene. Harry and I are going to talk to the owner in the back. Got it?”

“Yes, sir!” I said. I followed them into the store and broke away. It was a cute little mom and pop store. It had a little bit of everything.

I was browsing the toys section when I noticed an adorable little red haired boy. His parents were nowhere around. “Talk to him. Make him want to buy something.” I turned to see Dio leaning against the aisle shelves.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Simple. You sweet talk him, he begs mommy and daddy, they cave and buy something, and the money goes to us eventually. You keep practicing with little things like this and eventually you can do bigger runs.” I nodded understandingly.

I found the most expensive toy, a remote control car on the bottom shelf, crouched down and exclaimed loudly, “Wow! This is so cool!” The little boy walked over.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Only the coolest car in the world! Here see for yourself!” I handed it to him. He looked at it, looked at me, and smiled. At that moment his mother came around the corner and called his name.

“Mommy! I want this! Please? It’s the coolest!” he said.

“Ok. Come on. We have to go.” She sighed. He followed her away but turned to wave at me. I waved back. I stood up and turned to Dio.

“Not bad. See the effect you have on men? You just need to raise your age group a little but you’ll be sweet talking guys in no time. We need someone with those skills. I’m not much good at it.” He winked.

“Too bad I can’t sweet talk the ones that I want to have an effect on.” I walked away from him. He chased after me.

“What do you mean? A guy would have to be crazy not to be charmed by you. Who is he?” he asked.

“You.” I said, stopping suddenly to face him. Then the past month of sexual tension between us ignited. He grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me passionately. It was everything I had dreamt of. I threw my arms around him and slid my tongue into his mouth tasting him, grinding against him like an animal. It was too much. We had to do it right then.

He pulled me down an aisle that was crowded with boxes for restocking. There were stacks on each side of us, the only thing keeping us hidden. He pushed me up against the shelves and slid his hand into my jeans and past my panties to my bare mound. Still furiously kissing me, he began to Ataşehir Escort finger me. He worked two fingers in and out of my tight slit. I was dripping wet and ready for him. I opened his belt and zipper then pulled his pants down to reveal a throbbing hard 8-inch cock. He was rock hard and ready for me too. I kicked my shoes and jeans off and threw my legs around him.

Without hesitation he slid inside of me. I moaned. It felt incredible, being full of Dio’s cock. He began to thrust it in and out quickly, hitting every wall. It was so big inside of me that it hurt. I knew I was very tight, having only been with one other man, and I wondered if it hurt him too when my pussy squeezed hard around his big shaft. I kissed his neck and smelled his musky scent. It was overwhelming. Here I was in a store with a man twice my age that was ramming his huge cock inside of me. It was wrong in so many ways. I trembled against him unable to hold in my orgasm. I had to warn him.

“Dio, I gush when I cum.” I struggled to say it. He gritted his teeth and slammed me harder. I couldn’t control it as my orgasm washed over me, my juices flooded both him and the shelves.

“Fuck that’s hot.” He growled. “Dirty girl. You made a big mess.” He spanked my ass hard, pulled out, and laid me on the shop floor. He got between my legs, on his knees, putting my ankles over his shoulders and then he dove back in me at full speed. He pounded me hard, our hips meeting with a loud smack and squish from my pussy each time. I never wanted it to stop. I wanted him deeper. He reached up into my shirt with both hands, he pinched and squeezed my nipples. I squealed out loud. His face was so serious as he gave me both pain and pleasure. It was so wrong to be doing this in the middle the store with people around, I thought. At any second someone could walk down this aisle and be greeted with a forty something year old man pinning a twenty-one year old to the dirty floor with his big cock. Even worse that person could be Harry or Joe. But in that moment, neither of us cared. We just wanted to fuck like animals, like nature intended. I felt Dio’s cock begin to stiffen inside me, his balls boiling with hot cum.

“I’m not on birth control.” I whispered. That set him off. He gave one final thrust, followed by a guttural moan. His cum shot deep inside of me, filling up my eager young womb. I squeezed his cock tightly with my pussy, milking every drop. He leaned down and kissed me.

“Better get up before we get caught.” He smiled. Neither one of us truly wanted to get off that floor but we had tempted fate for long enough. We got up and put our clothes back on.

“Clean up on aisle 4.” Dio said looking at the floor. A puddle my juice was at our feet. I blushed.

“It’s hot baby doll. Don’t be ashamed.” He said, holding my hand.

“I was blushing because of your lame joke.” I smiled. He spanked my ass and smiled. We walked to the bathrooms and parted ways momentary. Outside he was waiting for me and no sooner had I approached him then Joe and Harry joined us.

“How’d it go?” Dio asked.

“How do you think it went?” Joe said, still fuming from whatever had just transpired. He rubbed his knuckles that were covered in blood. No gashes, so it wasn’t his. “That motherfucker never has any money unless I persuade him to hand it over. You think he’d learn by now. I have to go wash this shit off. Look out for me.” He said going into the men’s room.

“How’d it go, Lynn? Learn anything from Dio? He’s good at charming the customers ain’t he?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, he’s something.” I said. Dio gave me a seductive smile.

When Joe came back out we walked over to the second store, which proved to be just as exciting an experience as the first.

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