A Honeymoon Affair

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Ava Addams

“How’d you like to get hold of that?” Roger Goins asked as he stirred his fresh drink.

Roger was one of those guys who always talked about strange pussy, but never seemed to make an attempt to get any. He was too pussy-whipped by his wife, Elaine, to take a chance.

Me, I was on the look out all the time?but so was my wife, Shirley. It took about fifty years and four marriages for me to learn that a woman who liked to fuck all the time?the only kind I wanted to be married to?was going to fuck somebody else every now and then. So here I was at sixty, on my fifth marriage, with a forty-two year old sex-pot who liked to swing. But that was okay with me, because I always knew who she was fucking when she wasn’t fucking me. Plus, the guys she chose all had wives for me, most of them really nice looking and hot as hell. Those of us who swapped kept it secret from Roger and Elaine. Elaine would probably have been all for it, but Roger was too insecure for anything like that.

I looked around and saw the pretty, young brunette to whom Roger was referring about twenty feet away talking to a young man. She was standing with most of her weight on one leg which caused her left buttock to jut out to the side, stretching her short black skirt tight across her round little ass. The only way she could have given us a better view would have been to moon us. “Man, that’s two minutes and a heart attack,” I replied, awestruck. “Who is she?”

“Don’t know her name, but they just moved into the neighborhood. Newlyweds. Married yesterday and leaving on their honeymoon Monday. That’s her husband she’s talking to. Guess ol’ Pete spied her and invited them to his party. Bet you he gets drunk and makes a pass at her before the night is over,” Roger laughed.

“Yeah, he’ll run some porno tapes after while and then be all over her. Have her husband pissed by about ten,” I speculated only half joking. “Damn, she likes to show that thing off doesn’t she. Can’t be a day over twenty-two. Be fun to see if she squirms a little, gets those panties wet, when Pete runs his tapes.”

“She’s probably never seen a porn flick. It may get interesting tonight,” Roger laughed.

I walked over to where the couple were standing, leaned my head in close and said in a low conspiratorial voice, “Aren’t we young folks glad we came to party with this bunch of old farts?” They both laughed and I introduced myself. “I’m Frank Thompson. I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood and tell you how happy we all are that you came to the party.”

“Good to meet you, Frank, I’m Jeff Erickson and this is my wife Jill,” the young man replied in an overly friendly voice, happy to have someone to talk with. He didn’t look any older than she.

“That sexy blonde over there in the green dress is my wife, Shirley. I’ll introduce you in a minute, in fact I’ll introduce you all around. But first we have some important business to take care of. When a new couple joins us, I always initiate them with a tequila shot, so come on over to the bar and let’s get the formalities out of the way.”

“I’m game if you are, honey,” Jeff said to Jill.

“Sounds good to me. Lead the way, Frank,” Jill replied with good-natured enthusiasm. She seemed relieved to learn that it would be all right to loosen up a bit. The one shot became two, then Roger broke out some champagne and the four of us toasted their marriage. I mixed us a screwdriver to carry and began to introduce them around, placing my hand on Jill’s back at every opportunity. Most young women, considering an old codger like me harmless, let me get away with much more than they ever allowed from a young man and I seldom failed to take advantage of the fact. Sometimes it paid off, too. Every once in a while I could sneak up on one before she realized there was danger.

After I told a few mildly off color jokes, Jill loosened up, telling me a couple of her own, more racy than mine. Soon she was touching me on the arm and leaning against me. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she would feel comfortable with my arm around her. She obviously enjoyed an older man’s attention and if my judgment proved correct, she was one of those hot blooded women, like I had married, who was always ready and could never get enough sex. I felt that there was a possibility I could get her into the sack. I figured my chances?probably not tonight, but sometime?at one in five or so.

Spying Roger alone at the bar, I walked over and said, “Tell you what, you get hubby drunk and I’ll fuck Little Miss Newlywed Mini Skirt before midnight.”

“You are kidding. Goddamn, she’s a newlywed, Frank, and not even half your age. You’re good, but you aren’t that good,” he said shaking his head.

“Bet you a green fee and cart,” I challenged as I mixed myself a very weak scotch.

“You crazy son-of-a-bitch, you’re on,” he replied in disbelief.

Roger managed to get Jeff away from us and had him well on the way to becoming shit faced by ten. Shirley was enjoying herself, flirting with a couple of the guys and xnxx probably thought I was laying the ground work to bring this young couple into the fold. If by some chance things did work out, Shirley could fuck Jeff and pass him around if she wanted, but I wasn’t sharing Jill with anybody.

The music had been turned up and a lot of people were dancing. Jill had gotten a pretty good buzz going and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself dancing with the guys and chatting with the women. She apparently liked being with an older group.

“I need to run next door and get a bottle of Scotch,” I told Jill, “Be back in a minute.”

“I’ll be here if I don’t have to take Jeff home. He’s getting pretty drunk,” she laughed.

“He’ll be all right,” I replied, “let him enjoy himself and you do the same. If he passes out, they’ll just put him in a bedroom upstairs and no one will think a thing about it. He won’t be the only one, tonight, I promise you,” I laughed, then said, “Now don’t run off.”

“I’ll be here,” she replied.

Next door, I put my steamiest porno tape into the VCR and cued it up to an especially hot scene where the girl really gets worked over by a well hung stud and it’s obvious that she isn’t acting. Grabbing a bottle of DeWars, I hustled back to the party.

I searched Jill out and said, “Well, I’m glad to see you didn’t go home and leave me to deal with this crowd by myself.”

She laughed and said, “No, I’ve decided to take your advice and let Jeff unwind. We’ve been really busy the last several weeks, with the wedding and moving too. Both of us need to relax a little. He and Roger seem to have really hit it off and I think he’s fallen in love with your wife.”

“I better watch out, then. Shirley might be thinking of trading me in for a younger model, ” I said in mock seriousness.

“Oh, I don’t think so. She knows she’s got a good thing. She told me so. Besides, Jeff is harmless when he’s drunk. Completely harmless, if you know what I mean,” Jill said.

“A lot of us get that way sometimes. Then we wake up in the morning rearing to go,” I laughed. “Shirley’s gotten to where she just sleeps on her stomach so I’ll grab her from behind and she won’t have to smell my breath. At least that’s her excuse. I think she really just likes to be surprised, hard and fast.”

“What girl doesn’t?” she joked in low, intimate voice.

“You mean you’re one of those dream wives who doesn’t need a lot of foreplay?” I prodded in a humorous tone.

“One touch and I just melt,” she said without thinking, looked embarrassed, then quickly added, “Shit. What am I doing talking to you like this? The alcohol is slipping up on me. I need to slow down.”

“Oh, you’re fine. It’s nice to have someone to cut up with who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I’m just a big cut up who’s really henpecked as hell and harmless.” I hoped to keep her off guard for the time being.

“Henpecked and harmless, huh,” she giggled, “Why don’t I believe that?”

By eleven, old Roger had done his job. Jeff was passed out in an upstairs bedroom and Jill was laughing about it. We were pretending that she was my date, walking around with our arms around each other’s waist when Pete announced that it was movie time. He loved porno movies and always managed to have a new tape on hand for his parties.

He turned the lights off and had everyone gather around the TV. I moved Jill to the rear of the group and stood behind her with my hands on her shoulders. While everyone laughed and joked about the movies, I leaned my head in next to Jill’s occasionally, offering a comment next to her ear so she could feel my breath.

A scene came on with a tiny girl taking this huge cock from behind. The camera was zoomed in tight on her pussy and it looked as if he was going to split her in two. It was amazing that she could take it and I commented to Jill, “How in the hell can a woman take that thing?”

“I don’t know,” she murmured.

“You’d give it a hell of a try, though, wouldn’t you?” I joked.

“Oh, hush,” she said, snapping her ass back into me, giving me a quick bump.

“Damn, girl. I better keep close to you before I get hurt,” I laughed and put my arms around her waist from behind.

She settled into me and I could tell from her breathing that she was becoming a little aroused. Watching the tapes while being held by a man was doing a number on her. I thought about sliding my hand down to her crotch, but decided against it. She would probably object, ruining any chance I had at her, and if she didn’t, my options were pretty limited standing there in a room full of people. Instead, I figured it was time to make my move and said, “Damn, this is too much for an old man, let’s go do a shot.”

“It’s getting too much for me, too,” she said, welcoming the opportunity to cool down a little. “A shot sounds good. Let’s do one.” As we turned around to leave the group, she laughed when I hugged her with one arm pulling her breasts into my chest. They were as firm as green bakire porno grapefruits.

“How old are you, anyway?” I asked, then teased, “Seventeen?”

“No, I’m twenty-one, thank you very much,” she said with mock pride, then added, “Why? Do you like ’em young so you can take advantage of them?” and laughed.

“No, I’d rather have one experienced enough to know what she’s doing,” I joked back, “You know, eighteen or so.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet you do. I bet you get your share of them, too, don’t you,” she replied only half joking. “How old are you, Mr. Frank Thompson?”


“Well, I like mature men,” she laughed, “But I told you my age. Now you tell me. How old are you?”

“Does it matter?” I asked.

“Not really. At least, it’s way down the list.”

“Then I’m sixty.”

“Shit. You’re not sixty, but I’ll let it go,” she said.

After we did our shots, I said in a furtive voice, “Hey, I have an idea. This’ll get ’em good. I just remembered that I have a really nasty tape at my house. Let’s go get it and see the looks on their faces when ol’ Pete puts that thing on. Come on.” Putting my arm around her, I started her walking towards the door as if it were a foregone conclusion that she wanted to help with my little joke.

She giggled and said, “You’re a sneaky shit, aren’t you? I love it. Is it really dirty?”

“Some of it is. Can make you sick. You, know, how they can be,” I said as we walked out the back door.

“No, I really don’t. You aren’t going to believe this, but that’s the first porn movie I’ve ever seen,” she said, confirming my suspicions.

“Good ones can be pretty hot. I like the ones that contain scenes where you can tell that they aren’t acting. That’s sexy as hell.”

“How can you tell?” she asked, “Their story acting isn’t very good but they seem to be pretty good at the sex scenes.”

“There are little tell-tale signs. You can usually tell when the girl is really getting into it by the little things that are hard to fake. How her leg twitches or she jerks her head or makes a face with her eyes glazed over. Sometimes I think it’s an ego thing with the guys. They get off showing the girl that they’re in control and can make her come. I can show you,” I said as we entered my basement playroom.

“No, no, that’s okay,” she said just a little too quickly, perhaps realizing that she was half drunk, half aroused, and about half a sex scene away from getting her hot little ass fucked.

“Where is that tape?” I said, talking to myself while pretending to search the shelf. “Wait, I think it’s in the VCR. Here, let’s see,” I said clicking the remote.

“Holy, shit,” she said as a scene of a girl squealing while a guy ate her out came up on the screen.

“Now watch this.” I moved behind her and pointed across her shoulder. “See her push his head away. See her face. She’s hot. He’s gotten her to the point she can’t stand it any more. She isn’t pretending. See how he’s turning her over. She’s lost. She doesn’t even know where she is. See that dazed look. Now watch,” I said into her ear as the guy slid his huge cock into the girl from the rear, “see how she almost collapsed and her head is down where you can’t see it and her hair is covering her boobs. They don’t like shots like that. They want her boobs and face to show, so she’s not pretending.”

Sliding my arms around her waist from behind, I continued, murmuring into her ear, “That big ol’ dick is really getting to her. She can hardly stand it. She’s a little girl and that big ol’ cock has got to be filling her up. I bet that’s all she can feel.” Her hands were on my forearms, squeezing. Pulling her closer, I knew that she could feel my hardness against her ass. I continued, “She’s loving it. Now watch. She’s starting to come. See him pull out just to tease her. Look at her squirm and try to get that big ol’ cock back. She wants it bad. Hell, I think she’s begging. Now he’s going to turn her over and fuck her hard. Watch her when he does, she goes crazy. Listen to her squeal. Look at her nipples stick out, she’s hot. See her curl her feet and toes. See her jerk her head up, he really got to her that time. Look, she’s going to come. Listen to her.”

Jill began breathing harder, twitching just ever so slightly as she pressed her ass back into me. I ran my right hand down to her pussy while reaching across her chest to squeeze her right breast with my left hand. A quick, short moan escaped her lips as she tilted her head back against my chest. Pressing two fingers into her panty covered cleft, I gently massaged her clit. Her breathing became labored, each exhale creating a low jerky moan as she involuntarily forced air out slow and hard

Just as the girl in the porn flick began to frantically hump and thrash, Jill likewise started to move against my hand and moan louder. Reaching down inside her panties, I slid my middle finger up inside her. With my other hand, I managed to get her blouse and bra open so I could fondle her breasts. bedava porno “Oh god, you feel good, Jill. You feel so good. I want to make you come, baby. I want to make you come real good,” I whispered as she began to make little whimpering sounds.

“Oh, Frank. We can’t, we can’t, we can’t,” she whined.

Turning her around, I laid her on the sofa, pulled her bikini panties off and tossed them aside. Dropping down on my knees, I removed my pants with one hand and used the other to spread her labia. I ran my tongue through her slit until I found her clit then nibbled on it with my lips and ran my tongue around it. Jill squealed and squirmed, tossed her head and clutched my hair.

Sensing she was about to come, I moved my head up to her tits, took off her blouse and bra, then ran the head of my dick through her slit a couple of times. “Ready, baby?” I whispered.

“Oh god, Frank, I’m on my honeymoon,” she whined.

“Then you need to fuck, Jill. You need to fuck, baby.” She moaned and groaned while I worked my rock hard dick into her tight little pussy.

And was she ever tight. She was incredibly tight, almost painfully tight, to the point that I was afraid I was going to hurt her or myself. I moved very slowly to allow her to adjust. She called my name with each stroke at first, then started to move faster emitting deep, short groans and began greedily hunching my cock, obviously able and ready to take more.

She moaned louder as I pushed more deeply into her. Realizing that I wasn’t hurting her, I began stroking faster and harder, moaning and grunting uncontrollably, myself. She tossed her head, emitting loud little whining yelps with each penetration while she clawed my back. I wrestled her hands down beside her head, holding them in mine to keep her from tearing my skin, or her own, and continued fucking her hard. She clutched and clawed my hands as she began thrashing wildly, making grunting, groaning sounds which ended in little yelping squeals until she came. I had never heard a woman make noises quite like that. Her sounds coupled with the feel of her orgasmic spasms sent me over the edge and I came with a shudder, babbling god knows what.

The first fuck you get from a woman is often the worst fuck you ever get from her. There are often little anxieties that get in the way while you get to know each other and sometimes guys, including me, rush things a bit for fear the woman might change her mind. Subsequent sex is usually much better. But I knew that if Jill got any better, I was gonna be in trouble. In fact I knew that I was probably in trouble anyway.

Having regained my breath to the point I felt fairly confident I wasn’t going to pass out, I sat up on the sofa, holding Jill and talking softly to her. If I was going to be able to go another round with this incredible woman, this unbelievable piece of ass I had stumbled onto, I needed to prepare myself. Also, I knew there was a good chance that Jill would be feeling a little guilty and need a bit more seducing. Just as I started to speak, however, she moved her head down and began kissing my thighs. Now, I usually recover fairly quickly, sometimes within ten or fifteen minutes. This time, however, as soon as Jill touched my leg with her lips and I felt their soft fullness, I think every ounce of blood in my body immediately rushed to my cock and it began to get hard again.

Jill gave a low chuckle and slid my stiffening cock into her mouth while slowly closing her eyes. Sucking firmly, she pulled her mouth back to where only the head of my dick was still covered, opened her glazed eyes and looked up to watch the expression on my face as she ran her lips around the head of my cock, sucking and flicking her tongue around the extra sensitive ridge. After only a minute or so of that, I was about to come again, which I knew would turn my hard shaft into a limp little dinky, unable to do anything more. I hadn’t gotten nearly enough of that tight pussy yet, so I pulled her head up and kissed her.

Standing up, I pulled her to her feet and removed her skirt, baring her gorgeous body completely. My dick slid between her thighs as I pulled her close to kiss her again. Putting both arms around my neck, she pulled herself up and wrapped her legs around my waist, obviously wanting to fuck standing up. I ran my left hand under her ass to help support her but when I felt her firm, ample, buttocks, I had an urge to fuck her from behind. After all, it had been that round little ass of hers that had drawn my attention in the first place. I wanted to see that ass bounce when I fucked her and feel it slap against my stomach. My mind wandered to imagining how much she would wriggle when I filled her with cock while massaging her clit with my finger.

Squatting into a half crouch so that she could straddle my thighs to support her weight, I began slowly circling her clit with my dick and running it through her slit. I wanted her good and ready before I put her down and turned her around. She moaned loudly, clutched my shoulders and sucked on my neck. Not only would it be good fucking her from behind, watching her hot little ass bounce, I thought, but it would be a hell of a lot safer. Any second she was likely to start clawing the hell out of my back while biting my neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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