Swim Team Ch. 07

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Mike and Dana spent several nights over the next couple of weeks sleeping together in Dana’s bed. They didn’t always fuck and sometimes they just held each other softly as they drifted off to sleep.

One night Mike commented that he was thinking of inviting Gina over for dinner at their apartment. Dana said to just let her know what night they picked and she would clear out and give them some privacy.

“Well,” Mike said casually, “I was kind of thinking it could be the three of us.” He tried to act cool, but Dana detected the hint of a cat-that-swallowed-the-canary smile. She guessed that it would have been something undetectable to anyone other than his mom, but she knew him so well she knew something was up.

She played along and said it would be fun, but even as she replied her stomach churned excitedly wondering what Mike had in mind. She remembered how Mike confessed to watching her fuck Gina and admitted that it had really turned him on. Scenarios where Mike asked her to fuck Gina while he watched ran through her mind and drove her wild with lust. Over the next few days she fantasized regularly about fucking Mike and Gina together and it seemed like it took a long time for the selected night to arrive.

At times she questioned her assumption of Mike’s motives, but she was sure she detected something mischievous in his voice and in his expression. Whatever it was led her to believe that Mike’s motives weren’t pure. But how could she be correct? Could it really be possible for him to plan something so wicked and kinky with his own mother? If it was true, how had he convinced Gina to go along with the idea?

Gina arrived a little early and they sat around chatting for a while. Mike had bought some beer and they opened a round. Before long they got up and fixed dinner together. As they cooked they talked happily and shared several more rounds of drinks.

The conversation continued easily as they ate. Eventually the subject of Gina’s apartment came up and Gina talked about how frustrated she had become at trying to find a decent place to live. She had a new roommate at her current place that drove her crazy and she hadn’t renewed her lease. Just after the end of the school year she wouldn’t have anywhere to live. She was frustrated trying to find new roommates or trying to find a place she could afford by herself.

Dana felt bad for Gina but didn’t think much beyond that until Mike picked up the conversation. “So mom, we were, um, thinking that maybe Gina could move in here,” he said.

Dana was completely surprised and wasn’t sure how to react. Was Mike asking her to move out so he and Dana could live together? Was he asking if Dana could move into his bedroom? Dana tried to think rationally but was suddenly very excited by the idea of sharing the apartment with both of her lovers. Dana tried to keep these kinky thoughts out of her mind and think clearly, but how could she possibly think clearly about the situation she was in? She was currently fucking her son and her son’s girlfriend and now they both wanted to live with her.

Dana realized she had been sitting silently for a few moments and tried to calm her racing mind. She told herself that Mike couldn’t be asking her if all three of them could live together, but what if he was?

“Well,” Dana started slowly and figured it was better to assume the worst, “I guess it would be OK. I could start looking for someplace to move for the summer and you two could have the place to yourself.”

She paused hoping that Mike would jump in and tell her she had assumed incorrectly. She had to restrain her smile when he did just that.

“Well,” he said with a quick glance toward Gina and just a hint of blush in his cheeks, “we were thinking all three of us could live here.”

Dana mulled that thought for a second. Her mind filled with a variety of kinky, wild visions of the three of them fucking. She finally said, “Really?”

Mike answered yes and then, as if she could read Dana’s mind, Gina reached across the table and softly took Dana’s hand in her own. “It’s OK,” Gina said softly, “Mike told me about…” Gina paused as if what she was about to say was making her really nervous. Finally she gathered her courage and said, “…he told me about you two.”

Dana shot a surprised and concerned look at Mike. If he had told her, who else had he told? Why had he told his girlfriend he had committed incest with his mother?

Then a new set of questions filled her mind and excited her. Did the idea of Mike fucking his mom excite Gina? Did Gina want to fuck her and Mike at the same time? Could this all really be happening?

Dana stared at Mike with questioning eyes but Mike didn’t say anything. He only smiled an embarrassed smile. “You haven’t told her?” Gina asked Mike.

“Told me what?” Dana asked looking back and forth between them not knowing what was going on.

“I think we need more drinks,” Mike said as he collected their empty bottles and went to the refrigerator to get a new round. Gina scolded Mike teasingly for not telling Dana escort ataşehir and then turned back to Dana.

Gina slid into the chair beside her at the table and started explaining. Gina said that one of the very first times she and Mike had fooled around he had confessed a certain kinky turn on. Gina explained that Mike had been pretty drunk and she guessed that was what gave him the courage to talk about this turn on.

Dana still had no idea what Gina was talking about and felt her jaw literally drop when Gina continued. Gina said that Mike had been really turned on by calling her mommy and having her talk to him as if she were his mom. Dana stared in stunned silence as Gina said they even fucked a few times while role-playing that she was Mike’s mom.

“Well,” Gina said with a sly, sexy grin toward Dana, “it wasn’t a great leap to assume he had a certain fascination with you.” Dana simply sat frozen in place and listened to more of Gina’s story.

Gina eventually asked Mike directly, in the middle of some excited foreplay, if his mom turned him on and he said yes. “Before I really knew what I was saying I heard myself admitting that I had slept with you,” Gina said to Dana.

“After that,” Gina continued, “he was like an animal. All he did was ask me questions about what it was like to fuck you and what you were like in bed.” She paused and looked over at Mike with a sexy smile. “God, didn’t we end up fucking three times that night?” she asked.

Gina turned back to Dana and said, “It was like he was trying to somehow fuck you through me once he knew I had been with you. It was amazing.”

“I guess before that moment I wasn’t sure I really believed he wanted to fuck you, but once I felt his lust that night I knew it was real. He was fucking me but I knew in his mind he was with you.”

Dana’s stomach knotted with excitement and her mind spun. Could this really be happening?

“And then,” Gina continued, “that night when you talked about Mike…” her voice trailed off with a lusty sigh. “I could barely contain myself from telling you he wanted to fuck you. Hearing you say what you did, after knowing about Mike’s desires, I think that was the hottest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“So,” Dana asked quietly, “you don’t think we’re perverts.”

Gina gazed deeply into Dana’s eyes and answered, “I think it is the kinkiest, nastiest, hottest thing I’ve ever heard of.”

For a moment the two women gazed into each other’s eyes. Dana felt her lust boil to nearly uncontrollable levels and she could see the flame of lust burning brightly in Gina’s eyes. In the next moment they leaned toward each other and met in a long, intense kiss.

The kiss lingered for many long minutes with the two women sitting at the kitchen table. Dana’s mind raced and she was completely lost in this kiss. It felt more passionate, lust filled, and more exciting than any kiss she had ever shared with Gina before.

Eventually Gina stood up and moved onto Dana’s lap with her legs straddling Dana. Their arms wrapped around each other and their mouths immediately locked in a continuation of their deep, hungry kiss. Dana groaned as Gina’s lips left hers and danced all over Dana’s face, ears, and neck. When Gina finished Dana returned the favor and soon had Gina quivering and moaning excitedly on her lap.

Dana was so lost in her lust and in the embrace with Gina that Mike’s moan almost surprised her. She turned and looked into her son’s face as he stared back wildly. The lust and desire burned in his eyes as he watched his mom and girlfriend kiss and caress each other.

“Do you like this?” Gina asked in a low, seductive voice as she gazed at Mike.

Mike only nodded his head and Gina moaned, “Good.”

Seeing Mike’s expression and being reminded of exactly what was happening further enflamed Dana’s lust. She couldn’t believe this was really happening. The intensity of her lust and of this moment was beyond anything she could ever imagine.

Dana couldn’t wait any longer. The kiss was amazing and intense, but she needed more. She lifted Gina off her lap and took her hand before leading her down the hall to her bedroom. Mike followed and moments later Dana and Gina resumed their wild embrace while lying on the bed as Mike stood at the foot of the bed watching excitedly.

It was clear that Gina was at least as excited as Dana. Gina pulled away from their kiss after what felt like several long minutes on the bed and kissed her way across Dana’s jawbone and down her neck. She smoothly removed Dana’s top and kissed and sensually licked her way down Dana’s neck and across her shoulders and chest.

Mike’s moan as Gina removed Dana’s top was primal and wanton. Gina continued kissing her and caressed her tits through her bra as Dana gazed over at her son. He rubbed his cock through his pants and gazed wildly at the couple on the bed. Knowing he was so close and so wildly turned on drove Dana crazy.

The reality of him watching as she fucked his girlfriend was kinky and wild, but Dana was too horny kadıköy escort bayan to deny herself his cock. She wanted to touch him, to taste him, and to see his hard cock as Gina pleasured her.

She managed to resist and prolong the delicious anticipation for a few more minutes. In that time Gina teasingly kissed and licked her way across Dana’s stomach. She also pulled off Dana’s pants leaving Dana lying in only her bra and panties.

The entire time Dana’s gaze never left Mike. For what felt like an amazing eternity their gazes locked and they stared deeply into each other’s eyes. These moments confirmed the intensity of what was happening and made Dana ache deeply for her son. Never before had someone’s mere look caused her to feel so much.

Gina grasped Dana’s panties pulled them off. Dana spread her legs wide and Gina immediately brought her mouth to the soft skin of Dana’s inner thigh. Dana groaned and reached her hand toward Mike inviting him onto the bed.

Mike moved as if he had been coiled and simply awaiting an invitation. In the next instant he knelt beside her. Dana ran her fingers over the rock hard bulge of his cock and felt Mike shudder. Dana reached for the clasp on his pants to free his cock as Gina brought her mouth directly to Dana’s pussy.

Dana felt like she was on fire with lust as Gina’s tongue played over her dripping wet pussy. The feeling was so exciting and intense that Dana closed her eyes and let out a wild moan. She reached down to Gina’s head and ran her fingers through Gina’s hair as the young woman wantonly sucked and licked her pussy. Dana didn’t know if she stayed like this, with her eyes closed as Gina wildly sucked her pussy, for a few seconds or a few minutes.

Gina was clearly very excited as she frantically licked and teased Dana’s pussy. She obviously wanted to make Dana cum and Dana knew it wouldn’t be long before Gina got what she wanted.

Suddenly Dana felt Mike’s rock hard cock brush against the side of her face and across her lips. She opened her eyes and gazed at her son, who was now completely naked and holding his rock hard cock so it pointed directly at her mouth. Dana parted her lips and Mike thrust his cock into her mouth.

Dana bathed his cock with her tongue and grasped the base of his shaft. She guided it as she sucked, kissed, and licked him all over. Mike let out a wild, lusty moan that made Dana shudder with her own lust. Mike’s moan also drew Gina’s attention and she lifted her mouth from Dana’s pussy to see what was happening.

At the sight of Dana sucking her son’s cock Gina groaned and gasped, “Oh fuck.” Dana continued to wildly suck Mike’s cock as Gina gasped exclamations. “That is so fucking hot,” she groaned.

Dana’s pussy throbbed and she desperately wanted Gina to finish what she started, but hearing Gina’s words and the tone of wild lust in her voice was also very satisfying. Not only was she committing incest, but she was doing it with someone watching. Never in her wildest dreams did she think something like this would actually ever happen. Knowing that Gina was watching and obviously getting very excited only made her feel more horny and wild.

Dana focused entirely on sucking Mike’s cock as Gina stared at them. Dana knew her son was very close to loosing his control and she wanted to taste his cum. She also wanted Gina to watch as she did it.

“Ohhh, Mike,” Gina groaned. “It’s happening. Your mom is sucking your cock!” Mike shuddered and groaned and Dana thought he was going to cum right then, but he resisted the urge for a few more moments.

Gina noticed the impact of her words and continued driving Mike toward his orgasm by talking. Gina moved so she was kneeling beside Mike and had a very clear view of Dana’s mouth moving back and forth on Mike’s cock. “Does mommy’s mouth feel good?” Dana teased. Mike groaned and Gina continued, “I bet she wants to taste your cum. Your mommy wants to taste your cum.”

By now Mike was grunting and thrusting his hips back and forth. Dana knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. Dana held the base of his shaft in her hand and kept her lips firmly wrapped around his cock just waiting for his cum.

“Yes!” Gina cried out. “Fuck her mouth. Fuck your mom’s mouth until you cum!”

Mike’s entire body tensed and he cried out loudly as his cum erupted with a wild intensity. His whole body shook from the power of the moment. Dana took most of his cum in her mouth, but at one point his cock slipped out from between her lips and sent cum flying all over her face and neck. Dana eventually sucked his cock back into her mouth and let the last few spurts land on her tongue. His taste and the feeling of his cum in her mouth was amplified by the fact she could also feel the warmth and stickiness of his cum on her face and neck.

Mike hadn’t even completely finished cumming when Dana felt Gina’s mouth on her pussy again. Dana cried out loudly as Gina sucked her clit and then drove her tongue deeply inside her wet pussy. Dana was so excited that it only took a few short moments escort bostancı of Gina’s frantic teasing before she burst into an orgasm that ripped through her body like shots of electricity. Her mind blurred and she felt like she was floating as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. By the time she finished cumming she was gasping for air.

She raised her head off the bed and gazed down at Gina. Gina lifted her head from Dana’s pussy and they locked gazes. Dana could see the lust and excitement in Gina’s eyes. Gina slithered up over Dana’s body and groaned, “Oh my God, that was so hot.” Their lips came together in a long, deep kiss that only ended when Gina slipped her mouth to Dana’s cheek. With her tongue she collected a few drops of Mike’s cum and swallowed them.

Dana would have loved to let her son’s girlfriend lick his cum off her body, but the feel of Gina’s body, the burning lust in her eyes, and the knowledge that she had yet to cum was more than enough to make Dana crave Gina’s pussy. Dana sat up and guided Gina onto her back. Dana slipped down between Gina’s legs with a quick glance toward Mike.

He sat on the edge of the bed holding his mostly soft cock. He stared at the two women with a wild look in his eyes. Gina threw her legs open and Dana eagerly repaid Gina for the wild orgasm she had just received.

Gina’s pussy was so wet it felt like she had already been fucked, but Dana knew that it was all from her own excitement. Knowing Gina was so wildly excited by her fucking Mike still seemed unbelievable and made Dana very excited. Dana slowly teased Gina’s clit and pussy for several long minutes. Occasionally she glanced up to see what Mike was doing and saw that he had moved beside Gina and was sucking and licking her tits and stiff nipples.

It only took a few more minutes before the mother and son combination had Gina moaning seductively in the throes of her own wild orgasm. Dana savored the way her pussy quivered and her hips rocked. She continued sucking her pussy until Gina’s orgasm had completely finished.

Mike and Dana crawled beside Gina with one of them on either side of her. All three traded slow, sexy kisses and caresses. Dana was in heaven and couldn’t believe this was really happening. She hoped this night, this moment, would never end.

After many long minutes Gina looked at Mike and softly said, “Oh my. It looks like somebody needs some attention.” Mike smiled wickedly and Dana gazed over to see Gina’s hand caressing her son’s rock hard cock.

“I want you to fuck her,” Gina said to Mike. “I want to watch you fuck your mom.”

Dana groaned and Mike immediately moved to her. They fell together in a long, hungry kiss. Mike kissed his way to Dana’s tits and he sucked her nipples into a pair of rock hard points. Eventually Gina groaned, “Fuck her. I need to see you fuck her.”

Mike quickly positioned his cock at the entrance to his mom’s pussy and with one long stroke he was inside her. Mike and Dana each groaned softly, and Gina let out a wild gasp. Mike’s cock felt familiar and yet somehow brand new at the same time. As the fuck easily settled into a steady tempo Dana gazed over at Gina.

Gina sat beside them staring, as if in a lust-induced trance, as they fucked. She wasn’t touching herself or playing with her pussy, but it was easy to see by the look on her face, the way her nipples were rock hard, and from the heavy wetness seeping out of her pussy onto her inner thighs that she was wildly excited.

Gina looked at Dana and for a few intense moments they held each other’s gaze. “Does it feel like you wanted it to?” Gina asked.

“Better,” Dana groaned.

Gina lay beside Dana and said, “I can tell he likes fucking you. I can tell by the look in his eyes.” Dana knew that very same look and was impressed that Gina knew Mike so well that she already could identify it.

The room then fell silent other than an occasional groan, the creaking of Dana’s bed, and the sound of Mike and Dana’s bodies slapping together as their fuck intensified. Dana’s gaze moved back and forth from Mike to Gina.

Finally, as if the reality of the moment somehow just sat in, Gina gasped, “Oh God. You’re fucking your son.”

It was Dana’s turn to gasp when Gina reached out and caressed her tits. Her fingers danced over Dana’s tits and played with her nipples perfectly. Soon Dana felt herself approaching her orgasm from the great fuck and from Gina’s teasing.

Dana was so caught up in Gina’s touch and in watching Gina’s face as the younger woman watched the incestuous fuck that she was almost surprised when Mike started to cum. She missed all of his telltale signs and when he groaned and his cum filled her pussy it was a delicious surprise. Dana moaned deeply and stared at Mike as he emptied his cum inside her.

It was like Gina could read Dana’s mind because as soon as Mike finished cumming and let his semi-hard, wet cock slip out of Dana’s pussy Gina crawled on top of Dana and the two women immediately fell into a wild 69 position. The presence of Mike’s cum in Dana’s pussy clearly drove Gina wild and she lapped and sucked excitedly as she collected Mike’s cum. She drove her tongue deeply into Dana repeatedly and made loud noises as she quickly swallowed the heavy combined wetness of Dana’s pussy and Mike’s cum.

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