A Dark Night_(1)

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It was dark…dark and raining. Of course it would be on the night my car breaks down. I had to close up the store by myself again tonight so there is no one else around. The parking lot is dimly lit by only a couple of lights. Thankfully I see the bus stop close by and thought at least I can get out of this rain. I get under the overhang of the bus stop finally and stop to catch my breath. I look down at my rain-soaked clothes, my white blouse sticking to my body and the water dripping off my mini skirt. I can feel the water on my face ruining my make-up. Something shuffles behind me and I look around trying to see through the darkness. I squint hard seeing nothing through the downpour except the road and the trees on the other side. Lightning flashes across the sky startling me and I jump just in time to get knock sideways. I land hard on the pavement, trying to catch my breath, and turn to look at what just hit me. Through the darkness I can make out the shape of a large man, his muscled torso covered by a small tank top and his jean pants were wet from the rain. Fear starts to grip me as I see his mouth curve into an evil grin. I start to scream even knowing that no one was around to hear me.
He moved quickly towards me, grabbing a hold of my wet blouse and ripping it off with a hard yank. My nipples, exposed to the cold air, stood erect at the tips of my 34D breasts. I tried to cover them with my arms but he simply chuckled and slapped them away letting my tits bounce free. Next his hand snapped out and grabbed the waistline of my skirt, again yanking with ease, ripping them from my body. I hadn’t worn any panties that day and the evil grin on his face grew even wider as he noticed this.
“Guess you came ready for me huh, ya little bitch,” he said in a gruff voice.
My body shivered involuntarily and fear gripped me so hard that my bladder released itself, my pee leaking from my quivering pussy. His smile became even more evil and he grabbed my hair, throwing me towards the back of the bus stop. I threw my arms up to brace myself and realized too late that that was exactly what he wanted. I felt him grab my hip with one hand, the other quickly undid his belt letting his pants fall to the ground. His cock, free from the constraints of the jeans, grew and grew until it was standing erect at a good 10 inches. He huffed as he turned his body, his Sex hikayeleri cock slamming into my urine soaked cunt. I felt my pussy stretch as he shoved more and more of his enormous cock inside me. I cried out from the pain and felt his hand grab my shoulder pulling me back onto his throbbing prick. I could feel it inside me, sliding in and out of my pussy which was getting wetter and wetter with each stroke against my will. He laughed and slammed his cock over and over again. My moans became louder and louder as his pulsing dick penetrated deeper and deeper inside me. The pleasure of it washed over my body as I felt his cock throb more and more. He began to grunt in tune with me as he slammed his cock all the way inside me over and over again. I felt him push his cock fully inside me, his cock throbbing as his hot cum jetted inside me. The feel of his hot jizz inside me sent a shock through me as I realized what just happened and the fact that I was not on any birth control. I started to sob as the pleasure of his cock faded, his dick going soft and falling from my abused pussy. His cum started running down my legs as the hole his cock filled became vacant. I laid my head down on my arms, trying to catch my breath and come to grips with the event that just took place.
I felt his hand grab my hair and pull as his foot kicked out my legs at the knees. I landed on my ass, my mouth opened to scream in pain when I found I couldn’t since he had shoved his pussy juice coated cock into my mouth. He laughed again as I felt a warm liquid start to leak into my mouth and throat. The spray picked up pressure and volume and I realized he was pissing into my mouth. With as much as was coming out I had to swallow or face gagging. I swallowed mouthful after mouthful wondering if it would ever end, some of it leaking out the corners of my mouth, trickling down my body and over my hard nipples, down to my cum soaked cunt. He laughed even harder as he saw the pee run out of my mouth as he finally pulled his cock out and pulled his jeans back up. Dazed and a little confused my hopes that he was done with me were soon trashed as he grabbed my hair again and pulled me to my feet.
I stumbled after him as he dragged me by the hair across the road to the trees. Trying to keep my balance I tripped over branches, the strange mans speed never slowed. The sounds of howling Sikiş hikayeleri dogs, bleating goats, and various other sounds became louder and louder as we moved deeper into the woods. There were a couple of times when I lost my balance completely and he was dragging me over the wet mud. Finally we came to a clearing and stopped. I was able to crane my neck to get a brief look around and through the darkness I could make out the shape of a trailer and a large fenced in area. The animal noises were even louder now, echoing off the surrounding trees. The man chuckled slightly to himself and continued to drag me closer to the dwelling.
We stopped again in front of the gate leading to the fenced in area. Opening the gate the man roughly threw me into the pen so that I landed face first in the mud. I opened my mouth to gasp as I hit the ground, some of the mud pushing into mouth and down my throat. A strong, pungent oder filled my nostrils twisting my stomach into knots. I lifted my head off the ground, my face, hands and the fornt of my body covered in the muck in the pen. Before I could fully come to my senses I fel the mans hands fumble with something around my neck until he got it in place and tight enough for it not to be moved. I heard the click of a tiny lock behind me and reaching up I felt the collar placed around my neck. The man stood up holding the leash attached to the collar in one hand, reaching over, he tied it to the end of a pole sticking in the gorund in the middle of the pen. He stepped back to admire his handywork and let out another deep laugh, the animal noises growing ever louder.
“I hope you like your new home, bitch,” he said as he started out the gate, closing it behind him, “whether you want to or not you’ll get used to it.”
He walked away laughing and I took the time to look around at my new surroundings. I rolled around into a sitting position, feeling the collar and leash for any chance for escape. After a few moments I gave up and looked around even more trying to find the source of the awful smell that threatened to empty my stomach. Not seeing anything really sticking out I noticed that the smell came from all directions and looked at my hands. Realization set in and I saw that it wasn’t all mud that I was in but rather the feces of many animals. As it set in more I realized that some of the stuff had gone Erotik hikaye into my mouth. My stomach bubbled and erupted, forcing me to vomit all over myself. The hot spew splattered against my stomach, coating my mud covered tits in vomit. I started to cry at the situation and the lack of any escape. Then, through the noises from the animals, I heard the grating of steel on steel as if something were being opened. The sounds of the barking dogs got closer and closer. Fear gripped my heart as I saw three big black shapes coming closer and closer in the dark.
Lightning flashed across the sky lighting up the shapes of the three big great danes coming ever closer to me. Their tongues hung from their mouths as they sniffed the air, searching for me. Closer and closer they came. I turned around to try to crawl away and at this the first, and biggest, of the three charged forward. I felt his tremedous weight on my back as he jumped on top of me and the fear of his mouth chomping my head off came into my mind. Then I felt it. His huge cock was poking me in the back, trying to find its mark. I noticed that he would rock back and forth trying to find my pussy and I took the opportunity to try to escape his grip. As he rocked backwards I lurched forward but failed to move anywhere due to the grip he had on my sides. The move did however line his large red cock with my tight little asshole. Believeing he had found his mark the great dane shoved forward with all his might. Lube slightly from the mud-shit coating my ass he popped his cock into my ass with slight ease. Tears streamed from my face as I felt my asshole split open from the huge cock embedded in it. He started pushing harder and harder, burying his cock more and more into my ass. My head dropped in defeat as the big dog continued to rape my ass harder and harder. I felt every vein in his cock through my ass as it slid all the way in. Then even more fear gripped me as I felt an even bigger growth pressing against my hole. Thoughts back to biology class came to mind and I realized this was the knot dogs use to ensure they impregnant their mates. I tried to reach back but the big dog shoved forward with all his might forcing the large mass into my ass. I cried out in pain as my asshole pushed open past it’s limits. The great dane hammered faster, harder, never noticing my tears or my howls of pin. Wave after wave of ecstasy flowed over my body as the dog cock pulsed inside me and finally released its hot torrent of cum. My ass filled to almost over flowing as the dog pushed his cock all the way inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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