A Girl In Every Port Part X_X_X

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A Girl In Every Port Part X_X_X

Many nights later, Christina had had a little too much to drink. I on the other hand don’t drink, so at about 12:30, she was pretty far gone. Me, well I was feeling real frisky and a bit on the devious side. I got it in my head that if she could persist in chasing me for sex, then I could take advantage of her horny erdges. Tonight I was going to poke her bum while she slept. I was going to leave her with a cummy surprise in her hinny.

As we lay in bed that night, she scuermed in an innocent drunken stupor. I was already hard just thinking about what I was about to do. But first, just in case she woke and disapproved of my actions, I would have to have some sort of an explanation. I did want to be able to take advantage of her double sided kindness again, you know.

Christina went to bed with little on. So my first task was to remove her very in the way panties. Not that they weren’t cute, but her ass was just too beautiful to keep all wrapped up in lace and cotton. She didn’t give too much of a fight ,(thank you KahLuha).

While tugging at those cute panties for a bit, I added some rubbing and a few kisses to calm her from waking. I had come too far to loose this chance to cum in her nicely rounded ass.

She slumped over to her left, turning away from me and lay on her side. This was great because by now I had had her panties half way down her hip on the side she was now laing on. “Just be cool”, I told myself. As I slid the other half down.

She reached for the waistband of her panties with a low grunt, almost in disagreement but more out of confusion, I think.

I freaked out and fumbeled to distracted her by wrapping my right arm around her and pulling her really close. That worked out for the best cause I also stopped her from shifting to her stumach. That would have made things really difficult.

I quickly drowned out her consciousness with loving corresses to her ass and hips and kisses to the nape of her neck. In a relaxed groan her inhibitions faded. Now Sex hikayeleri I had her.
My cock now raged in my boxers and there ain’t no stop me now.

Now when I say nice ass, i mean nnnnnniiiice ass! Her skin was as warm, soft glass. It was amazing just to look at. She had hardly any blemishes on her. And what little she had could easily go un-noticed. But what you would notice, is how the smooth wake that starts just as her lower back widens, would curve out and away from her waste and hips. Simply amaizing!

Still under the spell of my soft kissing and hip massage, i move closer to my goal. Shes pretty much out, but I aint taken no chances. I contenue my ballancing act of keeping her unaware of my intentions while figgeting with my boxer fly to no avail. I was just going to have to take them off. Dang! I could blow this whole thing if i make even the slightest of wrong moves.

Quickly but very carefully I turn and lai on my back. Nothing. I then proseed to almost snatch my shorts down, in hopes of not loosing my erection. Who am i kidding? This is way too arrousing to loose a hard-on.

I spoke too soon. Christina had flopped back my way before i could get my shorts to my knees. Aaaarrg! No!, I am not giving up! No! So I scooched up real close and pushed the top of her flailed body and her top thighe away frm me. Her panties still at mid-thighe shaclling her warm legs together, they flopped over in rimaniss of an oldies dance called TheTwist.

To my delited surprise, she kept sleep. Now it’s on! But now with all the uncertanties and fear of missing this perverted opprotunity, my dick softtened. No biggie. I was going to start out with some extirier slip-n-slid fun anyway. Just add spit.

She moaned a bit as i spat on my hand and slikened her up with a good amount of saliva with my almost shaking right hand. Then I reached down and lathered up my cock with a mixture of pre-cum and salaiva. At the same time, regaining my erection with pulses and throbing an all.

Again licking and kissing the Sikiş hikayeleri back of her neck, I fished my finges around her hips. Her soft skin soaked up my fluids and became slippery as I touched her body. Christina’s whimppers of submission subsidded as she groaned back into a drunken oblivian.

Now she was mine! I really was horny, now. And in the midst of all that has taken place, my naughty little cock had now found its way to the softest warmest part of her very relaxed ass crack.

At first I couldnt tell if my cock was in or out. I mean it was deffanetly rite up her ally, but I got lost in the strainge softness of it all. For the first few seconds, I searched and probed the entier lingth of her glazed and parted ass crack. In hopes to find that tight little opening. I firmly grab my shaft and greedily slid my mushrooming head up and down her glissoning embrace.

I almost couldn’t contain myself. I felt a great heat escape the rim of her ass as the head of my cock snuck past her wrinkled ring. She tensed for a moment and relaxed again as I flooded her hot wet mound with my tumbling fingers and she slowly bucks back towards my throbing dick as I cup her moist pussy in exotic pleasure.

Now I was realy excited. I wasn’t sure if she was going along with my devious plans or if she had simply slipped back into her Kahulah-slumber. I really didn’t care, so long as she staied under long enough for me to cum.

In the middle of all this, Christina’s hair,long and wavey and in my face caused me to swet perfucely. This made it a little hard to breath, so I raised my hand from my shaft to correct the situation and she pulled her hips away in a shocked jurking motion laced with grogginess.

This time she seemed a little more annoied than befor. Man! I was so close to cumming! “Don’t wake up,Don’t wake up”, I thoght. Then just as quickly as she woke, she fell back under. Yes! But her right hand now rested in the very place i had been graspping her lovely body. No problem. I’ll just grabed her tit and fodled Porno Hikayeleri her nipple as i probed deeper and deeper. With every push in, i would pull out just a little to keep her rim nice and moist.

It was hot! As I probed in and out, my sesitive prick lapped up every sensation. The waves of anos rings groped and teased, almost milking my beating rod. All the while unaware of my filthy, lustfull seduction.

My body stiffened as if electricity had found a storage place in my hips and abdomund, then finaly charging the rest of my body into an intentionaly restrickted form of climactic convusions.

As i release my good fellas into her “no, no hole”, i release her right brest in exchange for her now sopping wet pussy lips. I’m not sure if she was turned on or if she was just naturaly a gusher. but who cares, cause i’m cumm………

…….she pants as the alchohal looses its effect. Streams of white sticky love juice begin to fill her streched anos leeking and spanding from her now awake and departing, disspleased asshole to my now happy and leeping, squirting dick. The deed was done. Now to test my foney cover story.

Christina came to. First slowly then rappidly. She kept her voice down, but hardly. “What just happend? What did you do?”, she hissed. “What baby, what do you mean? I was just sliding against your pussy, right? Whats the matter?”, I played dumb as dumb could be.

Raising promptly from her place in bed she scurried to the bathroom and again hissed at the idea of what had just taken place. She was shocked and angery and wanting so badly to trust my words, she asked if i knew what i had done. I held a senceir stair upon my face and said,” Baby you know I would never do anything like what she was thinking”.

I told her I was trying to wake her with a surprise and that if I had done anything wrong, that it was by mistake. I coersed her into thinking that because of the soft pushy folds of that gorgious round ass of her’s, it was too hard to tell if i was in her butt or her pussy.

She gave an uneasy glair, then after a few more ” I’m sorry kisses”, she lay snuggled in my arms.
She never said a word about it again, but I think Christina was as turned on by the event as I was if not more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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