Table for Two Ch. 08

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On Wednesday, Stephanie spent most of her time in school attending her classes, but really thinking about her experiences with her sister and what was bound to happen today.

She couldn’t bring herself to think of their plan as a date, even if she was as anxious about it as any date she had in the past. She remembered Emily’s words, that they are not in love and not a couple. Emily was right, Stephanie knew what being in love felt like and this wasn’t it. At least not exactly like it. She was just going out with her big sister. She knew she’d have a good time, like she always did with Emily. It wasn’t a date.

Her past relationships were different in that she never really knew the guy she was with. She always idolized them, and sooner rather than later she ended up being disappointed. What she had with her sister was so different she couldn’t even compare the experiences. Emily was just there for her, always and unconditionally.

And if their newest argument from two days ago told her something, it was that they were still normal siblings. They were similar in many ways and they still competed with each other, fought one another. And like always, in the end they apologized and made up, because inside there was something between them. She also had similar fights with her past boyfriends, but that deeper connection just wasn’t there then.

Stephanie just couldn’t wrap her head around the whole situation with Emily, to figure out what was happening or what she wanted to happen. She was never good at resolving issues just by thinking and she probably wouldn’t be able to do it now. It would help to have someone to talk it over with, to reflect her thoughts off of. Emily had Sam, but Stephanie didn’t dare to bring it up with her own friends.

There was also that uneasiness, that conflict her mind brought up the moment the teen tried to view her sister as someone to hook up with. On some level, she felt like things weren’t supposed to be like this, that her big sister wasn’t supposed to view her in a sexual way, or do sexual things to her. Their encounter at the club was breathtaking, but no one could really blame them for what they did. What happened this Saturday was different. It felt amazingly good and she wanted it at that time, but looking back, in a way it was very wrong. A big sister should be protective and supportive, she should not masturbate her to orgasm.

On some level, Stephanie couldn’t help feeling like they made a mistake. In a dark corner of her mind, she even asked herself if the older girl took advantage of Stephanie. Everything she knew about Emily told her that wasn’t the case. Was it possible that the lonely 20 year old would do such a thing subconsciously? But they both wanted it. Stephanie was sure she wanted it.

Two days ago, Emily confessed she was scared, but the whole thing scared the teen just as much. After Emily’s calm offer to go out she was probably even more scared than the older girl. Before then, when Stephanie wanted to be with Emily, she had the control. Emily’s previous resistance was a comforting barrier, keeping Stephanie safe in case she decided she wanted things to stop. But now it felt like that was slipping from her.

Sill, Saturday with Emily was wonderful. Their trip to the park, an intimate art session and especially what happened after lights out. Back then, she was simply happy.

These thoughts, both good and bad came throughout the day. The sisters had agreed to return home from school, get ready and go out then. But by the time she left school, Stephanie was about ready to cancel their plans.

Emily was sitting sprawled in the living room sofa, idly watching TV.

Really though, she was waiting for her sister. Just like Stephanie, she spent most of the day rehearsing what they’d do and say once school was over. Emily was surprisingly calm though, willing to let the chips fall where they may.

She heard the door and unconsciously sat up. She didn’t even realize that she wanted to look her best as she straightened her back and stuck out her chest.

“Hi,” Stephanie greeted her with a brief glance as she entered the room.

“Hi,” Emily smiled at her.

Stephanie dropped her bag next to the couch and sat down to the 20 year old’s left, still in school clothes – jeans and yellow T-shirt with stylized black emblem on the front.

A few seconds later, she slowly said, “Em, I was thinking about today-“

Emily noticed the murky tone.

She turned the volume down and looked at her sister, “You don’t want to go?”

“I guess I’m just a bit scared of this,” Stephanie confessed uneasily.

“That’s not like you, Steph,” Emily said, concerned, “Is there any way I can help?”

“Tell me it’s going to be OK,” Stephanie suggested.

“Steph, nothing’s going on,” Emily smiled, shook her head and shrugged, “I just wanted to check out the new amusement park and didn’t want to go alone. We can go another time if you don’t feel like it now. Or I can take Sam.”

Stephanie smiled gently, “I’d like to go to that park.”

She seemed escort ataşehir really relieved now, but Emily still felt like she was persuading her sister to do something she didn’t want.

“You know you can say no, and I’d understand, right?” Emily continued, “It wouldn’t mean anything.”

“Nothing?” Stephanie asked jokingly, “It’s starting to sound like you want me to say no.”

“Of course. Why would I want you to say yes?” Emily said, lifting her hands and shaking her head in a theatrical way.

“Because I’m awesome?” the teen smiled.

“OK, you got me, that’s true,” Emily replied, nodding her head.

Stephanie couldn’t hold back a happy chuckle.

“Well, say what you want, I’m not letting you off the hook so easily,” Stephanie stuck out her tongue and stood up quickly, “Let’s get ready.”

Stephanie couldn’t stop giggling as she devoured the delicious cotton candy, her left arm linked with Emily’s right.

They were walking down the main pathway of the park, her gaze wandering between the kiosks on both sides. It was already getting dark but the whole park was lit up brightly. Colors, sounds and smells were attacking their senses from all sides.

For once, she wasn’t the only one of them to be like this. First they went to ride the bumper cars, smashing into everyone, each other especially, then devising collaborative tactics to smash into the cars of the two guys who tried to literally hit on the two cute girls. After the ride, it was unilaterally decided that the girls won the fight and the two guys were not worth hanging out with.

Afterwards, Emily suggested to relax on a small ferris wheel, only to be shot down by the teen with allegations of being a boring grandma. Stephanie of course wanted to ride the main attraction, a giant frisbee pendulum seating more than 30 people. After a lot of begging and more than a bit of suggestive pinching, the 20 year old agreed, and the girls spent almost all of their remaining cash on the monster ride.

The teen was ecstatic. The ride kept swinging and turning, up became down, and back again, her hair flying in all the directions her body wanted to go. She had to hold down the skirt of her yellow summer dress not to flash her white panties at everyone nearby. No doubt, her sister was forced to do the same with her black skirt. Still, the teen couldn’t help it and let her hand slip a couple of times to let them see anyway, feeling a warm tickle between her legs every time.

All the feelings were overwhelming and she couldn’t stop screaming with excitement at every swing, soon to be joined by her sister. Halfway through the experience she felt Emily’s hand grabbing hers and she latched onto it tightly. Now she was screaming and laughing with joy as well, her eyes watering with tears. The ride was amazing, but being able to share it with her sister made it that much better.

Stephanie couldn’t remember when was the last time she ate cotton candy. It must have been when she was a child, before she even found out she had a sister. The ephemeral treat was now dissolving at the slightest touch of her tongue, vanishing into pure sweetness. Like every experience Stephanie had with her sister recently, even the candy tasted much better this time. Now there was no hint of her earlier worries about their strange relationship. She couldn’t imagine being more happy than when she was with this girl.

But a different thought occurred to her when she noticed Emily’s mouth lined with the pink goodness of her own candy. Stephanie couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if she tried to lick those full lips. She was sure that, like the candy, the kiss would be sweet. But she reminded herself of being a good friend and sister to Emily first and foremost. Because just like with the candy, that kiss might also make her sister vanish from Stephanie’s life.

Emily was sitting on her bed, cross-legged, muted house beats coming from her laptop sitting on her desk. The shower did wonders and even after the whole day at school, followed by all the excitement at the amusement park, she felt fresh and invigorated again, still feeling the citrus scented of shampoo in her hair. She heard the water in the shower fall quiet.

She smiled, her right hand now making quick movements. Now she was reliving the excitement again as she listened to her sister singing in the bathroom. She didn’t hear everything through the two doors, but even the hint of melody told her the teen was singing Wrecking Ball, an uptempo remix of which the sisters listened to while riding the frisbee pendulum. Just as Emily started to enjoy the song, the young girl’s voice was drowned out by the sound of the hair dryer.

By the time Stephanie was done, Emily was almost finished too. Her sister’s voice was more pronounced once she left the bathroom. And she had a really nice voice too, just a bit higher than Emily’s. She probably also had the lung capacity to be a great singer, she just lacked the training to make all those assets work together in a perfect way. Her performance was kadıköy escort bayan still very impressive and even if it wasn’t, Emily simply enjoyed listening to her sister’s audible happiness.

“I came in like a wrecking ball!” Stephanie screamed as she bust into their room just as Emily pulled her shirt down.

“You did,” Emily nodded, smiling back innocently.

Stephanie was wearing only a long black T-shirt with a yellow skull printed up front, her armpit length brown hair loose and messy falling all over her shoulders. She looked really cute, with her naked slim legs sticking out from underneath the shirt and an explosion on her head, but to Emily her most attractive feature was the wide smile on her face.

“Hey, I can see you!” Stephanie said, pointing down at Emily’s body.

“You don’t see anything!” Emily stuck out her tongue. She was shy, but also kind of wanted to show her sister.

“Don’t make me take your top off,” Stephanie warned with a lifted finger and shaking her head as she approached Emily’s bed, “You know I’ll do it. I don’t care if you’re not wearing anything underneath.”

Stephanie was of course right. Emily didn’t wear anything under her white shirt. Neither of the girls needed a bra in bed, or even when being casual at home. Just throwing a shirt on was simply more comfortable and no one made a big deal out of a little jiggle or some nipples poking through fabric. On top of all that, Emily knew the thin T-shirt, which she was now wearing over her dark pajama shorts with a multicolored floral motif, made it pretty obvious her firm breasts were bare underneath.

“I know you won’t take it off,” Emily continued the game, laughing and waving her hand.

“I promise, I’ll get that shirt off of you tonight, one way or another,” Stephanie said jokingly, pointing her finger at Emily’s torso as she sat down on the bed in front of her sister, her left leg still on the ground.

“And what if you don’t?” Emily teased.

The teen probably expected something to happen between them that night, most likely courtesy of Emily’s behavior the day before. Originally, so did Emily, but now that the event was getting more real by the second, she felt a bit apprehensive. She hoped Stephanie wouldn’t be angry if Emily didn’t want to do anything sexual.

“If I don’t,” the young girl thought for a second, then continued, “I’ll pose for you naked.”

“What? Naked?” Emily was too surprised to react.

“That’s right, like the day I was born,” Stephanie winked, “And you get to tell me exactly what to do.”

The 20 year old found herself unexpectedly excited at that idea.

“You’d do that for me?”

“I would. But only for you,” Stephanie replied with pointed finger and a warm smile, “This would help you with your figure studies, right?”

“Y- Yeah,” Emily stammered.

Her mind was occupied with several ideas at once. One was the seductive image of her naked, teenaged sister stretching her perfect body, only for her sister’s benefit, into the sexiest poses Emily’s twisted imagination could come up. And Emily’s mind, for better or worse, could be very creative when it came to these things. She felt goose bumps when she realized all the stuff she could make the young girl do.

The other idea, throwing the 20 year old’s mind into conflict was, that she still was, and wanted to be, this girl’s big sister. Stephanie was part of her closest family and from deep within Emily’s core came an intense desire to protect and care for the cute smiling teen sitting in front of her. That’s how she always felt about Stephanie. And one of the few things she was sure about in her life was that this desire would never change, no matter what happened. That motivation was stronger and more important than any other feelings that might arise.

“Em?” Stephanie carefully asked.

Emily smiled and relaxed. She knew how she felt. She confidently lifted her shirt enough to take out the sketchbook she was trying to hide underneath, then handed it to the glowing teen. The girl started lettering through the sketchbook, looking for the most recent picture.

“Oh, and by the way,” Stephanie said with a grin as she fingered through the pages, “When I said I can see you-“

“What?” Emily asked, confused.

“I mean, I don’t really mind, and wouldn’t mind if I was in your situation,” the teen kept teasing, “Really, this is OK with me-“

“What is it already?” Emily insisted.

“Let’s just say, maybe you don’t want to sit like that in those shorts,” Stephanie giggled as she kept looking into the sketchbook, but used one finger to point downwards. She continued, grinning, “I mean, the shorts look lovely and comfortable and everything, but maybe just a bit loose for that pose.”

Emily finally understood and looked between her splayed legs in horror. The loose legs of the shorts rode up and left wide gaps between her thighs. Stephanie probably wasn’t lying when she implied she could see Emily’s intimates. Instinct made the 20 year old quickly cover her crotch with her hands, then close escort bostancı her thighs and straight her legs. She felt her face blush in embarrassment at the sudden exposure.

Stephanie giggled, shrugging, “I really don’t mind, it’s not like I haven’t seen it before, Em.”

The 20 year old could only spit out, “You ass.”

“No wait, wait, I’ve got a better one,” Stephanie said as she held up a finger and looked up, past her sister and Emily knew it was Stephanie’s poem time.

After a few seconds of Stephanie silently nodding her head while mouthing words, she cleared her throat and recited in a serious voice.

“Emily’s shorts have blossoms all over,

you can’t help but wonder what they hide.

And sometimes, you see one more blossom.


Emily couldn’t help but giggle at the teen’s poetic description. She was still embarrassed, but that analogy was at least a compliment. An uncomfortably intimate one, but Stephanie was allowed to say something like that, because she knew the girl meant well.

“That was pretty good,” Emily complimented her.

“You liked it?” the teen beamed.

Emily nodded, “You’re quite talented, if you come up with more, maybe you should write it down.”

“Maybe I will,” Stephanie said as she continued flipping through the sketchbook.

Feeling bold, the older sister asked, “So, you like the smell of blossoms?”

The teen reacted in a mock shocked gesture, “Me? No way sir!”

The smiling Emily continued, “But you’re still a brash ass.”

“And you’re an amazing artist,” her sister said, admiring Emily’s latest sketch, “This is brilliant.”

The older sister looked down at the sketchbook. It was an angled action shot of the two of them strapped in the frisbee ride, hair flying upwards, mouths screaming wide. Even to Emily’s critical eyes, the sketch actually looked good from upside down.

“Thanks,” she replied quietly.

Stephanie nodded and hummed in agreement, looking down and studying the sketch.

Emily was really humbled by her sister’s admiration, never feeling like she deserved praise from this girl. She felt like hugging her, but stopped herself, not wanting to make things awkward.

But she noticed Stephanie jerking her head upwards and blowing on the messy bangs falling into her eyes. All her hair was a mess and Emily was glad she thought of a good way to do all she wanted at the moment – be close to the girl, express her affection towards her and be a caring big sister. She stood up and walked around the bed towards the door.

When Stephanie looked up, she said, “I’ll be right back.”

She picked up the hairbrush from the bathroom, then sat down on her bed, behind her sister.

“Hold still,” Emily instructed, then used her left hand to separate a section of her sister’s dark brown hair and started slowly brushing it with her right, using the brush to also give her a gentle head massage at the same time.

Stephanie made a content moan, “Talented and caring. What did I do to deserve you?”

Emily smiled, looking at her sister’s hair, now less messy by the second. She shook her head, “You do more than enough. But I’m supposed to look after you.”

“I don’t know,” Stephanie said in a slow suspicious tone, “It’s starting to feel like you want something from me.”

Emily could only giggle and again shake her head at her sister’s little games. She moved to Stephanie’s left side, moving hair away from her face. She could see Stephanie’s eyes were closed now.

The teen took a deep breath and continued talking, “I really love this.”

“Me too,” Emily agreed.

What they were doing was simple and relaxing, but she also couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else. It was too intimate to do with a friend, and it would feel just wrong to do this to a boyfriend. But with Stephanie, caring about each other intimately like this felt natural and right.

“Actually this is so nice I would be down to anything,” Stephanie said, slowing down as she smiled, “Really. Anything.”

Emily giggled again as she focused on the teen’s right side, “You dork.”

A few minutes later, Emily was done, “There. Smooth as silk.”

“Thank you,” Stephanie said in a small voice. When Emily’s hands left her hair she turned around, “Now let me do you!”

Emily smiled, nodded and handed Stephanie the brush.

When she turned around, she heard her devious sister add, “I’m not necessarily talking about brushing your hair.”

Just then she felt Stephanie’s fingers tickling the back of her neck as the teen started brushing a section of her hair. The small tickle traveled all the way down her spine, making her shiver. She said, smiling, “You’re still a dork.”

“We’re both dorks,” Stephanie replied.

“We are,” Emily was forced to agree. Even if she wanted to, she physically couldn’t disagree with a person who was doing what Stephanie did to her now. Just like her sister, Emily closed her eyes, relaxing. The small tickles on her neck and continued massage on her head felt amazing and she understood how Stephanie felt when she said she’d do anything for this. A few moments later though, she noticed a pleasurable tickle as well. With each gentle stroke and each touch of the teen’s loving hands, the excitement grew, echoing throughout her whole body.

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