I Got Spit-Roasted

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Hi Everyone, some of you who have read my other posts will have read about my first real experience sucking dick. Now you can read about my latest filthy adventure where I was spit roasted by 2 bid dicked gay guys.

They send me a message telling me they were a discreet gay couple looking for a sub 3rd to join them and that they hoped I would be interested. After a few messages back and forward we agreed to meet, I would go to their place which it turned out was actually pretty close to my own and we could take it from there.

On the day I was to go round, I made sure to get all ready and clean and sent them a message to say I was on my way. It only took me 5 minutes to get there and I was happy that they were ready waiting for me, one opened the door and introduced himself as paul and guided me into the living room where he introduced me to mark.

They asked me if I was ready for what was coming and when I said yes they ordered me to strip naked for them. I quickly striped off and stood naked and vulnerable in front of them, I was nervous but so excited and I started to get hard as I stood there with them looking at me.

Mark told me to tell them what I was there for, to tell them what I wanted. It was so weird hearing myself say that I wanted these 2 guys to fuck me, that I wanted a cock in my mouth and ass and that I wanted them to turn me into a little gay slut.

When I said all of that he was clearly happy about it and stood up taking off his jeans to reveal his semi hard cock and he told me to get onto my hands and knees and crawl over to suck him as he sat back down on the couch. I did what I was told and before I knew it I illegal bahis was slowly licking and sucking his balls as his dick grew in my hand and it was really growing, it got really big and fat pretty quickly and I knew he was enjoying watching and feeling me on his dick. He then held me by the head and made me kiss the tip of his dick, and tell him that I was his slut and was going to do whatever I was told. He smiled up and Paul and said it was his turn.

As mark got up Paul took his place, sitting in front of me with his already hard dick out. It was even bigger than Marks really long and fat, I greedily sucked it into my mouth getting a moan of pleasure from Paul as he told Mark what a good little slut I obviously was. I felt so degraded and humiliated but my own dick was rock hard and I knew I was going to love every second of what was coming up.

I felt Mark behind me, could hear him squeezing out the lube into his hand and then felt his fingers pushing into my ass, it felt so good and Paul’s cock flopped out of my mouth as I jerked up, arched my back and groaned like a slut at his probing! I stared up at Paul as he slapped my face with his cock making me beg to taste it again, making me tell him how much I loved his cock! He seemed to be even bigger now and I could barely fit his cock into my mouth as he pushed me back down, my mouth was open wide and as he made me bob on it I was starting to take it further into my throat and choke on it!

Mark now had 3 fingers in me and was working me hard from behind, I knew I was ready because I could feel how relaxed and open I was and Mark knew it too, he told me to get Paul’s dick out of my mouth and illegal bahis siteleri beg for him to fuck my ass. As I begged like a complete whore for an ass fucking, I told him that I wanted it so much and would do anything to get it, with that he smiled slid back and lifted his legs right up exposing his asshole to me, I knew what he wanted and I felt Mark grab my hair and push my face into his tight hole. Mark was still behind me and wasnt fingering me anymore just grabbing my head with both hands and making me lick his boyfriends ass hole. This was the point when I realised that I would be a slut faggot for the rest of my life because no one was pleasuring me but I was hard as a rock and loving what was happening to me.

After a few minutes of rimming him Paul got up and him and Mark took turns shoving their cocks in and out of my mouth telling me what a slut I was, Paul then moved round to my arse, I heard him spraying lube onto his cock and could feel myself getting excited as Mark sat down and presented his arse for me to lick. Soon I felt the head of Paul’s cock against my ass as he slowly pushed it past my tight asshole.

I gasped as I felt his massive head stretching me out and as I started to groan mark maneuvered himself and put the tip of his big dick against my lips and told me to be a good little slut and take both cocks at once. This was what I wanted, a big dick in my ass and mouth at once, it wasn’t long before they started working into a nice rhythm with each other and before I knew it I had every inch of Paul’s big dick in my ass. I can’t deep-throat yet so mark probably wasn’t getting the best blowjob of his life especially canlı bahis siteleri with me moaning like a whore and trying not to collapse under the strength of the pounding I was getting.

After at least 10 minutes of being fucked like this Mark and Paul decided to switch places and before I knew it I was sucking the big cock that had just been fucking my ass and Mark was pounding my ass, he was a lot rougher than Paul, but thankfully as he was a bit smaller I was able to take his hard thrusting and enjoy it.

By this point I was so excited, my cock was ready to explode the instant it was touched and I was moaning like a slut, I pulled off Paul’s Cock and begged Mark to fuck me hard and telling them that I wanted to be filled with cum from both ends as I shot my own load on the floor.

Mark started to tell me to take it as Paul held my head with one hand and wanked his cock all over my lips and tongue with the other, he was staring right into my eyes as he wanked harder and harder and I knew what was coming, he told Mark he was going to cum right into my slutty mouth and he told him to fucking do it while he finished off in my ass, i begged them to make me cum as they did just before Paul groaned and started to unload into my mouth and face.

Mark watched this and pumped even harder telling Paul how much he loved watching him unload in my face and then I felt him pump really hard, and I could feel his hard cock twitching and shooting his hot spunk into my ass. they both reached for my cock and I exploded almost instantly with their hands on it and their cocks and spunk in me.

Moaning loudly I swallowed all of Paul’s spunk and fell sideways off their cocks totally used and satisfied.

I wont ever be the same again after this experience, I absolutely love cock and haven’t ever felt so satisfied after a sexual encounter. Dick is going to become a big part of my sexlife from now on!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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