A Beautiful Partnership

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Big Tits

For Alex and Victoria Drummond, both the young product of a highly respected and expensive private education, it seemed like the perfect job. The money on offer was far in excess of what they could have expected to earn anywhere else and it meant that they would be working together. It also meant, should they take the offered position – and as far as Alex was concerned, that was a forgone conclusion – that they could combine their two favourite pastimes: making money and having sex! But of course no one was going to pay them large sums of money to have sex in the privacy of their own bedroom – or anywhere else private for that matter. The young couple would be expected to reveal their most intimate moments on stage in a live sex display.

Neither Alex or his young wife, Victoria had any qualms whatsoever about performing live, in fact they saw it as a further advancement of their already varied sex life and were both looking forward to their “opening night”. Alex had sneaked a quick look out into the night time audience as the two had prepared themselves backstage. He had been a little disappointed by the low turnout: only a handful of seedy looking men; a few with even seedier looking female companions that Alex immediately took to be hookers.

“Don’t worry.” Said the club owner, “as soon as word spreads that we have an energetic young couple up on stage, it’s certain to get a lot busier out there. Just go out there and show them what you can do!”

Alex and Victoria took their new boss at his word and on the first night they gave it everything they had. Strolling out towards a spot lit double bed in the centre of the stage, they immediately shed the robes that they had been given to wear. Underneath Alex was completely naked whilst Victoria’s only clothing consisted of a pair of black stockings and high shoes. There were sporadic gasps from the erratic scattering of spectators as the two fell onto the bed and began their act.

The first night went off pretty much without incident, Alex thought, and they seemed to be very well received. As he had ploughed himself into his wife’s very moist pussy from behind he had peered out into the dim light of the auditorium and tried to pick out members of their audience. His eyes had finally adjusted to the badly lit room and through a mist of cigarette smoke he could clearly make out a few peroxide blonde heads uninterestingly bobbing up and down in the laps of several selected middle-aged men. As their hour long set continued, Alex saw that the hookers remained where they were but the men would come and go. He smiled to himself as he realised that the girls were working like a production line; sucking or jerking each man off as they watched the show before moving on to the next punter!

The second night passed much the same as the first but – as the club owner had predicted – with several more paying customers in the audience. The hookers were having to work almost twice as hard to ensure that they got through the punters before Victoria and Alex finished their show.

But the third night was a little different. As Alex slowly slid his engorged weapon into his wife’s wet vagina he once again peered over her back into the furthest reaches of the darkened room to get an idea of their audience. Again there were more numbers than the previous night but, as his eyes scanned the room, they suddenly picked out a figure that seemed out of place. The woman – a few years older then either Alex or Victoria – wore an expensive looking blue dress that accentuated a well looked after figure. Whereas the rest of the audience were either indulged in their own masturbatory solitude or were receiving the dexterous or oral ministrations of the “house-girls”, the woman in blue simply sat and watched. She fascinated Alex and, as he watched her dismiss an offer from one of the hookers with a polite wave of a well manicured hand, he looked directly at her and smiled. He was a little surprised when she smiled back; he had become used to the anonymity that his current job provided and had long since realised that the people watching them were not in the least interested in looking at his face!

Alex’s final ejaculation which covered his pretty wife’s face produced the usual round of applause and a few cheers of encouragement from the audience and he and Victoria collected their robes and slipped backstage to their small, dingy dressing room. As they entered the fusty smelling room, both were surprised to see the woman in blue sitting and patiently awaiting their return.

“I’m sorry”, the woman began apologetically, “the owner let me in. I hope you don’t mind, I was very impressed with your act.”

“Thank you,” Victoria said, “but what…”

“What do I want? Well I’d like to come straight to the point, if you don’t mind.”

Both Alex and Victoria nodded their assent and waited for the woman to continue.

“My name is Francesca and I was hoping that you could both do a favour for me – a paid favour, of course.”

For altyazı porno the next few minutes Alex and Victoria listened to Francesca’s proposal with interest. Her husband, Mark, it seemed was several years younger than her and was celebrating his birthday the following night.

“And I was hoping,” Francesca concluded, “if you would consider the idea of a private show that Mark could join in with? As I said, you would be well rewarded.”

The figure that Francesca then proposed contained enough zero’s to make both Alex and Victoria agree without hesitation and arrangements were quickly made for the couples’ transportation to Mark and Francesca’s house the following evening.

The dark limousine finally deposited Victoria and her young husband at the main entrance to a large and opulent-looking family estate house and a black suited employee quickly ushered them inside. They were silently led through a series of dark-wood panelled corridors that smelled faintly of beeswax until finally being shown into a large room somewhat like a small theatre where they were greeted by Francesca and Mark. Victoria noticed a small stage to her left that had presumably been set up especially for their visit and felt a shiver of excitement tingle along her spine. She clutched the small hand case that she had been carrying that contained their robes and a special outfit for herself.

After the introductions and a drink to break the ice, Alex suggested that they might like to get started. Francesca nodded her immediate agreement and, from the look of flushed excitement she saw on her face, Victoria guessed that this little birthday present was as much for Francesca’s benefit as it was for her husbands’.

Francesca dimmed the main room lights and flicked a switch to illuminate the stage. The automatic sound system immediately cut in and music began to waft around the room. She took a specially positioned seat in front of the stage and smiled as she watched Victoria, Alex and her husband Mark saunter out into the spotlight. All three “performers” wore robes and she knew that Mark was naked underneath his; she wondered silently if Alex and Victoria were similarly attired.

Francesca didn’t have long to wait to find out. With a glance to Mark that he should follow his lead; Alex slowly untied the knotted belt at his waist and opened his robe. Mark did exactly the same and Francesca heard herself gasp as both men proudly displayed their nakedness. She watched as they stood on either side of Victoria and helped her to shed her robe completely. But Victoria was not nude – not quite – and Francesca was much impressed by the silky blue top and panties that she sported. Her dainty feet were encased in high heeled sandals but this was the extent of her dress.

Francesca watched intently as the young trio embraced and began to touch each other. Hands were everywhere; sliding over silk covered breasts and buttocks, stroking muscled chests and encouraging sizable cocks to full attention – not that Mark’s penis needed any encouragement, Francesca noted, he was already fully erect and the swollen head seemed to throb with a life of it’s own.

Slowly Victoria began to pull Mark down onto the floor. She knew that she was leaving her own husband out of the equation for the moment but she was just doing her job, she reasoned. And besides, if she had her way, he wasn’t going to be left out for long!

Slowly, Victoria took Mark’s fully erect member in her soft fingers and began to gently stroke him. She was encouraged by his immediate groans of excitement and she slid her hand between his legs to cup his balls – she knew, that as a prelude to a good blow job, most men loved this. As she slowly lowered her head towards the twitching tip, she was aware of Alex sitting away to her left and she took the opportunity to quickly glance over. Her husband was sitting spread legged on the edge of a table and openly playing with himself. Victoria watched for a few seconds more as his wonderfully thick cock slowly began to stiffen under his touch.

Victoria was quickly drawn back from her short day-dream as she felt Mark’s hands pressing urgently on the back of her head. Realising that she was there for a purpose she smiled and opened her mouth wide as she approached the fierce looking erection. As the head slipped between her glossed lips and over her tongue, she closed her eyes and revelled in the slightly salty, masculine taste. Victoria loved to suck cock and she was well aware of how good she was at it.

Francesca looked on in a fascinated awe as she watched her husband’s tool disappear into another woman’s mouth. Yet she felt no jealousy; no bitterness. This was his birthday present and, if she was honest with herself, she was enjoying it equally as much as he was. She heard Victoria hum softly and saw her adjust the angle of her head as she dropped lower onto Mark’s cock; the woman’s legs were splayed open and, whilst she was still wearing the thin, silky amatör porno panties, Francesca could see a damp stain of lust appear at the crotch.

Francesca wriggled a little in her seat. As she watched her husband receive such a deep-throated blow job she could feel her own pussy begin to moisten and her nipples tingle beneath her skirt. She wondered if anyone would notice if she touched herself, she could see that Alex was watching as closely as she was and he was still playing with his cock. Well, she thought, if nobody minded him masturbating, then who would mind if she did?

Alex’s eyes were firmly fixed on his wife and the young man beneath her as he stroked his manhood. But he couldn’t help noticing that, to the front of the stage, their hostess had pulled up the front of her skirt. His cock throbbed suddenly as the first faint whiff of female excitement wafted up to him. He watched as she splayed her legs and ran her finger through the moist folds of a neatly trimmed pussy blessedly unhindered by any underwear. Alex groaned quietly as he felt his tool throb and swell, he could just make out Francesca’s long, slender legs and bare feet as she pulled her knees up towards her chest and inserted two fingers deep inside her body.

Francesca knew that Alex was watching her as she masturbated but his eyes on her only served to excite her further. A small groan escaped her lips as she experienced a minor climax trembling through her. She felt her toes curl involuntarily and her knees shake. She wanted to watch Alex as he played with himself – maybe spur him on with her own spread-legged display – but she also wanted to see what was happening to her husband and the young woman who was so skilfully pleasuring him.

As Francesca’s eyes once again returned to the scene unfolding before her she could see that Victoria had now completely removed the lower part of her outfit and was proudly displaying a clean shaved pussy. Francesca gasped and pushed her fingers deeply inside herself; she had never before seen another woman’s open and excited vagina so close and she was surprised at how sexy she found it.

As Francesca continued to watch, Victoria took a break from throating Mark’s erection to summon the presence of her husband. Alex was on the floor with them in a flash and as Victoria guided him behind her, and pushed the entire length of Mark’s cock back into her mouth, Alex slipped a finger straight up inside her open pussy.

Francesca could see that her husband was fast approaching an inevitable climax – in fact she was a little surprised that he had lasted this long. She held her breath and bit down on her lip as a sudden volcano of lust exploded between her legs. Her head rolled back and her eyes closed, she desperately wanted to see her husband cum as well but the series of ecstatic waves that were currently crashing over her body ensured that she remained in her own little world of pleasure for just a few seconds more.

When Francesca was finally able to open her eyes she was delighted to see that she wasn’t too late; Victoria had circled her finger and thumb around the head of Mark’s twitching tool in a successful effort to stop him from cumming.

“Not yet, baby.” She cooed in a faint whisper. “Lie back now, lie back and enjoy.”

Both Mark and Alex were now stretched out on their backs; two hard and swollen cocks protruding from their bodies like fleshy flagpoles vying for attention. And, Francesca saw from her position, Victoria was about to give them that attention.

Kneeling over the two men, her top hanging open to display a tantalising pair of ripe and firm breasts, Victoria began to alternate her oral ministrations between them. Firstly her mouth would close sensuously over the swollen head of Marks cock while she squeezed the root gently between her fingers, then, just as he was almost crying out for release, she would stop and do the same to her husband. Francesca was much impressed by the way that the young woman kept both men on the verge of cumming for several minutes and realised that this was probably not the first time that she had “entertained” more than one man at a time.

The thought of two hard cocks all to herself drifted through Francesca’s mind as she played with herself again. Would she ever be brave enough to go through with such a thing? She certainly envied young Victoria as she played the two men so professionally, but could she do that herself? Before she realised what was happening, Francesca was surprised to note that she had opened the front of her white silk blouse and was openly pinching her own nipples as she watched.

“Want to see my wife get fucked?”

Francesca’s reverie quickly broke as she realised that Alex’s voice was directed at her. A moment of inhibition overtook her and she placed her palm over her now dripping pussy in an attempt to conceal her modesty.

“Oh, that’s a shame.” Alex continued with a smile. “I was just enjoying the view!”

Francesca animasyon porno returned the smile and laughed back as she realised that covering herself in such a way was now completely pointless.

“I’d love to see Victoria get fucked!” she replied. “And it looks to me like she needs it too. But how is she going to take you both?”

Alex flashed a cheeky grin in her direction and said, “Just watch, Francesca. Just watch!”

It seemed to Francesca that young Victoria, or Vikki as she had been repeatedly called by her husband, had little say in whether she was to get fucked or not, but from the look on the girl’s face she reckoned that if the men didn’t leap on her in the next few seconds she would haul them on top and do it herself!

Alex now took control of the situation as he encouraged the trio into position. He knew that Mark was straining for release and that it wouldn’t be too long before he blew his load. Telling Mark to lay down on his back he winked at Vikki. She seemed instinctively to know what was on her husband’s mind and climbed up and straddled mark’s body. Her fingers grasped his throbbing cock and in a single deft movement lined it up with the entrance to her tight, puckered ass.

Francesca watched in open-mouthed fascination as the young woman took her husband’s cock deep into her asshole. Her facial expression was one of pure pleasure as the solid rod slid into her body and, as Francesca watched Alex move between his wife’s legs and prepare to penetrate her second hole, she understood how this girl was going to be used. Francesca let the word drift around in her head as her fingers once again began to stoke at her eager clitoris. “Used”; she liked the sound of that. The thought of having a man – or even two men – use her in that way was turning her on so much her pussy was virtually flowing. Her fingers were drenched and as Victoria groaned loudly with the force of the double penetration, Francesca climaxed again hard on her hand.

Alex began to saw his rock solid tool in and out of his wife’s eager pussy. Through the thin strip of skin, he could feel the other man’s cock in her ass and he smiled. He knew how much Vikki adored being penetrated by two men at the same time and could hear and feel her as the orgasms washed over her body in great crashing waves. With a deep thrust he buried himself inside her vagina and, as he bottomed out, he heard a long, guttural groan from Mark.

“Oh shit, man. I think I’m gonna cum!!”

Alex knew that to finish the job properly, he had to act and talk fast.

“Hold on, Mark!” He cried while almost wrenching his tool from Victoria’s gaping pussy hole. “Let’s do it together, okay?”

Francesca was listening and watching with rapt interest; her legs spread as wide as they would go and her fingers almost a blur inside her sucking vagina. She was cumming again – really hard this time – and her back arched as the juices flowed. She managed to keep her eyes open this time and looked on as the two men extricated themselves from the young woman’s body and Alex held her head back against the floor. Mark had only ever cum inside her mouth or pussy but this looked like it was going to be different.

As she watched the final scene of lust, Francesca’s eyes burned with envy. As Alex held his wife’s head steady with one hand he began to jerk himself furiously with the other. For a moment, Mark seemed lost; not quite knowing what to do, but a single gasped phrase from Alex seemed enough to put him back on track.

“Fuck her mouth, man. Do it now! Let’s cum on her face together!”

Mark apparently didn’t need to be asked twice and as his wife looked on, thrust his spasming tool back into Victoria’s open and willing mouth.

The two men came almost simultaneously and Victoria’s face and mouth were soon awash with streams of jism that seemed to hit her skin from every angle. Francesca moaned and squeezed her legs together as she watched the twin jets spray their contents over Vikki’s face. Her mind was reeling. She suddenly realised that she had been holding her breath and with a loud sigh exhaled in one go and climaxed again while the men finished by smearing their tools obscenely across Victoria’s features.

“That was even better than we had expected.” Both Francesca and Mark agreed a few minutes later as they handed over the large sum of money that had been promised. “You know, you two could do really well around here. You’re wasted in that seedy club.”

Alex and Victoria smiled, both pleased that their services had been so well received.

“Yeah, I bet there’s a whole bunch of my friends that would give anything to get a piece of your pussy, Vikki!” Mark laughed.

Francesca nodded her agreement and said, “yes, and I know that many of my friends would love to get their hands on that beautiful cock of Alex’s as well.”

“You two sound like you have it all sorted out!” Alex said as he grabbed for his robe. “Maybe we could work out a commission rate for you!”

Francesca reached out her hand towards the younger man and deliberately stopped him getting dressed any further. As her hand gently encircled his hanging tool she felt the power of his masculinity as it began to pulsate with life and a shiver of excitement ran down her spine.

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