750-1 Saturday Morning

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Content Note: This is a little story for the 750 Word Project 2023. Beneath this line are exactly 750 words

I knew it was going to be a good morning when I woke to hear the shower running. We usually shower before going to bed, but she likes to shower before we make love. I rose from bed smiling, she was singing in the shower, another good sign.

I opened the shower door and joined her, it’s a small shower so there’s just barely room for the three of us, her, me, and my erection. Five of us if we want to count her breasts too, big and full, a bit heavy and somewhat pendulous, just the way I like them. I bumped the head of my cock against her ass, and she stopped singing, “good morning to you too!” she said as her hand reached around behind her and gently grabbed my cock.

“You don’t have to stop singing,” I said as I held her close and hefted those breasts. God, I love them! I actually made her cum once just through nipple play. Suckling, twisting, pinching, it bursa eskort bayan took a long time but, in the end, we were both rewarded with a sweet little orgasm. We never repeated the feat, her nipples were sore for a week afterward, but sometimes the idea comes to my mind…

“I don’t want to scare you away,” she said explaining the end of her song.

“Your singing will never do that,” I said as I filled my palm with her fruit scented body wash and proceeded to lather her up, sliding my hand over every inch of her trim body and her heavy breasts, a figure best described as tits on a stick. What a delight to explore every nook and cranny of her body. “You shaved!” I exclaimed as I discovered her bare, smooth pussy.

“All the better for you to eat me with,” she said with a foxy growl, then she warned, “Don’t get my hair wet, the kids…”

“The kids,” I agreed. They will be up soon.

“Enough!” she said as she rinsed herself off.

We dried off with big, soft, fluffy bursa merkez escort towels then laughing like children we raced for the bedroom and dove for the bed, rolling and tumbling, tickling, and pinching when somehow, she had me pinned! I was laying supine on my back looking up at her beautiful breasts and her clean-shaven pussy, what red-blooded American wouldn’t want to dive right in? I grasped her ass and pulled her hips closer, and I reached out with my tongue for that delightful clit of hers. She gasped softly as I contacted her cunt with a swipe of my tongue, “You fucker!” Sophie wouldn’t say shit if she had a mouthful as the old saying goes, but in bed “You Fucker” is her pet name for me. I love it. I worked hard to earn it.

Those were the last words she said for a while as I lapped and suckled at her pussy and clit, all she could do was lean over and shudder as I worked my magic on her. Her juices started to flow and I loved it, I drank every drop bursa sınırsız escort bayan of nectar she gave me, the scent of fresh mown hay filled my senses, God how I love going down on that woman! She began grinding her pussy on my face as her orgasm approached and I heard that soft keening like sound she makes which told me she was close, what a delightful way to spend a Saturday morning.

I grasped her ass and pushed upwards which allowed me to get free, then I spun around, and she was on her elbows and knees. I lined my cock up with her moist slot and drove in without warning. The slap of our crotches joining was drown out by her stifled gasp and she was driving back at me as I proceeded to fuck my lover with malicious delight. “Cum in me,” she gasped over and over as I pounded my cock into her moist depths.

“Soon!” I gasped; my own orgasm was now inevitable.

“CUM IN ME EDDIE!” she cried as her own orgasm washed over her and we were cumming together. We collapsed to the bed; our breathing was ragged as we came.

“I love you,” I gasped as we kissed.

A noise downstairs alerted us, so we dressed quickly and crept downstairs. We stepped into the living room to find it filled with teenagers. The youngest, Angelique, looked at us and said, “Grandma, grandpa, we thought you would never get up!”

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