A Beautiful Thing

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It was a hot afternoon just like any other. I lay on the long couch in my apartment sitting room with my shirt open, trying to catch as much blowing air from my ceiling fan as I possibly could. My eyes were closed but I was far from being asleep.

My eyes came open when I heard a knock on my door. I wasn’t expecting any visit from anybody on that day – it was merely one of those days when I preferred being alone with myself and my thoughts. I got up and went and opened the door.

“Hi there, Jimmy,” Anita said. She lived down the road from me. She was a definitely pretty sight around the neighbourhood, and on that day she was looking like something that had just stepped out of a modelling line up, the way her long legs stuck out of her denim skirt. The way her pert-looking breasts nearly seemed like missile cones as they pushed themselves outward of her sleeveless blouse, the sparking smile on her lips … it was enough to make any man’s tongue slip out of his mouth like that of a salivating wolf. A good thing that at that moment I wasn’t in any mood to be moved by such.

“Hey there, Ani,” I said. She always liked it when I called her such; it was our own personal secret. “What’s up with you?”

She shrugged and said, “Nothing much. Just thought I should stop by and see how you’re doing. It’s been a while. Mind if I come in?”

My left eyebrow went up an inch. Though Anita and I were friends, she’d never before made any attempt to step into my domain. God knows I’ve tried so many times in the past to make her accept my offer till I finally gave up on it, figuring it wasn’t worth the trouble anymore. If she was aware of it, it didn’t register on her face. I made way for her to step in before closing back the door.

“I didn’t see you at soccer practise out by the sand field today,” she said, spotting the pillow lying on the far end of the couch on which my head had earlier resting on before she came and went over to sit beside it before continuing. “Your friend Danny told me you were sick, so I thought I’d come by to see how ill you were.”

“I wasn’t ill. I was tired from school and thought I should rest it out, that’s all. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Any soft drink will be nice,” she said with that smile back on her lips.

I left her and went into the little room bedside my bedroom which served as my kitchen. Kartal Escort I opened the fridge and took out two can Cokes and returned to the sitting room, handing one of the over to her. She thanked me before popping the tab; we clicked our cans and muttered ‘cheers’ to each other before taking a sip. An awkward silence suddenly appeared in the room; she soon broke it.

“So, what were you up to before I knocked?”

“Nothing serious,” I said. “Just lying here thinking about something.”

“Oh yeah, what was it?”

I shrugged. “Can’t really put my finger to it – just something beautiful.”

She sipped her Coke; her eyes stared into mine. “Something beautiful you say,” her hand then came up and rested on my thigh. “Can you describe it to me – what beautiful thing it was that you were busy thinking about?”

My hand fell on top of hers; her fingers played with each other. “I wish I could, but can’t remember it anymore.”

“Perhaps you need a little something to help you remember then.”

“Yes, perhaps I do.”

I didn’t need any soothsayer to draw me a picture of what I had in front of me; already I was starting to feel a growing urge in the seat of my jeans. I brought my hand to her neck and pulled her towards me. She came willingly and our lips met in a warm kiss.

I broke the connection for a moment and looked at her. “All those times that I tried asking you out, I always figured you never wanted to have anything to do with me.”

“I know,” she nearly whispered with her lips close to my face. “I guess I was just bidding my time, wanting to know how serious things would be for me.”

“What makes you say so?”

“Because for a long time now, I just can’t seem to take my mind off you.”

Our lips locked again, and this time it stayed locked unto each other for a long time while our hands and body moved and rubbed against each other, feeling each other up. My right hand made its way under her blouse to grab a hold of her breast while hers travelled down towards the bulge in the centre of my jeans. I raised her blouse up and transferred my mouth to her breast, hearing her moan at the same time nibble on my ear lobe while her hand tried fumbling for my belt buckle. I undid the buckle for her and pulled my erection out for her to grab a good hold on and then transferred my hand to feel Tuzla Escort the roundness of her ass that lay hidden under her skirt. When I was done with her left breast, I made a move for her other, my teeth playing hungrily with her nibble while she went on moaning and stroking my dick as hard as she could.

I then stopped to push my jeans down my thighs and reclined myself properly on the couch while she leaned over and swallowed me up. She gave a long moan in her throat as she cupped my balls in her left hand while her other continued to stroke my dick as she continued bobbing her head with her sucking motion. I felt myself surrender to the swirl of emotion; my mouth made gasping sounds from her sucking while my hand pulled her skirt up her ass as I then inserted a finger back and forth between the lips of her pussy. Her mouth made slurping sounds as she lusciously continued to suck at the same time jerk me off. I allowed myself to fall towards the end of the couch and raised her right leg over my head, and then I hooked her panties to a corner and started licking her pussy. She made muffled sounds as I clipped my lips on the upper flesh of her labia while my tongue flicked back and forth on her clitoris, making her suck me harder. I parted the half-moons of her ass and tried inserting my tongue into the tiny aperture that was her asshole, to which she moaned aloud more.

Finally I made her get up, watched her take off her clothes while I pried my feet from my jeans, kicked it to a corner and sat there on the couch, stroking my stiff member in my hand while at the same enjoying the striptease show she was performing before me. She looked even more beautiful standing there naked – like an Egyptian goddess.

I lowered myself a bit as she came and sat on me, her hand reaching between her legs to guide my dick inside her. It felt so warm and soft when I entered her, and we both gasped the same time from it. Then she started moving up and down on me, at first slow but soon she began picking up speed, her hands wrapped around my shoulder while she started moaning and gasping from what she was doing. She leaned forward to kiss me; our lips locked hungrily unto each other before soon coming apart. I grabbed her breasts with my mouth while his hands squeezed softly on her ass, giving her more impetus to bounce and roll her hips on top Anadolu Yakası Escort of me. She muttered my name along with her moans.

“Oh, Jimmy … oh, I love you. I love you so much … “

I was able to push myself up to my feet, carrying her along with me and hurried towards the bedroom. I gently lowered her on the bed, holding her legs wide apart and continued hammering her. She cried out with delight each time I drove myself with force into her in; loving the sight of watching her creamy pussy juice loiter on my dick each time it came in and out of her.

I then stopped and allowed her turn herself over, resting on her knees and elbows while aiming her ass at me. I first came down on my knees to lick her clitoris, loving the way her legs seemed to quiver from my actions, before rising to my feet again and inserting myself back into her. I held her waist, enjoying the sight of her round ass hitting itself against me as my dick kept pounding her from behind.

“Oh, Jimmy,” she gasped between moans, “you fill me up … oh, please, please don’t stop … don’t you stop. You’re killing me … oh fuck me, Jimmy. Fuck me harder!”

And that was just what I did, I fucked and pounded her as hard as I could, feeling the drumbeat in my chest as sweat poured and dropped from my face while she kept up with her loud screaming as she too drove herself back at me each time I dick came out of her almost as if she didn’t want to lose me for even a second. I reached a hand under her legs to finger her clitoris while I kept on fucking her.

After a while her body started undergoing a slight spasm, her cries got louder and longer like she was climbing up a wall while she reached a hand to grab hold of my waist, indicating for me to keep up my effort as she was about to have herself an orgasm. It was about this same time that I too began feeling a strong urge emanate from deep inside my balls, travelling all the way further towards like dick like a jet plane. At the last minute, I pulled myself out of her and spewed out my juice all over her sweat-covered ass. Such a lovely sight it made as I jerked out the final drop, and then surprisingly returned my dick back inside her and continued to hammer her. A moment later I felt myself growing soft inside her, and that was when I came to a stop.

We both collapsed on the bed, her head resting on my chest, feeling our heartbeat return to normal. We held each other in an embrace, smiling into each other’s eyes. I raised her head and kissed her. We were still lying there when evening soon arrived and a rain began to splatter outside. To me, it was the start of more good things to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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