A Deck Renovation Evolves Ch. 01

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Chapter 01. A new adventure begins innocently:

Adam and Roslyn had been married for six years and were childless for reasons that will be addressed as this story progresses. They led a rather mundane, but content life. They both had menial middle class jobs, but did manage to save enough money to purchase a small, older cottage in the countryside ten miles out of town, and fixed it up to their taste as finances permitted.

Adam was 27, and Rozzi, which everyone called her, was 25. They were an attractive looking couple. Adam was certainly not what anyone would consider movie star quality, but he was attractive. Roslyn, on the other hand, was an absolute knock-out. She was a total beauty; seemingly perfect in every way.

Adam was 5’9″ tall, and weighed only 145 pounds, but did play some baseball in his youth. He had, what you might call, a thin athletic frame. Roslyn was 5’3″ tall and weighed in at around 120 pounds. She did have a very attractive figure which was nicely proportioned: perky breasts, a tapered small waist, and the roundest, extraordinary bubble ass, which was the perfect shape and size to compliment her figure.

Roslyn had thick brown hair and the most mesmerizing green eyes, which seemed to Adam to reach the depths of her soul. She had a great admiration for Laura Bush, in the way she carried herself, her poise, and the casual attire she wore. She was in awe of the way she appeared to not attempt to bring attention to herself, which indicated to Roslyn how confident a woman she was. Roslyn admired her so much that she wore her hair in a similar “Bob” style hairdo. Because of the thickness of Roslyn’s hair, it did appear fuller though. Roslyn was an extremely attractive woman, in an understated way, and turned heads wherever she went.

Adam always went to bed later than Roslyn and eventually migrated to their computer as a source of information and entertainment before he got sleepy enough to join Roslyn. He had always had stronger sexual desires than his wife seemed to accept. She was far from being a prude, but was more reserved than he. The natural progression, for Adam, was to veer off onto various websites that were committed to erotica. This all began about three years into their marriage.

He began to feel the need for more excitement and variation in their sex life. He never felt the desire to step out and cheat on his wife; he just wanted more variation for both of them to enjoy. He had approached the subject with Roslyn, but she seemed disinterested in doing anything differently.

Adam came across an adult chat website which had individual rooms that would satisfy anyone’s particular interest. These rooms allowed men and women to go on cam to chat or just exhibit themselves. In order to remain watching these cams, one had to register on this site. Adam registered under some innocuous alias and password, to allow him to remain watching cams that interested him. Roslyn rarely used the computer, so he felt that she was unlikely to run across the site.

As time passed, Adam found himself bringing up the subject of sex, and suggesting various ways to add some spice to their marriage. Over the years, Roslyn appeared to become more curious and receptive. Adam’s suggestions became bolder and more daring, as he sensed progress being made with Roslyn. He got to the point of suggesting that Roslyn might enjoy experiencing a little naughtiness with another man. At first Roslyn would get aggravated and walk away in disgust. Adam persisted over months and years, trying to convince her that it could be exciting and innocent fun being naughty. He tried everything, even telling her that it wasn’t like cheating if they both agreed and was done with him around and approving.

“Roz, just think about it. It’s not as if I’m saying our marriage is over. On the contrary, I’m only suggesting some naughty fun be added to our marriage. I love you more now than I did six years ago when we got married,” he said in a convincing manner.

“What if I end up falling in love with this other man?”, she asked, in a nervously sarcastic voice, making finger quotes in the air, as she said, OTHER MAN.

“This isn’t about love. It’s only about sex. As long as we love each other as we do, I don’t see that as being a possible threat. I mean, just because you can fall in love with having a strange cock in you, it doesn’t mean you have to fall in love with what’s on the other end,” Adam said, assuredly.

Roslyn said nothing, and just looked at Adam with those big green piercing eyes. She twisted her lips into a look of disgust and just shook her head.

“It’s very possible you know,” Adam said.

“Highly improbable and unlikely,” was Roslyn’s retort. “I’m going to take a shower,” she said, as she turned and walked to the bathroom.

Adam went on the computer to his favorite website. He was watching the action in one of the chatrooms when he came across a young girl, semi-clothed and chatting with someone it seemed. He then discovered that she was talking to a much older man, wearing just his undershorts Anadolu Yakası Escort and massaging his cock, which was only visible through his underwear. Adam was so engrossed he hadn’t heard Rozzi finish showering. The girl had removed her bra and the old man moved his cam to show only his crotch area.

Roslyn walked into the spare room and shouted, “What the hell are you watching?”

Just then, the man removed his shorts displaying a rather formidable cock and began stroking it. “They’re watching each other,” Adam softly said.

Rozzi didn’t say anything, just sighed, but didn’t leave either. They both watched, with Rozzi standing behind Adam until the man shot a humongous load on his desk. Rozzi had no idea how old the man was because he never showed his face while she was watching.

“Oh, my God,” Rozzi exclaimed. “Is that for real or just some porn movie you’re watching?”

“We’re seeing it as it’s happening. They are real people having fun with each other. See? I told you it is not as demented or oddball as you think it is. There are many people who enjoy others sexually that they don’t know,” Adam assured.

Rozzi walked away and just said in disbelief, “Holy crap!” She had no idea of the age gap between the two participants.

Neither mentioned the computer incident for several days. While finishing dinner one evening, Adam asked, “Did you even slightly enjoy what you saw the other day on the computer with me? Did you find it excitingly naughty? I noticed you didn’t leave until the guy shot his load.”

“It was something I had never seen before, so of course I was curious. I never imagined people did things like that on the computer,” she said, trying to sound as disinterested as she possibly could while still carrying on a conversation.

“Didn’t you even get a little horny seeing that guy’s hard cock and watching it shoot out all that semen? Knowing they only knew each other on the computer and she helped him cum? Hell, they probably just met. It’s not as uncommon as you may think. People enjoy being naughty,” Adam assured her.

“Well, it was kind of hot,” Rozzi meekly said, now blushing.

“Would you like to watch more sometime?”

Rozzi looked down at her plate, and said, “I don’t know . . . maybe.” She then guiltily arose and began picking up the dinner plates without looking at Adam.

Adam went to bed the same time Rozzi did that evening. She asked, “Are you coming to bed this early tonight?”

“Yeah, thinking about possibly making love to my lovely wife . . . if she’ll have me,” said Adam, in a playful tone.

“Funny, I was hoping the same thing,” Roslyn retorted sensually.

“Oh? Might it have something to do with our conversation at the dinner table this evening? Did it bring back the vision of that fat cock you saw on the computer ejaculating? Did it arouse you that much?” Adam teasingly asked.

“I refuse to answer that question, on the grounds that it may tend to encourage you,” she coyly responded. She giggled naughtily as she leaned forward and kissed Adam passionately.

“Mm hmm . . . I think lovely Rozzi likes looking at other men’s cocks,” Adam smugly said.

“Shut up and fuck me, you deviate,” growled Roslyn. She then rolled on top of Adam and began kissing him all over.

She guided Adam’s stiff, 5 ½” cock inside her and began gyrating her hips up and down. She moaned, “Oh yes, I’m so freaking horny. It feels so good.”

Adam whispered, “Are you thinking of that fat cock right now?”

Roslyn only moaned. Adam wasn’t sure if it was a moan of pleasure or a yes response. Hey, he’s a guy! He took it as a yes.

As Roslyn’s gyrations became more intense, Adam became bolder, and whispered, “Are you imagining that fat cock as the cock inside you right now?”

“Mm, fuck me baby, fuck me hard,” Roslyn yelled.

Adam could feel her vaginal passage constrict and her thigh muscles tighten around his own legs. He knew she was about to orgasm. He rapidly said, with conviction, “You want that stranger’s cock fucking you right now, don’t you? I know you do. You can admit it. It’s alright, I know you do, so just admit it. You want that stranger’s fat cock fucking you, so just tell me.”

“Oh, I’m going to cum . . . yes, yes I want that fat cock fucking me and filling me with all that cum he has in it. Oh, fuck me baby … Ooh!”

Roslyn had the most intense orgasm she’d had in a long time. When she finished convulsing, Adam followed with an equally powerful orgasm of his own. The odor of their sweat and passion, along with the smell of sex permeated the room and filled their nostrils, as they both gasped for air. Adam had his answer. “Rozzi is intrigued by stranger’s cocks, and the sight of them turns her on,” he thought to himself, but said nothing else to her about it. “She admitted it, and that was enough for me,” he thought as he smiled quietly to himself.

Eventually, Roslyn occasionally joined Adam in watching various men masturbate and cum, but only when summoned to view by him. Pendik Escort He would call her in when he found a man who wasn’t showing his face, simply because he didn’t want Roslyn to feel like she was being watched by him. Roslyn was not aware that their own cam was also on and she could be viewed by anyone in the same chat room who chose to click on the name Adam had chosen to register under. He thought it best that she remained ignorant to that fact.

A few times, Adam could see Roslyn breathing heavy with her eyes fixed on the male cock on the computer screen. Every so often she would even comment when the cock exploded, with a, “Wow! That’s so hot.” Those nights the sex was exceptionally intense.

Adam was on the computer one winter Saturday afternoon, trolling the various rooms. Roslyn was doing some packing of summer clothes to be stored for the winter. She was wearing some tight jeans with horizontal tears at the knees and an oversized football jersey with no bra. Adam came across a man with a cock that had to be 7 inches. He was clearly a bit over weight judging by the obvious beer belly he was sporting. This guy’s cockhead was enormous and distinctly mushroom shaped. He called out, “Hey Rozzi, come see this!”

Roslyn entered the spare room and said quizzically, “What? I want to get these clothes packed away.” Then she saw the long, veiny cock with the humungous head, and said, “Holy crap! That thing is huge.” She immediately pulled up a chair beside Adam and sat down, ogling this monster cock being methodically caressed by its owner. Adam could see her nipples beginning to show through the material of the jersey and Roslyn’s breathing become labored. “She likes this one,” he thought to himself. Seeing his wife getting horny while looking at another man’s cock created an erection of his own. He reached over and began teasing one of her nipples. She gave out a soft moan. The man began stoking a little faster, and Adam surmised that the man was possibly watching him as he played with one of Roslyn’s tits.

He glanced down at the comments typed by everyone in the room, and saw, “Hey RANDA, give us all a look at your lovely girl’s tits.” RANDA was the name Adam had registered under, for Roslyn and Adam. Adam glanced at Roslyn who was transfixed on “Big Belly’s” monster member. He didn’t want to type a response for fear of letting Roslyn know that he could actually talk to someone in the room. She didn’t know how the room worked and he wanted to keep it that way. Hell, she didn’t even know that their cam was on and pointed right at her.

Adam slid his hand down to the bottom of the shirt, which because of it being oversized, Roslyn was sitting on it. He softly said, “Let me lift up your shirt so I can really tease those nipples.” Roslyn agreed without taking her eyes off Big Belly’s cock. Roslyn lifted her ass and allowed him to lift her jersey over her tits. Immediately, Adam noticed a comment come onto the chatroom screen, saying, “Oh yes, such lovely firm, young tits. You are a lucky man. Thanks RANDA. Work those lovely globes and make me cum on them.” For some reason he didn’t understand, having a stranger watch him fondle his wife’s tits while the stranger masturbated excited the hell out of him. He got up and got directly behind Roslyn and began fondling both breasts sensuously with his hands.

“Oh, honey, you’re going to make me cum,” she whispered, with great anticipation and urgency.

“Can you hold off a few more minutes? It looks like he’s pretty close too. I’m not the one that’s going to make you cum. That guy with the big cock is the one that’s going to make you cum.”

Suddenly the guy’s stomach began to contract and expand rapidly and his strokes became more purposeful. Then his entire overweight torso tightened up and he began to shoot large streams of cum all over his big fat belly.

Roslyn began to convulse herself and yelled out, “Oh yes, look at that lovely cock spitting. Oh, God yes. So fucking hot.”

Big Belly’s breathing coincided with Roslyn’s, as if they had actually fucked. They both just slumped in their respective chairs, recovering.

Roslyn said, laboriously, “Wow! That was so fucking hot. I have never had such an intense orgasm without actually fucking, and without touching my pussy at all. Holy shit!

At this time, a message came onto the room screen saying “Thank you, lovely lady. I love your tits, and would love to shoot this load all over them. Hope to see you again. Xxx.” Big Belly then sat up and reached over to the front of his picture and shut his cam off.

Adam said, “Honey, that’s the closest you’ve ever come to fucking another man. Did you like it?”

“Need you ask? Didn’t you see the kind of orgasm I had? It was out of this fucking world. I need to catch my breath and get back to putting those clothes away. Wow! I almost feel like I really did just get fucked. That was unbelievably incredible.”

“Did you fall in love with that guy?” Adam asked.

“What? What kind of a foolish question is that? Fall in love? Of course Kurtköy Escort not. Sometimes you say the most ridiculous things. Damn, Adam.”

“Just trying to prove a point and answer a question you asked me a few years ago.”

“And what question might that have been? Pray tell,” she asked, rather indignantly.

“Something about, ‘What if I fall in love with him?’ when I mentioned fooling around with another man. Remember now?” Adam said, just as indignantly, with a cocky smirk on his face.

“That was about me really having sex with another man. Not watching one on a computer. Two totally different things . . . Jeesh,” she said, as she pulled down her jersey.

“Didn’t you say that what just happened felt like you really just got fucked? How is that so different?”

“You can be so imbecilic at times. You truly sometimes make me wonder about you,” she said, as she gathered herself and walked out of the room.

Adam yelled, “What am I supposed to do with this raging hard-on I have here?”

“Do what that guy on the computer did while I was fucking him,” she yelled back.

“Wise ass,” he said, loudly enough for her to hear.

“You deserved that one, my dear,” she shot back.

Then Adam heard her giggle. “Everything is Okay with my Rozzi,” he thought to himself and smiled.

A few months had passed, and spring was in the air. Adam wanted to look into putting a small extension on their rear deck and decided that this coming Saturday would be a good time to start checking around. “Maybe Rozzi would want to come along. We could make a day of it. I need to remember to ask her,” he thought to himself. He brought the idea up at dinner, and she agreed. They would leave early Saturday morning, have a nice breakfast out, and hit some stores and maybe the Mall.

Around mid-morning that Saturday, they found themselves at one of the local Home Improvement Centers. Roslyn was looking at the flowers and shrubbery for the yard, while Adam went looking to see if he could find some books or magazines with information about extending a deck that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. While browsing around, he heard someone call out his name, “Adam? Adam, is that you?” Adam looked around and spotted a familiar looking man approaching him, wearing a big smile. “Oh, for crying out loud. Professor Wilbur, how are you?” Adam said, as he stuck out his hand.

“I thought that was you. How are you these days?” Professor Wilbur asked, as he shook Adam’s hand. “Did you ever return back to the University?”

“No, I never did,” Adam replied.

“That’s a shame. So what brings you here this early spring morning?” asked the Professor.

“Oh, I’m thinking about extending our deck and I have no idea where to start. I don’t want to spend a fortune doing this either. Just looking for some guidance and ideas right now,” Adam explained.

“You wouldn’t know this, but I’ve always enjoyed working with wood. I built my deck all alone. Maybe we could meet at your house one day. I could take a look at this project of yours and possibly be the guidance you’re looking for.”

“Professor Wilbur, that’s very kind of you, but I could never impose on you like that,” Adam appreciatively said.

“Not an imposition at all. Besides, I’m the one that offered. It would give me something to do before summer. I’m retired now, you know,” he smiled and said.

“I didn’t know that, congratulations. When did this all happen?” Adam asked.

“It’ll be a year the end of next month. It’s gone by fast, actually,” said the Professor.

“Wow. You look great. How are you feeling?” Adam inquired.

“For an old man, I feel pretty good. No complaints. Let’s not talk about the looks department.” He then bellowed out a hearty laugh.

Adam chuckled, and said, “Yeah, sure. How old are you now, anyway?”

“Just turned 66, and sometimes feel it.” Again, a hearty laugh. “So tell me how big is this deck extension going to be?”

“I actually have no idea of the actual dimensions just yet,” Adam somewhat guiltily admitted.

“Kind of an important and necessary piece of information, I’d say,” he said, in a Professorial way. “Look . . . why don’t you show me where you live? I could take a look at this pending project and we can go from there,” he said, in a very genuine tone.

“That’s awfully nice of you, but my wife is around here somewhere, and I don’t know if she wants to go other places today.”

“Ah, you’re now married . . . wonderful institution. Just give me your address and I’ll find it. I’ll stop by early tomorrow morning, if that’s okay with the two of you,” Mr. Wilbur insisted.

Adam gave him their address, with slight directions. Mr. Wilbur jotted down all the pertinent information and suggested they exchange telephone numbers, in case there were a change in plans. After each had all the information necessary, they shook hands and parted ways after saying goodbye.

Adam found Roslyn and told her all about his encounter with one of his old Professors, along with what had transpired and their plans for tomorrow morning. He went on to explain that Professor Wilbur was pretty well skilled in carpentry and that it has been a lifelong hobby of his. He told her that his expertise would be very helpful in the deck extension project he’d planned.

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